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57 Masculine Men’s Living Room Ideas

57 Masculine Men’s Living Room Ideas

A masculine living room is a stylish and functional space with comfortable furniture, a neutral color scheme and cool accessories. When decorating a home or apartment, these stylish living room ideas for men will transform your space and create a manly vibe that makes a statement.

Some guys will want a modern room with leather furniture, trendy fixtures and a sleek design for a classy bachelor pad look, while others may prefer rustic decor with darker colors and textured materials for a rugged edge. If you’re struggling to decorate a limited space in your apartment, a small living room may require a minimalist look featuring a simple decorative approach and natural light for an open feel.

Check out these amazing men’s living room ideas to inspire your decor and spark your creativity. From simple and affordable to small and trendy, these masculine living room decor tips will strike the perfect balance between comfort, class and functionality for the modern man.

Masculine Living Room Decor

Cool Bachelor Pad Living Room

Bachelor Pad Living Room

The wood floors in this room lend themselves to well to nature-inspired decor. This youthful space feels beachy and laid back thanks to its sandy beige and sapphire blue color palette. Because this space is so expansive, it lends itself well to large-scale decor like an oversized surfboard. Even the corner fireplace fits the theme by evoking a beachfront bonfire. Finish off the look with a painting of a serene seascape.

Urban and Upscale

Elegant Men's Living Room

Rich earthy colors and high-end finishes come together in this gentleman’s sanctuary. The visibly soft texture of the silver velvet sectional sofa carries through into the dark taupe carpet. The smooth texture of the ebony wood built-in entertainment center provides contrast. The striking brass and glass pendant light fixture has a bit of a retro feel, which dovetails nicely with the picturesque view of charming historic brownstone homes.

Lofty Ambitions

Beautiful Men’s Living Room

High ceilings help this cozy den feel airier and more spacious. Elevated transom windows allow ample natural light to filter in without compromising privacy. After dark, the room is illuminated by a massive wagon wheel chandelier. The buttery cream and ivory color scheme maximizes the light and feels warmer and more inviting than a bright white wood. A feature wall with natural stone cladding adds visual interest to the space while still blending in beautifully with the neutral palette.

Select Statement Pieces

Masculine Men’s Living Room

Ideally, your home should be a reflection of who you are. Therefore, it’s important to choose furniture and accessories that represent your taste and personality. This living room is full of interesting and distinct decor pieces, including a rustic raw poplar side table. Leather armchairs are a classic masculine decor choice – here, they get a contemporary update courtesy of a low-profile powder-coated metal frame.

Opposites Attract

Simple Men's Living Room

Balance is key when it comes to interior design and this room perfectly exemplifies that principle. Plush leather side chairs and velvety rawhide couches are grounded by harder-edged elements like a stainless steel trunk coffee table and brutalist statues. But even within that contrast, you can find continuity. The leather accents on the coffee table tie in the rest of the furniture, while the subtle rivets on the side chairs echo the ones on the trunk.

Don’t Be Afraid of Dramatic Design

Modern Masculine Men’s Living Room

Many people shy away from using dark colors in their decor because they worry it will feel cramped and cavelike. This stylish and sophisticated space proves that’s not always the case. The size and openness of this multifunctional room can sustain the deep charcoal hues on the walls. Using sheer curtains and leaving the ceiling white helps keep the room from feeling too heavy. The ultimate result is a dark and decadent space that still feels warm and welcoming.

Masculine Midcentury Minimalism

Trendy Living Room For Men

When your home has an interesting architectural feature, it can serve as a great inspiration when it comes time to furnish and decorate. Light wood flooring and intricate detail work are both staples of midcentury modern interior decorating, so this blonde herringbone floor is an excellent foundation for this style of design. The distressed leather seat with hairpin legs is a stunning example of a classic midcentury Panton Bachelor chair. Minimalist black and white decor allow these standout features to shine.

