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65 Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

65 Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

A teenage girl’s bedroom is more than just the room she sleeps and studies in. A teen girl’s room is where she gets her homework done, entertains friends, discovers new hobbies, dreams about the future, and matures from a tween into a young woman. It’s essential that her bedroom decor reflects her personality and provides her inspiration. Whether you have a small room you need to update or have a big space that needs a complete makeover, there are many ways to create the perfect teen bedroom.

Some teen girls prefer a trendy bedroom with classy furniture and cool decorations for a modern style, while others may want a cozy room with comfortable pieces and simple wall art for a warm look. With so many different designs, colors and themes, it can be a challenge choosing the right room decor for your teen girl. To inspire your creativity, we’ve compiled a guide on the best teenage girl bedroom ideas to know about. From cool designs to modern themes, explore these cute teen rooms to find decor ideas that will transform her living space.

Teen Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating a teenage girl’s room, you’ll want to consider all the things your teen loves and get her involved in the process of designing the room. Teen girls are usually aware of the latest decor trends and will want a space that resembles a mini-apartment rather than a small bedroom.

Parents should look into putting together a multi-purpose room with different areas for sleep, study, and entertainment. You’ll want to start with the basics, including a quality bed frame, nightstand, desk, chair, shelving, wall art, and a mirror.

While cost can be an issue and parents would prefer to stay on a budget, it’s important to balance cool room ideas and layout with function and value. The right designs can help you create a practical and beautiful living space complete with stylish modern decor.

Here are 65 amazing teen girl room ideas to help you brainstorm unique designs, decorations and color schemes.

Cute Girl’s Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Blue is known to be a soothing color, which makes it an excellent option for a girl’s room. If you’re after a more elegant look, a white and blue combo will do the trick.

Colorful Bedroom with Cool Shelves

Teenage Girl Bedroom

When it comes to helping kids get organized, storage can often be a concern. A generous bookcase will fix the problem while also adding a classy flair to the space. Similarly, built-in shelves and extra space underneath a bed can offer additional organizational options. For colors and paint ideas that work universally, consider vibrant color schemes and pastel palettes.

Cool Wall Art Decor

Teen Girl Room

Gone are the days of teen bedrooms covered in band posters. Now, it’s all about frames, gallery walls, and inspirational art. Luckily, this creative trend also makes a room look more modern and put-together.

Eclectic Wall Decorations

Cute Teen Girl Room with Cool Wall Decorations

If your daughter is into art, let her express her creativity via wall decorations. While prints and posters are common choices, out-of-the-box ideas like letters, tapestries, and wreaths are great additions to a boho space.

Hanging Chair

Chic Teen Girl Room with Bubble Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are having their big moment in the spotlight, so now’s the perfect time to invest in one. Add a plush blanket and some colorful throw pillows, and you’ve got yourself a stylish little reading nook.

Pastel Room with Exposed Brick

Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms with Pastel and Exposed Brick

Pastels work great for a toned-down look, ensuring a calming atmosphere. Pastel color schemes also look cute with exposed brick, as long as you take the time to paint it in a more neutral shade.

Grey Bedroom with Over-Sized Art

Trendy Teen Girl Room Decor Ideas with Over-Sized Art

Keeping the colors in the bedroom neutral is another way to go, especially if your kid enjoys a more grown-up space. When the space is located in an attic, framed posters can sit directly on the floor to give a non-conformist look.

Cute Ideas For Small Rooms

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you need to decorate a small bedroom, invest in functional furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space, like this eye-catching vanity of the colorful cabinet.

Classy Black and White Room Decor

Black and White Classy Teen Girl Room Decor

Bring the outdoors inside with old-fashioned earthy tones. They ensure a charming ambiance reminiscent of mountain cabins.

Posh Bed with Princess Canopy and Lights

Posh Girl's Bedroom with Princess Canopy Bed

Install a beautiful canopy bed for a simple way to take a basic bedroom from drab to fab. Since this is a statement piece, keep the rest of the décor to a minimum.

Cute Bohemian Room with Low Bed and Modern Bedding

Cute Bohemian Teen Room with Low Bed and Modern Bedding

Furniture isn’t the only thing that will elevate a bedroom. Smaller décor items can make a huge difference. Case in point: this polka dot bedding adds a playful vibe to the space.

Pastoral Decor with Wood

Cute Teen Girl Bedroom with Wood Panel and Soft Bedding

A fun idea for lovers of everything rustic, wood decorations will liven up the space above the bed with minimal effort. Add some green plants into the mix to complete the look.

Colorful Study Corner with Fuzzy Chair

Teen Room Decor Ideas with Beautiful Desk, Fuzzy Chair, and Cute Wall Art

A fuzzy chair is a quick way to add a touch of whimsy to a study corner. If you can’t afford one outright, buy a plush throw you can then use to spruce up a regular desk chair.

