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50 Gorgeous Purple Bathroom Ideas

50 Gorgeous Purple Bathroom Ideas

Purple is a bold and beautiful color choice that can elevate any space in your home. A purple bathroom offers an elegant look that can be soothing and stylish for a strong visual statement. If you’re struggling to spruce up a limited space, a small light purple bathroom can create a luxurious and airy vibe for a more open feel. Whether you prefer lighter shades like lavender and lilac or darker tones such as mauve, violet or plum, these decorating tips will add flair, charm and class to any bathroom.

Some homeowners may want a purple and white color scheme to create a vibrant modern look, while others might want purple walls and accents to complement tiles, fixtures and a vanity for a fashionable finish. As a versatile and trendy color, you can also try purple and grey, black, blue, brown or beige to find a contrasting combination that fits your bathroom.

Check out these amazing purple bathroom ideas to spark your creativity and inspire your design. From light to dark, these beautiful purple bathrooms will provide a stylish, fun and romantic decor that will transform your home!

Lovely Purple Bathroom Decor

Lilac and White Bathroom

Lilac Bathroom

With its antique light fixtures and repurposed vintage vanity, this bathroom has a distinctly French Provincial feel. The pale purple wall paint adds a subtle brightness to the small space, while the deeper hues in the wall art and vase of flowers bring in some richness. The half tile wall is finished with a wainscoting-like detail to enhance the elevated elegance.

Lavender Bathroom

Lavender Bathroom Decor

This beautiful lavender bathroom comes with space to sustain a vibrant wall color with a bright orchid shade. You’ll want to experiment with cut décor that will make your wall color look even more dramatic. The towels, rug, and upholstered bench in this room all feature purple patterns. A lush flower helps make this space feel fun and fresh.

Modern Purple Farmhouse Bathroom with Gold Accents

Modern Purple Bathroom with Gold Accents

This rustic purple bathroom comes with wood paneling that offers a unique twist with the unexpected and innovative application of mauve paint. The exposed pipes on the sleek sink have a homey feel, but the gleaming gold chrome finish on them makes them feel more contemporary and upscale. The marble counter and shower complete this chic, high-end take on a farmhouse bathroom.

Beautiful Light Purple Decor

Beautiful Light Purple Bathroom Decor

For a spa-like experience at home, consider converting a bedroom into a spacious bathroom. This space is ample enough to contain a large, clawfoot tub complete with elegant silver chrome accents and fixtures. A feature wall with damask wallpaper adds visual interest, while the crystal chandelier adds to the rococo style.

Small Purple Bathroom Design

Small Purple Bathroom

It’s not uncommon to break up dark wall paint with white wainscoting. This bathroom subverts expectations by featuring white walls with deep, eggplant wainscoting instead. This is a great choice for a small space because it incorporates a pop of color without dominating the room. The white walls also provide a neutral backdrop for interesting wall accessories like black metal sconces and a rope-wrapped mirror.

White and Light Purple Bathroom

Light Purple and White Bathroom

While the walls in this sophisticated powder room may look gray, this muted violet bathroom creates a neutral and stylish look. This understated shade gives other decorative elements like wall molding and contemporary abstract art room to shine. On the topic of shine, a matte gold mirror, wall sconces, and faucet help brighten this small room.

Cute Purple Wall Decor

Cute Purple Bathroom Wall Decor

If you’re stylistically adventurous, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns in your decor. Patterned purple and white grasscloth wallpaper adds texture and visual interest to this bold bathroom. It also contrasts nicely against the sleek, diamond-patterned floor tile. A large vanity in a neutral tone helps break up the eye and create space between the competing patterns.

Pink and Purple Bathroom with Violet Vanity

Pink and Purple Bathroom Decor

A pink and purple bathroom is the perfect look for a fashionista who likes a luxurious and trendy style. The color purple is associated with royalty, and the gold-framed mirrors and faucets feel appropriately aristocratic. The pale blush walls are neutral enough to let the bright custom-painted vanity really pop. Neutral gray floor tile helps keep this space from feeling too over the top.

Feature Wall with Color

Cute Vibrant Purple Bathroom

With bold style choices, this large bathroom features a massive built-in wall unit that includes a double vanity and ample storage. Heather purple comes with gray undertones so decorating this bathroom in neutral gray tones can help tie the wall unit while still allowing it to stand out.

Dramatic Mauve Bathroom Design

Dark Purple Bathroom Wall Decor

This dark purple bathroom blends mauve and grey to create a gorgeous look. This space plays off of that by featuring multiple gray tones in the countertops, shower and floor tiles. The black vanity and wall spaces tie into the darker gray shades in the floor and add elegance and drama to the space.