Boho Bachelor Chic

Boho Living Room For Men

While boho interior design is often thought of as a more feminine style, it works for people of any gender. Men are often drawn to this style because it is deliberately unstructured and informal. There are also no strict rules, which gives people the opportunity to put their own stamp on a room. Look for a sturdy sectional, like this plush cloud couch, and incorporate touches of leather and wood.

A Clever Take on Coastal Living

Cool Men’s Living Room

This tasteful sitting room might feel disconnected from the view outside but it’s just an abstract take on a coastal cottage rather than a literal one. The impressive coffee table is made out of teak, a tropical hardwood. Towering palm trees visible through the massive picture windows grow in similar climates to teak trees, making this choice a subtle but smart connection. Another understated beachy influence can be found in the swirling lines in the woven blue wall hanging, evoking ocean waves.

Start with Staples

Stylish Men’s Living Room

Some people struggle with committing to a particular style of decor because they worry that their tastes will change. The solution to this quandary is to select classic pieces that will withstand the test of time, like this sleek and versatile leather couch. When you’re ready for a style update, simply swap out your textiles. Mismatched throw pillows and layered area rugs lend this space a comfy and lived-in vibe. But it could easily feel more modern with a geometric area rug and more coordinated pillows.

Add Personality with A Picture Wall

Manly Men’s Living Room

The most well-designed space in the world won’t feel like home without the addition of distinctive individual touches. A picture wall is a low-impact way to introduce a unique element to your home. Print out some of your favorite photos from various times in your life and place them in simple matching frames. Start by hanging them in a cluster in the center of your wall – over time, you can add more artwork to the perimeter and continue building your custom memory wall.

Cozy and Cultivated

Classy Men’s Living Room

Even the most upscale room can still feel warmly welcoming with the right furniture and color palette. In the late afternoons, this New York City high-rise is flooded with sunlight that streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The light plays beautifully off the rich brown tones throughout the decor, from the caramel-colored leather sofa to the solid acacia wood pedestal table, to the nubby woven rug. These tones and textures are further amplified by the concrete patina on the Renaissance Revival-era building that’s visible just outside.

Inviting Industrial

Rustic Masculine Men’s Living Room

Industrial interior design first came into vogue after the end of the industrial revolution. As people began converting old factories into living spaces, they embraced architectural details like exposed metals and bare bricks. Now, homeowners try to evoke that old factory feel in new construction. This living room features multiple industrial influences, including exposed wood beams, rugged vintage chests, pendant lights, and a sleek metal-framed bookcase. But other decor items like a woven cotton rug and overstuffed couch soften the space and help it feel more comfortable.

Lean Into Unfussy Design

Low Maintenance Men’s Living Room

People who are renting their homes may shy away from hanging up art for fear that they may lose their security deposit. But walls without artwork can feel sterile and lacking in character. Leaning artwork up against walls is a great compromise because it adds a chic layered look to your decor while still feeling casual and approachable. This design trick is ideal for people who are seeking to strike the right balance between casual and contemporary.

Take A Shine To Design

Luxury Men's Living Room

When people think of masculine design, they typically imagine matte finishes. But it’s okay for guys to like a little gloss. This luxurious lounge incorporates shine in multiple forms. The coffee table and end tables are wrapped in brushed copper and topped with reflective mirrored surfaces, while a high-gloss finish brings out the gorgeous streaky details in the Macassar ebony inlay that surrounds the door. Even the taupe velvet couch has a slight sheen.

Draw Inspiration From Nature

Trendy Men's Living Room

This relaxing retreat is perfect for people who love the aesthetic of outdoor living with the comfort of being indoors. Lush potted plants and a striking live edge wood coffee table serve as more overt nods to nature, but more subtle touches are evident throughout the space. Both the couch and the chair are framed with food and upholstered in natural materials. Even textiles like a faux fur throw and thick wool throw rug are on theme.

