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53 Stylish Rustic Bathroom Ideas

53 Stylish Rustic Bathroom Ideas

A rustic bathroom can be a stylish design choice that features natural materials, textured surfaces, vintage accessories and unique details to create a warm and inviting space. Rustic bathroom decor is all about natural beauty with a modern rugged edge.

If you’re looking to remodel, these rustic bathroom ideas will inspire you to embrace natural materials, classy wooden wall panels, stone tiles and vanity tops, barn doors and country-style accessories like wood-frame mirrors and old-school fixtures. In a small bathroom, rustic designs can take your decor from basic to breathtaking with minimal effort.

Check out these beautiful rustic bathroom ideas to inspire your creativity and enhance your decor.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Decor with Wood Wall, Mirror Frame, Vanity, Shelves and Floors

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

This gorgeous rustic bathroom opens up to the master bedroom for a very contemporary design. The rustic concepts start with the big wood wall separating the bathroom and bedroom. The cute vanity, sinks, and faucets combine functionality with a modern touch. The wood mirror frame, flooring, dark furniture, and cool old-school light fixtures provide a minimalist yet luxury feel. As one of the best rustic-styles around, this upscale look is certainly something to strive for.

Beautiful Rustic Bathroom with Hanging Wood-Framed Mirrors

Beautiful Rustic Bathroom with Hanging Wood-Framed Mirrors

This bathroom is packed with classic farmhouse details, from the distressed wood floors to the crisp white shiplap walls. But it also features the innovative addition of hanging mirrors suspended from the ceiling. This clever design choice ensures that the double vanity doesn’t interfere with the ample natural light coming in through the windows. And, because the mirrors are constructed from unfinished wood and vintage-style pulleys, the rustic style is preserved.

Blend Modern and Rustic Design Elements

Blend Modern and Rustic Design Elements

Materials like wood, metal, and stone are hallmarks of rustic interior design. But these materials can also feel very fresh and modern depending on how you utilize them. The wooden bathroom vanity has a smooth finish, making it feel contemporary despite its blocky silhouette. Black metal accents are used sparingly throughout the space, giving the room a slight edge. The marble countertops feel very high-end, but the subtle veining gives them an enticing natural quality.

Cute Small Bathroom with Shiplap Walls

Cute Small Bathroom with Shiplap Walls

Instead of using a bright white, these homeowners opted for a creamy off-white hue on their shiplap walls. This infuses this small powder room with an inviting warmth that is enhanced by the cheerful blue vanity. Decorative wood and metal accents give the room some rustic details without overwhelming the small space.

Feature A Brick Wall and Natural Details

Feature A Brick Wall and Natural Details

Brick walls add tons of character to the exterior of a home, so it stands to reason they would have the same effect on an interior wall. Installing a brick accent wall in a builder-grade bathroom instantly introduces interest and texture into the space. This effect is enhanced by decorative pieces like an antique window with a peeling painted frame. If you don’t want to commit to real bricks, look for three-dimensional stick-on brick tiles.

Go Rustic with Wood and Chic Accessories

Go Rustic with Wood and Chic Accessories

Beadboard is a specific type of wood paneling consisting of a series of vertical grooves interspersed with raised beads spaced about an inch apart. It was particularly popular in rural America until about the 1930s, giving it a charmingly old-fashioned vibe. While beadboard typically has a vertical orientation, it can also be installed horizontally for a more modern application. If you decide to use beadboard, complement it with vintage accessories like wicker baskets or distressed tin wall hangings.

Rustic Details with Wood Tub Tray

Rustic Details with Wood Tub Tray

This all-white bathroom was basically a blank slate, but with just a few simple accessories, the space has been transformed into a restful rustic retreat. A vintage medicine cabinet becomes a fun and quirky place to store toiletries, while a weathered wooden ladder serves as a conveniently-located towel rack. Bathtub trays are luxurious add-ons, but the raw texture of this one is in keeping with the laid-back country vibes.

