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57 Brilliant Small Laundry Room Ideas

57 Brilliant Small Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is a utilitarian space that should be functional and organized while looking stylish and inviting. Small laundry rooms must have practical designs, reliable appliances, proper storage solutions and cute decor for a welcoming look.

From open shelving to built-in cabinetry, these smart small laundry room ideas are versatile and creative choices that include pairing functional layouts with charming decorating tips to create the perfect look.

Some homeowners will want a modern look with a stackable washer and dryer to increase storage space, while others may prefer a top-loading machine and a classy organizational shelf for essentials. For a long and narrow room, you may need cabinets or open shelving above your appliances with wall-mounted clothing racks for extra convenience.

When it comes to laundry closets, investing in side-by-side appliances, soundproofing, a sturdy countertop, wallpaper and organizational items such as containers, trays and baskets can make all the difference in your home. The possibilities are endless if you implement smart storage and shop around for the perfect products to suit your space.

For a fresh look, check out these amazing small laundry room designs to inspire your approach and spark your creativity.

Smart Small Laundry Room Designs

Luxurious Space Saving Small Room

Stylish Small Laundry Room

This low-profile laundry area may be tucked away in a closet, but it still comes with style. Symmetrical cabinets provide chic storage space, while a metallic tile backsplash brings in elements of glitz and glam. The sheen of the backsplash perfectly complements the shiny chrome finishes on the washer and dryer.

Beautiful Laundry Closet Concept

Gorgeous Laundry Closet Design

When space is at a premium, you can convert a closet into a low-profile laundry room. This deep closet has ample space for a front-loading washing machine and dryer below, as well as open shelving for storage on top. The entire setup is neatly contained behind sleek wooden doors for an unobtrusive effect.

Simple Design and Layout

Simple Laundry Room Design with Sink

If you have a large laundry area, you can maximize your space by installing additional features. These homeowners took advantage of the water hookups already available in the room and made space for a dog-washing station. The clever layout lets the space serve as more of a multi-functional mudroom.

Chic French Country Style Laundry Room with Sink

Chic French Country Style Laundry Room with Sink

This elegant laundry room puts a contemporary spin on French country style. The sage green cabinet, serene landscape painting, and basket of greenery give this room a verdant feel that is further augmented by ample natural light. Rustic natural stone tile and wood paneling get a modern twist thanks to their crisp color scheme.

Keep It Orderly and Organized

Cute Laundry Room Design

This nifty nook has plenty of shelving, giving you room to store items like detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. An alcove directly above the dryer provides the perfect space for you to hang up button-down shirts and other items that may need ironing.

Set The Mood with Decorative Accents

Cute Small Laundry Room Decor

A white subway tile accent wall with black grout lends this room an urban laundromat feel. Design elements like black powder coated sconce lights and a decorative sign bring in additional touches of character. The open shelving provides storage space that is both stylish and convenient.

Clean White Laundry Room with Simple Sink, Shelves and Cabinets

Clean White Laundry Room with Simple Sink Shelves Cabinets

Since some laundry rooms are often used for storage, it’s easy for these spaces to feel cramped and crowded. Combat this by choosing a minimal color palette. This small room feels sophisticated and spacious thanks to its airy all-white color scheme. Create visual interest by introducing varying textures, like faux wood print wallpaper.

Where There’s A Wall, There’s A Way

Adorable Laundry Room with Basket Storage and Folding Area

You don’t need an entire room to have a functional laundry area. In some cases, all you need is a free wall and a practical layout. This clever design features a side-by-side washer and dryer tucked under a long wooden cabinet. The extended wooden countertop is a perfect folding space and it leaves a cubby open where baskets can be stored out of the way.

Playing with Proportions

Long Narrow Laundry Room Design

With some creative staging, a long narrow laundry room can make a surprisingly stylish and spacious area. Open shelving above the washer and dryer are less imposing than cabinets would be. An indented folding counter helps to break up the space further.

