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75 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

75 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

When designing your yard, the right landscaping can help you create a beautiful and functional space without much upkeep. Low-maintenance landscaping is the art of designing an outdoor space that requires minimal irrigation, mowing, pruning, edging and general care. Whether you want an attractive low-maintenance front yard or just a nice outdoor living space in your backyard, there are many great landscaping ideas to consider.

Some homeowners may need small front yard landscaping featuring plants that need little to no water for a clean and simple look, while others might want a backyard with a large stone patio, some evergreen trees and a small garden. With so many practical designs, it can be a challenge choosing the perfect landscaping for your yard.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best low-maintenance landscaping ideas. From small and simple to modern and affordable, explore these easy landscaping designs to find low maintenance options you will love.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

When it comes to easy landscaping, a low-maintenance front yard has become a popular trend in recent years. A beautiful front yard that requires minimal maintenance can be an excellent idea, ensuring your home has great curb appeal while keeping the amount of time and money invested low.

One of the most important things to consider when designing a low-maintenance front yard is the climate. In a tropical zone like Florida, you can keep a healthy green lawn. In arid environments like Arizona, you might want to think about xeriscaped front yards.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscape

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping which requires little to no irrigation. This water-conserving type of gardening requires finding native plants that naturally flourish in your local environment. Native landscaping is also better for the environment because it will require fewer resources to maintain and will support local flora and fauna.

Easy Front Yard Landscaping

If your plants require additional watering beyond natural rainfall, an automated watering system is an excellent investment. Plants tend to do best when they are watered in the morning or evening. Setting an irrigation timer allows your yard to be watered at its peak time without a second thought.

Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

The best way to create a low-maintenance backyard is to design an outdoor living space that features simple and practical elements. Your backyard landscaping should be aesthetically-pleasing while offering an outdoor area that is well-suited for entertaining.

Some low-maintenance ideas for your backyard might include building a wooden deck or a stone patio, planting evergreen trees and shrubs that are easy to care for, designing a small flower bed with brick edging, featuring potted plants and installing proper lighting to highlight focal points.

Low Maintenance Backyard

You’ll want your home’s outdoor area to complement your lifestyle. If you like exercising and playing games, a multi-sport game court might be a good fit for your backyard. These multipurpose paved courts can be used for a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis. They also take up a lot of space, so you’ll have minimal greenery to tend.

People who enjoy hosting family and friends can benefit from transforming their backyards into an outdoor entertaining space. You can construct a deck or use paving stones to stage discrete living areas. Set up a simple grill or a full outdoor kitchen, complete with a durable dining table meant for the outdoors. You can also group outdoor furniture around a fire pit for a more low-key hangout spot.

Simple Backyard Landscaping Design

Once again, native landscaping is going to be your lowest-maintenance option for backyard planting. Use bricks to demarcate flower beds, and then surround foliage with mulch or landscaping stones to minimize the need for weeding.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Design A Beautiful Terrace

Beautiful Front Yard Low Maintenance Landscaping

Sloped yards are exceptionally difficult to care for, as they are prone to erosion. They are also difficult to mow and retain moisture unevenly. Installing terraced flower beds is a great way to create level planting spaces in a sloped yard. These beds are built out of massive natural stone slabs, which helps this stately structure blend into the landscape. As a bonus, these beds will help protect the environment by preventing fertilizer runoff.

Cover Some Ground

Low Cost Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

Ground cover is any type of low-maintenance plant that grows over an area and can protect your topsoil against drought and erosion. Ground cover is a popular landscaping term because this useful vegetation can complement other elements of your yard. While ground cover usually refers to certain low-growing perennial plants, some creeping shrubs fit into this category. The slight incline in front of this colonial house would be difficult to mow, so ground cover provides a convenient alternative.

Square Away Your Landscaping

Easy Backyard Landscaping

Neatly laid-out landscaping stones give this low-fuss yard a sleek and modern feel. Arranging square pavers into geometric shapes can add visual interest to your backyard. Framing patches of earth with paving stones create the effect of planters. Fill these low-garden beds with meadow species like smooth aster and bee balm: they essentially care for themselves and will benefit your local ecosystem by attracting pollinators.

