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43 Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

43 Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Stuffed animals are cute, fluffy and fun toys for kids that can cause clutter and take up too much space. When organizing plush toys, the right storage can offer a functional and affordable solution for your home. If you want to organize your kid’s room, these amazing stuffed animal storage ideas will help you find cute and creative solutions.

Some parents will want a toy organizer that looks stylish and works well with the bedroom decor, while others may prefer baskets, shelving and cool nets for a playful approach.

Whether you want a wall-mounted shelf or a closet organizer, these simple ways to store stuffed animals will allow you to display and keep track of your kid’s toys with ease. With these popular stuffed animal storage ideas, organizing your child’s stuffed animals can be practical and easy.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Pretty and Portable

Cute Basket For Stuffed Animals

Soft-sided storage baskets are perennially popular because they’re as attractive as they are practical. These woven containers come in an array of sizes, making them an ideal multifunctional storage solution for everything from stuffed animals to storybooks. The addition of handles makes these lightweight baskets even easier to carry around for quick clean-up.

Boho Basket

Simple Stuffed Animal Storage

For thousands of years, people around the world have used baskets to store and transport items while decorating their homes. The simplicity and effectiveness of these household items have undoubtedly led to their longevity. Here, a collection of well-loved stuffed toys are perfectly complemented by the rustic, bohemian feel of the basket they are stored in.

In The Bag

Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

With a bit of ingenuity, a simple, striped slipcover can double as a creative stuffed animal storage. Beanbag chairs are typically filled with shredded foam or polystyrene, but this furniture cover is packed full of stuffed animals instead. Zipping a stuffed animal collection into a beanbag chair cover instantly makes a room look more neat and orderly while also creating additional seating.

Animal Appeal

Giraffe Storage Basket

When shopping for functional storage pieces you don’t have to sacrifice style. A charming woven wicker basket in the shape of a giraffe can be just as adorable as the stuffed animals it contains. This tiny toy hamper has a whimsical quality that makes it especially well-suited for a nursery or toddler’s bedroom.

Hang In There

Hanging Basket For Stuffed Animals

While most people like to shop around for storage items, you may be able to create something at home if you’re the crafty type. A cute crocheted hammock adorned with fringe is surprisingly simple to replicate as a DIY project. Mount the completed hammock in a corner to display a collection of small stuffed toys.

DIY Crates

DIY Crates For Stuffed Animals

Available at most craft stores, unfinished wooden crates are a classic and cost-effective vessel for storing toys and stuffed animals. You can leave the wood raw for a relaxed, rustic look, or use colorful acrylic paint to give your box personality and charm. If you decide to decorate your wooden box, consider having your children participate in the project, giving them a sense of ownership and inspiring them to keep their toys cleaned up.

Sleek and Stylish Storage

Sleek and Stylish Storage

This tightly-woven wicker basket has an edgy, modern appeal thanks to the addition of black handles and trim. Trendy containers like this can serve as a sophisticated storage space for stuffed animals, but their stiff sides can also support sturdier toys like wooden blocks.

Neat and Petite

Wooden Basket For Stuffed Animal Storage

Changing tables are often equipped with shelves or drawers underneath to store clean diapers, but those necessary items can be difficult to reach when you’re wrangling a wriggling child. Keep a small storage basket stocked with clean diapers and wet wipes within reach for easier access. You can also stash objects like stuffed animals and teething toys in with your supplies to keep kids entertained during the changing process.

A Place For Everything

Clean Kids Bedroom with Storage

When children move back and forth between residences, it’s easy for personal comfort items to get lost in the shuffle or left behind. Instead of storing toys and stuffed animals in boxes or built-ins, keep them in tote bags so they can easily be transferred between multiple locations. These customized canvas bags are labeled with embroidery with extra organizational ease.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Storage Options For Stuffed Animals

This room has visible storage in the form of a tiered ladder bookcase, but an upholstered bench also serves as a more subtle, secondary form of storage. Bulkier toys like stuffed animals can be tucked away into the padded toy chest which also doubles as an ottoman.

Maximize Your Space

Wall Storage For Stuffed Animals

When furnishing small rooms, you may find that there’s not enough square footage to allow for traditional storage options like toy chests or bookshelves. These wall-mounted metal shelves cleverly address the need for stuffed animal storage without occupying any of the limited floor space.

Adjust and Adapt

Stuffed Animals Storage and Organizing Solution

From floating wall shelves for books to oversized plastic totes for toys, this bedroom is packed with storage options but the most impressive piece is a series of wall-mounted wire baskets containing a massive collection of stuffed animals. Because the removable baskets lock into tracks instead of directly into the wall, they can be easily adjusted to accommodate animals of multiple sizes.

