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65 Awesome Teenage Bedroom Ideas

65 Awesome Teenage Bedroom Ideas

The teenage bedroom is a cool, comfortable and functional space that should reflect your kid’s personal style while reinforcing priorities like school, mental health and proper rest. The right decor can feature stylish and cozy design elements that will thoughtfully facilitate their need to study, sleep, entertain and relax.

If you want to create a balanced look, letting your teen have a say in their room’s design can ensure you build the perfect space to suit their personality and interests while avoiding any future disagreements, making this makeover a true collaboration.

Check out these stylish, modern and functional teen bedroom ideas to inspire your decor. From cool furniture to accessories, these amazing rooms for teenagers will allow them to sleep, study and relax in style.

Modern and Cool Room Ideas For Teens

Understated Modern Elegance

Classy Teenage Bedroom

As teenagers grow into their own style, they often like to leave behind the colorful bedrooms of their childhood in favor of something more neutral and restrained. A taupe accent wall can serve as a sedate and sophisticated backdrop for a gallery wall. Wicker baskets under the bed provide clever hidden storage, while white faux fur rugs add an element of youthful whimsy.

Cool Bedroom Design

Cool Teenage Bedroom Design

The teen years are when people really start exploring their personal style, and that is frequently reflected in bedroom decor, which is the first place where they can really take ownership and visually express themselves. In this fresh-faced take on industrial style, a custom wood platform bed is suspended from the ceiling by raw hemp ropes threaded through metal bracket loops. It has a quirky and unique feel next to the more traditionally industrial steel and glass windows, showcasing a sense of individuality. From bold wall art to stylish furniture, these cool things for a teen’s room can elevate a space, encourage creativity and motivate them to succeed.

Homework From Home

Stylish Teenage Bedroom For Boys

When designing a bedroom for teens, having a dedicated space that is organized and clean for homework can be a great way to stress their education. While common to have a desk, these study areas are often an afterthought. This navy blue desk is part of a set with a matching bed and nightstands which gives the room a more cohesive feel. The tan leather task chair and matching floor pouf contrast nicely against the dark blue tones in the furniture.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Cute Teenage Bedroom For Girls

With its casual elegance, free-spirited vibe, and international flavor, boho interior design styles are generally attractive to teenagers. This eclectic look utilizes organic materials and mixed patterns to create a space that is casual yet elegant. While boho can incorporate earthy colors like rust and mustard, this room sticks to a monochromatic color palette. Instead, the visual interest comes from the meld of different natural textures like a woven rattan lantern and chunky knit chair cover illuminated by layers of warm lighting.

Pretty In Pink

Cute Teenage Bedroom Decor

For mature and feminine decorating ideas, this teenage girl’s bedroom can offer stylish and upscale design inspiration. The dusty mauve color of this comforter set falls somewhere between violet and pink on the color wheel but has a muted finish that gives it a more neutral feel especially when balanced out by beige and taupe decor. Other feminine elements in the room are similarly understated, including the beaded wood light fixture, the vase of feathery pampas grass, and the plush sheepskin throw rug.

Get It Together

Masculine Teenage Bedroom Design

Kids have a reputation for having messy bedrooms, so giving them ample storage options is a must. This room is chock full of creative storage solutions, from the built-in cubbies under the bed, to the streamlined minimalist cube shelving above the headboard, to the wall-mounted desk supply organizer. Baskets tucked away in the open bottoms of the nightstands further maximize the opportunities for storage in this space.

Comfy and Cool

Cozy Teenage Bedroom

While style is important, comfort should always be the top priority. In this chic boho room, the oversized wicker egg chair in the corner packed with decorative pillows is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. While this bedroom already came equipped with serviceable wall-to-wall carpet, the patterned shag rug will feel far more luxurious under bare feet.

Color Story

Simple Teenage Bedroom Decor

With its white walls and dark metal accents, this room could have easily felt too institutional. Bringing in color via the padded window seat cushion, graphic framed poster, and Moroccan-inspired wool rug gives this space a much-needed infusion of personality. A sleek metal bed frame and industrial flush-mount ceiling light have just enough edge to appeal to rebellious young adults.