Cute Bohemian Vibes and Plants

Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms with Cute Bohemian Vibes and Plants

Plants are an inexpensive way to breathe new life into a room. If you’re looking for low-maintenance greenery, we recommend succulents, aloe, and lavender.

Modern Minimal Furniture

Best Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Modern Minimal Furniture

If your kid doesn’t need a lot to be content, keep furniture to a minimum and let her enjoy the open space. You can always make the room feel warmer with oversized plants and colorful wall art.

Dressy Girly Bedroom Décor

Pink Teen Girl Room with Unique Bookshelf

When it comes to teen girl room ideas, there’s no such thing as too much. Unicorns, flamingos, tassels, colorful frames, inspirational messages: consult with your daughter and mix and match accessories based on her personal taste.

Beautiful Canopy Bed with Lights

Adorable Bedroom Themes For Teenage Girls with Beautiful Canopy Bed with Lights

While boys make blanket forts, girls tend to prefer lacy curtains. Besides being a glam statement piece, a canopy bed provides your kid with a high-class hideaway and extra privacy.

Chic Vanity and Mirror

Teen Girl Room Designs with Makeup Vanity

If your daughter is interested in make-up and beauty, an opulent vanity makes for an exquisite addition. Not to worry – you can keep costs to a minimum by matching an old desk to a mirror with a flashy frame.

Modern Black and White Design with Cute Dresser

Modern Teen Room in Black and White with Cute Dresser

Dark walls are elegant, but can also make a space feel uninviting. Balance them out with some white furniture and a pop of color every here and there, like that charming shelving unit.

Pretty Colors For Teen Girls

Cute Fun Bedroom Colors For Teenage Girls

Different bedroom colors can be used to separate the space into different zones. This becomes more challenging in a small room, but not impossible. A comfortable pink chair can be enough to establish an entertainment corner, especially when placed next to a tasteful gallery wall that has been painted light pastel green. Apply color accents throughout for a colorful and fun area.

Lavish Antique Bed and Star Wall Art

Lavish Teenage Bedroom with Antique Bed and Star Wall Art

If your daughter is feeling a little extra, some vintage furniture or accessories can help her space stand out from the crowd. This luxurious antique bed, for instance, is a thing of beauty.

Pink Bedroom with Delicate Color Scheme

Pink Bedroom with Delicate Color Palette

Pink remains a staple in decorations for girls, but it works best used in moderation and mixed with other light colors. If you’re planning to go overboard on pink accessories, keep the walls white to prevent the room from looking too childish.

Bohemian Concepts and Cool Hanging Chair

Bohemian Teen Bedroom with Cool Hanging Chair

Behold, another adorable example of how to incorporate a hanging chair into your daughter’s bedroom. This one can easily fit two people, so it can work to entertain friends as well.

Fashionable Couches Are Perfect For Entertaining Friends

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Fashionable Couches For Friends

If your teen’s room is large enough, couches are a good investment when they allow your kid to host friends comfortably. Pick trendy yet functional furniture pieces that seamlessly fit in with the rest of the décor and use fluffy throw pillows to complete the look.

Simple Study Area

Girl's Bedroom with Simple Study Area

If your daughter is a good student and studies for her classes, make sure her study nook is as comfortable and inviting as possible. While the desk itself is important, accessories like workspace organizers go a long way toward brightening up the space.

The Fashionista

Stylish Teen Bedroom for a Passionate Fashionista

If you’re putting together a bedroom for a true fashion-lover, start with a luxurious bed, high-quality bedding sets, and a vintage mannequin as decor.

Statement Bed, Storage, and Soft Rug

Trendy Bedroom with Statement Bed, Storage, and Soft Rug

To add extra storage for organization, take advantage of drawers and storage space under the bed. If your teen’s bed comes with built-in storage for convenience, even better.

Simple White Furniture and Name Art

Simple Teen Bedroom Ideas with White Furniture and Name Art

An easy way to make a room come across as more put-together is to stick to a color scheme. In this case, the classic black/white combo is tastefully mixed with pastels for a delightful result.

Whimsical Décor with Gold Stars on the Wall and Plush Throw Pillows

Whimsical Teenage Girl Room Décor with Gold Stars on the Wall and Plush Throw Pillows

While these gorgeous gold stars might look out of place in your average living room, they will fit great in a teen’s bedroom. Notice how they perfectly match that splendid mirror frame.

Creative Study Corner with Chalkboard Wall

Teen Bedroom with Creative Study Corner with Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls can be a fantastic addition, especially when they complement the desk. They provide an excellent canvas for your kid’s doodles, notes, and inspirational messages.