Create A Haven By Hardscaping

Simple Landscaping Design

Hardscaping can refer to any non-living facets used in landscaping. This can include gravel, patios, pergolas, and much more. The more hardscaping elements you include in your yard, the less work you’ll have to put in tending to plants. Here, hardscaping has been used to craft a soothing retreat. The minimalist gray slate tiles in this multi-tiered backyard are framed on all sides by a high wooden fence which provides ample privacy, while gravel-filled planters feature sharp rows of topiary shrubs.

Beautiful Outdoor Living Space with A Pergola

Beautiful Low-Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

In places like the Pacific Northwest, frequent precipitation can prevent people from enjoying the outdoors as much as they would like. This tranquil seating area is sheltered by a massive wooden pergola mounted on top of elegant white columns. The layer of weatherproof plastic layered on top of the grid-shaped roof protects your guests from the elements while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Serene Striking Simplicity

Simple Low Maintenance Landscaping

This uncluttered outdoor space is surprisingly stylish thanks to a combination of crisp, clean lines and sharp angles. Symmetrical horizontal slats give the fence a sophisticated, contemporary appeal, while large white patio tiles offset the vivid green lawn. The raised garden bed framing the yard is filled with spiky palm bushes which add a pop of color and texture.

Have Fun with Foliage

Corner Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking for a low-impact way to freshen up a dated home, try varying your vegetation. Mixing and matching multiple types of plants and garden filler is a low-impact way to give your front yard a makeover. The simple shrubs and basic brown mulch at the rear of the garden complement the home’s brick facade. A row of white landscaping stones filled with jagged giant dracaena sharply contrasts against the more traditional landscaping behind it, while the front gets a burst of color from a row of marigolds.

Add Character with Pretty Perennials

Front Yard Low Maintenance Garden

Many people prefer using plants instead of flowers in landscaping because they have more longevity. If you prefer the look of flowers, you can always choose perennials. While annual and biennial flowers are short-lived, perennials live at least two years (and often longer). While the initial planting can be time and labor-intensive, perennials require relatively little upkeep. Potted topiary trees are an elegant but obvious pairing with this upscale home: it’s the riotous and colorful blooms that make it stand out.



Zeroscaping is ideal for people who live in arid, desert climates. A zeroscaped yard contains very few plants and is largely composed of hardscape elements such as gravel, walkways and retaining walls. The select plants that are incorporated into this form of landscaping include cactus, succulents, and native plants that require very little water. While zeroscaping doesn’t require zero effort, it’s pretty close.

Private Piece of Paradise

Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

Vertical gardens – also known as green walls – are popular in urban landscaping, because they make a striking visual statement without taking up a lot of space. Here, a green wall is used as a partition to create a secluded escape in the middle of a city. Vertical gardens are incredibly versatile as they can sustain several different types of plant life. Certain herbs like mint, thyme, and rosemary are particularly easy to maintain as part of a green wall. As a bonus you can harvest the herbs and use them in your cooking, making this outdoor feature as practical as it is pretty.

Level Up Your Landscaping

Gorgeous Low Maintenance Landscape Design

With its chain-link fence and concrete patio stones, this narrow backyard falls a little flat. The inclusion of a back deck elevates the space both figuratively and literally. Adding a second level to this backyard makes it feel more spacious. This well-designed deck also draws attention away from older facets like the uneven, jagged paving stones. Leaving the deck unpainted ensures that it doesn’t look disjointed from the rest of the space.

Made In The Shade

Affordable Low Maintenance Landscaping

If the area around your house is heavily shaded, it’s important to pick plants that will thrive in those conditions. This garden is overflowing with shade-loving tropical foliage like purple cordyline, hostas, and elephant ears. The tropical shade plants here are artfully arranged, but they could also be used to create a lush backyard jungle.

