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57 Masculine Men’s Home Office Ideas

57 Masculine Men’s Home Office Ideas

When it comes to decorating ideas, a masculine home office is an awesome setup that combines practicality, comfort and style to create the perfect workspace. For professional men, the home office is a dedicated work area with a productive and classy design that includes a functional desk, comfortable chair, clean layout, manly color scheme and cool accessories. If you’re struggling to create the perfect look and feel, the right masculine decor can make all the difference.

Some men will want a modern home office with stylish furniture and elegant wall art for a luxurious look, while others may prefer a simple design with some nice decorations for a clean workspace aesthetic. For small home offices, you’ll want to maximize space and style with a minimalist approach that includes a low-profile desk, a practical layout and access to natural light.

Whether you’re working in a spare bedroom, dedicated study or private nook, personalizing your setup will make a statement while supporting your career, mental health and physical well-being.

Check out the best men’s home office ideas to inspire your approach. From manly desks and chairs to trendy designs, these masculine office decorating tips will encourage guys to create a cool workspace at home.

Awesome Home Office Décor Ideas For Men

Stylish Office Space

Masculine Home Office Decor For Men

There are many benefits to working from home such as the ability to create a unique and stylish workspace. When designing your masculine home office, it’s important to look for versatile seating options that will meet a variety of needs.

Contemporary leather armless chairs have a high-end look and can accommodate people of all body sizes. Because they are swivel chairs, they can easily move to face any direction. Additionally, an unobtrusive upholstered bench provides auxiliary seating options.

Trendy Décor

Cool Home Office Decor For Men

As a general rule, people tend to stay away from using predominantly dark shades in interior design projects. Dark shades absorb light, which can make a room feel smaller. Thanks to thoughtful design choices, this home office still feels spacious despite the dark colors that dominate the space. The vertical wall cladding and narrow rectangular bookcases both draw the eye upward and create the illusion of additional space. 

Outstanding Organization

Luxury Men's Home Office

Stylish storage solutions are a must-have in any home office. It’s crucial to be able to access supplies you’ll need for your work without sacrificing your sense of style. Here, built-in shelving is left open at the top, providing ample space to display a diverse array of decorative objects. Meanwhile, office supplies can be stowed away just out of sight in the cabinets below. 

Size Up Your Space

Small Home Office Ideas For Men

If you are working with limited square footage, it’s important to select furniture and decor that is appropriately scaled for the space. Look for a minimalist writing desk that’s open underneath to preserve flow throughout the room.

In this space, a midcentury modern-inspired arc floor lamp provides ample overhead light while taking up very little floor space. The irregular shape of the faux hide area rug leaves most of the wooden floor exposed, which helps the room feel larger. 

Luxury Blue Home Office

Luxury Men's Home Office Decor

Sandy white oak flooring and cadet blue built-ins give this home office a nautical vibe, which is further enhanced by an oil painting depicting two wooden boats bobbing in the ocean. The coastal color palette is grounded with earthier elements including a reclaimed teak crank table that has been repurposed into a desk as well as the cowhide area rug. The addition of black powder-coated spotlight sconces to the shelving unit makes the industrial desk feel more connected to the more traditionally-styled built-ins. 

Revamp Your Room

Trendy Office Look For Him

When transitioning to working from home full-time, many people like to renovate their workspace to better meet their needs. The right furnishings and finishes can transform an outdated den into a cool and current home office.

Matte gray paint and brass drawer pulls lend these built-ins a modern sensibility. With its clean lines, a pedestal desk with open shelves has a similarly contemporary feel. 

Grand Glam

Classy Office Decor For Men

This opulent office offers a modern interpretation of old-world elegance. The custom shelving that runs around the perimeter of the room is accented by champagne-hued flock wallpaper with a visibly velvety texture. A handmade bean-shaped desk crafted from American cherry wood draws inspiration from the ornate yet organic shapes found in French furniture from the eighteenth century. The coordinating walnut desk chairs are upholstered in premium leather to round out this regal room. 