Shop Around For A Rustic White Vanity For A Modern Touch

Shop Around For A Rustic White Vanity For A Modern Touch

Building a vanity out of reclaimed antique furniture is a tried-and-true way to incorporate rustic touches into a modern bathroom. Here, an ornate buffet finds new life as a double vanity with the addition of porcelain vessel sinks. Painting this piece white freshens it up without covering up its innate allure.

Vintage Mirror and Light Fixture with Unique Accessories

Vintage Mirror and Light Fixture with Unique Accessories

If you can’t afford to remodel your entire bathroom, you can still give it a significant makeover with a quick trip to an antique marketplace. A vintage wood-framed mirror and powder-coated black metal light fixture give this contemporary bathroom an industrial rustic flair. While it might not be practical to install shiplap walls, you can use peel-and-stick wallpaper to create the illusion of wood paneling.

Something Old, Something New

Simple Bathroom Decor with Rustic Pieces

Many homeowners like to update their bathrooms with modern amenities, but in doing so they may strip away the inherent character of the space. This bathroom was designed to capture the best of both worlds. The lower walls and floor are wrapped with large, slate tiles that feel cool and modern. But the room retains some retro charm thanks to pieces like a whitewashed mirror and narrow vertical wood paneling along the upper walls.

Luxury Farmhouse Bathroom

Luxury Farmhouse Bathroom

This elegant bathroom with simple farmhouse decor offers a clean and beautiful look that highlights stylish fixtures, timeless accessories and gold accents. A farmhouse design can feel kitschy, but when done well, can create a high-end feel. This bathroom is the perfect example. The large glassed-in shower has been wrapped with ceramic tiles that look like weathered pieces of wood, giving it a rustic feel. Other farmhouse-inspired details include a wooden towel ladder and framed vintage art prints. Meanwhile, the arabesque patterned floor tiles and brushed metal fixtures bring in a more contemporary and upscale aspect.

Rough, Rugged and Rustic Bathroom

Rough, Rugged and Rustic Bathroom

In new construction, you often have to use unique decor to create a distinct aesthetic. In older areas, the existing building materials may dictate your design direction. This home features a raw and textured stone wall that lends itself perfectly to a more rustic design style. With its sturdy wood base and neutral-toned countertop, the bathroom vanity complements the style and color of the walls. The wooden frame around the large wall mirror feels incredibly cohesive with the vanity, giving the design an elevated feel.

Dark and Dramatic Design

Dark and Dramatic Bathroom Design

Rustic bathrooms often feature a lighter and brighter color palette with natural wood tones, but going with a darker color palette can make a homespun space seem surprisingly sophisticated. The shower is wrapped with textured, multi-tonal tiles that look like real wood planks, while the pebbled floor has a riverbed-inspired vibe. This color story continues throughout the rest of the bathroom in the dark taupe walls and the speckled gold and umber countertop.

Contemporary Rustic Bathroom with Sliding Barn Door

Contemporary Rustic Bathroom with Sliding Barn Door

You don’t need to resort to vintage furnishing to get that rustic feel if that’s not your thing. Blending modern touches is an accessible way to elevate your bathroom without sacrificing comfort. This beautiful sliding door, for instance, is enough to ensure that the space has a pastoral feel to it. Combine it with some heavy stone sinks and wooden cabinets and you’ve got yourself a cabin-style look that immediately catches the eye.

Cool Bathroom with Grey Wood Paneling

Small Rustic Bathroom Designs with Grey Wood Paneling

Wood paneling adds a raw element to otherwise modern spaces, so it’s a great pick for a small rustic bathroom. If you plan to add a wood wall (or more) to your design, keep in mind that it will need diligent care due to concerns about mold. Tiles and vinyl panels that look just like wood are a low-maintenance alternative.

Modern Bathroom with Rustic Accent Door

DIY Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas with Sliding Barn Door

Sometimes a single décor piece is enough to change the vibe of a small area. While this bathroom is fairly modern, the sliding wooden door infuses more warmth into the space. Add some overgrown plants to complete the look or shop for a vintage-looking wooden cabinet that matches the door.

Relaxing Earthy Tones

Cute Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas with Shelf, Sink and Lighting

Most times, details make all the difference. You don’t have to cover your bathroom in wood or stone to make it look rugged. In this case, a few small wooden details do the trick – like the towel ladder. Keeping brands out of the space will also make it more relaxing, so consider purchasing accessories like soap dispensers in neutral colors.