Define with Decor

Rustic Men's Living Room

Open-concept floorplans have been increasing in popularity, in large part because they help common spaces feel larger and improve the overall flow of a home. But some people struggle with knowing how to fill up the open space. Simple furniture staging is the best way to create discrete living areas in a multipurpose stage. In this contemporary ranch home, the dining room table is perfectly framed by an ornamental recessed wall. A separate sitting room is formed by grouping furniture around an animal hide rug.

Soften Your Edges

Simple Modern Men's Living Room

This crisp and contemporary parlor is composed of many angular architectural features, including a pewter column, walnut wall panel, and low built-in shelving unit. Even the track lighting and chevron carpet incorporate additional clean lines. Round out your design with curved lines like an upholstered barrel chair and sculpted topiary plants to keep a room like this from feeling too sharp.

Magnificent Man Cave

Masculine Living Room Furniture

This decadent den is a high-end haven thanks to its deluxe finishes. Sumptuous velvet armchairs are comfortable, despite their modern metal frames. Pillow-topped built-in benches provide additional space to curl up and kickback. A blown-up black-and-white photo of Bob Dylan shows that even pop culture memorabilia can be right at home in a posh pad, especially when illuminated by a postmodern glass chandelier.

Suit Yourself

Classy Bachelor Pad Living Room

If you think a bespoke suit is the peak of sophistication, this dapper living room may change your mind. The streamlined sectional sofa is upholstered in the same luxurious gray flannel that you would expect to find in an Armani suit. The wall of windows is framed by curtains in the same fabric. Upmarket touches like contemporary walnut armchairs round out the custom feel.

Make A Statement

Bold Living Room Decor For Men

Thoughtfully selected decor helps this sitting room feel elevated and elite. Eames chairs have long been considered the height of style, and this elegant black one with a coordinating ottoman is a lovely example. The raised geometric shapes on the entertainment center are eye-catching and bold, but the visible wood grain also ties in well with the distressed concrete wall. The black and white Brazilian cowhide rug introduces another cool graphic element.

See You Later Alligator

Simple Living Room For Guys

This stylish space has a simple color palette with a multitude of textures to add plenty of visual intrigue. The modern rattan chair has an organic vibe that is echoed by the faux alligator front on the elegant black sideboard. Even the mirrored geometric coffee table feels multi-dimensional as it reflects the abstract pattern in the overdyed area rug.

Here Comes The Sun

Scandinavian Style Living Room

This sunny sitting room is the perfect embodiment of Scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian style pairs minimalism with muted hues and a variety of textures, which results in a space that is simultaneously soft and streamlined. The walls and ceilings are adorned with a bright white paint that makes this room feel light and airy, while potted plants add a pop of verdant color.

Swanky Studio

Dark Living Room Design

This loft-style urban studio apartment makes the most of the limited space in its open-concept floor plan. Lightweight wire-framed coffee tables can be easily moved to the side, providing plentiful room for the comfy two-seater sofa to fold out into a bed. Placing the kitchen along the wall is a major space saver, and is conveniently located for a midnight snack.

Streetwise Style

Industrial Style Living Room For Guys

Unconventional decor choices give a playful twist to this industrial-style studio. A graffiti-style portrait mural adds character to the otherwise bare and unfinished plywood walls. A cluster of pendant lights highlight the vintage kitchen table that can serve double duty as a kitchen island. The distressed low-profile leather couch fits in well with features like exposed brick walls and steel window frames.

Rustic and Regal

Beautiful Rustic Living Room Design For Guys

This nifty nook proves that even the smallest space can boast big style. There’s a clear continuity in textiles and colors, from the streamlined leather sectional sofa to the mottled cowhide rug. A large piece of abstract art picks up on the warm tones throughout the space. The compact triangle table fits neatly into the space, while bundled birch logs add a touch of whimsy.