Casual Luxury

Casual Luxury Men's Office

This inviting office space proves that high-end decor can still feel warm and welcoming. Blue paint with cool gray undertones contrasts beautifully with the reddish-brown hues in the crown molding and acacia wood desk. As with the wood accents, the warm hue of the buttery tan leather armchairs is brought out by the more muted blues in the space. The blue and pewter hand-knotted rug blends wool and nylon to create a unique three-dimensional texture. 

Back To Basics

Simple Men's Home Office Decor

Custom shelves and antique desks may look striking, but not everyone has the funds for these kinds of deluxe details. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still create a stylish home office space. The more features a desk has, the more expensive it’s likely to be.

Stick to more streamlined furnishings like this minimalist writing desk, instead. Layering an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting is a simple way to add some character to your space. 

Maximum Motivation

Upscale Men's Home Office Decor

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This home office delivers an immediately impressive visual impact. The black ceiling and navy blue textured walls are separated by bright white crown molding, which creates a gripping graphic effect.

The blocky mahogany desk that anchors the space is perfectly in balance with the oversized artwork and the massive metal chandelier. 

Find Your Own Niche

Rustic Men's Home Office Decor

In an ideal world, everyone would have an extra room in their house that can easily become a home office. Since most people don’t have that luxury, they may have to get creative when setting up a home office space.

A pedestal desk with matching floating shelves turns an underutilized nook into a small but smart work area. You can also add wood paneling or wallpaper behind the shelves to make the design feel more intentional. 

Elegant Office Style

Elegant Men's Home Office Decor

When you work from home, you have the opportunity to decorate your space to your specific taste. Black and white photos of pop culture icons would be out of place in most corporate offices, but here they have a cool cachet. The plush two-toned area rug is a great complement to the substantial abstract canvas on the wall.

Embrace Ergonomics

Classy Home Office Design For Men

When you work in an office building, odds are you aren’t stuck at your desk all day. You get plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs when you walk to the conference room or get up to ask a colleague a question. People who work from home often move around less, which can lead to aches and pains.

High-end ergonomic office chairs can be an investment, but they’re a worthwhile one. An adjustable desk that allows you to work sitting and sending can also be incredibly beneficial. 

Tone It Down

Rugged Men's Home Office

This office is full of interesting features and textures, from the unfinished herringbone floors to the exposed brick walls, to the ornamental coffered ceiling. This level of detail could easily be distracting, but the monochromatic brown color palette helps it feel more earthy and grounded. Pieces like bronze pendant lights and a desk made from reclaimed wood and metal fit in seamlessly with the industrial-era architecture.

Go For The Gold (and Gray)

Manly Office Decor

In recent years, the use of gray has become increasingly popular in home decor. Gray can read as more elegant and upscale than earthier neutrals like beige and taupe neutral and it also pairs well with a wide array of other colors. Gold and gray are a classic (if underutilized) color combination.

A gray with cool undertones can benefit from the contrast that warm gold accents bring. In this room, pieces like a midcentury modern-inspired arc floor lamp and statement chandelier amp up the glam factor.

Effortless Enhancements

Simple Home Office Decor

Once you’ve picked out furniture for your home office, you may realize that it doesn’t mesh well with the decor in your home. Industrial modern pieces like a glass and metal desk, brass floor lamp, and reclaimed bookcases can seem out of place in a more traditional home. Peel-and-stick brick-patterned wallpaper in variegated brown hues helps these standout pieces feel less out of place. 

Masculine Minimalism

Beautiful Men's Office Decor

It can be difficult to find the right blend of decor in a home office. An overly decorated space can feel cluttered and may distract you from your work. Limiting your decor, on the other hand, can lead to a room that feels sparse and uninspiring. Streamlined statement pieces help this workspace strike the happy medium between too much and not enough.

A sleek L-shaped desk with a metal frame still has plenty of visual interest courtesy of the rugged quality of the visible wood grain. Lighting accents including a bronzed brass desk lamp and modern metal chandelier introduce intriguing geometric shapes into the design. 