DIY Rustic Wooden Shelves

Cute DIY Rustic Bathroom Wood Shelf

If you’re good with your hands and don’t feel like spending a lot of money to remodel the bathroom, scouring the Internet for DIY projects is a smart choice. This shelving unit shouldn’t take you too long to put together and the effect is astonishing. With the right decor and knick-knacks, it’s truly an accent piece.

Hunting Lodge with Rustic Details

Rustic Bathroom Decor, Colors and Accents

The whole point of putting together a rustic bathroom is to bring a bit of the outdoors in. If you’re a hunting enthusiast, this can mean decorating it with some of your prized hunting trophies. Small details like this transform the space with minimal effort. In this case, they will make you feel like you’re in a hunting lodge even if you reside in your run-of-the-mill urban jungle.

DIY Rustic Wooden Mirror Frame

DIY Simple Rustic Bathroom Mirror Frame

Adding a sturdy wooden frame to your bathroom mirror instantly turns it into a statement piece, while also allowing you to get your hands dirty with a fun DIY project. Incorporating a shelf in the design is a practical bonus task, as it will enable you to store some essentials in style.

Elegant Wooden Vanity

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Beautiful Countertops

If you have more room in your budget, a custom-made wooden vanity goes a long way towards turning your bathroom into an oasis. Keep the rest of the colors neutral and the accessories to a minimum to make the vanity the focal piece. The end result is an airy and elegant space that is sure to impress guests.

Chic Bathroom with Functional Storage Space

Chic Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Dark Wood and Stone

Stone and wood go great together, so adding a bit of both to your bathroom is a surefire way to give the space a rustic feel. To complete the look, consider investing in posh accessories like a plush rug, fresh flowers, and stylish faucets. Also, note how the stone mirror backdrop pictured here adds brightness to an otherwise dark room.

Spacious Bathroom with Massive Wood Paneling and Cute Tiles

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas with Beautiful Wood, Lighting, Shower, and Tiles

Mixing rustic details with modern touches ensures that your bathroom sports a more eclectic vibe. In this case, the massive wood paneling goes well with the contemporary tiles and helps the space stand out in all its elegance. This mix can be found in the vanity as well, which consists of a wooden cabinet with a tile countertop.

Vintage Shower with Classy Curtain

Vintage Rustic Bathroom Shower Ideas

When thinking of rustic décor, most people tend to picture a masculine space, which doesn’t have to be the case. Here, the massive wooden details create an interesting contrast with the delicate shower curtain and the dainty bathtub, transforming the space into a tasteful blend of natural and dressy. Pastoral chic, if you wish.

Country-Themed Bathroom with Stone Accent Wall

Rustic Country-Themed Bathroom with Stone Wall and Wood Counter

This example features a marvelous stone wall, which provides the perfect backdrop for the vintage-looking mirrors and wooden vanity. If you’re looking to add some plants to the space, opt for ones that don’t need a lot of natural light to thrive. Popular options include Aloe Vera, Begonias, Peace Lilies, and Spider Plants.

Cute DIY Shelves

Cute Rustic Bathroom Shelves Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, make the most of vertical space. These interesting hanging shelves add a flair to the room and provide storage at the same time. They’re perfect to install above the toilet. There are plenty of similar options on the market, or you can put them together yourself. As for styling, flowers and candles are always a great choice.

Small Rustic Bathroom with Metal Star, Wood Wall and Vintage Mirror

Small Rustic Bathroom with Metal Star, Wood Wall and Vintage Mirror

Covering all walls in wood paneling isn’t a great idea if you’re decorating a small bathroom, as it will make the space look even more cramped. However, a single wood wall will ensure the right feel without being overwhelming.

Masculine Bathroom Design

Masculine Bathroom with Minimal Décor

Sometimes keeping things simple and easy is the way to go, especially when you already made sure that the walls are the focal point of attention. Here, the wood and tiling provide a lot of texture for the space, so adding even more décor pieces like art or shelving would be overkill.

