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67 Clever Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

67 Clever Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage in a small bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you want a solution that matches your decor and effortlessly minimizes clutter. An organized bathroom can go a long way toward ensuring that your mornings are less stressful. From an affordable DIY wall shelf to a chic cabinet to cute baskets and organizers, these functional storage ideas will maximize your organization and make your tiny bathroom feel larger.

Check out these creative small bathroom storage ideas to inspire your approach and maximize space. Whether you prefer stylish shelves, cabinets and vanities or clever baskets, hooks, racks and drawers, these genius storage solutions will spark your creativity and give you a head start.

Stylish and Clever Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Decorate with A Tall Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Ideas

A tall and narrow bathroom cabinet is easy to fit in any space, providing both storage and an opportunity to get creative with displaying your accessories. Play with color for maximum impact.

Place A Floating Display Case on The Wall

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Installing a floating display case above the toilet is a quick way to store your odds and ends and take advantage of a space that generally goes unused and wasted. This rough-looking one would go great in a rustic lavatory.

Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa with Floating Baskets

Basket Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Baskets are elegant and practical, so you should find a way to include them in your bathroom design. If you’re dealing with a small space, hanging them on the wall is a quick solution.

Easy DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas with Wine Crates

Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you don’t want to invest in new décor pieces, get your hands dirty and do it yourself. Get some fancy-looking crates or baskets of different sizes and rope them together with the smallest on top for a unique storage solution.

Simple Rustic Floating Dividing Box

Rustic Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Placing a dividing box right above the sink enables you to neatly store everything from toothbrushes to makeup to skin care products. Everything will have its own spot, which can help you avoid frantically going through drawers to find that lotion and never be late in the mornings.

Shelving Unit in Earthy Tones

Bathroom Storage

Earthy tones go great in the bathroom. If you’re yearning for that rustic vibe, make sure your storage matches the décor. This shelving unit seamlessly combines metal with wood, offering an unpolished, yet glam look.

Small Baskets To Organize A Small Bathroom

How To Organize A Small Bathroom

Baskets are affordable and chic storage solutions. Strategically place some around the bathroom to keep products and accessories organized. A spacious one close to the sink, for instance, can successfully replace bulkier shelves.

Get Your Storage on Wheels

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

A practical way to make the most of your storage solutions is to get them on wheels and, preferably, in a neutral color. That way you can move them around the house as needed.

Small Bathroom Organizers

Organizers For Small Bathrooms

To create a polished look, pick a color theme for the bathroom and stick to it. This elegant combo of earthy tones and white ensures a relaxed atmosphere and gives the space an airy vibe.

Fancy Shelving For Organization

Cool Bathroom Organizers For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom standing shelves come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from basic to elegant. Case in point: this opulent unit provides much-needed storage while maximizing vertical space.

White Never Goes Out of Style

Simple Small Bathroom Storage

If you’re going for an all-white bathroom, this cute storage unit will fit right in. You can use pops of color (like a luscious plant) to break up the visual monotony.

Creative Crates For Small Cabinets

Small Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

DIY storage solutions don’t have to be over the top. Simply hanging a few crates on the wall can provide ample space to keep towels and accessories organized. Remember to treat the wood to avoid moisture issues.

Get Matching Containers For All Your Products

Best Bathroom Organizers For Small Bathroom Decor

Overflowing your bathroom with colorful products can create the impression of clutter. Instead, purchase matching containers to store your shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and lotions for a uniform look.

Invest in Clever Organizers

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas For Women

Buy the right organizer and you will always know where even the smallest things are. For example, if you’re a make-up junkie, this brush display will make your heart sing.

Open Storage Shelf and Vanity

Small Bathroom Shelf

While cabinets come in handy to stuff things inside, an open storage shelf gives you the chance to play with décor items to create a cozy atmosphere. Plus, cool and creative shelves allow you to dazzle visitors with your impressive organizational skills. The light-colored wooden shelf on the wall makes for an easy DIY project and results in a beautiful, accessible storage space.

Practical Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Your lavatory can be welcoming as well as functional. Cute bathroom ideas include inventive storage and a skillful use of art and knick-knacks to give an otherwise sterile space a bit of an edge.