Smart and Sophisticated

Men's Home Office Space

Black is a bold strong color that can bring masculine energy into a room. You’ll also want to balance out black with other hues so it doesn’t completely overtake your workspace. The warm hues found in the hardwood floors, live edge desk, and rich leather armchair are the perfect counterpoint to the cool undertones in the black feature wall.

With its graphic pattern, the Southwestern-inspired trellis rug breaks up the darker color palette. Framing your artwork with mismatched frames is a great way to make your space feel more personal and less designed. 

Finesse Your Floorplan

Black Men's Home Office Area

Multidimensional built-ins and an oddly slanted fireplace leave this room with an awkward and asymmetrical layout. Instead of fighting with your architecture, figure out ways to make the space work for you. Cherry wood floors are comprised of narrow planks laid down on the diagonal, allowing it to flow with the room instead of fighting against it. The unusual shapes and angles of the aluminum aviator wing design feel remarkably cohesive with this room’s unique composition. 

Refined Rustic Retreat

Refined Men's Office Space

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people working remotely. One of the many benefits of remote work is that people have the ability to work from almost anywhere, including this modern ski lodge vacation home.

Slightly angling your desk allows you to take in scenic mountain views between phone calls. The adjacent seating area featuring gray velvet armchairs is the ideal spot for a mid-morning coffee break. 

Wood on Wood

Rustic Office For Men

People are often wary about combining multiple types of wood in the same space but when handled correctly, mixed wood finishes can be quite elegant and chic. In this space, the rich chocolate brown oak flooring is the dominant wood as it’s an architectural element that isn’t easily changed.

Any other wood pieces in the room will need to coordinate with the floors. Warm and cool wood tones shouldn’t be used side by side. Because this floor has cool undertones, it needs to be paired with furniture that has cool or neutral tones. Walnut furniture is a popular choice because it is a true neutral.

Ahead of The Curve

Traditional Office For Home

The color story in this room lends itself well to the traditional interior design style, which frequently pairs neutral walls and dark woods. However, the crisp angles of the built-in bookcases and wraparound window seat feel out of place, as traditional interior design tends to favor curved lines over straight ones.

Elements like curvy x-shaped desk legs and a rounded drum chandelier soften the sharp angles in the architecture, giving this room a more traditional feel. 

Amplify Your Architecture

Men's Office Inspiration

If your home has interesting design features, your design choices should showcase them to their best advantage. This home boasts a stunning and unique vaulted ceiling that is shaped like a trapezoidal prism. An abstract brass sputnik chandelier pulls the eye up, bringing more attention to the wainscoting that has been arranged in a series of squares, triangles and rectangles, further enhancing the ceiling’s unusual shape. The satin finish on the black paint has a subtle sheen that only adds to the sophistication of the space. 

Making It Work

Simple Men's Home Office Decor Ideas

People who work from home don’t always have a spare room they can convert into office space. Instead, one of their existing rooms has to become a dual-purpose space. Many professionals choose to create a home office space in their bedroom because it offers a sense of privacy that might be lacking in common spaces, but blurring the boundaries between a workspace and a personal area can interfere with productivity and disrupt your sleep schedule. Instead, set up a low-profile workspace in a less-trafficked corner in your living room or dining area. 

Fashionably Functional

Fashionable Office Decor For Him

Form follows function is an important principle in the interior design world. In short, it means the function of a room is more important than the way it looks. A neoclassical French desk inspired by 19th-century furniture styles may be beautiful to look at, but it may not be the most functional workspace.

In this room, a niche built into the wall is a more practical place to store a computer system and its accompanying wires. The more ornate desk stays in the middle of the room, providing an auxiliary space for less tech-oriented projects. 

Table For Two

Manly Office Decor

If you and your partner work from home, you’ll need to set up a workspace that accommodates both of your needs. This custom home office features dual bicolor built-ins that span the length of the room, terminating in a shared desk area.

A combination of drawers on the bottom and shelving on the top provides ample storage solutions for two people. The bases of the cabinets are made of melamine, which is both durable and easy to clean, making it a stylish yet practical choice. 