Dress For Success

Girly Teenage Bedroom

Image can be very important in our formative years, so this bedroom-adjacent dressing area is a dream come true. The custom closet system provides ideal accessible storage for clothing and accessories, while the well-lit vanity gives you a platform to ensure you’re putting your best face forward. Elements like a crystal-encrusted light fixture and tufted petal pink ottoman amp up the glam factor.

Reach For The Stars

Simple Upscale Teenage Bedroom

This space proves that a white-dominant bedroom can be just as much of a visual feast as one with a more vibrant color palette. The crisp black constellations on the bright white wallpaper add interesting angles to the space, especially in conjunction with the geometric pendant light. Gold chrome accents make the space feel polished and premium, but the effect is nicely softened by the sumptuous shaggy comforter and fuzzy knit floor pouf.

Relaxing Refuge

Amazing Teenage Bedroom

The world can be an overwhelming place and when emotions are high, it’s nice to have a restful retreat where you can chill out and unwind. This minimalist metal four-poster bed is lined with semi-sheer curtain panels that can be drawn shut to create a more grown-up version of a blanket fort. The string lights woven across the top of the frame give off a mellow, warm glow for lighting that lifts the mood.

Plan Ahead

Cool Teen Bedroom Decor

When designing a bedroom for your tween boy, it’s important to create a space that will age along with them. Industrial wall-mounted shelves made from reclaimed pipes and wood are a great place for younger kids to display toys but are adaptable enough to serve a different purpose as their interests evolve. The three-dimensional skull wallpaper is edgy enough to appeal to teenagers, but not overly scary for younger kids.

Make The Most of Your Space

Feminine Teen Room Decor

A flexible layout is crucial when a bedroom needs to work as a multifunctional space. Here, a lofted bed maximizes floor space and frees up enough room for a distinct study space as well as a separate seating area. Mounting a mirror over the dresser also creates a makeshift vanity area which is helpful if you have multiple teenagers sharing a single bathroom.

Organization and Storage

Stylish Teen Closet

If your teen doesn’t have sufficient storage options, it can be difficult for them to get and stay organized. This custom closet combines multiple hanging areas as well as bountiful shelving so they have specific places to display clothing, shoes, and accessories. With open shelving like this, decorative baskets can help provide designated storage areas and keep the space from looking cluttered.

Lighten Up

Fun Teen Room

This narrow room is packed with large, chunky furniture, but it still feels perfectly proportioned thanks to its muted neutral color palette. White walls always make a room feel larger thanks to the color’s inherent reflective qualities, and this effect is amplified by the abundant natural light that streams in through the windows. Floor-length curtains would feel too overwhelming in this space, so these low-profile Roman shades are the ideal alternative.

Girly Glam

Glam Girly Teen Room

This fearlessly feminine space strikes just the right balance between sweet and sophisticated. The deep mocha stain on the wood floors provides a rich counterbalance against the medium dusty pink hue on the walls. The Rococo-inspired bed frame has been painted white to match the more contemporary laminate vanity and tiered shelving, giving it a more fresh and modern feel.

Cozy Corner

Cozy Teen Room Decor

Renowned for their comfort and laid-back style, Papasan chairs have been a staple in the United States since the 1970s. These bowl-shaped chairs consist of a thick circular pillow nestled into a base that is usually made of rattan, wicker, or wood. While the angle is adjustable, the curvature of the chair is most conducive to people with a relaxed, slouchy posture. These characteristics make this seating choice particularly popular with younger consumers.A soft, shaggy cushion cover adds extra comfort to this nifty nest.

Work Your Angles

Modern Teen Room

Attic rooms are great for those who want a little more privacy and independence, but their slanted ceilings can make them challenging to decorate. The low-profile cushion loveseat is a cool spot to lounge with friends and is appropriately scaled for the unconventional shape of the space. In a room with lots of angles, add color with a single accent wall but leave the remaining walls and ceiling white. This helps create the illusion of more space.