Pink Bedroom with Glossy Statement Art and A Cute Bed

Pink Bedroom with Glossy Statement Art and a Cute Bed

Who needs a gallery wall when you can make the room feel glam with a single oversized print? Just make sure that it fits with the overall color scheme.

DIY Decor Project: Paint Your Furniture

DIY Teen Bedroom Decor Project - Paint Your Furniture

If you’re looking to spruce up an old cabinet, adding a fresh coat of paint is a quick and hassle-free way to make it stand out. Alternatively, you can purchase knobs or handles in a trendy color, like rose-gold.

Pretty Small Bedroom with Reading Nook and Cool Wall Art

Small Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas with Reading Nook and Cool Wall Art

Not enough space for an entertainment area? Use a colorful comforter and cute throw pillows to turn your teen’s bed into a couch during the daytime. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will make the space feel more eclectic.

Pastel Bedroom with Cool Area Rug

Pastel Bedroom with Cool Area Rug

More often than not, small investments can mean a huge difference. Case in point: this plush white rug goes nicely with the bed frame and makes the area feel cozier.

Ritzy Concept with Rustic Touch

Ritzy Girl's Room with Rustic Touches

While this decor is modern by any standards, the chair and coffee table add a certain rustic flair to the space. Moreover, the wall decorations perfectly fit the theme.

Simple 70’s Hippy Room For Music Lovers

Simple 70's Hippy Teen Girl Room for Music Lovers

Encourage your kid to display her passions in style. Hanging her musical instruments on the wall, for instance, helps you maximize vertical space, while also giving the otherwise simple space a bit of an edge.

Chic Design with Black Accent Wall

Chic Teen Bedroom with Accent Wall

A quick way to dress up a space is to add an accent wall in a bold color. In this case, the dark paint contrasts the bed frame beautifully.

Cute Black and White Themed Room with Clean Design

Cute Black and White Themed Teen Room with Clean Design

If you don’t feel like painting, wallpaper is a hassle-free way to go. While there are plenty of wallpaper designs available on the market, this polka-dot option makes for an elegant choice.

Creative Shelves

Teenage Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms with Creative Shelves

Vertical space becomes crucial in small rooms, so shelving units are generally an investment worth the money. Consider getting some with an exciting design to spice things up.

Funky Tapestries Brighten Up Boring Walls

Funky Tapestries Brighten Up Boring Walls

Tapestries are inexpensive and effective. Not only that, but they’re easy to set up and can tie an area together with minimal effort. Bonus tip: a tapestry will look especially chic hanging above the bed. No bed frame required.

Small Room Decor with Bed, Desk, Storage and Pink Accents

Small Teen Girl Room with Bed, Desk, Storage and Pink Accents

Here’s a great example of how to create separate zones in a small bedroom. You can even hang a curtain to better divide the space and ensure extra-privacy.

Charming Study Area and Desk in Pastel Tones

Charming Study Area and Desk in Pastel Tones

This study corner makes lovely use of pastels, and it’s all in the accessories – from the wall clock to the garbage can to the desk organizers. Another fresh example of how sticking to a color scheme pays off.

Pink and Grey Bedroom with Sweet Gold Wall Sticker

Pink and Grey Bedroom with Gold Wall Sticker

Pink and grey make for a fabulous combo. Add a touch of gold into the mix and you’ve got a stylish space, perfect for a fashionable teen.

Tween Girl Bedroom with Bins and Baskets For Organization

Tween Girl Bedroom with Bins and Baskets For Organization

When it comes to storage, it’s wise to bet on bins and baskets that keep clutter at bay. Not only are they practical, but you can blend storage solutions as décor when matching the color scheme of the room.

Neon Signs and Cool Study Desk

Teen Girl Room Décor with Neon Signs and Cool Study Desk

While neon signs may make you think of bars, man caves, and teenage boy rooms, there are many modern designs available that will fit right into a girl’s taste. Creative, sweet, or uplifting signs can offer a touch of eccentricity to the décor. Ultimately, it’s the little decorating ideas that can make all the difference.

Colorful Fresh Flowers

Teen Girl Room Ideas with Fresh Flowers and Antique Lamp

Greenery is always a welcome touch, but fresh flowers also give a pop of color. Flowers and plants work particularly well in an otherwise neutral space.

Posh Chair, Shelves, and Wall Decor

Posh Teen Room with Trendy Chair, Shelves, and Wall Decor

If you can’t purchase furniture in your child’s favorite color, focus on the accessories. These golden décor items will be more than enough to satisfy her need for glamour.

Elevate The Space with Cool Lighting Fixtures and A Swinging Chair

with Cool Lighting Fixtures and a Swinging Chair

Lighting fixtures often go overlooked, which is a real pity. An eye-grabbing design is a surefire way to jazz up an otherwise basic space. Plus, install a swinging chair from the ceiling to encourage reading and studying.