Futuristic Family Room

Masculine Living Room Designs For Guys

A grayscale color scheme with touches of shine lends a sleek sci-fi-inspired flavor to this basement bonus space. The gleaming tin walls evoke the feeling of a spaceship, and the silvery sheen on the brick fireplace continues the theme. Even the retro fabric on the armchairs and throw pillows are fresh and modern thanks to the shimmery upholstery fabric.

One For The Books

Cool Men's Living Room Design

The ample natural light in this laid-back lounge provides the perfect amount of illumination for anyone who wants to curl up with a good book. A sizable 21-shelf bookcase provides space for tons of tomes, as does the round walnut pedestal table. The floor-level modular sofa is a casual and cozy hangout spot.

A Soft Place To Land

Stylish Living Room For Men

With its abundant seating, this lavish living room is perfect for entertaining. And with such comfortable furniture, your guests will never want to leave. The vast sectional couch doesn’t feel imposing thanks to its plush padding and rounded edges. The oversized ottomans have similar lines, and they can be pulled apart for additional seating. The muted beige and pale blue color scheme further softens the room.

Disarming Design

Masculine Living Room Style

A large sitting room needs appropriately-scaled furniture to fill out the space. This puffy, oversized sofa is immense enough to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. The wide-tufted armless chairs are super stylish but still accessible. Even the colossal sputnik chandelier is large and in charge. The charcoal gray upholstery helps the seating area feel more connected to the adjacent open kitchen.

Something To Talk About

Elegant Living Room Decor For Guys

People often stage their furniture around a television set, but this pleasant parlor is designed to facilitate conversation. Two cushy contemporary couches are positioned facing one another, with dual coordinating coffee tables centered between them. The leather and bronze accents on the sofas tie in beautifully with the rustic oak and iron tables. Built-in shelving provides plenty of space to hold decorative objects and reinforces the symmetry of this space.

Shop Secondhand

Simple Living Room Design For Men

If you’re on a tight budget, be sure to check out resale shops for affordable furniture and decor. Thrift stores, swap meets, and salvage shops are all great for scoring fantastic deals. A large brass arched mirror with charming details can fill up the blank space over a fireplace mantel while simultaneously making the room feel larger. Mismatched brass candle holders suddenly feel intentional when paired with similar finishes.

Debonair Deco Design

Masculine Bachelor Pad Living Room Design

With its combination of eye-catching geometric shapes, rich hues, and intricate detail work, art deco interior design is unparalleled when it comes to gorgeous, glam decor. This style first became popular in the 1920s, and a century later it has timeless appeal. Features like black and gold patterned wallpaper, faux fur throws, animal print rugs, and a dramatic glass chandelier exemplify the elegance of the era.

Rock Your Rental

Apartment Living Room For Men

If you don’t own your own home, there are limits to how much you can alter your space. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. There are several tricks you can use to tailor a living area to your taste. If you’re dealing with scuffed flooring or builder-grade carpeting, you can hide it under an immense area rug that runs nearly from wall to wall. You can also spice up bland white walls with large-scale framed artwork.

Work with What You’ve Got

Stylish Living Room Decor For Guys

If your home has an unusual layout, it’s important to be thoughtful and intentional when furnishing your space. The focal point in this room is clearly the modern corner fireplace, and every piece of furniture and decor is intentionally selected to let it shine. The L-shaped sectional sofa provides an inverse counterpoint to the convex corner of the fireplace. There are several other angular touches throughout the space, including an abstract art canvas, a blanket ladder, and a diamond-print throw rug.

Go Against The Grain

Manly Modern Living Room Decor

There’s a common misconception in interior design that wood tones coexisting in the same space must match, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. When done correctly, combining multiple wood tones can be chic and elevated. Ebony wood tends to have brown and olive undertones, so these ebony floors are paired with a rich, warm, mahogany custom built-in. An earthy medium-brown couch helps bridge the space between the two contrasting kinds of wood, both in color and tone. The smooth leather finish looks great with the polished flooring, while the mottled coloration blends in beautifully with the wood grain.