Teen Room with Desk

Teen Room with Desk

Open shelving is a simple way to introduce an aesthetic element into your room that is also practical. These DIY wood and metal bracket shelves are positioned over the desk, making them convenient for storing school supplies. They can also be used to display decorative objects like pictures, candles, and potted plants. The decor gives this room a distinctly boho flavor.

Create Contrast

Modern Teen Room For Boys

This bedroom is full of interesting hard-edged pieces, from the locker-inspired dresser and nightstand to the angular artwork of a transistor radio hanging above the bed. While these pieces are striking, they could run the risk of making the room feel stark. Less rigid touches like an upholstered bed frame, raindrop-shaped speakers, and a sherpa-covered halo swivel chair soften up the space and make it feel more well-rounded.

Let Your Personality Shine

Cozy Teen Room Design

Give your room a little glitz and glamor by including metallic accents. The gold finish on the quilted comfort and spotted sheets feels chic and elevated, especially when paired with an iridescent cloche table lamp with a brushed brass base. The fuzzy faux fur texture on the egg chair keeps the room feeling youthful and fresh.

Hanging Around

Stunning Teen Room Decor

The central feature of any bedroom is a place to sleep. Instead of a traditional bed, this room features a hammock. While adults may find it painful or accessible to sleep in a hammock in the long term, it’s a viable alternative for more resilient teenagers. Woven macrame plant hangers are a clever touch in this space, as they are almost like a hammock for potted plants.

Elevated Design

Small Teen Room

Creativity is key when it comes to designing small spaces like dorm rooms or student apartments. Building a simple platform creates a sense of visual separation, and can also make a room feel more multipurpose. Here, a wooden platform has hidden storage underneath to compensate for the lack of closets in the room. Lightweight sleeping palettes used in place of traditional mattresses can be easily removed to transform the platform into a sitting area or additional workspace.

Firmly Planted

Boho Teen Room

Some room accessories are purely decorative, while others have a more practical purpose. Plants fall into the latter category. Not only do plants add a vibrant and lively feel to your living space, but they can also absorb harmful agents like benzene and formaldehyde so that you’re breathing in cleaner air. Certain types of plants like lavender are also known to reduce stress. The greenery in this plant-packed room is complemented by natural wood furniture and botanical leaf prints.

Trick The Eye

Girly Teen Room

A muted color palette and reflective surfaces are both helpful in making small spaces feel much bigger. In this dreamy bedroom, a large arched mirror with an ornate gold frame is positioned to reflect the entire space, effectively doubling it in size. This effect is helped by the copious natural light reflecting against the cool white walls. The upholstered headboard mimics the arched top of the mirror, lending a sense of continuity to the design.

Shape Up Your Space

Stylish Teen Room Decor For Boys

There are a few different strategies you can employ when decorating an unconventionally-shaped room. You can try to disguise the shape, or you can embrace it. In this boy’s bedroom, a sharp navy blue accent wall highlights the unusual slant of the room. Decorative accents like metal cube shelves and a curved gaming chair introduce additional geometric elements. The basketball hoop-inspired pendant light cleverly ties in the large sports poster on the wall.

Luxe and Layered

Classy Teen Room Decor

This pretty bedroom is teeming with textures, from the button-tufted headboard and bench to the shaggy faux fur stool to the ruched diamond comforter. This many conflicting textural elements could feel too busy in a more colorful space, but the pastel blue and buttery cream color palette is muted enough to keep everything in balance.

Murphy’s Law

Trendy Teen Room

Also known as a wall bed or a pull-down bed, a Murphy bed is a hinged sleeping space that can fold up vertically to be stored inside a closet or cabinet against the wall. The bed was originally patented around 1900 by Wiliam Lawrence Murphy, who wanted to optimize the amount of space available in his small studio apartment. Murphy beds are great for families with college-aged kids who live away from home but still come to visit frequently. They’ll have a comfy place to sleep when they come home on the weekends and holidays, and you’ll have flexible space when they’re back on campus.

