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67 Masculine Men’s Bathroom Ideas

67 Masculine Men’s Bathroom Ideas

A masculine bathroom is a private space that should be practical for its purpose, offer a clean and comfortable layout, come with manly colors, and still look good. If you’re struggling to create a charming aesthetic, these awesome bathroom ideas tailored for guys will transform your space and strike the perfect balance between function, style and comfort.

Some men will want a modern bathroom with trendy fixtures and cool accessories for a classy look, while others may prefer rustic decor with classic styling, a darker color scheme and textured surfaces to create a rugged vibe. For a small bathroom, you might need to choose neutral colors and mix materials to make the room feel more spacious.

Check out these amazing men’s bathroom ideas to inspire your decor for a relaxing space. From modern and manly to small and luxurious, these masculine bathrooms will spruce up your decor with cool themes, accessories and designs for guys.

How To Decorate A Bathroom For Men

Choose Masculine Colors

Masculine Bathroom Colors

The right masculine color scheme for your bathroom can help you create a stylish and modern space for men. When decorating any room, classic paint colors like white, grey and other neutral tones are popular choices for men’s bathroom decor because light-colored walls can make smaller rooms feel more spacious.

If you want to make a bold statement, you can also explore manly color schemes that include black, blue, brown, charcoal, green and red. Don’t be afraid to get creative with different color combinations. Pick one primary color and two accent colors to add depth to your decor.

Pick The Right Materials

Men's Bathroom Materials

For cool decor, there are many different materials such as wood, stone and metal that are popular for a guy’s bathroom. These masculine materials are versatile, stylish and low-maintenance, offering the perfect foundation to create a timeless look.

Stone can be used extensively throughout the bathroom, from the flooring to the walls to the countertops. Natural stones like granite, marble, onyx, slate, and travertine are luxurious but can still feel distinctly masculine.

Wood is also prevalent in bathroom decor. It’s frequently used in bathroom vanities and cabinetry. Avoid softwoods like pine or fir, as they are more likely to warp in the humidity. You’ll want to pick domestic hardwoods like birch, maple, walnut, or cherry.

While metals are used sparingly in bathrooms, they can make a strong decorative impact thanks to their shine. Metals are mostly limited to faucets, but they may also show up as cabinet pulls. Brass, bronze, and nickel are the best choices, as they withstand exposure to moisture.

Shop Around For A Manly Vanity

Manly Vanity

Bathroom vanities can define the tone of your space. There are many ways to make sure this anchoring piece of furniture has a definitively masculine flair. One way is to go sleek and understated, by pairing a wall-mounted floating vanity with minimalist open shelving. Alternatively, you can embrace the industrial style. This might include brick walls, exposed pipes, and wrought iron light fixtures.

Get Cool Wall Art

Cool Wall Art For Men's Bathroom

When it comes to simple and tasteful decor, wall art is a great way to show off your personality, allowing you to take your design style to next level. While some people focus on decorating their living room or kitchen, the right bathroom artwork can elevate the space. You’ll want to invest in professionally framed photos, prints or paintings with a sealed back to protect against mildew. You can also incorporate interesting mirrors and sculptures into your decor.

Install The Right Flooring

Men's Bathroom Flooring

The right flooring can make all the difference in a bathroom. Guys should generally prioritize function over form to install flooring that will stand up to moisture and humidity, and that won’t cause a slipping hazard.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are perennial favorites for bathroom flooring for many reasons. This type of flooring is waterproof, low-cost and comes in many different styles. For comparison, there are several other appropriate flooring materials to choose from, including concrete, cork, engineered wood, natural stone and vinyl.

Design The Shower

Design The Shower

The average person will spend more than five months in the shower over their lifetime, so it’s well worth the investment to turn yours into a masculine retreat. There are countless ways to design a shower, so it will ultimately come down to what fits your needs. You can splurge on a high-end rainfall shower head, build in bench seating, and even install a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Masculine Bathroom Decor Ideas

Midcentury Modern Masculinity

Midcentury Modern Men's Bathroom

Clean lines and simplicity are hallmarks of midcentury modern design, which makes it ideally suited to decorate a small space. This sleek double vanity gets added visual interest from its hairpin legs. When paired with white tile on the walls, the neutral tones in the wood give this room an airy feel, while geometric gray stone floor tiles ground the space.

Stylish Modern Men’s Bathroom

Stylish Modern Men's Bathroom

Elements of industrial style interior design can be found throughout this bathroom, from the metal and wood vanity to the concrete floor tiles to the metal fixtures to the exposed pipe. On paper, the floor-to-ceiling white ceramic subway tile walls might seem out of place here. However, they feel appropriately edgy thanks to the use of black grout.