Luxury Landscaping Design

Luxury Low Maintenance Landscaping

This luxurious low-maintenance backyard design offers a great option for families who like to entertain. In the 1970s, conversation pits were all the rage in interior design. These architectural features consist of built-in seating that is intentionally arranged in a centrally-focused manner to encourage guests to interact with one another. This outdoor area offers a contemporary take on the classic conversation pit. The wooden bench seating frames a fire pit, so it can be utilized year-round.

Tweak Your Townhouse

Beautiful and Simple Front Yard

A low-maintenance lifestyle is one of the most appealing aspects of townhome living. Homeowner’s association fees often cover exterior maintenance, snow removal, and professional lawn care. However, there are some downsides to living in a planned community. Chief among them is that homes can feel indistinguishable from one another. A garden bed filled with a melange of foliage gives this home a sense of character and individuality.

Garden Getaway

Rock Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

With a cute and cozy courtyard like this, you’ll feel like you’re going on holiday every time you step outside of your home. A simple wooden fence feels chic and elevated with the addition of an ornamental curved top trellis. Meanwhile, an assortment of untamed meadow plants including wild lavender evokes the French countryside. The charming wrought iron garden table is the perfect spot to enjoy a croissant and a cafe au lait.

Tasteful Turf

Backyard Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

For many years, artificial turf was mostly used on mini-golf courses and sports fields, but has recently made an unexpected transition into residential areas. It can be nearly impossible to maintain a green lawn in drought-prone areas with restrictions on watering. Artificial turf gives you that punch of verdant color and requires virtually zero ongoing care. Turf can easily skew towards kitschy, but with the proper styling, it is surprisingly refined.

Rock Landscape Design

Rock Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

This generously-sized backyard has a distinct upwards slope. You could hire professional landscapers to grade the land which would transform it into a level surface, but that can be a costly endeavor. It can also be a missed opportunity. This yard is striking because it utilizes the existing natural features. Large stones have been used to create a staircase and delineate separate seating areas.

All Decked Out

Cool Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

Installing a deck is a simple way to make an overgrown yard feel much more manageable. This space is enclosed by a tall wooden fence with slim horizontal slats. While the planks that make up the deck are wider, they still pair seamlessly with the fence thanks to the consistent coloration in the wood. Instead of decking over the whole backyard, you can leave some areas alone. The natural foliage will grow up and create an interesting focal point.

Plant An Unexpected Urban Garden

Low Maintenance Landscape For Your Backyard

This narrow backyard is transformed into a remarkable retreat tucked into an industrial area. The black fence feels modern and minimalist, and its height offers plenty of privacy. This sense of seclusion is amplified by lush trees and ferns that circle the perimeter. Narrow vertical stone pavers and understated outdoor furniture feel streamlined, yet serene.

Amazing Backyard

Amazing Backyard Landscaping

This palatial home is accompanied by a similarly vast backyard that is beautiful to look at but difficult to care for. The addition of evenly-spaced square slate pavers is a simple yet clever solution. You can still see the grass peeking out between the stones even though you’ve significantly reduced the area that has to be mowed. Simply use a handheld electric yard edger to trim the grass around the tiles.

Make Unpredictable Choices

Upscale Easy Landscaping

With its sharp lines and multitudinous windows, this home is undeniably modern but the unique architecture and landscaping choices make it feel surprisingly inviting. One wing of the home has been wrapped in honey-toned wood planks, which have a warm and welcoming vibe. Meanwhile, the rounded garden mound in the front yard helps soften the lines and angles of the house. A semicircle of orderly paving stones helps bridge the gap between the styles.

Low-Key Luxury

Simple Backyard Landscape

This outdoor living space is the ideal combination of high-style and low-maintenance. White gravel serves as the predominant ground cover – it’s particularly noticeable in the seating area which is composed of oversized high-end chairs grouped around a chic fire pit. White concrete paving stones have been layered over the gravel in one section of the yard. This helps delineate the space into distinct areas and provides stability for the outdoor dining table. Wild lavender bushes are easy to maintain and introduce a lot of color and vibrancy. You’ll even be able to continue the party into night thanks to illumination from the stylish Edison bulb string lights.