Built-in Storage Idea For A Posh Look

Old Fashioned Bathroom Organizer

Built-in storage instantly makes your bathroom look put-together. Moreover, you can customize units to perfectly fit both the space and your needs. It’s worth the investment in the long run.

Modern Storage with Glass Doors

Modern Bathroom Storage with Glass Doors

A spacious cabinet with glass doors is a smart choice for a small bathroom. Not only does it enable you to store belongings, but it creates the illusion of space. A classic one would have made the area look crammed.

Ladder Shelves Are Effortlessly Stylish

Best Storage Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

There’s no shortage of bathroom standing shelves on the market, but ladder ones win bonus points for looking decorative while taking up little space. If you plan to use them to store towels or linens, baskets come in handy once again.

Dress Up Open Shelves with Bins and Baskets

Beautiful Bathroom Cabinet Storage Designs

While open shelves work great in a small bathroom, they can come across as disorganized. Bins and baskets enable you to maintain a clean look.

Creative Storage Ideas with Hidden Shelves

Cool Creative Bathroom Storage Solutions

Here’s a great example of making every small space count. Simply adding shelves to an area you might have overlooked can provide you with enough space to neatly hide away your bathroom accessories.

DIY Project: Repurpose An Old Drawer

Cheap DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you’ve ever considered hanging a drawer on the wall, this antique-looking handle will make for a great towel rack.

Play with Dimensions To Stand Out

Creative Bathroom Storage Concepts

Not everything in the bathroom has to be the same height or match perfectly. Add some playfulness to the space with multiple storage solutions in various shapes and sizes. Just make sure the color scheme stays consistent for amazing results.

Classic Shelves for an Upscale Look

Best Bathroom Wall Storage

If you’re adding shelves above the toilet, consider painting the background a darker color to create the illusion of depth. You might not be able to fit in more stuff, but you’ll end up with a more dapper cabinet.

Use Crates on Wheels For A Cool Storage Concept

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas For Small Bathroom with Recycled Crate Storage

This fun DIY project should be a walk in the park for crafty hands. Paint the crates in different colors for a whimsical vibe or keep the shades neutral for a more elegant finish.

White Ladder Shelving Organizer

Small Bathroom Storage Ladder Decor

Notice how this ladder shelving unit is overflowing with stuff; yet, it doesn’t look messy. Keeping a neutral color scheme ensures that everything looks like it’s in its place – even when that might not necessarily be the case.

Hanging Baskets on The Wall

Bathroom Storage Hanging Baskets on Wall

While you can go as over-the-top as you want when it comes to basket displays, this simple solution will provide you with storage space with minimal effort. Notice how all the accessories sport a little blue, contrasting nicely with the yellow wall.

Group Shelving Units Together For Good Bath Storage

Best Bath Storage Ideas

If you have a bigger bathroom, group standing shelving units together for a neater look. The units here match the floor for an extra dose of consistency.

Simple Storage Cabinets with Plenty of Organizational Space

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

A spacious bathroom enables you to incorporate a generous vanity. In this case, the marble countertop is a thing of beauty, while the shelving provides ample storage space for towels, beauty products, and the likes.

Creative DIY Shelving and Hooks

Creative DIY Bathroom Storage Shelving

Hooks are great not only for hanging towels, but also for displaying quirky decorating ideas. If required, you can remove the wooden letters and use the hooks in a more practical way.

Cute Towel Storage

Bathroom Towel Storage

Adding cleats to narrow shelves will prevent towels from constantly falling off. It’s a neat way to store clean or guest towels – rolling them while wet isn’t recommended.

Cheap Storage For Minimal Spaces

Cheap Bathroom Storage for Minimal Spaces

Even minimalists need storage space. But if you don’t have a lot of bathroom stuff to store, a couple of stylish baskets should be enough to cover your needs.

Classy Master Bathroom Storage with Shelves

Master Bathroom Storage Ideas

We’re all for repurposing stuff; and this is a great example. An old bookshelf with a fresh coat of paint can be perfect for storing everything from towels to fancy décor pieces.

