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57 Best Men’s Bedroom Ideas

57 Best Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Bachelor pads usually make you think of mismatched furniture, leather sofas, and a huge TV mounted on the wall. We’re happy to report that doesn’t have to be the case. Gone are the days of the popular man cave. Instead, men are becoming more interested in designing their living quarters with both style and functionality in mind.

Just because a man lives alone doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take the time to decorate a beautiful space that best matches his personality. To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of the best bedroom ideas for men. From small and simple to cool and cozy, explore these men’s bedrooms to find masculine and modern decor that will take your space to the next level.

Men’s Bedroom Decor Ideas

When designing a manly bedroom, you will want to stay away from glam accessories, an excess of bright colors, and clutter. You should focus on simple decorating ideas and embrace darker color schemes. Shades of black, gray, and blue are often found in modern men’s bedrooms. These popular colors are featured around the room with select accents to create a modern and trendy vibe. On the same note, there are certain materials that are better suited for a masculine vibe. Think concrete, wood, exposed brick, flannel, and leather.

Also, remember that a few stylish decor pieces like a rug or lamp can go a long way toward making the place look more put-together. It’s important to find a balance between the rough look so popular among guys and the comfort a bedroom should provide in the first place. You likely want your bedroom to be inviting for everyone, but enable you to relax after a long day. Cozy yet manly bedroom furniture is critical to your room’s decor.

Here are the best men’s bedroom ideas to get you inspired with masculine decor and cool designs.

Elegant Men’s Bedroom with Wood Paneling

Masculine Bedroom

When it comes to masculine bedrooms for guys, wood walls can add depth, warmth, and texture to any space. An accent wood wall will make your room look cozier without sacrificing elegance. This bedroom also gives off a bit of a hipster vibe if you’re into that. As long as you keep the rest of the decor in neutral tones, the end result will be mesmerizing.

Black and White Male Bedroom Decor

Male Bedroom Ideas

The black and white color combo will never go out of style, making it a great pick for your masculine bedroom. The accent wall and the creative lighting make the space look more comfortable, while the television fits right in with the modern design.

Rustic Men’s Bedroom with Light Colors

Modern Men's Bedroom Decor

If darker shades aren’t your thing, earthy tones are a clever alternative, giving the space a rustic feel. The wood wall makes another appearance – we just can’t get enough! Notice how the TV is the focal point of the non-accent wall, providing the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Classy Dark Accents

Classy Bedroom Ideas For Men

If your pad sports large windows, consider yourself lucky. Natural light makes any space look airy and enables you to play with darker shades to create a fun contrast. This dazzling black accent wall adds a masculine vibe to the bedroom with minimal effort.

Edgy Masculine Bedroom

Edgy Masculine Bedroom with Sexy Decor

Grey has become a ubiquitous color in current design trends, so we would be remiss not to recommend it for a masculine bedroom. Although minimally decorated, the space has a lot of personality thanks to the wall art and the interesting lighting fixture. That stylish yellow chair adds a much-needed pop of color to brighten up the space.

Minimal Men’s Bedroom with Cozy Accents

Minimal Men’s Bedroom with Cozy Accents

Just because you want to keep things simple doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This room would look less inviting without the rug and drapes, so never overlook details when designing your bachelor bedroom. The bedding is also important – opt for pillows and comforters that go with the rest of your decor.

Sleek Male Bedroom Idea with Curated Decor

Guys Bedroom Designs

When choosing decor pieces for your masculine bedroom, less is more. You can showcase books, art, collectibles, or whatever else makes you feel happy and feel at home, but don’t go overboard. If you keep your furniture to a minimum, the rest of the decor should follow suit.

Sexy Open Space

Cool Men’s Bedroom Idea with Open Space

Nothing says manly like earth tones coupled with that powerful wall art. For a sexy vibe, add a natural cowhide rug into the mix. It goes great with the rest of the decor and can also be used as a throw, so it will come in handy even if you decide to redecorate.