Start From Scratch

New Backyard Design

If your yard isn’t working with your lifestyle, don’t be afraid to start over again. Pull out any old bushes or weeds and clear as much space as possible, but leave larger shade trees in place. Spread rich soil across the cleared expanse you’ve created, then envision and install hardscaping elements like pavers and a deck. Finally, plant easy-to-care-for native foliage in the fresh soil and let nature take its course.

Colorize Your Colonial

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

This stately home has a classic colonial style thanks to elements like the brick facade and large slatted shutters. Because colonial architecture tends to be understated, landscaping does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to curb appeal. Colorful flowers like pink hibiscus and red phlox add whimsy to this otherwise staid home.

Go Wild For Wildflowers

Stylish Backyard Low Maintenance Landscaping

When you plant a neat and pristine garden bed with perfectly spaced flowers, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of upkeep. People often have to spend time uprooting weeds and wildflowers to maintain that uncluttered look. If you fill your garden with wildflowers, you can just let them do their own thing. This yard gets pops of color from fluffy purple plume thistles and cheerful yellow black-eyed Susans.

Raise Your (Gardening) Stakes

Low Maintenance Garden

If you have mobility issues, you may think any backyard garden will be too high-maintenance for you. Raised garden beds can help improve accessibility because they require less bending and stooping. While you can grow just about anything in a raised bed, they make vegetable gardening especially easy.

Widen Your Walkway

Gorgeous Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

This modest home feels remarkably grand courtesy of a gravel-filled garden bed in the front yard. The boundary of this feature is defined by a row of sandy-hued garden blocks that feel cohesive with the variegated tan shades in the paved concrete walkway. Extending the garden bed past a moderately-sized home makes it feel more majestic.

Amplify Your Architecture

Modern Low Maintenance Landscaping

A portico with Craftsman-style columns is the most immediately eye-catching component of this creamy contemporary cottage. The gabled roof and square tapered columns work together to draw the eye upwards. The landscaping here even serves to subtly accentuate these architectural details. The easy-to-care-for emerald arborvitae trees start broad at the bottom and narrow towards the top, mirroring the shape of the columns.

Take The Edge Off

Low Maintenance Flower Bed Design

“Form follows function” is perhaps the most important principle in Craftsman design. It means, in essence, that a building’s shape should be related to its intended purpose. However, that is balanced by the Craftsman style’s emphasis on harmony with the surrounding environment, use of natural materials, and incorporation of organic forms. The clean lines and sharp angles of this modern Craftsman home are softened by the serpentine flower beds overflowing with pink and purple perennials.

Break Up and Brick Up Your Backyard

Backyard Landscape

When filled with foliage, this massive yard is intimidating to care for. Laying down bricks over the majority of the yard reduces the area you’ll have to regularly tend to. Frame the more lushly vegetated areas with the bricks to create instant garden beds. This courtyard is large enough to sustain multiple seating areas. The lounge chairs to the left are perfect for soaking up the sun, while the cabana offers shelter on a rainy day.

Luxury Backyard Garden

Luxury Backyard Garden

Decorative hardscaping elements like a black wrought iron fence, cedar trellis and rustic granite flagstone walkway give this yard a cozy cottage charm. Whimsical landscaping choices help enhance the effect. Wood fern ground cover adds texture and is a low-maintenance alternative to grass. Dwarf arborvitae trees add a little character and fairytale flair. Hardy red zinnia and purple coneflowers bring a burst of brightness.

Lengthen Your Living Area

Stunning Backyard Landscaping

If you never use your backyard but love to entertain, there’s a good chance that you could be better utilizing your space. Here, a traditional backyard has been replaced by a sophisticated outdoor seating area that transitions seamlessly into the home’s interior living space. Porcelain tiles are chic enough for indoor living and durable and waterproof enough for outdoor use. Use hidden sliding pocket glass doors to separate the spaces.

Fabulous Faux Foliage

Simple Low Cost Backyard Design

With their diminutive size, it’s easy to assume that dwarf plants like spiral topiaries and bonsai trees would be easy to maintain. These finicky plants require meticulous care that can be unexpectedly time-consuming. To get the look without all the excess effort, look for faux potted plants. Minimize maintenance even more by replacing grass with artificial turf.

