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50 Masculine Men’s Home Decor Ideas

50 Masculine Men’s Home Decor Ideas

When designing a masculine space, choosing the right men’s home decor can be a daunting task. Decorating for a man is all about creating a stylish, comfortable and functional living area with cool furniture, manly colors and awesome accessories.

As a single guy, these attractive masculine decor tips will allow you to elevate your home while embracing your personality for the perfect aesthetic. Some men will want a modern look for a sleek and classy space, while others may prefer a simple design for a minimalist approach that still offers the basic comforts.

From manly furniture to timeless themes, check out these amazing men’s home decor ideas to inspire your approach for a cool place.

Masculine Home Decorating Tips For Men

Pick A Manly Interior Design Style

Masculine Interior Design

When creating a plan of action for your home décor, you should start by picking a manly interior design style. Masculine decorations are generally made with quality materials like wood and brick to create a simple, stylish and functional look. You’ll want to stick to straight lines and dark colors while avoiding traditional curves and pastels of softer styles.

Men's Interior Design

Try featuring industrial architecture and contemporary light fittings for the ultimate man cave or bachelor pad look. Exposed beams, simple fixtures and wooden pallets are excellent ways to achieve this manly decor. They effortlessly align with a manly interior design style for a sophisticated pad that’s practical and comfortable.

Choose A Masculine Color Scheme

Masculine Color Scheme

Choosing a masculine color scheme will instantly elevate your home. Monochrome walls in black, white and grey will give the room a suave, minimalist feel that feels laid-back. For a cool and classy look, you’ll want to avoid bold patterns and bright colors and opt for a neutral palette. Don’t be afraid to use textured wallpaper with pops of color to inject personality into your space.

Manly Color Schemes For Men

Dark colors look naturally sleek and can add depth to rooms by highlighting focal points. Consider painting shelving units black or navy and leave your walls light to make the room feel larger. The right color scheme should make your home feel grounded, slick and masculine, allowing furniture and artwork to take center stage without any background décor pulling focus.

Shop For Stylish Furniture

Stylish Furniture For Men

When it comes to masculine home décor, shopping for stylish furniture is key. The ultimate bachelor pad will feature several leather accents. Even on the cheaper end, leather sofas add elegance to a room with minimal effort. Be aware that mid-century vintage furniture can be expensive.

Modern Men's Furniture Decor

For an affordable alternative, shop around local antique stores or markets for a distressed, old-fashioned sofa to anchor your living space. To improve longevity, you should regularly buff upholstery using a leather protector and a microfiber cloth to keep it looking timeless.

Cool Furniture For Men

Pallet furniture also adds warmth to any space, especially when you pair this style with a subdued color scheme and irresistible mood lighting. If you have existing brickwork in your home, consider darker pallets for a rustic feel.

From beds to coffee tables, pallets are versatile and can be used to elevate your decor. Don’t be afraid to visit your local grocery store or wholesaler for unused pallets. The more worn or stained the pieces are, the more rugged your space will look.

Stylish Furniture

To add depth to your home, look for bookshelves and cabinets made with classic materials. Colonial moldings, oak cabinets, and stone coffee tables are all great features that look elegant in any space. Just remember to keep lines clean and furniture regularly upholstered for a sleek finish.

Start with A Masculine Living Room

Masculine Living Room

When it comes to decorating for a man, you’ll want to start with a masculine living room that offers warmth, comfort and style. Your living room decor sets the mood for the rest of your space since most guys spend a majority of their time in this area. The most popular ideas involve combining a leather sofa, entertainment with a big screen television and surround sound speakers, a plush rug for comfort, a stylish coffee table and cool wall art.

Masculine Living Room Decor

The interior design of your living room should create the right mood and standard for your home or apartment, and guys should maintain this consistent style throughout. If you’re struggling to decorate and design your primary living area, you’ll want to find examples that fit your desired result. There are several ways to mix modern and traditional elements to build a balance for the perfect look.

Use Cool Geometric Patterns

Cool Geometric Patterns

To avoid your space looking stale and unwelcoming, make use of geometric patterns. You won’t want to veer towards bright colors, but strong patterns with sharp edges will give any room a bold aesthetic. Diamond geometric patterns in neutral colors are excellent for brightening dim rooms, while blacks and whites are perfect for statement walls or rugs as they’re far more eye-catching.

