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40 Cool Video Game Room Ideas

40 Cool Video Game Room Ideas

A video game room is a cool space that must be functional, comfortable and setup properly. Hobby rooms are all the rage nowadays. Readers have their cozy libraries, fitness enthusiasts invest in home gyms, and lovers of crafts design colorful studios meant to showcase their creativity. But what about gamers and the ultimate gaming setup? A dedicated area to engage in prolonged gaming sessions and display your collectibles is the ideal recreational oasis to retire to after a long day. Regardless of how much space you have to play with, we’ve gathered some epic video game room ideas to help you decorate with flair.

Ideally, your gaming area should strike a balance between functionality and comfort. For instance, your game room can be used to entertain friends or as a part-time home office. Whatever your personal and professional needs are, a gaming room is where you can express yourself freely, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Whether that means keeping things simple and easy or going big with huge monitors, futuristic accessories, unique furniture, and modern decor.

How To Create An Awesome Game Room and Gaming Setup

Video game room essentials include a quality entertainment system, comfortable yet stylish furniture, playful decor, cool lighting to brighten up the space, and a badass computer setup. However, there are no set rules when it comes to designing the ultimate gaming room and geek pad.

You can design a gaming living room in the middle of our apartment, create a gamer’s dream bedroom, or figure out ways to build a dedicated room. You can keep things classy with elegant furniture or cram small rooms with all the video game consoles you’ve collected over the years. Ultimately, all decorating ideas come down to personal preferences.

Here are the best video game room ideas to inspire you. From cool ways to setup your gaming room to amazing decorating ideas to trendy furniture and accessories, we’re confident you’ll love these game rooms!

Modern Video Game Room Ideas

Awesome Video Game Room with Multiple Monitors

Gaming Setup

Dedicated gamers are passionate about their hardware, so why not make it the focal point of your space? Start by shopping around for a spacious desk solution to accommodate all your screens and accessories. Then, find a comfortable chair that will support you during all those long hours spent in front of the screen. Game on!

Ultimate Gaming Room Setup with Themed Decorations and Furniture

Best Gaming Room Setup

This classy and clean design comes complete with a great gaming setup. Fun yet comfortable furniture, Nintendo-themed table, dual-monitors, high-end surround sound system, and a good computer setup make this decor worth copying. If you’re on a budget, you can replicate this decor from IKEA without breaking the bank.

Cool Room with Furniture and Office Area

Cool Game Room Ideas

When designing your video game room, consider incorporating a seating area so you’ll have a space to entertain friends. If you go for a comfy couch, it can double as a bed for when you’re way too tired to reach your bedroom. Blue is a relaxing color, which makes it a popular choice. Add a pop of yellow to make the space more inviting.

Small Gamer Bedroom Ideas

Small Game Room Ideas

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your hobby? Pimp your bedroom so that it meets your needs. Regardless of how little space you have at your disposal, a little creativity goes a long way towards designing the best gaming room ever. For instance, this small space is built with functionality in mind and incorporates everything a gamer might need, including funky collectibles.

Classy Gaming Room with Trendy Furniture

Classy Gaming Room with Trendy Furniture

Furniture with interesting design goes a long way towards elevating your gaming area, especially when you’re only planning to invest in the basics. A mini-fridge that complements the room is a practical addition, enabling you to keep refreshments handy so you don’t have to run to the kitchen every time you need a soda fix.

Immersive Experience For Adults with A Cool Sound System

Immersive Experience For Adults with A Cool Sound System

Cool gaming rooms offer a complete immersive experience. If your budget is generous enough, a huge screen and a powerful sound system will go a long way towards bringing your space to the next level. Add a comfortable couch into the mix and you’ll never want to leave.

Functional Home Office with Gaming Area

Functional Home Office with Gaming Area

Using a screen divider is a clever way to incorporate an area into your bedroom or home office. In this case, notice how the design elements blend seamlessly while adding individuality to each zone. The office space is brighter and features a prominent motivational print, while the space grabs your attention thanks to the darker colors and a masculine vibe.

Retro Library

Retro Video Game Library Ideas

If you’re an avid collector of video games you need a way to proudly display and access your prized possessions. Why not transform your relaxing area into an old-school library, complete with floor-to-ceiling book cases, neon signs, and old consoles? The entire space has a vintage feel which makes it cozy and more charming.

Luxury Design Made For Entertaining

Awesome Game Room Ideas

Sharing your passions with friends is half the fun, especially when they’re willing to come over and help you beat your high score. Adding a bar and a few arcade machines to your décor will take your room from man cave to cool hangout space, especially if you plan to throw parties or host multi-player LAN gaming sessions. With so many awesome arcade game room ideas, guys should be creative and have fun. Even on a budget, there are ways to setup your area to look modern and classy.