Chic Master Bathroom with Light Purple Accents

Chic Master Bathroom with Light Purple Accents

This master suite features a large cased opening that leads directly from the bedroom into the bathroom. With no door to separate the spaces, it’s important to have a cohesive color story tying them together. The bedroom has periwinkle-painted walls, while the bathroom boasts wallpaper striped with silver and the same purple shade. Rich grape-hued decorative accents add dimension.

Luxury Bathroom Feel with Gold Accents

Luxury Bathroom Feel with Gold Accents

This washroom features a glossy double vanity in a medium shade of lilac. That hue continues onto the gradated herringbone floor tiles. Lilac is one of the warmer shades of purple so it naturally plays well with gold. Gleaming chrome drawer pulls and faucets add more brightness to this cheerful space.

Use Fresh Purple Paint For Your Bathroom

Fresh Purple Bathroom Design

If you don’t have the budget for a full bathroom remodel, a fresh coat of paint can still go a long way. The beige floor tiles and countertop and oversized wrapped bathtub could make this room feel a little dated. Painting the walls with iris paint and framing them with white accents updates and elevates this space.

Stylish Jewel-Toned Bathroom

Dark Purple Bathroom Walls

There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. The deep hues of these bathroom walls are reminiscent of a glass of merlot. The white half-tile wall keeps the intense color from overpowering the room, while patterned floor tiles tie these two contrasting colors together, while a small oriental rug provides an upscale alternative to a traditional bathmat.

Lilac Purple and Gray Master Bedroom with Accents

Lilac Purple and Gray Master Bedroom

If you’re not ready to permanently commit to a purple bathroom, you can start by introducing small pops of color. The neutral palette of this restroom is livened up by the addition of eggplant-hued towels and a vase of bright purple roses. These accents help emphasize chic details like the ornate light fixture and glossy geometric wallpaper.

Purple Walls with White Decor

Purple Bathroom Walls with White Decor

This fashionable powder room uses a limited color palette and simple geometry to make a big style statement. The deep mauve walls are broken up by crisp white strips of wood that are reminiscent of a chair rail. That bright white color also shows up in the wood-framed window and single vanity. The gray half-tiled wall behind the vanity is comprised of the same glass tiles you might expect to be used in a smaller backsplash.

Unique Purple Color Bathroom Design

Unique Purple Color Bathroom Design

White subway tiles are a very common and expected element in many modern bathrooms. This design features understated elements such as marble floors, silver fixtures, and a simple gray vanity. Using a less common paint color like periwinkle is a great way to make this space feel a little more contemporary.

Mix Patterns and Colors For A Creative Look

Mix Patterns and Colors For A Creative Bathroom Look

This one-of-a-kind restroom cleverly combines multiple patterns and colors. The tiles are a mix of simple squares on the walls, gray triangles in the shower, and three-dimensional cubes on the floor. Neutral decorative elements like the artwork and the wooden cabinet pulls contrast with the violet walls.

Heavenly Heather Retreat

Purple and Gray Bathroom

This spa-like bathroom features a two-toned wall with a paler shade of heather on the top and a deeper hue on the bottom. Different shades of purple add more dimension to the room, including the muted raisin shade that wraps around the freestanding soaking tub. The sheer curtains offer a subtle geometric design that is mirrored in the small wooden chest.

Subtle and Stylish Light Lavender Decor Concept

Light Purple and Gray Bathroom Decor

This chic bathroom comes with multiple shades of gray on the painted wood vanity, chevron floor tiles and silver fixtures. Although the walls also appear to be gray, this bathroom uses a soft pale lavender color that is soothing and beautiful. A subtle shade like this can be a great way to introduce color into a neutral space.

Mauve Bathroom with White Vanity and Tiles

Mauve Bathroom with White Vanity and Tiles

This charming bathroom has an eclectic feel thanks to its disparate decorative elements. The black and white vintage tiles pair well with the old-fashioned art prints. Meanwhile, the glass pendant lights and sleek vanity have a more modern feel. The bold pop of color on the walls provides a unifying focal point.

Add Tantalizing Texture and Play with Patterns

Dark Purple and White Bathroom

This chic contemporary bathroom adds subtle texture in the form of violet grasscloth wallpaper with a silvery sheen. The metallic cast ties in nicely with the silver pendant light. The understated wall color and furniture make room for a boldly patterned tile floor.