Cool White and Blue Bathroom

Cool White and Blue Bathroom

This beautiful white and blue bathroom offers the perfect decor for guys who want to balance between style and function. In this split bathroom, the sink is sectioned off from the toilet and shower by a partial wall. Delineating the space in this manner helps create more privacy, while also allowing you to incorporate a custom feature. The deep navy half wall features an abstract pattern of squares and rectangles, which complements the shape of the floating wood vanity.

Tasteful Texture

Masculine Bathroom Decor

This understated bathroom features a muted color palette and minimalist furnishings, but thoughtful design choices ensure that it still feels high-end and visually compelling. Look closely at the large gray porcelain tiles that cover the floor and most of the walls, and you’ll notice subtle variegations that are evocative of marble. An accent wall made up of interlocking hexagonal white tiles gives the space a futuristic feel.

Small Spaces Make Big Impacts

Simple Men's Bathroom

You can make a significant stylistic statement even in the most petite powder room. This space is transformed by the installation of a skylight in the slanted ceiling, which allows ample natural light. The combination of clean lines and a limited color palette of boldly contrasting black and white introduces a graphic element.

Minimalist, Modern and Masculine

Minimalist Men's Bathroom

This room perfectly embodies modern interior design, which is characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and a muted or monochromatic color palette. Multiple tones of wood are used throughout this space, from the streamlined white oak vanity to the ash paneled ceiling to the walnut accent wall. Natural light from a skylight illuminates the texture of the concrete tile floors.

Stunning Mahogany Design

Stunning Men's Bathroom Decor

Mahogany is a durable hardwood that holds up well to moisture, making it ideal for bathroom decor. It also has an elegant, upscale feel which makes it very appealing. Here, it has been used to construct an attractive accent wall, as well as a custom floating vanity. This room could feel heavy thanks to the dark wood and gray stone wall and floor tiles, but the effect is mitigated by abundant natural light.

Classic White Bathroom

Classic White Men's Bathroom

This simple white half bath offers style and personality, courtesy of distinctive decorative elements. The powder-coated metal wall sconce ties in beautifully to the faucet and legs on the black granite sink. Those features are softened by a wicker storage basket, potted cactus, and boho hand towels. But the quirky brown leather belted hanging mirror is undeniably the standout piece in this space.

Storage with Style

Bathroom Rack

This lavish lavatory is a study in opposing textures and tones. The rough-hewn black slate mosaic tile wall provides a striking contrast to the gleaming copper chrome towel rack and mirror. The simple wall-mounted wood shelf echoes the warmth of the copper while adding clever storage solutions to the space. Charcoal bath towels with a raised pattern add another interesting layer.

Industrial-Inspired Interiors

Modern Rustic Men's Bathroom

Industrial interior design first came into vogue when former factories were converted into living spaces. Instead of covering up features like exposed pipes, brick walls, and concrete floors, they were embraced as signature design elements. An iron and glass towel cabinet and rugged wood vanity are major statement pieces, but industrial influences can be found throughout the space.

Whimsical Washroom

Manly Bathroom Decor

This eclectic space blends modern elements like glossy gray porcelain flooring and a granite-wrapped tub with rustic elements like wall-mounted antlers and a vintage wooden vanity. Fanciful portraits of geese bedecked in glamorous garb marry the disparate styles together while introducing a playful feel.

White and Black Bathroom with Wooden Accents

White and Black Bathroom with Wooden Accents

This sleek and understated restroom ably proves that minimalism doesn’t have to be monotonous. Dramatic matte black hexagonal tiles are balanced by shiny white rectangular wall tiles. The exposed pipe sink continues the black and white color scheme, as does the sophisticated freestanding bathtub. A floor-to-ceiling glass shower fits seamlessly into the space without distracting from the design.

Stunning Wooden Decor

Grey Men's Bathroom Decor

Engineered wood has become a popular material in interior design, as it is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood. It’s also well-suited to bathroom decor because it holds up against what and humidity. While this building material is frequently used as flooring, it can also serve as wall paneling. This faux gray ash flooring continues up the wall, giving this cozy space a cohesive feel.

Modern Style with Rustic Vibe

Masculine Men's Bathroom Design

This decorative patterned tile doesn’t necessarily read as masculine at first glance, but it is cleverly counterbalanced by unfussy finishes and furnishings. With its subway tile and oil-rubbed bronze faucets, the glassed-in shower feels fresh and contemporary. The wood-grained vanity feels more rustic, especially when paired with shiplap walls and glass wall sconces. The ultimate result is a manly take on modern farmhouse style.