Something Old, Something New

Simple Backyard Landscaping

Towering shade trees add value to your home while bringing with them a sense of history and gravitas. However, they can be difficult to incorporate into a low-key landscaping plan. Create separation between the trees and the rest of the yard by constructing a custom garden boundary to frame them off. The tasteful gray bricks here are an excellent complement to the clean lines of the raw cedar fence. Artificial turf is a no-fuss alternative to grass that will stay verdant all year long.

Bring Up Your Borders

Affordable Low Maintenance Landscape Designs

Emerald green Bermuda grass is remarkably hands-off in the right climates. In places like Florida, many people skip flowers and bushes for an uninterrupted stretch of lawn, but there are ways you can introduce other flora into your yard without losing a lot of lawn space. Here, a narrow mulch border running around the yard offers a place to plant colorful flowers and young willow trees.

Revel In Romance

Colorful Flower Bed Design

Lavish layers of voluminous vegetation transform a suburban side yard into a dreamy English-style cottage. Purple fountain grass blends in well with window planters of pink petunias, but its spiky silhouette contrasts with the bountiful blossoms of white hydrangea paniculata. Lacy silver ragwort and bold blue lobelia flowers add texture and color to this charming garden.

Add A Pot of Color

Backyard Landscaping with Potted Plants

Many people find potted plants easier to care for than in-ground gardens. With a little creativity, you can have the best of both worlds. This lawn is bordered by neat gravel and brick boundary. Resting potted plants on top of the gravel is a low-effort way to level up your landscaping. Make a statement with exotic flowers like these vibrant orangey-red clivia plants.

Embrace Your Individuality

Simple Front Yard Landscape

While this startlingly graphic rock garden looks custom and high-end, it’s relatively simple to replicate on your own. Use plastic garden edging to map out large abstract shapes. Fill those shapes with landscaping pebbles in two strongly contrasting colors for a simple yet startling effect. Here, black and white gravel has chic modern flair when styled with spherical boxwood shrubs.

Beautiful Patio with Nice Plants

Nice Garden Landscaping

If you’re ready to modernize your outdoor seating spaces, it may be simpler and less expensive than you expect. If you have leftover outdoor-friendly flooring leftover after tiling your home’s interior, they can be repurposed into an upscale patio. Modernize a simple wooden deck by enclosing it in a contemporary glass railing. Two simple changes to your outdoor decor can be astonishingly transformative.

Design For The Yard You Want

Design For The Yard You Want

If you have big design ambitions but a tiny yard, you don’t have to give up on your decor dreams. Just scale back your vision to suit your space. Layer artificial turf over a paved concrete front yard to brighten it up. A sizeable umbrella offers ample shade, while its vivid orange hue amps up the vibrancy. The bold color palette is echoed in the planters which are filled with red cordyline and green ornamental grasses

Affordable Outdoor Living Space

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Outdoor Living Space

If you love the idea of spending time outside but have no interest in actually spending time outdoors, an indoor atrium may be what you’ve been looking for in a home. An atrium is a large quasi-outdoor space surrounded by a building. The room’s roof is can be open to the sky or covered by a skylight to protect the room from the elements while letting in natural light. Use artificial turf and faux greenery for a no-fuss green getaway.

Trendy Stone Patio with Simple Plants

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Trendy Outdoor Area

This upscale urban backyard is built on a slight incline, as you can see by the angled slope of the wooden fence. A multi-tiered stone patio levels out the space at makes it more usable. The understated landscaping choices feel more dramatic thanks to spotlight-style garden lights.

All Fired Up

Charming Backyard Landscape

If you’re more into entertaining than you are into gardening, your yard should reflect that. This calming space features plush upholstered outdoor chairs staged around a large fire pit. Behind it, clever custom construction provides a dual-purpose area that can serve as a deck as well as additional bench seating.

Punch Up Your Palette

Elegant Front Yard Design

Planned communities are more common than ever. While they have a lot of benefits, they also have some downsides. Chief among those drawbacks is that they can feel cookie-cutter thanks to their similar designs and limited color palettes. A little landscaping can go a long way to helping your home stand out. This serpentine garden addition made up of black mulch and red barberry shrubs is an unexpected counterpart to this boxy white home.