Cute All Purple Decor

Cute Purple Bathroom

This statement bathroom boasts beautiful glossy floor-to-ceiling tiles. While some tiles are a warm lilac tone, others have an abstract floral quality. Choosing minimalist furniture like a sleek floating vanity and clear acrylic end table allows these statement tiles to shine.

White Decor with Purple Accents

White Bathroom Decor with Purple Accents

If you have a small bathroom, you don’t have to be afraid of incorporating color. This sleek half bath already features a dramatic decorative element in the form of nature-inspired marble walls. The vivid ceiling color and geometric star-shaped light fixture incorporate a sense of whimsy.

Match Your Paint To Your Decor

Trendy Purple Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re ready to revamp your bathroom, look to your favorite decorative items for inspiration. A striking black and purple graphic shower curtain can be the perfect complement for an elegant feel. The dark periwinkle wall paint is a perfect match to one of the deeper shades in the curtain. Neutral gray floor tiles help keep the space from looking overstyled.

Mauve Wall with Brown Vanity and White Decor

Mauve Wall with Brown Vanity and White Decor

A simple coat of paint can help upgrade bland, builder-grade finishes. Purple and brown can be great complementary colors as long as you pay close attention to undertones. The large-scale tan tiles and wooden vanity have warm tones that feel richer when paired with pinky mauve wall paint.

High-End Purple Bathroom Design

High-End Purple Bathroom Design

This palatial bathroom is fit for royalty thanks to its spacious layout and high-end finishes. The lavender damask wallpaper is surprisingly subtle thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the room with light. The heaviness of the violet velvet curtains is offset by the gleaming mirrored double vanity and silver clawfoot tub.

Vivid Violet Paint Color

Vivid Violet Paint Color

The unusual curved ceiling in this chic space is evocative of a traditional Turkish bathroom. Decorative elements like a custom tile inlay on the floor and ornate light fixture play up this architectural detail, while the purple walls add a modern flair. Natural light from the large window helps keep the violet walls from overwhelming the space.

Purple and Brown Elements

Purple and Brown Bathroom

A bigger bathroom can feel cramped thanks to outdated decorative elements like a wood-wrapped bathtub and mottled brown tiles. If you can’t afford a full remodel, you can still update the space with a fresh coat of paint. The sponge-painting technique on the walls helps tie in the texture of the floor tiles.

High-Contrast Design with Dark Purple and White

Dark Purple Bathroom

The eggplant-hued tiles in this bathroom could easily feel overwhelming, especially in the absence of windows and natural lights. The crisp white tiles and countertop help break up the eye by providing contrast. Minimalist furniture and angular lines give a sleek futuristic feel, but the striking color keeps the space from feeling too sterile.

Bold All Purple Color Scheme

Bold All Purple Color Scheme Bathroom

People often dip their toes into daring decor by painting an accent wall. But others aren’t afraid to go all in. It’s important to pick the right hue before committing to a monochromatic bathroom. While a dark purple hue would feel smaller, the bright orchid shade feels fresh and modern. The glass-walled shower allows the continuity of color to make a statement, while the heavy wooden door provides contrast.

Custom Purple Color Tiles

Custom Purple Bathroom Tiles

At first glance, this bathroom appears to be a traditional but cheerful blue and white color scheme. But the custom tile work on the vanity features unique color-shifting tiles in multiple shades of blue and purple. White accents throughout the space help the jewel tones stand out.

Pretty Pastel Powder Room

Pretty Pastel Purple Powder Room

Even if your taste tends to more traditional design styles, you can still add subtle color to your bathroom. This small shower stall is wrapped in understated lavender tiles. While the tiles are placed horizontally on the walls, they are arranged diagonally on the ceiling. The cool purple hue complements the gray marble countertop.

Cool Light Purple Vanity with White Wall

Cool Light Purple Vanity with White Wall

This small powder room features a custom vanity with decorative scalloped detail. The addition of pastel purple paint helps draw attention to the ornamentation. The periwinkle and white hand towel helps tie together the pale purple vanity with the textured white wallpaper, while elongated sconces create the illusion of height.

Go Gothic and Glam with Unexpected Color Choices

Light Purple Glam Bathroom

Black and purple together are a powerful color combination. Glossy black floor tiles and an ornate wrought iron mirror look even more striking when paired with grape walls. The sleek vanity and low-profile toilet seamlessly blend in, letting the dramatic color story take center stage.

Create A Cozy Spa Retreat

Purple and Beige Bathroom

A classic clawfoot tub in the middle of the room is the centerpiece of this elegant restroom. The dusky plum wallpaper has a slight texture to it, which makes the space feel warmer and more inviting. A sheepskin bathmat and plush towels help bridge the gap between luxury and comfort.