Video Gamer Bedroom with Cool Decorating Ideas

Video Gamer Bedroom with Cool Decorating Ideas

A good gaming bedroom setup is crucial if you’re a teenager or college kid still living at home. This bedroom comes with masculine black and grey colors throughout. The manly bedding set complements the awesome movie-themed wall art and hardcore gaming chair. A multi-screen, high-end computer is obviously a must. For a small space, this example covers all the essentials.

Themed Room Design For Star Wars Fans

Best Themed Game Room Ideas

Decorating your video game room with props and collectibles from your favorite franchise is an easy way to add individuality to the space. Here, two light sabers function as wall lighting, serving a double purpose: they make the room feel more intimate with unique lighting when dark and come across as cool design features. As for the rest of the Star Wars memorabilia, these are the droids you’re looking for.

Chill Area with Clean Design

Modern Gaming Living Room with Chill Area and Clean Design

At first glance, this appears to be a typical living room. Look closer though and you’ll notice the thin tower speakers, perfectly organized game collection, and oversized poster. This only comes to prove that your gaming area can be a stylish space as long as you get some sleek furniture and keep clutter to a minimum. Perfect if you only have a living room to accommodate your needs.

Gamer Room Ideas in Basement with Ambient Lighting

Gamer Room Ideas in Basement with Ambient Lighting

Basements make great video game rooms. After all, you don’t need tons of natural light to stare at a screen for hours at a time. Ambient light, however, is crucial. Consider a mix of floor lamps and wall sconces instead of an overhead ceiling fixture for a warmer atmosphere.

Elegant Living Room with Accessories As Décor

Minimalist Gamer Room Decor Ideas

When your living room doubles as your gaming space and you have to keep things nice and pretty for the occasional guest, showcase your accessories as tasteful décor pieces instead of leaving them just lying around. You’ll make the space look tidier without you having to hide away your stuff.

Simple Setup with Playful Décor

Gaming Room Setup Ideas with Simple Playful Décor

A great way to elevate a basic setup with multiple screens is through décor. Use action figures to add more playfulness to the space and incorporate ambient lighting into the design to give it a bit of an edge. Posters are a welcome addition as well.

Cozy Apartment Gaming Room Design

Apartment Video Game Room Ideas

There’s no need to go overboard in order to put together the video game room of your dreams. If you’re a chill guy who is content with only a comfy chair and cool entertainment system, keep the décor to a minimum. A couple of prints and a couch for when friends visit are enough to complete the look.

Creative Blue Lighting For Small Rooms

Game Room Ideas For Small Rooms with Creative Blue Lighting

Small spaces appear more inviting with the right ambient light. For example, you can use blue lights as they naturally complement a fabulous screen display. Open storage solutions are a smart choice in this instance – they don’t make the room look too crowded.

Black and White Room Decor with Elegant Furnishings

Cool Gamer Living Room Ideas with Black and White Decor and Elegant Furnishings

The black and white combo will never go out of style, which makes it a great pick for a sleek room. All you need are a comfy seating area, a plush rug, and a couple of interesting lighting fixtures to create a snug atmosphere without sacrificing style.

Cool Computer Setup with Easy Video Game Art

Cool Gaming Computer Setup with Easy Video Game Art

Infuse personality into your space by starting with an awesome gaming computer setup and adding a gallery wall to decorate the room. Art goes great with any space as long as you take the time to frame the prints for a more stylish finish. Otherwise, your gallery might come off as childish instead of posh.

Simple Gaming Living Room with Pops of Color

Colorful Gaming Living Room with Pops of Color

If your stuff takes up a lot of space, keep the rest of the décor at a minimum to balance things out. Neutral shades help you achieve that effortlessly cool look, while the occasional pop of color acts as a welcome visual treat.

Hardcore Gamer Bedroom Designs with Gaming Chair

Hardcore Gamer Bedroom Designs with Gaming Chair

When you’re low on space but still want to display your paraphernalia, make your desk the focal point of your bedroom. It might make the room look crammed, but it enables you to create a cool nook for a more immersive experience.

Ultimate Gaming Setup with Badass Red Computer

Ultimate Gaming Room Setup Designs with Badass Red Computer Design

Choosing an accent color for your gaming area is a smart way to make the space stand out. The red and black combo is a popular choice so it shouldn’t be hard to find accessories that will match your décor, whether we’re talking about chairs, speakers, or even PC units.

Modern Accent Lighting and Cool Desktop

Modern Gaming Room Setup with Accent Lighting and Cool Desktop

There’s no shortage of computer nook design ideas to choose from when looking for inspiration, but one of the most easy to implement suggestions around is to display your gaming accessories in style. Everything from headphones to tablets can act as décor as long as you take the time to arrange them in an eye-grabbing manner.

Masculine Room with Eclectic Nerdy Computer Décor

Masculine Video Game Room with Eclectic Nerdy Computer Décor

It doesn’t take a lot to put together an epic lounge, especially if you get creative and think out of the box. Considering using old computer hardware as contemporary art and wall décor. It will make your nook look even more imposing and badass.