Dress Up Shelves with Humorous Prints

Cute DIY Ways To Organize Bathroom

A quick way to spruce up your bathroom storage is to decorate it with funny art. You can find inexpensive prints online and frame them for a more refined look.

Cute Makeup Organizer

Best Organizers For Small Bathrooms

This spinning makeup carousel offers plenty of storage space for all your beauty products and accessories. Best of all, this organizer looks beautiful, so you can display it on the vanity instead of hiding it away.

Simple Organization

Small Bathroom Organization

It’s easy to get swept off your feet when researching suggestions on how to decorate a small bathroom. However, remember that the simplest accessories are usually the most effective. This two-tiered organizer may look basic, but it saves you tons of space.

Creative Tiny Storage with Interesting DIY Shelves

Creative Tiny Bathroom Storage with Interesting DIY Shelves

When looking for bathroom storage ideas, shop around local stores and vintage shops. A shelving unit with an interesting design instantly elevates the space, with minimum effort from your part.

DIY Wall Storage with Hanging Bags

DIY Bathroom Storage Hanging Bags

Hanging small canvas bags on hooks is an effortless way to add some artsy storage to your bathroom, regardless of size. For best results, choose bags with whimsical prints.

Gorgeous Shelves in Wall

Gorgeous Shelves in Wall for Small Bathroom

A cabinet built in the bathroom wall is an extremely practical solution, as it enables you to store your things away from prying eyes. Furthermore, it doesn’t take up any open space, which is always a plus.

Play with Color For Cute Shelving

Cute Bathroom Shelving and Storage

Regardless of how basic your shelves may be, you can always dress them up with the right accessories. Since most modern bathrooms nowadays come in neutral shades or earthy tones, adding some color to your storage will make it instantly stand out.

Industrial Storage

Cute Creative Bathroom Storage Design Ideas

The industrial décor trend won’t go out of style anytime soon, so incorporate it in your bathroom storage solutions. The rough metal contrasts nicely with the polished vanity countertop.

Modern Tiny Bathroom Look with Unique Storage Decor

Modern Tiny Bathroom Look with Unique Storage Decor

Adding vintage pieces to your bathroom is a surefire way to give it some personality. If those pieces double as storage, even better.

Decorative Accent Shelves in A Minimal Space

Decorative Accent Shelves in a Minimal Space

Just like an accent wall can spruce up a basic room, accent shelves can elevate an otherwise boring wall. In this case, the wooden shelves add some rustic flair to the spotless bathroom.

Wall Shelf Ideas Above Toilet

Clever Bathroom Shelves For Small Bathroom

A great way to gussy up your bathroom shelves is to alternate necessities with décor items. Think plants, candles, and small prints.

Dazzle with A Large Wooden Vanity

Open Bathroom Storage

A massive vanity doesn’t only make for a great bathroom focal point, but also provides you with plenty of storage. You can use organizers to keep things neat.

Add Plants To Wooden Shelves

Small Bathroom Wall Shelving Designs

A surefire way to spice up your wooden shelves is with tiny plants like succulents. The green contrasts great with the wood for a rustic touch.

Use Storage That Doubles As Cute Modern Decor

Narrow Bathroom Storage with Cute Modern Decor

If you have enough bathroom storage space already, use ladder shelves for décor purposes by displaying fancy product bottles and plants. It will make your lavatory feel more like a spa.

Clever Cabinets and Shelves For Storage Space

Clever Bathroom Cabinets and Shelves For Storage Space

Maximizing vertical space is always useful, but consider dressing up shelves for a clean-cut, neat look. Adding an oversized print on top, for instance, is a nice touch.

Use Ladder Baskets Instead of Cabinets

Bath Storage Organizer Ideas

While ladder shelves are pretty common, ladder baskets not so much. Place them next to the shower or bathtub for easy access to towels and products.

Repurposed Cart

Chic Bathroom Storage Cart

A bar cart can make for an excellent bathroom storage unit. Keep it simple for a posh look or paint it a wild color to make it an accent piece.

Masculine Storage For Men with Wooden Shelves

Masculine Bathroom Storage For Men with Wooden Shelves

If you’re craving a masculine vibe in your lavatory, dark wooden shelves will do the trick. Make sure you keep the rest of the décor neutral as well.