DIY Rustic Hanging Basket As Whimsical Shelf

DIY Rustic Hanging Basket as Whimsical Shelf

Repurposing old décor pieces is a quick way to add an old-fashioned touch to your bathroom. For example, this old-fashioned laundry basket looks great hung on the wall as storage space. Dress it up with a ribbon to give it a bit of an edge.

Luxury Upscale Furnishings

Luxury Rustic Bathroom Decor with Upscale Furnishings

This luxury rustic bathroom has all the glam one could crave, from the spacious walk-in shower to the luxurious stone walls. There’s even a small TV to make baths more entertaining. If you have something similar in mind, reaching out to an interior designer is a smart move. They will be able to help out with everything from brainstorming ideas to adding finishing touches to the space.

Clean Lines, Rustic Lighting and Walls

Amazing Bathroom with Clean Lines, Rustic Lighting and Walls

This design showcases exactly how to incorporate rustic bathroom elements while keeping the space fresh and modern at the same time. There’s a significant amount of wood involved for that rugged look, but the white tiles maintain the room’s brightness and elegance, with a little help from well-placed lighting.

Simple Wooden Backdrop

Simple Rustic Bathroom Idea with Wooden Backdrop

Adding an accent wall to complement a basic marble vanity is an excellent way to infuse some warmth into the space. The oversized mirror is a great addition as well, making the room look bigger. Notice how it matches the faucet perfectly for a polished finish.

Extravagant White Wood Rustic Bathroom

Extravagant White Wood Rustic Bathroom

Wood comes in many shapes and forms, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to paneling. The unpolished look of the vanity and walls give the space a deeply rustic appearance, contrasting nicely with the obvious opulence of the space.

Cool En-Suite Bathroom with Glam Details

Cool En-Suite Bathroom with Glam Rustic Details

This posh en suite combines the old and the new in spectacular fashion, from the sliding door to the marble countertops. The oversized mirror is a nice touch, giving the illusion of space, while the stone accent wall gives the area tons of personality.

Modern Bathroom in Earthy Tones and Stone Wall

Modern Rustic Bathroom in Earthy Tones and Stone Wall

Neutral tones are all the rage when it comes to rustic bathrooms, and this luscious one is no exception. The wooden vanity, raw mirror frame, and great use of stone provide that enchanting flair, while the faucet and lighting fixture bring a playful industrial touch to the space.

Beautiful Cabin Decor

Amazing Cabin Bathroom with Rustic Decor

From the oversized vanity to the spacious tub to the fireplace, everything about this space screams luxury. It also incorporates a few classic cabin bathroom décor elements, like the mosaic wall and wood flooring. The chandelier is an especially eye-grabbing piece, perfectly tying the room together.

Quirky Bathroom Design with Ingenious Storage Space

Quirky Rustic Bathroom Idea with Ingenious Storage Space

Storage space can often be a problem in the bathroom. A little creativity can go a long way. Here, a few minimal built-in shelves are ideal for storing towels and bathrobes while making the most of every nook and cranny.

Wood-Heavy Bathroom Perfect For Cabins

Wood-Heavy Rustic Bathroom Decor Perfect for Cabins

If you’re on the lookout for cabin bathroom décor, you can never go wrong with wood. However, such a wood-heavy space can look out of place in a city apartment, so you may want to temper it with accessories like cushy rugs, interesting light fixtures, and wall art.

Beautiful Tiles, Wood Walls, Sink, and Vanity

Luxury Rustic Bathroom with Beautiful Tiles, Wood Walls, Sink, and Vanity

When designing your dream bathroom, don’t be afraid to mix and match materials for an unconventional, yet stunning end result. This decor features exposed beams, weathered wood planks, and tile, all in contrast with the modern copper plumbing fixtures. Just make sure you stick to one color palette for consistency.

Small Bathroom with Gray Accent

Small Rustic Bathroom with Gray Accent

Gray is a popular color in modern bathroom styling, but can go great with rustic designs as well. For instance, a grey accent wall will give the space more personality, while also keeping with the neutral shades usually associated with farmhouse concepts.