Defy Expectations

Luxury Men's Bathroom

Brown and green are a classic color combination because they are complementary hues. This serene and spa-like space still feels unexpected, thanks to the unlikely pairing of reddish-brown cherry wood with seafoam glass subway tiles. The marble flooring, countertop, and backsplash transition beautifully into the similarly-toned quartz shower floor. Black powder-coated faucets and fixtures add a little edge.

Luxurious Lavatory

Cool Manly Men's Bathroom Decor

This luxury men’s bathroom is one of the most stylish and cool designs you’ll ever see, offering a masculine style that will inspire you. The walls of this substantially-sized sanctuary are wrapped in gray-toned wall panels made out of engineered wood. There’s also a faux wood feel to the flooring, but this time the effect is created by dark brown porcelain tiles cut to look like planks. Because porcelain is waterproof, it continues uninterrupted into the sumptuous shower.

Let There Be Light

Striking Bathroom

Masculine decor doesn’t have to be dark and dramatic, as evidenced by this bright and airy haven. The massive mirrors and glossy glass subway tile walls amplify the bountiful natural light streaming through the windows. The use of brushed metals instead of gleaming chrome gives this space a subtle and sophisticated feel, while the sturdy iron cabinet pulls bring in an edgy element.

Stun with Striking Stone

Black, White and Gray Bathroom

Multiple types of stone come together in this dapper space. The floor and most of the walls are lined with a smooth gunmetal gray travertine tile. A textured black slate feature wall helps the built-in vanity feel more distinct. But the real star of the show is the backlit marble slab that illuminates the design. The warm amber light keeps the room from feeling too heavy, and it’s exquisite to look at.

Small Black and White Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom For Men

A high-contrast color scheme helps this compact bathroom feel smart and snappy. The pure white quartz countertop is a perfect match to the walls. The glossiness of the black subway tile backsplash helps keep the white from looking too stark. While this bathroom is small, it feels airy thanks to the sharp and simple color palette and glass shower door.

Rugged Bathroom Aesthetic

Rugged Bathroom Aesthetic

Eclectic decor choices lend tons of character to this charming washroom. The space is chock full of vintage elements, including a traditional cameo silhouette portrait and a vanity made from a repurposed art deco sideboard. These old-fashioned touches marry well with traditional farmhouse elements like shiplap walls and Buffalo check linens. Mixing and matching multiple metal finishes help this room feel homey and lived-in.

Rugged Bathroom Aesthetic

Classic Bathroom Design

With its white walls and wainscoting, this space was essentially a blank slate. In a room like this, the style will ultimately be defined by thoughtful choices in decor. A shower curtain in shades of gray and white has a bold graphic vibe while the matching towels help the design feel more cohesive and intentional. Finally, a gray metal shelf adds needed storage.

Find Your Angle

Masculine Bathroom Decor For Guys

This space demonstrates that simple lines and shapes can be incredibly chic. The shape of the glossy acrylic vanity and matching cabinet is echoed in the metal grid windows and the rustic wood ceiling beams. Meanwhile, the Moroccan-inspired floor tile is composed of a series of diamonds and triangles arranged in an intricate pattern. The large round mirror provides an interesting contrast.

Rise To The Occasion

Bold Bathroom Decor For Guys

When designing any space, it’s important to make sure the furniture is appropriately scaled to the size of the room. With its vaulted roof, this massive bathroom has lots of vertical space and floor space to fill. Vertical wall molding and floor-to-ceiling navy subway tile enhance the elongated dimension, while the reclaimed oak vanity is perfectly proportioned.

Make Bold Choices

Dark Men's Bathroom

According to conventional design wisdom, you should use light colors in a little lavatory like this to make it feel more capacious. But this rebellious room takes the opposite approach. The charcoal geometric Y knot wallpaper has a brushed finish that makes it look like grasscloth. The visible wood grain in the ebony vanity and matching mirror add another dimension to the space. A bright white ceramic sink helps break up the moody decor.

Room with A View

Amazing Luxury Bathroom Decor

This cosmopolitan contemporary cabin is as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside. The wood plank feature wall ties in with the window and mirror frames as well as the white granite-topped rustic vanity. The neutral tones in this space get a touch of glam from the cluster globe pendant lights and the silvery finish on the cow skull. But the real draw here is the stunning mountain view that you can take in as you bask in the bathtub.

Edgy European Elegance

Edgy Bathroom Design

Two disparate design styles collide in this luxe and layered lavatory. Vintage-inspired patterned flooring, glazed ceramic subway tile, and chic artwork have a French country flair. Industrial elements like the iron and glass shower door and coordinating mirror provide a strong counterpoint. The grid pattern of the shower door is echoed on a smaller scale in the metal vanity.