DIY Organizers Are Adorable

Teen Girl Room Décor - DIY Organizers

If you want to spend quality time with your daughter, ask her to help you with this simple DIY project. All you need is a wood plank, mason jars, and hose clamps.

Cute Princess-Themed Bedroom Ideas For Tween Girls

Cute Princess-Themed Bedroom Ideas For Tween Girls

If you’re raising a tween, a princess theme may still be a design idea she likes. Feel free to go overboard with a pink canopy tent and magical fairy lights.

Creative Decor For Animal Lovers

Creative Teen Room Decor for Animal Lovers

Remember what we’ve said about catering to your kid’s hobbies? If your teen loves horses, incorporating some elements associated with the sport into her room’s décor will surely win you bonus points.

Bright Colors Add Flair

Bright Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Neon colors may not be a common choice for adult spaces, but they fit right into a girl’s sense of style. In this case, the pink and turquoise combo instantly grabs the eye.

Minimalist Ideas with Chalkboard Sign and Awesome Wall Decorations

Minimalist Teen Bedroom with Chalkboard Sign and Awesome Wall Decorations

If you want to teach your daughter about the benefits of minimal living and interior design, consider a bedroom that maximizes open spaces. Besides some basic furniture, elevate the area with funky wallpaper or an oversized chalkboard sign.

Black, White and Pink Bedroom Color Combinations

Black, White and Pink Girl Bedroom Decor For Cute Color Combinations

On the other hand, if your little girl enjoys a cluttered space, make things easier for her by keeping the color scheme neutral. Occasional pops of color are fine, but anything more can look extra-messy.

Neat Colorful Study Nook

Neat Teen Bedroom with Colorful Study Nook

Help your teen stay organized with cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards that can be placed above the desk. It’s a quick way to dress up her study corner.

Fairy Lights For Dream Room Décor

Fairy Lights For Dream Teen Girl Room Décor

Looking for an affordable way to add some magic into your teen’s room? Enter fairy lights. They’re both decorative and practical, ensuring a relaxing atmosphere at night.

Cozy Bohemian Bedroom with Colorful Tapestry and Unique Lighting Features

Cozy Bohemian Bedroom with Colorful Tapestry and Unique Lighting Features

If your teenager is into all things hippie, this room design will likely grab her eye. From the tapestry to the welcome mat to the rustic wall accessories, this space seems custom-built to accommodate a free spirit.

Sleek Bedding and Classy Art

Cool Girl's Bedroom Design with Sleek Bedding and Classy Art

A small bedroom can look polished and spacious with the right accessories. Framed prints in black and white, for example, go a long way towards elevating the space.

Pink and Grey Bedroom with Elegant Canopy and Classy Lights

Teen Room Ideas - Pink and Grey Bedroom with Elegant Canopy and Classy Lights

This gorgeous grey bedroom is a fashionable fit for a chic young lady, while the pink accents add a playful tone to the refined décor. Adding fairy lights to the canopy is an artistic touch.

Vivid Colors For Outgoing Teens

Awesome Girls Room with Vivid Colors For Outgoing Teens

Bold colors are commonly used in contemporary style décor, which makes this the perfect room for a travel enthusiast. Note the creative use of the bright chair since it doubles as a nightstand.

Gray, White and Blue Bedroom For College Girls

Gray, White and Blue Bedroom for College Teens

Young adult girls generally appreciate a high energy space, and an easy way to make a room appear more vibrant is via removable wall decals. In this case, the decor is more on the elegant side, but you get the idea.

Picturesque White Bedroom with Rustic Elements

Picturesque White Teen Girl Bedroom with Rustic Elements

Does your kid appreciate a more rustic style over modern trends? Wood panels, rough-looking furniture, and pastoral wall decorations are a guaranteed way to make her space look more inviting.

Modern Finishes with Black and White Bedding and Wooden Wall Arrows

Teen Girl Bedroom with Black and White Bedding and Wooden Wall Arrows

A statement wall decoration can be enough to upgrade a simple room. Notice how the oversized arrows fit well with the overall design and create a nice contrast with the white wall.

Pretty Bedrooms in Classy Black, White and Pink Colors

Pretty Girl Bedrooms in Classy Black, White and Pink Colors

Here’s another cute example of how to make the classy black and white combo work. Feature pink and gold accents to soften the look.

Cute Vintage Furniture

Cute Girl's Bedroom with Vintage Furniture

Vintage-inspired furniture can be an awesome pick for teens fascinated by old Hollywood glamour. Complete the look with funky accessories, like that unconventional lamp and the hot pink ottoman.