Express Yourself

Luxury Office Decorations

If you work the standard forty hours per week, you’ll spend nearly a quarter of your adult life in your office. It’s well worth investing some time and money into selecting furniture and decor that you truly enjoy. This home office is filled with practical yet attractive pieces, including an L-shaped midcentury modern desk and a handcrafted crosshatch chair. The open shelves on the industrial-inspired bookcases provide the perfect place to display some of your favorite decor. 

Elegant and Eclectic Design

Elegant and Eclectic Men's Home Office Design

People often have strong preferences when it comes to interior design. Styles like modern, traditional, and coastal design are defined by particular materials, color palettes, and furniture types. Other people prefer to fill their homes with objects that they love, even if that means pieces from different eras and design genres exist side by side. This free-spirited approach to decorating is known as eclectic interior design.

In this eclectic room, modern metallic furnishings like a steel floor lamp and aluminum desk coexist with a chinoiserie table and a bust reminiscent of ancient Greece. Despite the disparate eras represented, this room still feels cohesive and well-planned. 

Change Your Perspective

Gorgeous Office Ideas For Guys

Rectangles are a repeating motif in this high-rise home office. Windows, a standing floor mirror, and even the room itself all have a rectangular shape. Furniture that followed along those same lines could make the room start to feel too boxy and segmented. A waterfall desk with asymmetrical legs and MC Escher-esque wall art helps you the space from a whole new angle. 

Make A Multipurpose Space

Cool Men's Home Office Design

When your home is small, creating areas that serve multiple functions can help you optimize your living space. A perpendicular floating desk can help you make the most out of otherwise unusable corner space. There is ample space for multiple people to work to do homework at the same time without feeling jammed together. When the desk isn’t used as a work area, you can slide the chairs over and enjoy the view while sipping your morning coffee. 

Supplemental Storage Solutions

Low Maintenance Men's Home Office

With its sleek silhouette and light wood finish, this desk embodies many of the key characteristics of Scandinavian design. While its simple design is visually appealing, you’ll need additional storage for improved organization.

Incorporating a shelving unit into your home office gives you a place to store additional work materials alongside decorative objects. This geometric wall shelf fits in perfectly with the room’s minimalist aesthetic. 

Turn Your Table

Classically Masculine Men's Home Office Space

If a new desk isn’t in your budget, a dining room table can be a great alternative. This rectangular table consists of a slab of walnut wood resting on two solid legs. Because the top extends past the legs, it creates an ideal alcove for your computer tower.

Its positioning allows for plenty of leg room beneath the defacto desk, but it’s still neatly tucked away. Another advantage to a dining table desk is its size. This table is substantial enough that two people can easily work side by side. 

Intriguing Industrial

Cool Industrial Men's Office Decor

Industrial interior design originally came into vogue when people began converting abandoned factories into living spaces. The style has become so popular that the industrial influence can be seen in all kinds of homes.

A wood and metal desk and matching bookcases capture the raw and rugged quality that defines industrial interiors, but black wall paint and gold chrome sputnik chandelier add some sophistication. 

Find Middle Ground

Manly Office Design

With its bright and breezy color palette and reliance on natural materials, coastal interior design doesn’t come across as stereotypically masculine but introducing a few visually strong items into a coastal family room can help it feel more gender-neutral.

Here, pieces like a black metal floor lamp, pewter ceiling fan, and leather and chrome armless chair have a more traditionally masculine feel, balancing the more feminine aspects of the space. 

Nautical and Nice

Comfortable Home Office For Guys

The classic color combination of crisp white and dusky navy blue evokes the feel of New England maritime style in this hidden-away office space. While these two cool colors anchor the space, decorative accents like a tan ribbed leather office chair and copper-colored pendant light add a welcoming warmth. Contemporary floating shelves offer additional storage that doesn’t detract from the overall design. 

Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

Stylish Small Home Office For Men

Dark woods like ebony and mahogany look distinguished, but they can run the risk of feeling too imposing. The abundant natural light pouring in through multiple windows helps to counterbalance the impression made by floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases. Lighter decor including a white tufted office chair and a blue and ivory rug further mitigate the heavy dark wood tones. 