Lofty Ambitions

Minimal Teen Room

Loft beds are an excellent way to make the most out of limited space. While some loft beds are left open underneath to make room for a desk, this one has built-in storage below in the form of a closet, cubbies, and drawers where you can keep clothing and other essential items. On the side of this unit, a hardwood desk on caster wheels can be pulled out to create a workspace and tucked away when not in use.

Light and Lovely

Beautiful Room For Teens

Thoughtful design choices help give this narrow bedroom a surprisingly airy feel. Using small-scale furniture like a twin bed, diminutive single nightstand, and slender writing desk leave enough floor space that the layout doesn’t feel overly cramped. Reflective elements like mirrored closet doors and glass-encased cabinets amplify the sunlight coming in through the large windows which makes the space feel more substantial. Natural elements like blonde wood floors, a jute rug, and a woven rattan chair bring in a touch of earthiness and keep the otherwise white room from coming across as sterile.

Where There’s A Wall, There’s A Way

Stunning Room For Teens

Because they have such a small amount of square footage, dorm rooms are often more about utility than aesthetics. In this room, the small floating shelves are largely populated by practical items like books which doesn’t leave a lot of space for personal items. When shelving is in short supply, the wall becomes the best venue for you to express your style. Wall-mounted string lights with photo clips lend an ethereal look to your space and give you a place to showcase some of your favorite pictures.

Bold and Brave

Bold Room For Teen Boys

There is never a more appropriate time to experiment with striking colors. Adults are often intimidated by the notion of using black in their interior design, but it’s a popular bedroom color for teens who tend to be more adventurous. In this space, the black built-in bookcases and matching bed frame have a sleek and sophisticated look, especially when paired with modern design elements like upholstered wall panels. The natural wood floors and matching accent wall balance out the darker colors and keep the room from feeling too gloomy.

Beauty on A Budget

Minimal Room Decor For Teens

For many families, a costly bedroom revamp is often out of reach. This room demonstrates that you can make a big stylistic statement even with a small budget. Take a trip to the hardware store and pick up a board and inexpensive lengths of trope to create a whimsical, ceiling-mounted end table in the form of a swing. The mattress and boxspring on the floor feel a lot more intentional as a design choice thanks to an upcycled headboard made from a repurposed wooden palette. Inexpensive framed art prints introduce a pop of color into the space and give it more of a coastal vibe.

Clever Captain

Cool Room For Teen Boys

The area under the bed can become a vortex for lost books, snacks, and articles of clothing. Swapping out a standard bed frame for a captain’s bed is a great way to solve this problem. A captain’s bed incorporates storage compartments, often in the form of drawers, as a way to capitalize on underutilized space below your mattress. The name comes from boat captains who had to make the most efficient use of space in their quarters on long sea journeys. The dark walnut finish on this captain’s bed transitions nicely into the photorealistic forest-themed wall mural.

Put Your Stamp on A Style

Boho Style Room For Teens

While the boho color palette typically consists of earthy hues against a bright white backdrop, this style encourages individuality. This room offers a dark twist on traditional boho design. Black woven wall hangings are moody and mysterious against the slate gray walls. This dramatic feeling is enhanced by the dim mood lighting from the string lights and candles. Using a rattan chair in place of a nightstand is another way to lean into the casual, unfussy feel of boho style.

A Mash Made In Heaven

Beautiful Room Decor For Teens

Teenagers are complex individuals who may have difficulty committing to a singular style. Boho industrial style mashes up elements of two distinct styles to create a wholly unique feel. In a boho industrial bedroom, you can find the warmer, earthier elements of boho style fused with the harder-edged modern feel of industrial decor. The centerpiece of this room is the gorgeous bed and matching nightstand, both of which are faced with a rich, swirling Indian rosewood veneer. These organic pieces contrast beautifully against the industrial iron hardware in the sliding barn door that separates the bedroom from the master bath. The fibers of the hanging chair are black, as is the stain on the hardwood floors. Using this strong color choice on natural materials creates a transition between the two design styles.