Cool Small Room Designs

Small Bedroom Designs

Dealing with a small bedroom? Dark tones can make it appear even smaller. Instead, shades of white, brown and gray will create the illusion of more space. At the same time, simple design elements like the black nightstand and black and white wall art add a more masculine touch.

Posh Manly Bedroom with Gorgeous Wall Art

Best Manly Bedroom Decor Ideas

A gallery wall is a quick way to add personality to any space, bedroom included. To keep costs low, consider purchasing prints instead of paintings. Make sure you frame them so the whole space looks more put-together and, if possible, keep the print colors consistent with the rest of your room.

Awesome Room Ideas For Guys with Flair

Awesome Room Ideas For Guys with Flair and Lighting

Do you live in a studio? A quick way to break up an open layout floor plan is with a stylish glass wall. If you don’t have any roommates, privacy shouldn’t be an issue. A glass wall is a posh addition to any male bedroom, taking your sleeping area from crammed to elegant in a jiffy.

Modern Bedroom and Office Decor

Men's Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas

If your bedroom doubles as your home office, figure out a clever way to visually separate the two areas. Working from home can affect work/life balance, so having a designated place to conduct your business will increase your productivity and ensure that your work tasks don’t follow you to bed.

Luxury Blue Color Bedroom

Luxury Blue Color Bedroom For Guys

Blue is known to be a relaxing color, which makes it a particularly great choice for bedrooms. A few blue accents here and there don’t diminish the masculinity of your space. Instead, they make it feel more inviting. If you’re worried, you can always add some faux leather pieces to spice things up.

Snazzy Clean Design

Simple Modern Man's Bedroom Ideas

Nothing screams modern design like clean lines. If you want to make your bedroom stand out while still maintaining a minimalist approach, only opt for necessary furniture and use a couple of accent decor pieces to complete the look. That gorgeous frame and the imposing ivory column are more than enough to catch the eye.

Simple Bedroom with Chic Details

Masculine Guys Bedroom Ideas

A plant is the quickest way to liven up your minimalist yet classy bedroom. Ideal plants for your sleeping quarters include Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and English Ivy. They are all easy to grown and are known to improve sleep, while also adding a breath of fresh air into your space.

Dark Design with Gray Tones

Dark Colored Manly Bedroom

Black and grey go great together, especially when decorating a masculine bedroom. While an all-black look would be too much, the grey softens the design and gives it a bit of an edge. The glass walls separating the bedroom from the closet are a welcome addition.

Luxurious Bold Design

Luxurious Men’s Bedroom with Bold Design

If you have the space and budget, merging your bedroom with your bathroom is a stylish way to bring your sleeping quarters to the next level. The exposed brick and glam lighting fixture give the space a soft industrial feel. Meanwhile, the minimal separation between the bedroom and bath may make guests confuse your apartment for a spa center, which is never a bad thing.

Simple and Classy Modern Design

Simple and Classy Modern Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, you likely don’t need a lot of furniture to be content, so it’s perfectly fine to only keep the essentials. Subtle decor elements like the wood accent wall and the earthy lighting fixtures are enough to give the space a cozy feel.

Functional Room with Snazzy Details

Cool Men's Bedroom Decor

When keeping the design minimal, a few accent decor pieces can make the difference between drab and fab. In this case, the industrial lighting fixtures and the oversized wall art add personality to the room without creating any clutter. The bedding is also important – notice how the tartan comforter makes the bed look comfier and more inviting.

Textured To Keep Things Simple

Awesome Bedroom Ideas For Guys

Playing with different textures is a guaranteed way to draw attention to your space without investing in extra decor pieces. Here, wood and concrete are used in perfect harmony across the room, from the walls to the window seating area. The grey rug adds even more dimension to the space without throwing off the balance.