Lofty Decor

Men's Home Office For Apartment

In lofts with open floor plan living spaces, it can be difficult to create defined living spaces. Since there are very few interior walls separating one room from another, you have to find ways to create a visual separation between areas that serve different functions.

An exterior brick wall creates a distinct focal point. Centering a desk in front of the wall and installing floating shelves immediately creates the impression of a separate office space. Accent pieces like small end tables upcycled from scrap metal and wood palettes complement the industrial vibe inherent in the architecture. 

Cozy Kitsch

Cozy Office Space For Guys

Some people work better in an uncluttered office, while others thrive in a state of controlled chaos. This minute man cave packs a lot of style into a small space. Custom built-in mahogany bookcases wrap around two walls, providing ample space to store books as well as a collection of vintage memorabilia. The dapper desk serves double duty as a workspace and a display case, courtesy of a curio cubby. 

Wraparound Workspace

Modern Home Office For Men

There’s no shortage of storage space in this chic home office. Copious cabinetry wraps around almost the entire span of this room from floor to ceiling. One of the most interesting aspects of the custom cabinets is the softly curved corner in place of the sharp angle you’d expect to say. In combination with the muted color palette, it lends the room an unexpected softness. 

Get Graphic

Small Home Office Space For Apartment

When you work from home, you have a lot more leeway with decor than you would in a standard office building. Placing provocative art in a place of prominence can keep you feeling empowered, even when enduring endless conference calls. A ribbed metal room divider provides another interesting visual feature and keeps your office area out of sight when not in use. 

Enjoy The View

Simple Men's Office Area

One of the worst parts about working in an office is being stuck staring at bland cubicle walls day in and day out. If your home office offers a better view, take advantage of it. A black metal waterfall desk is situated so that it’s facing the massive picture window that overlooks the California hills. Like the desk, the decor in the space is intentionally sparse so it doesn’t compete with such a scenic vista. 

All The Marbles

Masculine Office Decor For Modern Men

At first glance, this office may seem simple and understated, but luxe finishes take it to lavish new levels. The sleek desk is topped with a slab of black Portoro marble from Italy, while an adjacent wall niche is composed of white Calacatta marble which is one of the rarest and most expensive types of marble in the world.

Both kinds are notable for showcasing striking gold veining. Other pieces of decor like matte black metal cabinetry are deliberately understated so that the high-end pieces of marble can truly shine. 

Clever Corner Office

Simple Corner Desk in Home Office

You don’t have to completely revamp a room to create your ideal home workspace. Sometimes it’s as simple as making wise furniture selections. L-shaped desks fit neatly into corners, providing abundant space to work without taking up a lot of room.

Look for a desk that can serve multiple purposes. This one has a tiltable top on one side that can serve as a drafting table when needed and lies flat when not in use. A simple white floating shelf provides extra storage without distraction. 

Maximize Your Monitor

Monitor For Men's Home Office

Many people find that they can perform better at their jobs when they have multiple computer monitors that allow them to keep several windows open and visible at once. While a multitude of monitors doesn’t look out of place in the office, they can make a smaller workspace at home feel overcrowded. Instead of displaying several smaller monitors, consider streamlining your setup by replacing them with a single ultrawide monitor. 

Gray Expectations

Gray Men's Home Office Decor

According to many interior design experts, gray is one of the best color choices you can make when designing a home office. Neutral tones in general tend to be preferable in a workspace because they reduce visual stimuli and enable you to focus better.

Gray is one of the most popular neutral tones right now, but even after the fad has passed, the color will remain timeless. There are countless shades of gray, so let the other elements of the room guide you when selecting a hue.

In a space with warm hardwood flooring, you’ll want to choose a gray paint that has similarly warm undertones. 

Narrow Down Your Decor

Narrow Home Office Space

There’s a thin line between rooms that are cute and compact rooms that are cramped and claustrophobic. In a tight office space like this, the wrong colors and decor can make your workspace unworkable. Bright white paint and blonde wood floors give this narrow nook a bright and airy feel.