Pattern Play

Simple Room Decor For Teens

When you work with a limited neutral color palette, it gives you plenty of opportunities to play around with contrasting patterns. This bedroom features wallpaper with a subtle and delicate herringbone print, as well as throw pillows with a raised, quilted pattern. A vase full of fluffy bleached wheat introduces another interesting textural element. The largely gray and white color palette keeps the conflicting patterns and textures from feeling busy or jarring.

Keep It Casual

Aesthetic Room For Teens

With its steeply angled ceiling, iron and glass door, and structured beams, this room could have easily skewed crisp and modern but its laid-back styling gives it a more youthful and relaxed vibe. Loosely draped string lights and a tasseled hanging hammock chair soften up the angular architecture of the room. Leaning artwork against the wall instead of hanging it up magnifies the informal and unpretentious feel of the space.

Let There Be Light

Cute Room For Teens

If your bedroom is small, adding multiple light sources can help it feel less compact. This bijou bedroom feels bigger and brighter thanks to a multitude of light fixtures. Three-dimensional LED star lamps and a sci-fi-inspired exploding pendant light give the room a futuristic flair. Cylindrical crystalline table lamps and string lights offer softer lighting options as an alternative to the brighter overhead fixture.

Bunk Buddies

Room Decor For Teen Boys

If your teens need to share a space, an L-shaped bunk bed is a more mature alternative to the standard stacked style of bunk. Because the beds are oriented perpendicular to one another, they feel a little more separate and distinct. This sturdy wooden bunk bed has drawers built into both the side and the stairs, providing additional storage. A bed like this is also a great option for families who often have visiting relatives.

Go For The Gold

Amazing Room Decor For Teens

Loft beds are a practical way to optimize the usable floor space in a bedroom, and they can be just as fashionable as they are functional. This hardwood loft bed is painted a warm white to go along with the vibrant yellow gold accents on the drawer pulls and surrounding the mattress frame. That same shade of gold carries through to the desk lamp and rolling chair positioned underneath the bed, which makes the design feel extremely cohesive. The trellis print wallpaper and diamond-shaped ruching on the comforter add to the upscale effect.

Enhance The Architecture

Cute Room Decor For Teen Girls

This historic home features interesting and original architectural details like ornate crown molding and an elaborate ceiling medallion. The decorative choices further highlight these unique features. The color palette of white, blush, and rose gold has a feminine feel that plays beautifully against the romantic molding and the light fixture is perfectly in proportion with the size of the ceiling medallion. The statement chandelier features a cascade of delicate glass leaves tumbling from a frame of gold branches, adding a magical and whimsical component to the decor.

Clever Clutter Keeper

Organization For Teen Bedroom

If you enjoy flipping through a book or watching a video on your tablet before falling asleep, a nightstand is the most obvious place to keep these items. To avoid a disorganized pile, a bedside storage caddy with multiple pockets can be a great way to store these accessories out of sight without making them inaccessible. This leaves your nightstand free for practical objects like a lamp, or decorative accents like a vase of flowers.

Create Continuity

Luxury Room Decor For Teens

In earlier historic eras, bedrooms were often quite small compared to those found in modern construction. Transforming two neighboring bedrooms into one large one by taking down a dividing wall is an awesome way to construct a more usable space. Here, a structural header creates a clear visual distinction between the sleeping area and the adjacent dressing room. Running the same wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the room and centering matching chandeliers in separate ceiling squares makes the space feel more cohesive.

Stay Flexible

Upscale Room For Teens

Designing a themed bedroom can be tricky because it can feel childish or over-the-top. Since interests can also change on a dime, the best way to handle all of these potential pitfalls is to design a good-looking, room that stands on its own, then dress it up with removable accessories that tie into the theme. If you strip away the Harry Potter-inspired memorabilia from the walls, you’ll still be left with a ruggedly stylish bedroom that’s well-suited.