Cozy Area with Repurposed Cabinets

Video Game Room Furniture

If you don’t have a big budget to invest in game room furniture, look for unique and affordable items at yard sales or online. These vintage cabinets make a nice contrast with the screens, while also providing enough storage space to display a comprehensive collection.

Luxury Designs with Green Lighting and Big-Screen TV

Luxury Video Gamer Room Designs with Green Lighting and Big Screen TV

Earthy tones will always make an area look more relaxing. For example, this epic gaming lounge perfectly blends the wood paneling with the green backlight and massive leather chairs, giving the entire space a manly feel.

Simple Living Room with White and Blue Colors

Simple Gaming Living Room with White and Blue Colors

An accent wall can be an excellent addition to a video game room, especially when painted in a powerful color that seamlessly highlights the giant screen. You can repeat the blue in décor items like throw pillows or area rugs for bonus points.

Vibrant Game Room For Collectibles

Hardcore Gamer Room Design Ideas

If you have a lot of paraphernalia to display, don’t be afraid to go big. This room may be jam-packed with old games and collectibles, but that only showcases the owner’s love for everything gaming-related. The mismatched chairs fit perfectly into the chaos of the space.

Clean Game Room Setup with Open Space

Clean Game Room Setup with a Lot of Open Space

This room stands out thanks to its futuristic design. But if you break it down to the basics, the setup is fairly simple – giant screen, generous seating area, and wall art to brighten up the space. Ultimately, clean design doesn’t have to be boring.

Batman-Themed Room

Batman Themed Video Game Room

The Batman franchise is one of the largest in the entertainment industry, offering plenty of interesting memorabilia for those looking bring The Dark Knight into their living quarters. If you’re a fan, building a video game room with a Batman theme would be super cool, modern, and fun.

Functional Design with Essential Furnishings

Functional Gaming Room Design with Essential Furnishings

As we’ve already mentioned, the list of must-haves is fairly short, so you can easily get away with a minimalist setup. The curbed screen display is a thing of beauty and would likely outshine any other furniture anyway.

Small Video Game Room with Interesting Wall Art

Cool Gamer Bedroom Ideas with PC Setup

If you want to add a bit of an edge to a basic game room, striking wall art is you best bud. Notice how the geometric sticker instantly grabs the eye, making the space looks more provocative. Shop websites like Etsy to find prints that best match your style.

Whimsical Basement Gaming Room with Unique Colors

Basement Gaming Setup

Your space should be a reflection of yourself, so don’t hesitate to put your love for gaming on display. Whether we’re talking about consoles or action figures, there’s a storage solution on the market to accommodate your needs.

Rustic Game Room Decor

Rustic Game Room with Multiple Gaming Options

Give your game room an old-school vibe by adding arcade machines and a foosball table into the mix. Furthermore, invest in some retro decor to bring the space to the next level. Think wall decals, vintage light fixtures, and bar signs.

Dark Video Game Room Setup For Hardcore Players

Video Game Room Setup Ideas for Gamers

Decorating a room in darker shades usually makes it look smaller, but here’s the thing: multiple screens act like virtual windows, creating the illusion of space. In other words, game rooms are the exception to the rule, so feel free to embrace the dark side.

Industrial Decor with Creative Furniture and Ceiling Accessories

Industrial Video Game Room Decor with Creative Furniture and Ceiling Accessories

While accent walls are a fairly common design choice, what about an accent ceiling? You can use common solutions like wallpaper or Styrofoam tiles for an easy fix. If you’re good with your hands, however, create a unique design with materials you might have lying around the house. The end result, as you can see, is spectacular.

Bright Room Setup with DIY Desk

Best Computer Gaming Room Setup Designs

Gamers spend a lot of time in front of their screens, so it’s natural to make sure you have enough desk space to store the essentials. If you don’t feel like investing in new furniture, consider a DIY solution, like using multiple metal shelves to build a rugged gaming station.

Living Room Gaming Setup with Minimal Décor in Apartment

Apartment Video Game Living Room Ideas

Not all home decor has to be dark and edgy. An airy space with tons of natural light will work just as well, especially if you’re the type of person who embraces a more minimalist approach to decor. All you need to do is make sure that your TV stand has enough space to store your gaming accessories.

Ultimate Gaming Room with Advanced Setup and Furniture

Ultimate Gaming Room Ideas

If a roommate or loved one shares your passion for gaming, design your space so that it accommodates you both. A spacious desk with enough leg room for each to sit comfortably should do the trick.

DIY Gaming Space For Your Bachelor Pad

Gamer Living Room Setup For Apartments

Building the ultimate gaming area in your apartment bachelor pad is all about balancing between classy and nerdy. This simple and easy DIY desk and computer setup is modern and clean, but also houses all the essentials. From double monitors to a surround sound system to a comfortable chair, this gaming living room has everything you need without detracting from the primary living space.