Storage Can Be Stylish

Small Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Ideas with Sink

Form and function are perfectly balanced in this farmhouse-style laundry room. Pretty and practical wicker baskets perfectly accent rustic open shelves made from large wooden beams. The freestanding apron sink also features open shelving underneath for additional storage.

Save Space with Compact Appliances

Compact Washer and Dryer Room

When you don’t have the space for a full laundry room, try creating a neat nook by installing an under-counter washing machine and dryer in the corner of your kitchen. The countertop can double as both a food prep area and a folding station, which gives you extra bang for your buck.

Cute Cabinets Are A Bold Style Element

Small Laundry Room with Cabinets

Cabinets in deep jewel-toned hues have been a popular kitchen feature in recent years. The deep green cabinets in this laundry room draw inspiration from the trend. Natural light streaming through the small window highlights the upscale gold chrome cabinet hardware and gives the room an airy quality.

Custom Room with Stackable Washer and Dryer with Sink

Small Laundry Room Ideas with Stackable Washer Dryer Sink

As a multipurpose space, this modern small laundry room offers a clean layout for your washer and dryer while also serving as a puppy palace. A small built-in dog bed is nestled between a dog washing station and a stackable washer-dryer combo, allowing your canine to feel like a king.

Upscale Industrial Laundry Room

Stylish Functional Laundry Room

Although it features a massive industrial-sized washer and dryer, this small laundry room is surprisingly chic with its painted brick wall, cool tiling and generally trendy decor. A coat of white paint makes the rustic brick accent wall feel fresh and modern, while multicolored mosaic floor tile has more of a vintage vibe. Open shelving made from reclaimed wood and pipes brings in tons of texture and character.

Layer Textures To Create Visual Interest

Stylish White Laundry Room with Cute Shelving and Sink

Fun features converge in this farmhouse-style laundry room. The black grout in the white subway tile wall is brought out by decorative elements like the black metal shelf brackets and powder-coated light fixture. A glossy wooden countertop piece atop the washer and dryer creates an attractive and practical folding area.

Define Space with Bold Patterned Tiles

Washer and Dryer with Cabinets and Cute Storage

This small laundry room may be short on space, but it’s long on style. Sleek dark cabinets and a striking metal window frame solidly anchor the graphic black and white floor tile that serves as a focal point. Tan bamboo window shades and wicker baskets add warmth and texture to the design.

Simple Chic Black and White Styling

Chic Stackable Laundry Room Ideas

Glossy gray floor tiles are the perfect stylistic midpoint between the shiny black appliances and the sharp white cabinetry. It will feel natural to separate dark and light fabrics in this sleek and contemporary grayscale laundry room.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Nice Laundry Room Setup

Doing the laundry can be a time-intensive process. One way to streamline this chore is to fold batches of clothing straight from the dryer. This design room features a U-shaped counter with extra folding space, while a minimalist black and white color scheme helps keep the small area from feeling cramped.

Use Decor To Delineate Your Space

Cute Laundry Room with Cabinet and Shelf

This example is just one small section of a larger room dedicated to storage. Decorative elements help to define the space better. Wooden letters spelling out “Laundry” are painted robin’s egg blue to provide a pop of bright color.

A Laundry Alcove with Depth

Compact Laundry Room Setup

When square footage is limited, it helps to tuck laundry appliances together into a small out-of-the-way alcove. This recessed cubbyhole features thin black stripes against a crisp, white background. The resulting pattern creates an optical illusion of added depth.

Hanging Around The Laundry Room

Functional Laundry Room Organization

This large laundry area features built-in custom cabinetry that wraps around the room. A combination of closed cabinets and open shelving with baskets creates lots of flexible storage options. A small hanging rail gives you the perfect space to hang up dress shirts and items that need to be ironed.