A Place To Ponder

Seating Area For Teen Bedroom

When designing a room for a teenager, furniture like the bed, nightstand, and dresser tend to take precedence. If you have the floor space to spare, a cozy reading nook is an excellent addition. Classic literature is much more enticing when you can curl up in a luxurious faux fur butterfly chair. An adjustable metal task lamp will cast your book in the best light.

Use Your Space Wisely

Nice Room Design For Teens

This unusually laid-out bedroom is a standard shape at one end but it terminates into a narrow, asymmetrical space, essentially forming a lopsided pentagon. Positioning a floor-length mirror against the shortest wall helps trick the eye into believing the space is better proportioned. Adding a decorative wall decal to this short wall also turns it into more of an intentional feature.

Pleasing Palette

Blue Room Decor For Teens

Choosing the right color palette can help guide the design of a bedroom. The massive gray concrete wall tiles in this room have a very mature and modern feel. Navy blue furniture might feel too staid and adult, but this lighter blue shade feels younger and fresher. Because this shade of cadet blue has significant gray undertones, it is particularly complementary to the medium gray walls.

Coastal Cool

Simple Teenage Room Decor

This room chic bedroom presents a modern and innovative take on coastal interior design. Instead of pastel blue, the sandy wood floors are paired with crisp white walls that give the space a breezy feel. Unlike the white wicker furniture your grandmother might favor, this space has a contemporary platform bed suspended from the ceiling by rough-hewn ropes. The room gives you an impression of coastal living without feeling too cliché.

New Country

Classic Teenage Room Decor

Casual and comfortable, boho decor blends well with different styles. This boho country bedroom encapsulates both the homey feel of farmhouse decor and the spirited and freewheeling vibe of boho style. Features like floral sheets, a quilted comforter, and furniture with round bridle bun feet have comfy farmhouse charm, while the tasseled rug and wooden beaded chandelier are classic boho.

Fit For A Prom Queen

Luxury Teenage Room Decor

There are times when it can be acceptable to be dramatic and over-the-top. This luxe and lavish bedroom is ideal for the girl who rules the school. With its pale pink color scheme, tulle canopy, and graphic abstract art of dancers, this bedroom is prime real estate for a prima ballerina.

Farm Fresh

Fresh Teen Room Decor

Whether you’re a city or country girl, you’re bound to appreciate this charming, rustic bedroom. Frilly and feminine elements like a floral area rug and an ornate wrought iron bed frame are balanced out by the crisp lines of the narrow shiplap wall paneling and black and white buffalo check pillows.

Surf’s Up

Blue Room Design For Teens

This bedroom is an amazing example of themed decor that isn’t too literal. The tie-dye patterned comforter in shades of blue and white is reminiscent of waves crashing on the beach. Meanwhile, the round wooden slat mirror hanging over the desk is evocative of the sun. These abstract concepts come together to create a surf-inspired space that doesn’t feel overtly beachy.

Back In Black

Masculine Room Design For Teen Boys

Black is a popular bedroom color for teens who want a moody and daring look. This room shows that this bold color choice can be dramatic without being angsty. The Moroccan wedding blanket and geometric black and white print on the curtains give this room an international boho-inspired feel, while the vintage wood dresser adds character to the space.

Adjust and Adapt

Storage Design For Teens

Some beds come equipped with built-in storage drawers underneath to make use of wasted space. If you have a standard bed frame but love the idea of under-bed storage, you can make your own rolling drawers. Use plywood to build drawers scaled to fit under your bed, and mount caster wheels onto them so they slide out easily. Look for vintage drawer pulls to add a quirkier feel to these practical storage compartments.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Moody Room Design For Teens

Various shades of gray come together in this monochromatic bedroom, from the pewter walls to the brushed charcoal furniture to the heathered gray comforter. Even the large poster of a snowy mountain landscape is printed in grayscale. Skateboard-shaped wall mirrors add a shiny, silvery element to the space.