Scandinavian Sophistication

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

Store-bought storage bins for stuffed animals are often sold in bold primary colors to appeal to younger children. Unfortunately, these bright and cheerful bins can sometimes come across as gaudy or garish. This geometric stacked bin crafted from unfinished wood has a simple, Scandinavian feel that fits seamlessly into homes with a more minimalist sensibility.

Upcycle with Style

Cute Toy Storage For Little Kids

Repurposing old furniture is a great way to create inexpensive storage units with tons of character. Remove drawers from an unused dresser, then pick up a set of furniture legs from your local home improvement store. Paint the legs and drawers the same shade for a cohesive look, and then mount the legs underneath to create an elevated storage bin.

Make A Match

Elegant Kids Room with Storage

When furnishing a nursery, people often focus their attention on picking out cribs and dressers. Toy storage is often an afterthought, as newborns aren’t incredibly mobile. Even if you don’t think you need it, you should consider buying a toy storage bin when purchasing the rest of your furniture. Not only will it match your decor, but it will also provide a convenient location to store baby gifts and spare diapers.

Net Positive

Wall Mounted Net For Stuffed Animal Storage

If you don’t have the craft skills to make a stuffed animal hammock, a store-bought one is an excellent alternative. Simply mount the lightweight mesh net in a corner and place stuffed animals on top. If your child has a play area in their room, place the hammock there to keep all the toys in one spot.

Be Flexible

Stuffed Animal Storage For Bedroom

As kids get older, their storage needs change along with them. This ingenious storage unit serves multiple purposes which means it can evolve with your kids as they grow. The open cubes can house canvas bins, books, and stuffed animals, while the cutout top serves as a cozy reading nook.

Stack It Up

Stuffed Animal Storage Swing Set

Swings are a cute decorative way to display stuffed animals, but a single swing doesn’t have a lot of room. This stacked swing features three levels to provide ample stuffed animal storage. Additional wood strips on the front of each level help keep animals firmly in place.

Find New Purpose

Back Door Stuffed Animal Storage

Sometimes the best stuffed animal storage solutions were initially intended for a different purpose entirely. This over-the-door pocket organizer was originally designed to hold pairs of shoes, but it also makes a great place to store small to medium-sized stuffed animals. As a bonus, each animal looks like it’s ensconced in a sleeping bag and ready for a slumber party.

Beyond The Sea

Wall Stuffed Animal Storage

Seagrass storage baskets are often used as decorative features in coastal home decor. Here, they serve a more practical purpose as hanging toy storage. The baskets are mounted on a black wire frame that matches the space-saving hanging bookshelf on the adjacent wall.

Buck Expectations

Buckets For Stuffed Animals

These metal buckets adorned with decorative flowers were originally meant for storing gardening tools, but these sturdy and stylish vessels can be the perfect choice for organizing stuffed animals. Visit your local hardware store to find hanging hardware that will hold the weight of the buckets and their contents.

Leveling Up

Closet Storage

This cylindrical five-tiered organizer is designed to hang in a closet which can keep jumbles of toys hidden neatly away. The mesh sides allow you to see what’s inside each compartment on all sides, so it will be easy to find a particular toy. Best of all, this storage item collapses flat when not in use so it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space.

Beautify Your Built-Ins

Cubby Storage For Stuffed Animals

Built-in bookcases provide ample storage space, but soft-sided items like stuffed animals can look messy or disheveled. Two-toned woven baskets that fit neatly into the cubbies are the perfect place to store stuffed toys without creating clutter. Look for baskets with handles to make them easier to pull out from their compartments.

Nestle In

Quality Kids Stuffed Animal Storage

These blue and white striped baskets come in three different sizes, so they can be stacked together like nesting dolls when not in use. The soft sides have just enough structure to keep them upright, but they’re flexible enough that they can also be folded up and stored out of the way. The largest basket is generously-sized enough to accommodate one or two large stuffed animals or a collection of small to medium-sized ones.

Stylish Kid’s Bedroom

Stuffed Animal Storage For Kids Bedroom

If you have too many animals to fit in a lidded storage hamper, consider turning it into an innovative showpiece. Here, a handful of happy stuffed animals are springing out of the top of a basket like they’re having a surprise celebration. The overall effect resembles a vase of flowers, which plays well with the leaf-patterned wallpaper backdrop.


Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions

If your living room pulls double duty as a playroom, you may feel like keeping up with the chaos is a pipe dream. Keeping a multitude of baskets on hand is the best way to quickly contain the clutter. Turn it into a race and have your kids corral their stuffed animals into baskets, and your living room will be ready for guests in no time.

Cute Cubby

Stuffed Animal Storage Cubbies

This five-compartment storage unit is surprisingly stylish despite its simple design. Made of sturdy MDF, this organizer has three square cubbies and two rectangular ones, giving it the flexibility to hold a multitude of stuffed animals and toys in many shapes and sizes. Brightly-colored canvas bins add a welcome pop of color.