Staggeringly Stunning Storage Space

Stylish Small Laundry Room Decor with Stacked Washer Dryer

The built-in cabinets are staggered and indented at various points, helping to create a unique footprint. Upscale touches like matte metallic hardware, a marble countertop, and a geometric carpet help elevate the neutral color scheme and make it feel chicer.

Add Texture with Textiles

Laundry Room Solutions For Small Spaces

A rough-hewn red brick floor adds character to this laundry room, while judicious use of textiles provides a stylistic counterpoint. Swapping out glass cabinet doors for fabric panels brings in a subtle softness. Wicker baskets filled with soft, fluffy tiles provide a more textural dichotomy.

Bold Color Choices Liven Up Your Laundry Area

Laundry Room Layout with Storage and Sink

Unconventional color choices give this farmhouse-style laundry area a masculine twist. Matte black paint helps the cabinetry and wood paneling feel sleek, understated, and contemporary. The moody color contrasts beautifully against the warm golden brown stain on the wooden countertops. Burnished metallic wall sconces add another layer of subtle glamour to the space.

Let Decor Define Your Space

Small Space Laundry Room Design

This small laundry closet features neutral finishes such as beige cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash, but other decorative elements really help define this space. Wire baskets and glass jars provide stylish storage options, while a cute decorative sign is the perfect finishing touch.

A Convenient Corner

Stackable Washer Dryer Laundry Room For Small Space

If you don’t have the space for a designated laundry room, maximize your space by installing a stackable washer-dryer into your walk-in closet. The convenience factor is unparalleled – you can pull clothes directly from the dryer and put them away instead of hauling them all over the house.

Stay Organized with Sorting Baskets

Old School Laundry Room Storage

There are many different ways to sort your laundry. Some people like to separate dark and light fabrics to keep colors from bleeding. Others prefer to wash their delicates in a separate cycle. Keeping several collapsible baskets tucked under the counter lets you sort your laundry according to your personal preference.

Make Your Bathroom Multi-functional

Space Saving Stacked Washer Dryer Laundry Room Design

If you don’t have a designated laundry room, a large bathroom is a great place to add a washer and dryer. Bathrooms are already equipped with running water so this functional design won’t require significant work or expense. Hiding a stackable washer-dryer in a custom closet helps you maximize your space.

Patterned Tiles Stand In For A Rug

Simple Top Load Washer Laundry Room

Rugs add a wonderful decorative element to a space, but they aren’t practical for every room. An area rug might be a tripping hazard in a busy, highly-trafficked laundry room. Installing floor tile with a graphic pattern brings in an interesting decorative element without impeding function.

Beautiful Laundry Closet with Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Laundry Closet Design

Interior barn doors can add an interesting architectural element to your decor. They can also be highly functional. This powder blue barn door rolls away to reveal a surprisingly spacious laundry compartment. While these doors are heavy, their sliding rack makes them highly maneuverable.

Elevate Decor with Simple Touches

Country Style Laundry Room Design

Subtle stylistic motifs can take your design to the next level. This laundry room features a luxurious Carrara marble basketweave tile for a unique look. A woven wicker hamper and decorative baskets add useful storage elements that tie in with the tile pattern. Sleek black cabinets contrast beautifully with the vintage floating sink.

Playing with Patterns

Cute Feminine Laundry Room in Closet

Patterned wallpaper helps transform this small laundry closet into a more well-defined space. The asymmetrical leaf and branch print on this wallpaper gives this alcove a casual and cozy feel. Faux plants, decorative baskets, and a geometric rug in similar colors to the wallpaper complete this layered look.

Size and Scale Matter

Gorgeous Laundry Room Decor

When designing your utility room, it’s essential to ensure that the various components all work together. This room features a large, wood-wrapped washer and dryer. A large apron-front sink built into a cabinet is proportionate in both size and scale.