Vary Your Visuals

Gorgeous Luxury Bathroom Decor For Men

There’s no shortage of pieces to admire in this sumptuous space. Pops of white enhance the large black hexagonal floor tiles, while smaller tiles in the same shape crawl halfway up the matte black wall. The black vanity with white veining has almost a photo negative effect when juxtaposed against gray and white rectangular marble wall panels. When marrying so many patterns, it’s best to stick to a limited color scheme so you don’t overwhelm the eye.

Select A Statement Piece

Masculine Vanity Bathroom Decor

This light and airy bathroom could easily lean towards a more feminine feel, but it is strongly anchored by a distinctive double vanity. Cherry is durable hardwood, and this deep stain enhances its red undertones. Topping the vanity with the same Carrara marble used in the flooring helps this room feel more cohesive.

Go For The Gold

White Bathroom with Gold Accents

A black and white color scheme helps this Southwestern-inspired patterned floor tile feel more modern and urban. White subway tiles have a similarly graphic vibe when paired with contrasting black grout. Gleaming gold faucets and fixtures introduce a little shine and make the design feel more elevated.

Serene Scandinavian Style

Serene Scandinavian Style Bathroom

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by neutral colors, natural materials, and a minimalist aesthetic. This soothing space perfectly exemplifies that style of decor. The natural light that floods the space becomes a decorative element itself as it bounces off the ivory walls and creamy natural stone vanity. The raw wood mirror frame is complemented by thriving green plants.

Refined Rustic Retreat

Refined Rustic Bathroom

High-end finishes and a contemporary design sensibility give this homespun cabin a modern edge. The warm stain on the lustrous walnut walls is further enhanced by understated wall sconces, while the crisp lines and matte black finish on the vanity help the space feel more grounded. A faux fur rug pays homage to the cabin’s rustic roots in a fresh way.

Cut and Print

Navy Bathroom Design

While some people might shy away from using patterned wallpaper in a small space, here it has an undeniable impact. Modeled on blueprints of boats, this wallpaper transforms a three-quarter bath into a nifty nautical niche. A color palette consisting of navy blue, white, and rich brown augments the maritime theme.

Manly Modern Minimalism

Manly Modern Minimalism Bathroom

Upscale finishes and an uncluttered layout collide in this simple but sophisticated sanctuary. Blocky wall-mounted sinks segue seamlessly into the charcoal concrete feature wall, giving the space a contemporary industrial feel. The variegated gray hues in the hexagonal tiles help transition the color story. A sleek curbless shower allows the eye to travel uninterrupted through the end of the room.

Back In Black

Black Masculine Bathroom Decor

Intricate wall molding and a lustrous lacquer finish bring this Art Deco-era bathroom back to life. A low-profile sink with exposed silver chrome pipes is era-appropriate, as are the black and white mosaic tiled floors. Eclectic touches were frequently incorporated into Art Deco decor. Here, that role is filled by fanciful framed artwork depicting dogs drinking cocktails.

Less Is More

Simple White Bathroom

Sometimes simplicity is the biggest statement you can make. This understated space relies on a few distinctive furniture pieces to set the tone. A rugged repurposed cast iron sink adds tons of character to the room. The shelf underneath it provides a storage solution and ties into the rough-hewn door.

Tile with Style

Men's Bathroom Decor with Cool Tiles

Tasteful finishes elevate this modern farmhouse-inspired suite. Floor-to-ceiling white subway tiles pick up the natural light and help the space feel bright and breezy. Pinwheel tile on the floor has a woven effect that ties in with the baskets under the sink. The pristine porcelain tub is balanced out by heavy cast iron faucets and a matching towel bar.

Wall-To-Wall Wood

Wooden Bathroom Design

Creamy alabaster horizontal shiplap walls help elongate this narrow niche. The neutral color palette and soft scalloped edges of the mirror could feel a little feminine. However, a solid door and blocky built-in sink serve as rugged counterpoints. Leaving wood grain visible helps incorporate texture into your decor.

Luxurious Live-In Lavatory

High End Men's Bathroom

This palatial space could easily be mistaken for a living room at first glance. The massive bathtub doubles as a bookcase, complete with an adjacent seating area. But with the oceanfront view readily visible through the glass wall, picking up a book will be the last thing on your mind.

It’s Hip To Be Square

Manly Men's Bathroom Design

While many people think that subway tiles are exclusively rectangular, they can also come in a square shape. These smaller dimensions are well-suited for small spaces. An angular vanity sink and coordinating wall-mounted cabinet mirror the shape of the tile, while a circular mirror provides curvaceous contrast.