Fill Up Your Space

Colorful Backyard Landscaping

If you have a large backyard, you may think that installing flower beds will only create more work for you but this design offers less lawn to mow thanks to the installation of a massive terraced landscaping installation. Fill these beds with a mix of ground covers, and incorporate hardy flowers like peonies for a little brightness.

Fun and Fruitful

Luxury Modern Backyard

This yard features multiple hardscaping elements, from the stone stairs to the gravel ground cover to the laminate decking. While the vegetation is minimal, it still makes a big difference to the overall design. Citrus trees are surprisingly easy to care for, and they’re also practical. Pluck lemons off your tree and enjoy a glass of lemonade in this chill backyard space.

Go To The Mat

Modern Front Lawn

For people who love the look of grass but don’t want to tend to a lawn, mat rush is the perfect compromise. Also known as lomandra, this versatile grass-like plant is often used as ground cover or garden bed filler. This tough plant is drought tolerant, so it’s a good fit for people who live in arid climates.

Play With Patterns

Easy Front Lawn Landscape

While this intricate walkway looks custom and high-end, it can be easily recreated as a DIY project in a single afternoon. Put up a small barrier to create a border, then fill the path in with gravel. Then use a combination of square and triangular tiles to lay out a diamond-shaped pattern. Line the edges of the path with small bushes for a crisp, sharp look.

Invest in Gravel

Low Cost Backyard with Gravel

Gravel is a staple in the low-maintenance landscaping world because it’s surprisingly easy to work with despite its elegant appearance. To achieve this look, you’ll need to start by removing grass or other plants to level out the land as much as possible. Next, lay down landscaping fabric. If you want to have a pathway, install that first. Finally, finish by spreading out decorative stones.

Embrace Nature

Stylish Backyard Design

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to take some time to be mindful. Many people find that enjoying the great outdoors can help them clear their minds. This Zen-inspired path is lined with a variety of vegetation in several shades of green, including golden globe arborvitae and lime glow Japanese barberry.

Splendid Succulents

Xeroscaping Designs

Potted succulents have been a popular interior decor trend in recent years, but succulents can also beautify your backyard. These sturdy plants flourish in warm, dry locations with sunlight, and typically need to be watered once a week at most. These plants are a great option for people who live in desert areas.

Cool Off In A Cabana

High End Low Maintenance Landscaping

Cabanas can enhance the usability of your yard by shielding people from the sun when it’s at its peak. With the right styling, it can also serve as a chic space for alfresco entertaining. There’s plenty of moody, romantic lighting thanks to lanterns with LED candles, string lights, and a fire pit. Gauzy curtains provide a little privacy without stifling the small space.

Relax on The Roof

Amazing Simple Landscape

People who live in urban areas often have to sacrifice having easily-accessible outdoor space. With the right decor, you can transform your rooftop into a garden getaway. This low-profile wood planter features an abundance of plant life, including hydrangeas and Japanese maple. Meanwhile, a small horizontal trellis fence helps to block out noise from the bustling city streets.

Comfortable Outdoor Area

Comfortable Outdoor Area

This cozy outdoor space is highly versatile, courtesy of its diverse seating options. A small fire pit is surrounded by faux Adirondack chairs as well as a charming retro freestanding porch stream. The sturdy trellis even provides an anchor for two woven boho hammocks. To minimize sun exposure, you can also incorporate ivy along the structure’s roof.

Create Discrete Outdoor Living Spaces

Large Low Maintenance Landscape

This enormous backyard could easily feel overwhelming to take care of, but the introduction of thoughtful hardscaping is a game-changer. The majority of the lawn is covered by paving stones which lead to a comfortable seating area arranged around an outdoor fireplace. Mulched beds with low-maintenance palm trees create separation between pavement and pool.