DIY Wall Storage with Hooks

DIY Small Bathroom Wall Storage with Hooks

You can add hooks to basically everything, from plastic bins to tissue dispensers, and create a simple display to hang them on. This is another excellent way to maximize vertical space – think placing it on the door or the space above the washing machine.

Narrow Storage Shelves For Tiny Bathroom

Narrow Storage Shelves for Small Bathrooms

This creative storage solution enables you to keep towels handy without sacrificing style. Browse your local home furnishing store or look online for something similar.

Chic Basket and Ladder Shelves For Maximum Storage Space

Chic Basket and Ladder Shelves For Maximum Bathroom Storage Space

If you have a lot of open space in your bathroom to play with, group baskets of different shapes and sizes together to create a practical and dazzling display.

Maximize Vanity Space By Stacking Up A Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Solutions That Maximize Vanity Space By Stacking Up a Cabinet

When you have a spacious vanity but still lack storage space, add a cabinet on top. As long as the color scheme stays consistent you won’t lose any style points.

Modern Bath Products Storage with Pops of Color

Modern Bath Products Storage with Pops of Color

A white, basic ladder shelving unit will stand out if decorated with the right accessories. In this case, the pops of color fit right in with the rest of the bathroom, while also giving the storage space a playful vibe.

Vintage Items As Storage and Organization Space

Vintage Items as Storage

This vintage toiletry bag makes for a great storage item. Moreover, it fits right in with the old-school vibe of the bathroom placed next to the art print and vase.

Bathroom Vanity Storage

Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas

When purchasing or designing your vanity, make sure to include plenty of storage space. For example, this massive vanity offers plenty of under-the-sink storage for slippers, towels, and baskets.

Adorable Ways To Organize A Small Bathroom

Adorable Ways To Organize A Small Bathroom

With so many cute ways to organize a small bathroom, maximizing storage space in your washroom comes down to piecing together complementary colors, shelving, baskets, and wall units. While ladder shelving is popular in bigger spaces, an actual wood ladder that stands up against the wall to store your towels offers a slimmer profile for a smaller bathroom. If you have a rustic bathroom or want to renovate your current washroom with an old-fashioned theme, even better.

Creative Shelf Design Above The Tub

Creative Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The space above the bathtub often goes overlooked. Give it a purpose by installing a few sturdy shelves to have all your bath supplies handy.

Create Space with A Tray For Toiletries

Create Space with A Bathroom Tray For Toiletries

A multi-level tray is a practical and classy way to add more storage capacity to smaller vanities. Use it to display hand towels, beauty products, and smaller accessories.

Closet Ideas

Small Bathroom Closet Ideas

Just because you have the space for a bathroom cabinet doesn’t mean you should hide away your messiness. Use organizers and baskets to keep the cabinet organized for easy access to products.

Chic Storage Decor For Small Spaces

Chic Storage Decor For Small Spaces in the Bathroom

Build a modern luxury bathroom to take your personal space to the next level. Use a functional shelving unit to put together an elegant, spa-like display by neatly stacking together plushy towels interspersed with candles and plants.

Clean Modern Vanity and Shelving For Storage

Dual Bathroom Sinks with Cool Vanity and Shelf Storage

If you’re keen to keep things simple, some basic storage below the sink always does the trick. The perfect symmetry of this space makes it appear as particularly relaxing.

Cool Sliding Cabinet Drawers

Cool Bathroom Storage Ideas

Slide-out storage solutions have become fairly popular in recent years. Install one in your bathroom to keep things out of sight, but still be able to access them with ease.

Display Elegant Glass Jars For Classy Storage

Display Elegant Glass Jars For Classy Storage

As we’ve already mentioned, packaging can add a lot of noise to a space. Avoid this by storing everyday items in glass canisters for a posh look.

Use Tags To Easily Find What You Need

Cheap Bathroom Storage Decor

A great way to boost efficiency is to label every storage container with either its contents or the name of the family member it belongs to. This way, you’ll avoid constantly misplacing stuff.