Maximize Space with Under-Counter Appliances

Side by Side Washer Dryer Laundry Room with Sink Cabinets

Having ample space for folding your clothes is an integral and yet often overlooked feature in laundry rooms. Tuck your washer and dryer into a custom counter-height cabinet to maximize your square footage. The wooden countertop provides the perfect place to fold your laundry.

Protect Machines From Scratches with Wood Wrap

Creative Laundry Room decor

This laundry nook features a washer and dryer tucked underneath a simple wooden compartment. This easy DIY wood wrap serves multiple purposes. In addition to protecting your appliances from scratches and providing a convenient folding surface, it helps differentiate a distinct laundry area in a more all-purpose space.

Black and White Decor

Laundry Room with Sink and Storage Baskets on Shelf

This stylish laundry room finds elegance in the variation between two vastly different colors. Shiny black appliances and sleek painted cabinets with gold hardware give the space an elegant and upscale look. Glossy white subway tiles and quartz countertops are similarly high-end finishes that provide plenty of color contrast. Eye-catching black and white tiles marry the disparate tones together and finish the look.

Warm Up Your Laundry Room with Earthy Colors

Earthy Laundry Room with Basket Storage Options and Sink

While some people like the pristine look of an all-white laundry room, other people may find that color scheme to be a little sterile. This area incorporates warm, brown tones to balance and break up the otherwise white decor. The mahogany-colored topper on the washer and dryer ties beautifully into the brown wood window frame, while brown wicker baskets bring in texture and character.

Boho Style Decor

Boho Style Laundry Room with Plants

A few decorative accents can transform a cookie-cutter laundry room into a surprisingly chic boho space. Baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes are both decorative and functional. A ladder bookshelf essential is a great way to create additional storage in a low-profile manner, and it makes the perfect perch for greenery.

Take Your Design Style To The Next Level

Cute Laundry Room Makeover Design

Adding in asymmetrical elements is a great way to keep a square laundry room from feeling too boxy. Placing your washing machine on a pedestal step while leaving the dryer on the ground helps break up the eye-line. The built-in drawer in the pedestal also brings in a clever storage solution.

High-Impact Design For A Low-Profile Space

Beautiful Laundry Room Layout For Small Space

An all-in-one washer-dryer unit can help you streamline the laundry process. This layout also takes up less room than a traditional side-by-side washer and dryer, which may leave you with extra space to fill. Open shelving filled with decorative touches and a statement hamper both give this minimalist area a significant style boost.

Create Hanging Space By Removing A Cabinet

Laundry Room Decor with Basket and Sign

A row of cabinets may seem like the perfect storage solution for a small laundry room, while removing the center cabinet can create more usable space. This example features a small wooden rod connecting the gap between cabinets. It’s the perfect spot to hang up button-down shirts and other delicate items as soon as you remove them from the dryer.

Simple Shelving Cranks Up The Convenience Factor

Top Load Washer Laundry with Jars For Storage

If you have to frequently reach for items like laundry detergent and dryer sheets, then you’ll want to experiment with open shelving for extra convenience. While cabinets are great, this simple storage option can be easy to design for small laundry rooms. You can feature decorative jars to add a stylish flair.

Use Symmetry To Create A Balanced Alcove

Tiny Laundry Room Design

This small nook feels much more spacious thanks to its perfectly symmetrical layout. Narrow cabinets above the washer and dryer draw the eye upwards. The shelf and bar between the cabinets offer additional storage space and a small hanging area.

Utilize Your Utilities Well

Simple Washer Dryer Setup with Sink and Cabinets

This compact area features a small sink, which is perfect for handwashing delicate items. The sink is centered between the washer and dryer, which leaves room on either side for a cozy but convenient folding area.

Elevate Small Laundry Room with Dashing Decor

Rustic Laundry Room Decor with Shelf Cabinet Sink

Instead of placing cabinets above your washer and dryer, you can install open shelving on a sidewall. This provides easy-to-reach storage and helps keep your laundry room from feeling too cluttered. A wall-mounted light fixture and whimsical sign create a more low-profile focal point.