Badass Wood Paneling

Manly Bedroom Design For Guys

If you’re craving a more rustic vibe in your sleeping area, wood paneling never disappoints. A modern fireplace is also a nice touch, instantly adding warmth to any space – both figuratively and literally. We have a feeling this bedroom would look even better at night.

Neutral Design with Stunning View

Cool Male Bedroom Decor Ideas

When you’ve good such a great panorama to welcome you into the room, there’s not much else you need to be content. Maybe just a comfy bed and a spacious sitting area. The neutral colors are perfect for this space, allowing the window wall to really stand out. Don’t forget some sturdy curtains – in this case a must if you’re planning to take a nap in the middle of the day.

Intriguing Design with Wall Map

Cool Apartment Decorations For Guys

A nice way to let your personality shine through the bedroom decor is to find a way to incorporate your hobbies in the design. In this case, an avid traveler will surely appreciate the map wallpaper. Also, notice how the sleeping area is cleverly separated from the office area, but the design remains consistent throughout the room.

Grey Bedroom with Cozy Sitting Area For Apartment

Men's Apartment Decor Ideas For Bedrooms

Everything about this space screams masculinity, from the bold fireplace to the shades of gray to the floating bookshelves. To balance it out, use a soft rug and some comfy throws to decorate the seating/reading area. It will make occasional guests feel more welcome. If you love these colors, then you’ll absolutely want to consider more grey bedroom ideas.

Jazzy Bedroom with Cool Wall Decor

Men's Wall Decor

If dark tones aren’t your thing, you can find elegant ways to incorporate color into your sleeping area. Adding a few pops of color here and there makes for a fun twist on an otherwise classic bedroom. Quick tip: blue and yellow is a combo that will never go out of style.

Dark Bedroom Design with Funky Bedding

Cool Small Bedroom Concepts For Men

Sometimes you don’t have enough space to play with furniture or decor elements. If that’s the case, the quickest way to brighten up a dark bedroom is to purchase funky bedding. Don’t shy away from patterns and bold colors as they instantly liven up your space. Colorful art is also a great investment in this case.

Clean Design with Eye-Catching Pattern

Best Men's Bedding Ideas

Want an easy modern bedroom with a twist? Adding a pattern is a fun way to go. Whether we’re talking about floor tiles or wall panels, a pattern helps you add texture to an otherwise basic room without breaking the bank. We also endorse the funky mirror display, which proves once again that the simple decor elements can be the most effective.

Vintage Idea with Great View

Cool Bedroom Decor For Guys

Vintage design isn’t for everyone, but it certainly helps a bedroom stand out from the crowd. If you like all things old-fashioned, hunt garage sales for unique pieces that will bring your vision to life. Don’t limit yourself to furniture – in this case, the vintage books are a very nice touch.

Easy Design For Classy Look

Easy Men's Bedroom Decor Designs

Just because you like things simple doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative when designing your sleeping area. For instance, this functional bedroom is pretty basic, but still grabs the eye thanks to the playful lighting fixtures.

Unique Single Guy’s Bedroom with Cool Bed Set

Single Guy Bedroom Ideas

Your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture to grace the room, so make it a show-stopper. A unique bed frame will not only elevate your space, but, if chosen carefully, enhance your sleeping experience. Decide on a color scheme for the bedroom and then shop around until you find a bed frame that will perfectly fit in.

Sharp Design with Office Area

Small Masculine Bedroom Ideas For Guys

When sleep and work collide in a small space, multi-functional furniture can be a lifesaver. In this case, the large desk actually creates the illusion of more space, acting as an office desk, storage area, and TV stand.

Rustic Wood Wall

Rustic Masculine Bedroom Design

Regardless of your personal style, details are crucial when it comes to bedroom design. For instance, the wood paneling here wouldn’t have been enough to make the room feel rustic. The tartan comforter and carefully chosen decor elements, however, seamlessly give the room a pastoral vibe.