Low-impact floating shelves above the desk are widely spaced, creating the illusion of height. Leaving your window uncovered lets in plenty of natural light which makes the space feel more vibrant.

If you prefer the privacy of a curtain, look for something sheer that still lets the light come through. 

Go With The Flow

Unique Office Decor For Him

Selecting the right furniture is critical in homes with unusual architectural features. Furniture that fights with the design of the room can detract from an otherwise fascinating element. In this room, an asymmetrical skylight transitions downwards into an equally atypically-shaped window.

The ultimate effect is a room that has been cracked open to reveal the view outside. The custom walnut desk mimics the shape of the skylight which provides a sense of continuity throughout the space. 

Get on The Grid

Traditional Men's Home Office

When designing a home office, people often focus on the walls and the floors without giving much thought to the ceiling. Decorative ceilings are an often underutilized way to add character to a space. This room already had an elegant tray ceiling, but the addition of faux wooden beams in a grid-shaped pattern lends the space a more rustic feel. The dark stain on the beams plays beautifully off of the laminate plank flooring and the solid wooden desk. 

Low-Profile, High Style

Cool Modern Office For Men

Contrary to popular belief, upscale office furniture doesn’t have to be flashy or ostentatious. When it comes to office seating, Herman Miller chairs are considered top-of-the-line because of their expertly-engineered ergonomics.

This setup is paired with a slimline desk that’s surprisingly sturdy courtesy of its triangular frame. A flatweave rug is an excellent choice for office spaces, as rolling chairs can easily move across them. 

Peak Performance

Manly Office Space in Cabin

Houses with vaulted ceilings often have a bonus room in the form of loft space, which can be the ideal location for a home office. The decor in this space is meticulously coordinated with the building materials, giving the room a holistic feel.

The blonde wood table and coordinating credenza are well-matched with the unfinished pine ceiling, while black leather chairs help tie in the modern metal railing. 

Layered Lights

Luxury Work Office For Men

Deep hues like brown and charcoal can make a space feel chic and elevated, but without the right lighting, a man cave can be too dark. Incorporating multiple light sources into a room with dark colors makes it feel dapper instead of dim.

An immense iron spherical chandelier illuminates the room from above, while LEDs provide more targeted lighting to the built-in bookcases.

The room also features multiple sources of natural light. Sunlight streams in through a window, and flickering flames dance in the modern cement fireplace. 

Fix Up Your Floors

Home Office Design For Guys

Parquet flooring consists of small strips of wood arranged in repeating geometric patterns. The ultimate result is a decorative floor that hews more closely to the look of tile than more traditional plank-style wood floors.

Parquet floors were at the height of their popularity in the 1960s, but have since fallen out of favor. As a result, this style of flooring can feel dated in a more contemporary space.

Applying dark brown stain to parquet floors instantly makes them feel more fresh and modern. 

Textured Finishes

Beautiful White Home Office Decor For Men

A calming color scheme consisting largely of navy blue and white makes this home office feel clean and serene. When you’re working with a limited color palette, you have room to layer in character by incorporating a variety of textures. Small touches like a bamboo Roman shade and an antique chair with a cane back bring depth to this room and make it feel more accessible. 

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Stylish Scandinavian Home Office Decor For Guys

When you work in an office day in and day out, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the world around you but that’s not an issue in this Scandinavian modern home office. A large metal and glass picture window overlooks lush greenery while the verdant plant decor creates a sense of continuity between the interior office and the adjacent outdoor space.

The walls are wrapped in maple wood with a natural stain that preserves its innate warm tone. Blonde rattan chairs are a perfect match to the walls and incorporate yet another natural material into the design. 

Pitch Perfect

Men's Home Office Space in Room

The wall underneath a sloped ceiling can be tricky to style. Ceilings that are slanted on one side have an asymmetrical shape that can make shelves, artwork, and other decor feel off-kilter and out of proportion. In this space, a clever custom bookshelf rises to the roof, ensuring that there is no wasted wall space.