Live-In Library

Cool Bachelor Pad Living Room Decor

This cool and contemporary living room boasts an impressive built-in bookshelf that spans across the room. A feature like this should be complemented by comfortable furniture. The massive low profile sectional sofa is extra deep, making it ample enough for men of any size to kick back and relax. The square coffee table is perfectly-proportioned when compared to the sofa, and is equipped with clever cubbies to minimize clutter on the surface.

Make A Multi-Use Space

Trendy Bachelor Pad Living Room Decor For Men

Over the past few years, the number of people working from home is steadily rising. But not everyone has an extra room to convert into a home office. These people have to come up with creative solutions. This living room is large enough to set up a convenient workstation without compromising the layout or flow of the room. Centering a piece of artwork above the desk helps the space feel more well-defined.

Homey and High-End

Cool Bachelor Pad Living Room Decor For Guys

Even the most luxuriant and upscale living area can still be comfortable and accessible. The modern couch has an angular frame that looks sharp and edgy, but the vast cushions are plush and pleasant. A towering bonsai tree brings a breath of fresh air into the room, while an abstract art installation evokes a rainstorm or waterfall.

Eclectic Decor For The Multidimensional Man

Elegant Masculine Living Room Decor For Guys

There’s a common misconception that manly decor is inherently minimalist, but this maximalist sitting room is undeniably masculine. When curating a collection of unique items, it’s helpful to stick to a limited color palette to keep from overwhelming the eye. The shimmery fabric on the tufted sofa ties in with the metallic sideboard and stack of tin suitcases. Bold pops of red add create stunning visual contrast.

Tasteful Transitional Style

Transitional Men's Living Room

Transitional interior decor exists at the intersection between modern and traditional design styles. Traditional decor can run the risk of feeling dated, while modern and contemporary design styles can come across as cold. In this room, classic pieces like a leather chesterfield sofa coexist with striking modern art. The ultimate result is both cozy and cool.

Revamp Your Reception Area

Simple Apartment Living Room Design

Living room design principles don’t just apply to your home. You can also use them to inform how you set up the reception room in your office. Waiting areas often feel stark and sterile, but this one is surprisingly chic. If you have limited room, select small-scale furniture like a loveseat instead of a sofa. Angling the furniture can help give the space a sense of flow.

Synthesize Separate Styles

Unique Living Room Decor For Men

A historic home doesn’t have to be a shrine to bygone times. This modern drawing room shows that style can transcend time. The space is filled with upscale touches, including matching velvet couches, grasscloth wallpaper, and a magnificent marble fireplace facade. Abundant natural light and touches of gray keep the dark color scheme from overtaking the decor.

Modernize Your Mancave

Modern Mancave Living Room

Once you’ve hit a certain age, you’ll discover it’s time to leave childish things behind. Contemporary furnishings can transform a basic basement bachelor pad into an elite retreat. Ditch the foosball table in favor of a colossal couch that can seat all the guys on game day. Installing beer and wine fridges in your dry bar area ensures that your guests will have convenient access to cold beverages.

Get In Line

Custom Tree Trunk Coffee Tables Adds Rusti Charm To Living Room

Stripes are a crisp and clean way to add a little character to a space. This attention-grabbing feature wall boasts tricolor wallpaper with lines of multiple widths. Even with a black, gray and white color scheme, this graphic wallpaper can be too much so you’ll want to focus on a singular design. Decor with more organic lines like rustic tree stump tables and an animal hide rug provide unexpected contrast.

Nautical and Nice

Masculine Small Living Room

While the walls in this room may look black, the color is a deep navy blue. This bold color choice serves as a backdrop for an unconventional take on coastal decor. Decorative elements like dried starfish and seafoam green fireplace tiles offer a nod to beach-inspired design. Brown and blue are complementary colors, so this low-profile futon fits seamlessly into the decor.