Manly Geometric Patterns For Decorating A Guy's Home

Be careful with scale when working with geometric patterns. Large block designs often look cheap and overbearing, while minuscule patterns can generally look busy. If you’re looking for ideas, purchase geometrically patterned chairs, tables, or lamps in neutral hues. These small additions should make your room trendy without overpowering or clashing with the rest of your décor.

Build An Entertainment Center

Cool Entertainment Center For Guys

All bachelor pads should have a dedicated entertainment center. Whether you want an incredible spot for hosting the next Super Bowl or simply need a high-def television for your game console, you’ll want to get this section of your pad right.

An excellent flat-screen TV is a must-have, but you’ll also want to purchase a sound system and a projection screen if you can stretch your budget slightly. Both additions should create an immersive experience that will turn you into the go-to guy for movie nights.

Cool Living Rooms For Guys

Depending on the size of your home, an arcade games corner can look incredible. Not only will this act as signature décor, but retro games are great for blowing off steam.

Mix Textures and Materials

Textured Home Decor For Men

Using varied textures and materials will make your home look more dimensional and unique. Achieve an interesting visual by mixing textured wallpaper with smooth marble countertops. Alternatively, blend velvet armchairs with leather furniture to draw the eye.

Mix Textures and Materials For A Masculine Design

To take this idea one step further, mix up the materials used to build your pad. Weathered stone and wood pallets can look refreshing when paired with modern furniture, while lavish brick walls or fireplaces add a vintage feel to an otherwise minimalist space.

Cool Textured Interior Design For Men

You will need to experiment with textures and materials to prevent your space from looking like an unkempt mishmash of ideas. With the right eye for detail, you’ll have the most fashionable home in town.

Decorate with Cool Accessories

Masculine Home Decorating Tips For Men

Accessories may be an afterthought when designing your space, but they’re important for showcasing your unique style. Metallic vases, statues, and pottery are all top choices for adding texture to a room. You can also invest in textiles like pillows, throw rugs and blankets to add subtle pops of color and pattern to your space.

Decorate with Cool Accessories

Even if you’re not a bookworm, rows of books can give rooms a rustic, old-world vibe that is extremely comforting. Don’t shy away from using candles or plants either, as both instantly brighten up dull corners.

Invest in Statement Wall Art

Cool Things To Hang On The Wall For Guys

Whether you already have a sprawling art collection or only a couple of frames, investing in statement wall art will keep your space open and inviting. When it comes to art, there are many cool things for guys to hang on their walls as decor. Iconic pieces will jazz up a minimalist pad, giving it character without looking tacky. Abstract paintings always look eye-catching, and you can experiment with color to match your existing décor for a layered, finessed finish.

Statement Wall Art For Men

If you’re interested in pop culture, grasp the opportunity to display it proudly. You can purchase movie posters, signed pictures, and even black and white images of your favorite towns and cities. Be careful not to cheapen your space artwork that clashes with your interior design, but don’t shy away from art that directly reflects your interests either.

Lay A Nice Area Rug In Your Living Room

Cool Rugs For Masculine Living Room Men

Not only does a nice area rug add color and contrast to a living room, but it can reduce damage to wooden floors in high traffic areas. Living spaces tend to see the most footfall and delicate woods can become dented or damaged over time. Keep your floor immaculate and your space looking stylish by investing in a block color or simple geometric area rug.

Lay A Nice Area Rug In Your Living Room

Due to its size, you won’t want to choose an area rug that features bold colors or patterns as this will draw focus away from surrounding décor. Neutral tones work well with leather and pallet furniture, bringing cohesion to even the most chaotic rooms. If you want something edgy, a large cowhide or animal rug can boost the masculinity factor tenfold.

Embrace Natural Light

Men's Home Decor with Natural Light

You may not have many windows in your apartment, but you should embrace natural light in your living space where possible. Natural light softens a space instantly and creates a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Natural light can also make small room feel more airy and spacious.

Cool Men's Home Decor with Natural Light

Large windows and natural light can also make a home far more valuable when it comes time to sell. When decorating your home, don’t forget to add character to your windowsills using blinds or curtains. Practical and stylish, both options will have you sleeping soundly.

Design A Cool Bedroom

Men's Bedroom Designs

A cool bedroom is a must-have space for men who want to be successful in life. When life gets tough, being able to retreat to a nice bedroom can make all the difference in your day. What makes a bedroom cool is entirely up to you. In addition to comfortable pillows and bedding, you can invest in touch lamps, unique artwork, and elegant bedside tables to draw your space together.