Cool Men’s Bedroom Lighting

Cool Men's Bedroom Lighting

There’s nothing minimal about this room, proving that you can perfectly design a masculine space without sacrificing decorative knick-knacks. As long as you keep the color palette neutral, you can get away with almost anything – including not one, but two gallery walls. Noteworthy is the cool bedroom lighting. Using skylights as a source of natural light, single guys can impress girls with a beautiful night staring at the stars.

Functional with Simple Design

Functional Male Bedroom with Simple Design in Apartment

When your sleeping quarters are less “full-on bedroom” and more “separate area with bed”, it’s best to keep things simple. You can still add some flair with funky details like the Rocky poster and the Bonsai plant. As for that lighting fixture, it’s a thing of beauty.

Warm Grey Bedroom Color

Grey Bedroom For Guys

If you’ve been scrolling for a while, you already figured out that grey is a perfect shade for a masculine bedroom. Here, the unfinished look of the wall gives it an industrial vibe, while the other decor elements – like the flower painting and the cozy rug – bring warmth into the space.

Young Man’s Design with Blue and White Accents

Young Man Bedroom Ideas

While dark and neutral tones are usually the go-to options for male bedrooms, lovers of color can definitely opt for brighter hues. In this case, a blue/white combo, with the occasional pops of yellow, pink, and orange to spice things up.

Upscale Setup with Dark Wall Decor and Manly Bedding

Cool Bedroom Setup with Dark Wall Decor

In some cases, luxury bedding is the only thing you need to make your bedroom stand out. High-end linen doesn’t only elevate your bed, but ensures a good night’s sleep. Think high thread count sheets, silk pillowcases, Egyptian cotton – you get the idea.

Simple Masculine Room with Accent Decor Pieces

Simple Masculine Bedroom with Accent Decor Furniture

If you’re set to keep your bedroom design simple, invest in statement pieces that will add flair to the room. For instance, these gorgeous lamps catch the eye and inspire elegance. A plushy rug is a smart investment as well. The classy furniture goes perfectly with the masculine bedding.

Small Bedroom with Neutral Colors and Bedding

Small Bedroom with Neutral Colors and Manly Bedding

Your space can be stylish regardless of how small it is. All you need are a few choice objects to stand out. Clutter is tiresome, especially in small spaces, so only invest in essential pieces that match the style of the room.

Modern Design with Room Divider

Modern Male Bedroom Design with Room Divider

When you have a bigger space to play with, using a room divider to create separate areas – for sleeping, working, dining – is a great idea. A book shelf room divider, for example, serves a double purpose: besides separating two areas, it helps you display our favorite decor items.

Bachelor Bedroom with Bold Furniture

Bachelor Bedroom with Bold Furniture

Don’t be afraid to go big. When you’re using only a few decor elements, the bigger they are the more impact they’ll make. Just look at the huge floor lamp and oversized wall art – they fit the space perfectly!

Old School Look with Badass Wall Art

Old School Bedroom with Badass Wall Art

Big wall art can come in many shapes, from prints to paintings to tapestries. A statement piece can be enough to add a twist to an otherwise basic design. In this case, the wall art complements the leather bed nicely.

Neutral Colors with Interesting Lighting

Neutral Men’s Bedroom with Interesting Lighting

Unique lighting fixtures can elevate any room, both from a design and lightning standpoint. Don’t be afraid to get creative, especially if you’re trying to achieve that popular industrial look. Also, remember that there are several types of lighting fixtures on the market: desk lamps, recessed lighting, wall sconces, and so on. Mix and match for stunning results.

Elegant Design Concept in Neutral Tones

Elegant Men's Bedroom Design in Neutral Tones

If you’re looking for classy, nothing beats an elegant leather loveseat. Paired with a gorgeous bed frame and a luxurious rug and you’ve got yourself a dapper bedroom. You can add warmth to the space with cozy throw pillows and low-maintenance plants.

