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43 Attractive Lawn Edging Ideas

43 Attractive Lawn Edging Ideas

While often overlooked, lawn edging is a simple, functional and elegant border that can elevate your garden. When looking to revamp your landscape, a low-maintenance and beautiful garden edging design can protect your flower beds, create a clean look and enhance your outdoor space. All you need to get started are a few inexpensive materials, a creative spark and a free weekend to install the borders. Whether you want to use brick, metal, wood, plastic or concrete, these stylish and practical lawn edges will improve your yard’s aesthetic.

Check out these amazing lawn edging ideas that will inspire your landscape and make your garden pop.

Popular Landscape Borders and Lawn Edging Ideas For Your Yard

Natural Stone Edge To Add Texture and Flow

Landscape Edging Ideas with Rocks and Stones

Creating beautiful lawn edges doesn’t have to be rocket science. As you can see, by using both small and large river stones you can create a dapper border that makes for a smooth transition between your lawn and flower beds. This landscape idea catches the eye with minimum effort, ensuring a natural look.

Rustic Garden Edging Design with Bench

Rustic Garden Edging Design with Bench

If you have the resources and time for a more complex project, an edge bench is the perfect pick. It serves a double purpose, as it enables you to a give your garden a rustic edge while also creating more seating space in your backyard. You can use old wood, just make sure to sand it down and treat for a more polished finish.

Easy Grass Lawn Edging

Easy Grass Lawn Edging Ideas

As we’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of ready-made lawn edging solutions available on the market, and these inter-locking metal dividers shouldn’t give you any trouble when setting up. It’s a simple way to separate your lawn from your walkway, while also allowing the green in your garden to pop. A clean, classic look never goes out of style.

Rock Edging For a Modern Look

Rock Edging

Large river stones can be used as lawn edges in all sorts of combinations. If you want to keep things simple, line up only a few of the more polished stones to really highlight your flower beds. To make the area more of a visual treat, use contrasting mulch and plant brightly colored flowers. We guarantee you’ll become the envy of your neighborhood in no time.

Large Stone Landscape Edging For Flowers

Stone Landscape Edging Ideas

Another great way to use large stones is to round them up around a pack of vibrantly colored plants. If said flowers are planted around a tree trunk, even better. You can also use flat stones or broken concrete – simply stack them up to add more texture. This layered arrangement instantly draws attention to the area, so you might want to also install a bench nearby.

Clean Brick Garden Edging For an Elegant Touch

Brick Garden Edging Ideas

Want your yard to look upscale and classy? A square brick edge should do the trick. You can play around with the shape of your plant area or even get different colored bricks for a more playful effect. Either way, a brick edge instantly defines the boundary between grass and garden, making for a functional yard accent. Plus, bricks are versatile, affordable, and frost-resistant, so they are a great choice to satisfy your lawn edging needs.

Simple Yard Edging For Plant Bed

Cool Yard Edging Ideas

Bricks come in many shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Longer bricks, for instance, ensure a smoother transition between your garden and lawn for a more refined look. See what you hardware store has available and choose the bricks that you think best suit your outdoor space. As for colors, anything goes, but a soft red gives a cozier feel to the area.

Big Rock Landscape Border For Front Yard Plants

Landscape Border Ideas

Big doesn’t always translate to better, but in this case the arrangement works. Pebbles are great to edge an area with small flowers. However, when it comes to edging an area with bushes and larger plants it’s best to opt for large rocks. Think of it like this – it’s all about balance. Pebbles wouldn’t work well here, while big rocks can overshadow smaller plants. It makes sense.

Easy DIY Garden Lawn For Backyard

Easy DIY Landscape Edging

A tall, metal edge gives your yard an industrial look and also works great with larger plants and bushes. You can paint the metal a different color for a more whimsical effect. Or, if you like the industrial vibe, dark-colored mulch is the way to go, as it ensures both the edge and the plants pop.

Wooden Garden Borders with River Stones

Wooden Garden Borders

This is an ideal solution for porches and paved yards. The wood helps you elegantly frame off the garden, while the smooth stones go great with the greenery. Consider adding a few stylish solar garden lanterns in between your plants to enjoy a cozy atmosphere during the evenings. Large pots are also welcome to the mix to break up the visual monotony.

Simple Border Fence

Simple Garden Border Fence Ideas

Don’t have time for a DIY landscape project? A black wire fence can provide a practical, yet stylish solution. Easy to install, it draws the eye to the garden without taking over too much space. There are numerous design options available on the market, so shop around until you find one that will fit best in your outdoor space.

Modern Garden For Yard

Cool Garden Edging Ideas For Yard

A more upscale option, concrete garden edging effectively defines garden beds or tree/bush surrounds. Inexpensive and lasting, concrete edging is available to purchase ready-made, or you can take a shot at creating it yourself with the right materials. For a playful look you can paint it in a more vibrant color.