Roomy Farmhouse Space

Roomy Bathroom with Rustic Feel

Adding just the right amount of wood can make your bathroom feel cozier. The space is clearly separated into areas – for the vanity, shower, and bathtub. All wood accents are focused on the vanity, creating a nice balance with the modern tile that decorates the rest of the space.

Rustic Shower with Fancy Stone Wall Decor

Fancy Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas with Stone Walls

Stone walls add texture and pattern to any space, giving your bathroom a rugged finish. In this example, the walls give the room a cave-like appearance and create an intriguing contrast with the rest of the décor, which is modern and spa-inspired.

White Wood Paneling and Light Wood Vanity Bathroom

Small Rustic Bathroom with White Wood Paneling and Light Wood Vanity

Wood paneling isn’t limited to dark shades. If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, opting for white or light grey paneling will create the illusion of both light and space, which makes the area appear more inviting. The rustic baskets perfectly complete the look.

Modern Bathroom with Interesting Wood Design and Storage Area

Modern Bathroom with Interesting Wood Design and Storage Area

If you’re after a modern design, but still crave an old-school look, an alternative to actual wood paneling are tiles that resemble wood. They’re low-maintenance and make the space look more polished and glam. Meanwhile, the earthy tones still make you think of the countryside.

Classy Bathroom with Marble Countertops and Clean Shower Design

Classy Bathroom with Marble Countertops and Clean Shower Design

This bathroom perfectly blends wood with tile in neutral shades for a deluxe end result. If you’re feeling whimsical, you can always add a pop of color via wall art. Moreover, if you have a small bathroom area, consider open shelving for storage instead of cabinets. They’re less bulky.

DIY Rustic Horseshoe Shelves with Light Wood Wall Paneling

DIY Rustic Ideas Horseshoe Shelves with Light Wood Wall Paneling

A basic wall shelving unit can be instantly upgraded with a spark of creativity. As you can see, adding a horseshoe to each shelf not only makes the design unique, but helps secure the towels, making this project both quirky and practical.

Country Style Rustic Bathroom with Dazzling Vanity

Country Style Rustic Bathroom with Dazzling Vanity

There’s no shortage of wooden vanities on the market, but this one definitely catches the eye thanks to its rugged finish. Moreover, it provides tons of storage space while completely blending in with the overall design of the room. If you can afford such a statement piece, or have the skills to put it together yourself, it will definitely bring your rustic bathroom to the next level.

Unique Small Rustic Bathroom with Mosaic Walls

Small Rustic Bathroom with Mosaic Walls

When dealing with a small space, you can play with texture and color to give it more personality. Here, the wall in the far back is in a lighter shade to make the room feel more spacious. At the same time, the darker, mosaic walls ensure that unique yet charming flair.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom in Black and White with Big Mirrors

Spa-Inspired Bathroom in Black and White with Big Mirrors

The black and white combo will never go out of style, which makes it a great pick for elegant, upscale bathrooms. However, it can also make a space come across as cold, so the rustic wooden detail is a nice addition when looking to bring some warmth into the mix.

Upscale Grand Light Fixtures and Large Shower

Upscale Rustic Bathroom with Grand Light Fixtures and Large Shower

The industrial design trend has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere. Consequently, adding a couple of industrial décor elements to your bathroom is a fun way to spruce it up. To say that the steampunk light fixtures are stunning would be an understatement.

Country Bathroom with Barrel Sink and Cool Mirror Frame

Rustic Country Bathroom with Barrel Sink and Cool Mirror Frame

If you want to get really creative, find a whiskey barrel and repurpose it as your sink. This country-style bathroom with a fun barrel sink and simple wooded mirror frame can make a small space functional yet cute. The tile walls and light stand are nice touches to an adorable decor.

Simple and Easy Bathroom Decorations

Simple and Easy Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

You can’t ever go wrong with simple and easy rustic bathroom decor. Keeping your bathroom clean, fresh and minimalist allows you to do more with a small area. With a country-themed lighting fixture, an adorable Western mirror, a unique sink and vanity combination, wood paneling all around, and dark-wood door, this rustic space comes together perfectly. While it can take time to piece together these special fixtures, the resulting cute design is certainly worth the effort.