Edgy with Statement Wall Print

Edgy Male Bedroom with Statement Wall Print

Exposed brick will never go out of style, which makes it an excellent pick for a masculine bedroom, especially when painted in a neutral shade. It goes great with the dark wood furniture. Add a bold wall print into the mix for a playful look.

Dark Room Decor Ideas with Discreet Lighting

Dark Room Decor Ideas with Discreet Lighting

Dim lighting creates a seductive environment, so you might want to keep that in mind when shopping for lighting fixtures. This bedroom is all about clean lines and neutral tones, but the creative use of lighting makes it stand out nonetheless.

Contemporary with Pops of Color

Modern Bachelor Bedroom

As we’ve already mentioned, color is nothing to be afraid of. In this case, the orange and green work great with the grey tones of the room, while the pastel painting is an unexpected, yet welcome visual treat. If you’re unsure about integrating color to your space, reaching out to an interior designer may help.

Minimalist with Accent Chair and Modern Bedding

Minimalist Bedroom with Accent Chair and Modern Bedding

While the bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, adding a statement chair to complement it is a smart move. You can create a reading corner or simply use it to throw your jacket on at the end of the day. Either way, it will catch the eye and give your bedroom a bit of an edge.

Fun Room with Wood Accents and Interesting Nightstands

Modern Men's Room Ideas

Nightstands are another must in any bedroom, but rest assured – they don’t have to be boring. There are all sorts of unique designs available on the market, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that matches your personal style or the theme of your bedroom. As you can see, they don’t even have to be the same size to make an impact.

Trendy Bedroom with Comfortable Sitting Area

Coolest Men's Bedroom Decor

A clean approach doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort. For instance, these giant bean bag chairs make for a cozy seating area, while perfectly fitting in with the rest of the design. They’ll come in handy if you have friends over to watch the game.

Awesome Colors and Unique Room Decor

Young Men's Bedroom with Awesome Colors and Unique Room Decor

If you’re into art, a galley wall or statement painting will help you showcase your personality and decorate your space at the same time. When in doubt, why not get both? Add a funky lightning fixture to your room as well and you’ll impress any visitor.

Modern Luxury Styling and Decor

Modern Luxury Masculine Bedrooms Ideas

If you have the budget for it, you can go all out when it comes to bedroom design. Case in point: this elegant sleeping area closely resembles a hotel room, which is one way to go if you want to feel like you’re taking a perpetual vacation.

Functional Minimal Decor

Functional Men’s Bedroom with Minimal Decor

When all else fails, sticking with neutral tones and functional furniture is key. An accent wall is enough to give your space a bit of an edge. Plus, the less stuff you have in your bedroom, the quicker you’ll fall asleep.

Nice Design with Rustic Wall Decor

Nice Bedroom Design with Rustic Wall Decor

Rustic wall art and decor comes in many shapes and forms, so don’t be afraid to shop around if you’re looking for something more hip. For example, these rugged-looking panels give the room a rustic and cozy vibe, creating an interesting contrast with the industrial lighting fixture.

Modern Look with Faux Gallery Wall

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Guys - Modern Male Bedroom with Faux Gallery Wall

If you live in a rental or don’t feel like hanging up prints, lining your art up on a shelf can create the same effect with minimal effort. Just make sure that the prints are in different sizes for a more interesting end result.

Spacious and Open Bedroom with Sexy Canopy Bed

Spacious and Open Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are making a comeback, so now is the perfect time to invest in one. Such a massive bed frame instantly elevates the room, so keep things simple by only adding a few well-chosen decor elements to complement it.

Stylish Black Styling and Light-Colored Wooden Walls

Stylish Bedroom with Black Styling and Light-Colored Wooden Walls

When designing you sleeping area, remember that balance in key. You can use different materials and colors as long as you don’t overdo it. In this case, the wood paneling goes great with the dark tones of the furniture, while the grey in the rug and bedding tie the entire room together.