Unique Decorative Stone Wall Flower Border

Unique Decorative Stone Wall Flower Border

While traditional stone walls are perfectly fine, consider spicing up the design by using wire basket-type material. Use stones of all shapes and sizes for a natural look and fill in the gaps with mulch. This type of edging is recommended for a larger outdoor space, as it would look cramped in a tiny yard.

Simple Wooden Walkway

Walkway Edging Ideas

Wood provides an accessible and rustic solution, well-suited in all types of outdoor spaces. Basic wooden lawn edges work particularly well if they match your fence or yard furniture, helping your outdoor space look put-together. The most rot-resistant wood is pressure-treated pine, but you can get away with redwood and cedar as well.

Pretty Pebble Lawn Edge To Add Texture

Pretty Pebble Lawn Edge to Add Texture

Pebbles can add an attractive finishing touch to your lawn or flower beds, as well as ensure a smoother visual transition from your lawn to your porch. However, loose pebbles can become untidy, so consider using basic plastic edging between your lawn and your rocks to keep them in place.

Finished Brick Short Garden Wall

Finished Brick Short Garden Wall Border

These half bricks work great as garden edges, adding a playful feel to your yard. You can use them to line off flower beds or even a walkway. For a fun idea, consider painting them different colors. If you can’t find half bricks at your hardware store, cut whole bricks in half. Make sure to use a powerful saw bade or reach out to a professional to avoid crumbling.

Creative Old Wood Flower Edges

Creative Old Wood Flower Garden Edges

Old wood or railroad ties aren’t particularly glamorous, but they will give your garden a rustic feel. You can stack them up for a raised garden edge to help your beautiful plants stand out without losing that natural, earthy look. Don’t have access to railroad tiles? Any old wood should work fine.

Brick Landscape Border with Raised Stone Flower Bed

Yard Landscape Border + Lawn Edging

If you have a big yard, don’t limit yourself to only wood, brick, or stone when brainstorming lawn edges. Tastefully combine materials that look good together and come up with ingenious solutions to your edging needs. Case in point – bricks and stones of various sizes make for a rustic, yet polished edge. Showcasing large plants? Even better.

Basic Black Plastic Mulch

Basic Black Plastic Mulch Edging

Cheap and easy to install, black plastic edging is effective and available at any hardware store. This type of lawn edging is ideal if you’re a beginner in the art of landscaping, just getting the hang of things. It ensures a clean look without too much hassle. Plus, since it’s malleable, it allows you to play with the final shape of your edge.

Colorful Rock Edging For Plant Bed

Colorful Rock Edging For Plant Bed

Another great garden edging solution is to use different colored stones or pebbles to line off your flower beds. Just make sure that the colors complement your plants well, otherwise the space might end up looking too theatrical. You can always paint the pebbles yourself as a fun DIY project.

Rough Stone Garden Walls For a Luxury Landscape

Rough Stone Garden Walls for a Luxury Landscape

Raised stone walls are elegant, but using rough stone ensures that you don’t miss out on that rustic feel. You can use various stones of all sizes and colors, depending on how you want to final result to look. Keep them consistent for a polished effect or mix and match for a more mischievous and eye-catching wall.

Textured Paving Stones Guarantee A Posh Finish

Textured Paving Stones Guarantee a Posh Finish

Paving stones are a classic lawn edging solution. However, you can keep things interesting by shopping around for stones with a more interesting design. These textured ones, for instance, really catch the eye and instantly elevate your entire yard. Next time you’re at your garden or hardware store, set a few minutes aside to evaluate your options.

Classy Gardening Landscape For Big Plant Boxes

Classy Landscape and Garden Edging For Big Plant Boxes

If you have a big yard, large planters are impressive statement pieces. You can easily put them together yourself and use your imagination to come up with a unique design that will dazzle your visitors. When it comes to garden edging, these are also perfect for when you want to group together different plants.

Easy DIY Lawn For Cute Flower Bed Border

Easy DIY Lawn Edging for Cute Flower Bed Border

PVC stakes are inexpensive and easy to paint, so they make for a practical DIY edging solution. Grouped together, they look like a miniature fence. These are usually sold as a set, so make sure to measure the area you want to line off before heading out to the store. It will help you estimate approximately how many you will need.

Classy Backyard Garden with Raised White Walls

Creative Backyard Garden Edging Ideas

While concrete lawn edging is fairly popular, it can easily come off as boring. To spruce it up, use edges of various sizes to showcase different plants. Also, add a bench or other type of yard furniture in between sections to liven up the space.