Flip The Script

Simple Bathroom Design

Even with simple decor, there are ways to create visual intrigue. The glassed-in shower walls are lined with white tiles with black grout, while the floor is composed of black tiles with white grout. Design choices like these are subtle yet striking. The sharp lines of the tiles are softened by the swirled marble countertop.

On The Line

Sleek Masculine Bathroom Decor

Linear elements are a staple of contemporary design. That sensibility is evident throughout the space in features like the tile floors, floating shelves, and rimless mirror. Even the silver towel ladder adheres to this style thesis. When using similar shapes, you have the freedom to mix up your finishes. The warm-hued wooden vanity stands out against the matte black tilework.

Riveting Design

Contemporary Bathroom

Industrial style is reinvented in this unique bathroom. The riveted stainless steel feature wall resembles the siding of an airplane. While this may seem like a heavy design element, its pale silver tones help lighten up the dark charcoal and black tones in the tilework and countertop. At night, the wall appears to gleam in the light from the futuristic wall sconces.

Meditation Station

Textured Men's Bathroom

This tranquil wet room is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. With its recessed inset and textured gray stone finish, the shower wall is like a large-scale version of a tabletop fountain. Meanwhile, the loose stones lining the perimeter evoke a Zen rock garden. A natural skylight highlights the subtle veining in the dark gray marble walls.

Lofty Aspirations

Classy Bathroom

Scenic views are a major selling point when it comes to high-rise living areas. Reflective windows enable people to take in the vista outside without compromising their privacy. In this premier pad, a floor-to-ceiling window serves as an auxiliary wall to an open shower. The transparency of the opposing glass-paneled wall preserves the panorama.

A Separate Peace

Elegant Bathroom Decor For Men

This restive restroom utilizes partitions to create a sense of separation without compromising the open feel of the room. A centralized dividing feature is comprised of the stone in the same taupe hue as the tile work throughout the bathroom. The brown glass mosaic inset helps tie in the rich cherry wood vanity and door.

Mix It Up

Stylish Bathroom Design

Combining disparate styles of tile is a great way to introduce an exciting visual element to an otherwise simple space. Many of the features in this bathroom are understated, from the sleek golden birch countertop to the iron and glass shower wall. Contrasting white subway tile with black grout with hexagonal black tile and white grout introduces dimension into the space.

A New Twist on A Man Cave

Bathroom Decor

A windowless basement bathroom still feels surprisingly airy thanks to a carefully-selected color palette and well-placed lighting. The textured stone wall makes this room feel like a cool underground cave. A raw wood vanity and rough granite sink help further the nature-inspired feel of the decor.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Modern Sleek Bathroom Design

Thoughtfully-selected finishes transform this shower into a soothing sanctuary that embodies the natural beauty of outdoor living. The gray stone walls and rain shower head are evocative of a mountain waterfall. Sliced pebble tile has an uneven texture that is intriguing to the eye. Using this natural stone detail in a vertical stripe on the wall gives the space a sense of continuity.

Go Big And Go Home

Blue and White Bathroom Decor For Guys

If you have an extra bedroom, consider converting it into an en suite fit for a king. The brushed suede finish on the cadet blue paint helps modernize the detailed wall molding. Original details like distressed mahogany flooring and a cast iron tub preserve the history of the space, while a freestanding shower with shimmery mosaic tile has a more contemporary feel.

White Party

Neutral Bathroom Decor

Crisp white porcelain tile could easily feel sterile when paired with silver matte chrome faucets. Using a warmer white can help a space feel more inviting and give it a sense of depth. The creamy ivory vanity in this space beautifully complements the honey-toned wood flooring.

Rustic and Regal

Rustic and Regal Bathroom Decor

Brown and blue are considered complementary colors, and this polished powder room is living proof. Because the wood walls and door have warm undertones, it’s best to pair them with green-blue accents like these royal teal hexagonal floor tiles. The aged metal legs on the repurposed washstand round out the industrial rustic vibe.

Smooth Out Your Edges

Masculine Bathroom Decor Style

Masculine design styles often feature clean lines and sharp angles. This upmarket curved vanity defies the usual expectations. This decorative motif is continued in the rounded corners of the massive frameless mirror. Warm-hued ivory paint serves to enhance the red undertones in the cherry wood furnishings.

Get Inspired By Your Surroundings

Elegant Bathroom For Men

With its massive plate glass window and easy access to outdoor living, this elegant restroom feels incredibly connected to nature. The ample natural light streaming through the space brings out the golden undertones in the expansive built-in vanity. Select wood with visible grain for a more organic effect.