Neutral Colored Bathroom

Neutral Colored Bathroom

Natural stone features heavily in this bathroom, from the floor to the tub to the countertop. The neutral tan and gray color palette would be nice but unassuming if they were paired with white walls, but the mauve wall paint takes the stone accents from understated to elevated.

Gorgeous Dark Purple Color

Gorgeous Dark Purple Bathroom Color

From the marble floors to the claw foot bathtub and crown molding, this gorgeous bathroom boasts several extravagant features but it’s the deep aubergine wall color that truly amps up the drama. The addition of wall sconces with black lampshades plays up the wall to its best advantage. They cast enough light to add dimension to the space while seamlessly blending into the wall.

Simple Small Purple Bathroom

Simple Small Purple Bathroom

A small bathroom can feel upscale with the right decorating choices. Replace a bulky vanity with a slim pedestal sink and choose an unframed floating mirror to create the illusion of depth. When you have a smaller space to work with, you’ll want to stay way from dark colors and stick to neutrals or pastels.

Spring Is In The Air

Light Purple Bathroom Design

Pink linen curtains and pale orchid walls give this chic bathroom a fresh and floral feel. Even the abstract gold light fixture looks like dandelion fuzz. Sleek marble floors and minimalist gold cabinet pulls add a modern edge for a romantic finish.

Coordinate Towels and Tiles

Bathroom with Purple Accents

Two rows of pale purple accent tiles were the only significant design elements in this otherwise unassuming bathroom. Coordinating your towels, bath mats and window shade to match makes the space feel more intentional. If you want to go the extra mile, use a stencil to paint a canvas in the same hue. When you hang it up, it will look like a custom tile inset.

Stunning Painted Walls

Stunning Purple Painted Bathroom Walls

While contemporary design is undeniably sleek and stylish, it can leave some people feeling cold. Introducing an unexpected color can help make a modern bathroom feel more accessible. These lilac walls add a bright complement to the neutral taupe cabinet fronts. An abstract print on the wall further illustrates the connection between art and design.

Fresh Purple Accents

Purple Bathroom Accents

This powdery lavender wall color paired with wainscoting and a wood floor gives the bathroom a charming vintage farmhouse feel. A vase of long-stemmed purple lilies adds to that fresh from the farm vibe, while coordinated towels and shower curtain emphasize the rustic charm.

Metallic and Monochromatic Purple Decor

Metallic and Monochromatic Purple Decor

Monochromatic rooms don’t often feel layered and romantic. This chic powder room is the exception to the rule. The room features multiple patterns in multiple finishes, from the damask floral wallpaper to the ornate metallic mirror to the engraved satin-finished vanity. Keeping the color scheme to pink mauve shades keeps these elements from feeling too overwhelming. Displays of dried flowers add contrast and texture to the decor.

Unique Earth Tones

Unique Earth Tones in Purple Bathroom

Amethyst paint is startlingly complementary to the earthier elements in this space, from the natural stone floors to the floating wood-fronted vanities. A textured wall and adjacent inset have a faint copper sheen, tying the purples and browns together. Creative lighting illuminates the styling, making it feel like the interior of a geode.

Beautiful Small Purple Bathroom with Textured Lilac Wallpaper

Beautiful Small Purple Bathroom with Textured Lilac Wallpaper

Wrapping textured lilac wallpaper on the ceiling as well as the wall makes this awkwardly-angled bathroom feel cozy and elevated. The burnished gold-framed mirror adds to the upscale feel but also serves a practical purpose: the combination of warm tones and a reflective surface make this small, dim room feel larger and brighter. The elegant finishes continue down to the gold faucet and the custom marble vanity.

Purple Sink

Purple Bathroom Sink

Elements like minimalist wood vanities and handmade clay sinks are hallmarks of Scandinavian rustic design. While this style of design generally features a neutral color palette, you can add your own spin to it with an unconventional accent hue. The ombre effect on the wall complements the crackle texture on the custom orchid sink.

Minimal Purple Palette with Multiple Textures

Minimal Purple Palette Bathroom with Multiple Textures

This graphically unique bathroom offers a multitude of shapes and textures. The circular mirror, art deco triangle decor and multi-tonal tiles take this look to the next level. Using a limited color palette ranging from lavender to plum helps balance the bold geometric elements.

Lavender Vanity with Cottage Elegance

Lavender Bathroom Vanity with Cottage Elegance

High-end finishes and marble countertops give this bathroom an upscale feel. The cheerful lavender vanity and the pineapple-inspired wall sconce have a classic coastal Florida feel, making this decor worthy of a high-end seaside resort.