Simple Flower Bed with Brick Border For Front of The House

Simple Flower Bed with Brick Border For Front of the House

These interconnecting paver stones make for excellent flower bed edging, as long as the flower bed isn’t too large – otherwise, you might want a more pronounced edge. They’re sturdy and elegant, providing a clean and polished look. If the flower bed is on the side of the house, the stones should ideally match your wall.

Rustic Brown Flower Bed Edging Design

Rustic Brown Flower Bed Edging Designs

These bronze planters are striking. If you want to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong by investing in some. The color looks great with green plants, ensuring that your garden will be as soothing and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Cute Metal Flowers

Cute Metal Flowers Ensure a Whimsical Garden Edge

It really doesn’t get easier than this. These flower-shaped edging posts will bring your entire outdoor space to life, perfectly complementing your natural plants. The wavy stems are particularly appealing, giving off the effect that the flowers are blowing in the wind. No need to worry – they’re sturdy enough to last.

White Rocks with Stone Edging For Plant Bed

White Rocks with Stone Edging For Plant Bed in Front of House

Lawn borders are anything but boring. Case in point: this amazing stone design. You can easily play around with rocks of different colors and shapes to come up with a personalized look that will best match your own yard. It’s both practical and pretty to look at.

Simple Glossy Bricks

Simple Glossy Bricks For Grass Edge

A great way to make your brick garden edge stand out is to give it a shiny, wet look. All you need to do it to apply high-gloss sealant and voila – you just brought your lawn edge to the next level. You can choose between water-based and oil-based mixtures. Tip: water-based topcoats take more time to dry, but cleanup is easier.

Bricks Border To Keep Grass Out

Lawn Edging Ideas To Keep Grass Out

Brick is a durable material, but it can crack over time, especially if exposed to excessive moisture – as it happens if you’re using it to edge a flower bed. While you can treat it for a more polished finish, the rustic look associated with exposed brick can give your garden a homier feel.

Beautiful Modern Backyard

Modern Garden Edging for Beautiful Yards

Marble tiles are great in big, luxurious yards. This project will be more time-consuming, but the end result is worth the effort. Consider combining tall marble walls with low edges for a more interesting effect. As for the plants themselves, keeping a consistently green palette will add to the elegance of the design.

Trendy Rock Garden Edging

Rock Garden Edging Never Goes Out of Style

A simple rock garden edge allows you to draw attention to your flower bed, which you can style up with different colored flowers for a more glamorous effect. Consider adding a few decorative accessories in the mix as well, but make sure they match your stone edge to keep things consistent.

Metal Lawn Edges with Dark Colored Mulch

Metal Lawn Edging with Dark Colored Mulch

If you like to keep your lawn edges as simple as possible, consider adding some colored mulch into the mix for a more eye-pleasing effect. Most colored mulches are dyed with safe substances. However, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you have kids or pets, we recommend you opt for mulch that has been dyed using natural substances.

Match The Mulch For Consistent Landscape

Match The Mulch to Your Lawn Edge for Consistent Landscape

Cement glue is your best friend when designing stone edges for your garden. If won’t fill the holes between the stones, but you can fix that by choosing rocks of different shapes and sizes and mixing them together. When adding mulch, make sure it complements the edges for an elegant touch.

Line Your Garden with Stone Seashells

Line Your Garden with Stone Seashells for an Exotic Look

When it comes to lawn edging, there are no rules – you can get as creative as you wish. Using seashells, for instance, as garden edges is a unique and clever idea, ensuring you’ll have a very modern space. You can easily buy seashells in bulk for your DIY projects.

Unique Brick Designs Add Texture

Unique Brick Designs Add Texture to Your Yard Edging

Give your outdoor space a bohemian vibe by using embellished bricks as flower bed edges. Make sure they either match the rest of your decor or contrast well with the lawn, acting like a pop of color. Either way, bricks with interesting designs will help your flower beds stand out.

Simple Plant Bed

Simple Plant Bed Edges and Lawn Borders

Don’t have a generous yard? Consider creating accent flower beds by using simple brick edges and letting the plants shine. You can use rocks or garden accessories to spice up your design. Modest lawn edges allow the flowers to really stand out.

Use Landscape Lighting To Highlight Your Lawn

Use Landscape Lighting to Highlight Lawn Edges

A great way to showcase your exquisite lawn edging is to install garden lanterns nearby. There are endless options on the market, but we suggest you purchase several in the same design to keep things consistent. Solar-powered lanterns are a smart choice, as they turn on and off automatically based on sunlight.

Small Rocks with Stacked Rock Edge For Cool Landscaping

Small Rocks with Stacked Rock Edge For Cool Landscaping

As we’ve already mentioned, rocks are excellent for lining your beds with. You can add pebbles into the mix as well for a more layered transition. Additionally, fill your beds with green leafy plants to add extra contrast and movement to the design.