Creativity On Display

Creative Room Design For Teens

A black and white color palette may seem basic, but it can also encourage your teen to find different ways to express themselves. The rug and bedding feature a mix of patterns including chevrons, stripes, and polka dots, giving the deceptively simple space a visually stimulating effect. A blackboard wall allows artistic kids to create temporary masterpieces, while a graphic wall decal is representative of a love of music.

Get On The Grid

Stylish Room Design For Teen Boys

Adding a three-dimensional accent wall is an easy way to make a bedroom feel a little more grown-up. If you decide to tackle it as a DIY project, it can also serve as a practical math lesson. Measure your wall and do the math to figure out what dimensions your squares need to be to make a perfect grid pattern. Be sure to factor in the width of the wood trim you’ll use to create the pattern. Attach the wood strips to the wall, then paint the trim and backing the same color for a stylish and sophisticated look.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage Room Design For Teens

When you don’t have a large budget for a room remodel, shopping for secondhand items can help you get the most bang for your buck. Hunting for interesting vintage treasures can also be a fun way to bond. This eclectic bedroom features an array of seventies-era decor, including a vintage wooden desk and metal cot-style twin bed. The colorful decor is also era-appropriate. Citrus prints and art by Frida Kahlo were both popular in the 1970s.

American Graffiti

Trendy Room Design For Teens

Graffiti is a form of urban street art that often appeals to teenagers because of its edgy and rebellious nature. The splatter effect on the bold black and white wallpaper captures the chaotic beauty of graffiti, while the chalkboard paint on the adjacent wall provides the space to create artwork of their own. The warm wood floors and pops of yellow in the rug and bedding keep the space feeling youthful and vibrant.

Weave A Spell

Fashionable Room Design For Teens

Natural fibers are a staple of boho design and this room is overflowing with them. Pieces like a swinging hammock chair, macrame wall hanging, and mandala tapestry are classically boho in style, especially when paired with green plants in terracotta pots. However, the crisp white walls and plush faux fur rug give this room a more modern twist.

Say It With Flowers

Feminine Room Design For Teens

Bedrooms with a floral motif often tend to be pink and purple. Using gray as a dominant color gives this room a refreshingly elevated and elegant feel. The stone gray comforter and pillow shams are covered with oversized ruffled rosettes constructed out of thin and delicate layers of cotton. The round gold-rimmed mirror is adorned with tiny crystal flowers, adding another subtle floral detail.

Stacking Up In Style

Classy Room Design For Teens

As we know, loft beds are amazing for people who want to make the most of their space. With their increasing popularity, it’s just a matter of finding the one that is best suited for your needs. This loft bed features a desk on the longer side of the bed instead of the shorter side, giving you a wider workspace. While it is positioned under the drawers, it slides all the way in so you can easily access the storage underneath. The ladder that leads to the top level has deep pockets, so the space can also function as a bookshelf. This is a clever way to maximize the functionality of an already-practical piece of furniture.

Putting on The Glitz

Glam Room Design For Teens

If your child’s artistic tendencies lie in the realm of cosmetics, a vanity is a fantastic addition to their bedroom. Pieces like a shallow vanity, narrow tiered spine shelf, and compact satin-covered slipper chair are small in scale, so the room won’t feel too crowded. The crystal and silver chrome canisters provide elegant storage for makeup brushes and sponges and blend in perfectly with the glossy mirrors and soft gray carpet.

Reach For The Stars

Pink and Purple Room Design For Teens

Galaxy-inspired decor is perennially popular with teenagers, but its color palette of black, purple, and blue can be too intense for some. This sweet bedroom offers a new take on the galaxy trend. The blush-hued cotton duvet cover is scattered with tiny metallic stars that match perfectly match the gold accents on the white acrylic bookcase. The blue undertones in the silvery-gray walls balance out the warmth in the pink and gold, giving the room a more distinguished air.