Reach For The Stars

Stuffed Animal Storage Chest

This classic toy chest gets a fun update with the inclusion of a hidden blackboard. When the lid is raised, the chalkboard can be used as an auxiliary art station If you’re worried about small kids getting their fingers pinched by the lid closing, simply transform it into an art piece that they can enjoy.

International Inspiration

Stylish Stuffed Animal Storage

With a bright and airy color palette, natural materials and streamlined furnishings, this nursery embodies the Scandinavian style of interior design. A large, spherical can basket fits the vibes of the space while providing a convenient and accessible place to store stuffed animals and other toys.

Zany Zootopia

Large Stuffed Animal Storage Decor

If you’ve ever been to a zoo, you know that glass barriers or bars are in place to separate animals from visitors. This zoo enclosure-inspired storage unit is a fun and fresh way to display stuffed toys at home. While you could lay this storage container out horizontally, its vertical placement here gives it a height that works well with the hot air balloon wall decal.

Take Stock

Shelf Stuffed Animal Storage

When people decorate for the holidays, they often hang Christmas stockings in front of the fireplace. This storage solution replicates that festive flair all year round. Hang a simple wooden peg rail on the wall, then suspend crocheted bags from the dowels. Look for an array of bags so you can accommodate stuffed animals of varying sizes.

Decorative Display

Functional Cloth Basket

While oversized floor bins are an excellent way to store larger toys, small tabletop baskets can be better suited for smaller stuffed animals. These cotton slub baskets are accented with leather strips and brass rivets, giving them a more masculine feel. Baskets of this size work especially well as storage for a changing table.

Down To The Wire

Metal Basket with Stuffed Animals

While storage furniture can get pricey, this large wire basket is a more budget-friendly alternative. The large gaps in the sides might not be as aesthetically pleasing as other storage solutions, but they are pretty handy. Kids can pull the toy they want out from the bars without upending the entire basket.

What Lies Beneath

Under Bed Storage Soft Toy Toddler

The area underneath a bed is often overlooked as a potential storage space but keeping toys and stuffed animals under the bed can be a great way to maximize space in a room. If you decide to utilize the under-bed area for storage, be sure to label your storage bins so you can easily find the toys you’re looking for.

Design Within Reach

Kids Stuffed Animal Storage

If your child is still sleeping in a crib, it can be difficult to find the right balance of stuffed animals. If you have too many stuffed animals in the crib, they may distract your child from sleeping. Not enough, and you may be dealing with a bored baby first thing in the morning. This wall-mounted wire basket is just the right height for more mobile infants to be able to reach if they need a cuddle buddy at night.

On The Hook

Simple Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Even if you aren’t the artistic type, you can still create some attractive storage for your kid’s stuffed animals. Visit your local hardware store and find some simple metal coat hooks that can be screwed into the wall. Then suspend baskets from them by the handle. Jute baskets are a great choice for this DIY project, as they’re stretchy enough to have some give but sturdy enough not to collapse.

No Place Like Home

Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Your child’s stuffed animals will feel right at home in this charming house-shaped storage bin. The open sides make it easy for kids of all ages to access their toys. This adorable storage container is mounted on small caster wheels, making it simple to move from room to room.

Raise The Bar

Wall Storage For Stuffed Animals and Books

If you’re upgrading your bathroom decor, don’t throw that old towel bar away just yet. This versatile household item can be adapted into an elevated toy storage area. Install the bar in your child’s room, and place some S-shaped metal hooks on it. Finally, display woven baskets from those hooks to create a clever stuffed animal display.

Pretty In Pink

Adorable Stuffed Animal Organizer For Kids

Over-the-door shoe organizers are a simple way to organize and display stuffed animals. You’ll want to look for kid-friendly organizers like this cheery pink polka-dotted unit to add some charm and flair.

Under The Rainbow

Cute Stuffed Animal Organizer

According to folklore, a pot of gold lies at the end of each rainbow. But for most children, there is nothing more valuable than their beloved stuffed animals. Here, decorative woven baskets stuffed full of toys are positioned underneath a colorful, whimsical rainbow painting like the best kind of treasure.

Get Into The Swing of Things

Stuffed Animal Swing Storage

Because storage-based furniture is meant to be practical, aesthetics often take a backseat. This sweet swing shows that storage solutions can also be decorative. With just a simple painted wooden plank suspended from ropes, you can create a quirky and unforgettable place to keep stuffed animals.

Popular Ways To Store Stuff Animals

The most popular ways to store stuffed animals are by using toy organizers, shelving, baskets, bins, swings, nets and chests. With these stuffed animal storage solutions, organizing your child’s stuffed animals can be easy and stylish. From cute to creative, these ideas can help parents keep a bedroom or living room uncluttered.