Nature-Inspired Design

Low Maintenance Front Lawn

While many built-in planters have a square or rectangular shape, this kidney-shaped structure is more curvilinear. The flowing lines of the planter almost mimic the shore of a winding river. Fill an unconventional garden box with a mixture of greenery including weeping figs, hostas, and common box plants.

Say Yes Please To Trees

Front Yard Design With Simple Landscaping

Trees are a great way to make the front of your home feel more private while still honoring nature. Mature trees can be expensive and difficult to plant. Luckily, there are many fast-growing trees available you can incorporate into your landscaping. Hybrid poplars, quaking aspen, and pin oaks are just a few examples. The shade they cast as they grow may even lower your energy costs.

Get Inspired By Your Architecture

Low Cost Backyard Landscaping

When designing your landscaping plan, it’s important to ensure that it looks cohesive with the exterior of your home. With its ornate roof and stone facade, this home has a vintage European elegance. The backyard continues to tell the story. The patio is sheltered under a striking wooden pergola which has been paired with decorative columns.

Take Advantage of Temperate Climates

Large Backyard Landscape Design

Some climates can sustain year-round outdoor living. If you live in one of those areas, you should enjoy it to its fullest extent. This chic home features a full outdoor kitchen that’s perfect for hosting weekend cookouts. The stone patio extends through multiple arches and into the yard which provides a sense of continuity.

Follow The Red Brick Road

Evergreen Backyard Design

Red bricks are a low-cost and low-effort way to give your home a classic feel. Brick edging gives this home a classic English cottage feel, especially when paired with neatly lined hedges. Use the same brick as an accent piece on elevated planters to tie the elements together.

Calm and Contemporary

Modern Backyard Landscaping

This backyard retreat is somehow simultaneously upscale and unfussy. The high fence and freestanding pergola feature clean lines, but the honey wood stain on both lends a touch of warmth. Those sharp lines are echoed in the rectangular black stone planters, which are filled with spiky mat rush. Rounded box shrubs provide a contrasting geometric element while enhancing the soothing aura of the space.

Plant A Perennial Favorite

Affordable Front Yard Landscaping Concept

Hostas are very popular for use in landscaping because they are incredibly easy to grow and have tons of longevity. Also known as plantain lilies, these plants have a lot of charm thanks to the variegated colors in their textured leaves. Hostas love the shade, so be sure to plant these in an area where they won’t be in full sun at all times.

Sizzling Southwest Style

Beautiful Low Maintenance Landscape For The Front Yard

With its stuccoed walls and terra cotta roof tiles, this Spanish-inspired home is perfect for desert living. The surrounding landscape only serves to complement this. The crimson-hued blossoms on the dwarf bottlebrush plants complement the marigold color of the house. In warm, temperate regions, this plant has the potential to bloom throughout the year.

Here Comes The Sun

Low Cost Backyard with Patio

This chic and simple back deck is the perfect place to sip coffee while the sun rises, or to snuggle up and watch the sunset. Because the desk is so large, it can easily sustain the oversized teak outdoor furniture. A long hedge of azaleas provides a pop of color without compromising the view, while a privet tree to the side of the deck helps this space feel more private.

Embrace Eclectic Design Choices

Easy Backyard Design

This style of this cute cottage seamlessly transitions into the garden. The DIY planters are built out of weathered rocks that coordinate well with the stone facade of the house. At night, the gravel path will be cozily lit by rustic lamps with LED candles. A whimsical metal sculpture helps modernize this old-fashioned courtyard.

Choose The Right Color Combinations

Beautiful Yard Landscaping

This terraced backyard is brimming with a multitude of colorful plants. In the front, you can see pale blue geraniums. As you go farther back, you can enjoy plush purple woodland sage, orangey-red sneezeweeds, and delicate white camellia flowers. When planting a diverse garden like these, be sure to choose plants that require similar levels of water and care to streamline the care they might need.

Simplify Your Small Yard

Affordable Landscaping Designs

This quaint tiny house makes the most of its minuscule side yard. Despite the lack of a lawn, there’s still plenty of greenery to be found. The low row of evergreen hedges helps create a distinct boundary between the house and a snug seating area. Over time, the young olive trees will grow to cast plenty of cool shade.