Cool Men's Bedroom

There’s nothing wrong with bringing out your goofy side through your bedroom décor but many guys will want to keep things slick and uniform with velvet pillows, dark comforters and edgy posters.

Create A Home Bar

Home Bar

Nothing says host with the most like an incredible home bar. Depending on your budget, you can either dedicate part of your kitchen space to a bar or invest in a portable cart that moves with you. A built-in, high-spec bar may be perfect for when you are entertaining groups. Use a cabinet for cocktail shakers and set aside a shelf in the fridge for spirits, beers and wines.

Cool Home Bar For Men

If you want to craft a custom bar area, materials like smooth marble lend an upscale feel to any space. To make your bar a focal point, add warm or colored strip lighting to the bottom of your countertops.

Maintain A Clean and Organized Space

Clean and Organize Space For Men

No matter how much money you pour into your perfect home, clutter and dirt will bring down its value instantly. When you’re planning your décor shopping list, account for the cost of several waste bins and a set of high-quality cleaning products.

Manly Home Decor

While you may not need to daily disinfect, you’ll want to engage in proper weekly or biweekly cleans to keep your apartment glistening. It’s a good idea to have plenty of storage space throughout your apartment. This will keep everything in its place and prevent clothes and knickknacks from being strewn around.

Maximize Small Spaces with Storage

Cool Bedroom Decor For Men

If you live in a smaller apartment, invest in bespoke furniture that maximizes the space you have. If you can afford it, have a professional craftsman come in and measure all corners, cubbies and alcoves. With some handiwork, you should both be able to create exceptional built-in storage units that will house your clothes and other possessions.

Storage Solutions For Men

If you’re on a budget, head to a local furniture store or large warehouse such as IKEA. Both should offer smart storage options that you can seamlessly align with your existing décor. To keep your pad looking as sleek as possible, avoid bulky items that draw attention away from more deliberate design work. Get stylish poufs, benches or bed frames offering invisible built-in storage to maximize your space.

Think About A Theme

Men's Home Decor Themes

When designing a masculine space, you’ll want to think about a theme for your decor. Choosing a cool interior design concept can help you shop around for furniture and fun pieces. If you’re a kid at heart, refer to your favorite childhood movies, video games and comics for inspiration.

A selection of posters, lamps and figures dotted around your home is sure to make a statement. For something more upscale, center your theme around colors or specific materials.

Masculine Home Decor Theme Ideas

You can choose a single color like navy and branch out with complementary neutrals, or decide on a metallic theme that incorporates gold, silver and bronze tones for an expensive appearance. For real-life inspiration, flick through a selection of home décor magazines or head to Pinterest!

Get A Quality Mattress and Bed Frame

Quality Mattress and Bed Frame

A quality mattress and bed frame is a must for any man who values his health. To find the perfect fit for your bedroom, stick with hardy leather bed frames or thick wooden frames that don’t move when you toss and turn. Metal frames tend to be cheaper, but they can be hollow and wear down over time. For a luxury look, go for a frame with a velvet headboard. If it fits with your existing décor, it will add a chic touch to your space.

Masculine Bedroom

Mattresses can be slightly more difficult to select, as they can range from soft to firm in support. If you can, visit your local bed specialty store and try out the mattresses they stock. This should help you find what level of support you need for your back and neck.

When in doubt, memory foam mattresses usually suit most people. Able to conform to the contours of your body and keep their shape over time, they are excellent investment pieces. Don’t forget to purchase a few sets of sheets and duvet covers to keep your sanctuary of sleep looking polished.

Design A Home Office Space

Masculine Home Office

The home office has become a must-have workspace for most modern men. Before designing your masculine home office, be aware that what inspires productivity for one man may not work for another. For example, if you work best in bright, open spaces, opting for a muted color palette with harsh undertones may not be a great idea.

Once you’ve picked out a color scheme, assess what furniture you need. A desk lamp is a necessity for late nights, while an ergonomic office chair will keep your back in good shape. When searching for a desk, stick to simple and sturdy materials. It’s also wise to inquire about the height of a desk before purchasing to avoid any issues with legroom.

Cool Home Office For Men

Finally, add a couple of statement pieces to make the space your own. A sleek leather chair will prove a welcome escape from your desk and a few artificial plants should lift the room and add an air of calm to your space.