Use Patterned Wallpaper To Create Visual Interest

Top Load Washer with Dark Wood Cabinets

This small laundry room could feel very cut off, thanks to a combination of bulky appliances and boxy cabinets. Chic peel and stick wallpaper in a herringbone pattern helps draw the eye upwards and create a sense of movement and flow. Keeping the wallpaper to just one wall keeps the room from feeling too busy.

Incorporate Raw Unfinished Wood For A Boho Look

Long Narrow Laundry Room Design For Small Spaces

Wrapping your washer and dryer in wood is a great way to protect the surface from scratches and create an even surface for folding. This wood cabinet and the matching step stool are left unstained and unfinished for a casual, bohemian look. A patterned textile and potted plants round out the design.

Mix and Match Textures For A Unique Look

Tiny Laundry Area

This off-white laundry area has a lot of visual interest despite its simple color scheme. Painted wood panels on the walls add a textural element, while square snowflake-patterned floor tiles bring in a touch of whimsy. Golden wood countertops and gold metallic fixtures also add warmth to the design.

Dress Up Your Room with Designer Decor

Luxury Country Style Laundry Room Design

If you have an abundance of style, don’t skimp when it comes to decorating your laundry room. This well-designed space is comfortable and inviting, thanks to touches like an upholstered vintage chair and a wood bead chandelier.

Cute Colors Can Spruce Up The Room

Creative Cool Laundry Room Design

Jewel tones are very popular in home decor, but they can be intimidating. Using them in a less-visible area of the home like the laundry room is a great way to try out the trend without making a huge commitment. In this design, warm wood accents contrast beautifully against the emerald green walls.

Repurpose Leftover Tiles

Washer Dryer Setup with Cute Sink Shelf Cabinets

If you’ve recently renovated your kitchen or your bathroom, you may find that you have some tiles left over. If you have money left in your budget, it may be time to give your laundry room a facelift. Reusing elements like patterned floor tiles and white subway tiles gets you more bang for your buck and also adds some continuity to your home design.

Make A Mosaic

Best Laundry Room Design For Narrow Space

Small hexagonal mosaic tiles are frequently used in smaller spaces such as shower floors. In this example, this type of tiling extends up a dramatic feature wall. Natural light and a neutral color palette keep this eye-catching wall from feeling too cluttered.

Burst Onto The Scene with Brilliant Design

Unique Laundry Room Space

Liberal use of light colors like bright white can make a small space feel larger and airier. This bold laundry room uses quirky design choices to liven up its basic gray and white color scheme. Starburst patterned wallpaper ties in perfectly with a geometric star-shaped chandelier.

Create Luxurious Textures with Wallpaper

Luxurious Laundry Room with Washer Dryer Sink Cabinets

This elegant design boasts faux marble wallpaper, which brings lots of subtle texture to the space. Pale blue cabinets pick up the gray marbling from the wallpaper while adding a pop of color to the room. Gold hardware on the cabinets brings in additional warmth.

Functional and Chic Storage Solution

Long Laundry Room with Organization and Storage

This catch-all storage space features a washer and dryer at the end of a long stretch of countertop. The vast expanse of counter space provides the perfect place to fold clothes, while a multitude of drawers offers great storage options for extra towels, sheets, and other freshly-laundered textiles.

Festive Fashionable Floors

Fashionable Laundry Space

A neutral color scheme allows you to create a standout focal point. Here, taupe wood paneling and white subway tile on the walls allow the burnt orange patterned floor tile to be the star of the show.

Old-Fashioned Ornamentation

Classic Laundry Room without Washer and Dryer

Even if you don’t have a washing machine, you can still design an enviable room. A deep apron front sink gives plenty of room for hand-washing clothing and other textiles. Vintage drying racks are a cute and practical decorative element.