Get A Little Graphic

Beautiful Living Room Decor For Guys

While patterns can feel overly busy in small spaces, they can help add depth to larger living rooms. The geometric patterns on the immense area rug help draw the eye to the end of this elongated room, while decorative window grilles introduce another fun visual element. Look for large-scale furniture like a high-backed settee to help fill up the space.

Hip To Be Square

Stylish Brown Living Room Decor

A common room that is colossal both horizontally and vertically can be tricky to design cohesively. Repeating similar shapes throughout a space is a simple way to tie multiple levels together. This lofty living area is filled with squares and rectangles. They can be found in the windows, the built-in shelving, the wood paneling, the alcove, and more. Even furniture like an area rug, coffee, table, and modular sofa adhere to the theme.

A Place For Everyone

Manly Decor Living Room

If you love entertaining, it’s important to ensure that you have sufficient seating for all your social gatherings. A large L-shaped sectional sofa is always a great seating solution, while lightweight woven chairs can be moved around to accommodate people in multiple rooms. You can even store oversized floor pillows under the coffee table for another versatile seating option.

Go Wild Over Wood

Moody Men's Living Room Decor

While wood is often used in rustic design, it can also serve as a standout feature in more upmarket decor. Ebony wood in particular is something of a luxury item because it’s one of the rarest and most expensive exotic woods in the world. Here, it’s showcased in a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling wrap-around cabinet system. Premium features like a sputnik chandelier and marble fireplace round out this ritzy room.

Amplify with Art

Modern Living Room Wall Decor

When you invest in furniture, the goal is to find pieces that have longevity in function and style. Look for timeless pieces like a contemporary sectional sofa or an iconic Scandinavian Z-lounge chair. Pieces like these are elegant but can feel understated, so consider livening up your design with interesting artwork, like this gallery wall of colorful portraits.

Put The Man in Craftsman

Masculine Living Room Home Decor

In the early 1900s, people began to rebel against the ornamental fussiness of Victorian-era architecture. This shift in attitude led to the rise of Craftsman-style decor, which relies on woodwork and natural materials. Even natural light plays a role in this style of design. With its slanted ceiling, enormous wood beams, and a multitude of windows, this living room is an excellent representation of a classical style.

Mixed-Up Maximalism

Posh Masculine Living Room Decor

If minimalism can be summed up by the phrase “less is more”, then the maximalist style of interior design translates as “more is more”. You can mix up furniture from different eras, combine multiple patterns, and embrace whimsical decor pieces. While maximalist spaces tend to be colorful, they can also be interpreted in a more neutral manner. It’s not unusual to see pieces like a cougar area rug in this kind of space, but you can also swap that out for faux animal print.

Get In The Neutral Zone

Masculine Bachelor Pad Living Room Decor

While dramatically decorated spaces are fun, sometimes you want to come home and relax in a soothing space. A neutral color palette can help you capture that sense of serenity. This room has a lot of striking features, including a wood drop ceiling and an enormous leather couch, but its earthy color palette projects a sense of calm. Accordion blinds help filter the light which further softens this seating area.

Stylize Your Studio

Minimal Masculine Living Room Decor

This small space packs a punch thanks to the intriguing blend of shapes and textures in the brick feature wall and three-dimensional grid ceiling. The combination of tall windows and low-profile furniture makes this room feel much larger as does the neutral gray and white color scheme.

Get Fired Up

Sleek Men's Living Room

Historically speaking, fireplaces have often felt like a rustic and homey living room feature. In recent years, people have begun exploring a more modern take on this classic design element. Furniture is often staged around a centrally-located fireplace, this off-center take feels fresh and edgy.

Revolutionary Industrial Decor

Industrial Style Men's Living Room

This compact loft-style space is loaded with interesting industrial elements, including an exposed brick wall and black iron track lighting. Unique furniture and decor selections help take the theme up a notch. The open shelves made with reclaimed copper pipes are as artistic as any piece of decor you may place on them. The metallic finish on the spotlight-style lamp perfectly complements the stunning shelving.