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How To Turn A Living Room Into A Bedroom

How To Turn A Living Room Into A Bedroom

A guest bedroom is a luxury for people who live in a small studio apartment or home with limited space. If you have guests coming, turning a living room into a bedroom can be a practical choice that allows you to accommodate your visitors.

To convert a living room into a bedroom, a multifunctional sofa or sleeper sectional can help create a cozy and welcoming space for your guests to rest comfortably. If you need to divide a room, start with an open floor plan and install a divider and curtains to separate the areas. For a creative and easy approach, a bookshelf can also split a room and offer the separation necessary for privacy and personal space. When looking for affordable and fashionable designs, a bedroom in your living room is an achievable result with the right tips and tricks.

For inspiration, here are the 17 best and fastest ways to turn a living room into a bedroom. These living room bedroom combo ideas will help you find stylish and functional designs that will maximize your small space.

Turning A Living Room Into A Bedroom

Add A Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

The sofa is a staple piece of living room furniture that can double as a great sleeping spot for overnight guests. During the day, a sofa bed will serve as the primary seating option in your living room. At night, this furniture can convert into a bed where visitors may sleep comfortably.

While there are many different types of sofa beds, the pullout style is the most traditional and functional choice. A pullout couch contains a metal frame and a mattress that fold up neatly under the seat cushions when not in use. In recent years, convertible sleepers have also begun to increase in popularity. Instead of containing a concealed mattress, the back of a convertible sleeper folds down flat. This option is ideal for people who like the streamlined silhouette of modern furnishings.

Install A Room Divider

Install A Room Divider

A room divider is a practical way to split your living room and bedroom, separating the spaces to create privacy. Open floor plans are generally very desirable, but if your living room often operates as a guest bedroom, the lack of privacy can be a huge drawback. Installing a room divider is a simple yet effective way to create discrete spaces within a larger footprint.

If you rarely have overnight guests in your home, you can use a portable dividing screen to turn your living room space into a bedroom at night. These screens are available in varying styles and sizes to suit the room. If you’re going for a relaxed boho vibe, look for a wooden divider with interesting carved details. If you prefer a more modern feel, opt for a divider with a metal frame and frosted glass inserts.

There are also some alternative options to consider if you’d rather make your division a little more permanent. Many online retailers offer decorative panels that can be installed from floor to ceiling to create a partition. Installing something like this is a great way to incorporate architectural interest into your space while creating a sense of separation.

Get A Sleeper Sectional

Get A Sleeper Sectional

With their ample seating, sectional sofas are the ideal piece of living room furniture for people who like to entertain. Many people don’t realize that sectionals can transform into beds just as easily as a more traditional sofa. Some sectionals are set up like a standard pullout sofa, with a metal frame that slides underneath the seating conditions. If your sectional has a chaise, the bed will run parallel to it once it is pulled out.

Modular sectional sofas have become increasingly popular with consumers as they offer a lot of versatility in seating arrangements. This flexibility can also extend into sleeping options. With a little repositioning, a modular sectional and ottoman can be arranged into the shape of a bed.

Incorporate A Chair That Turns Into A Bed

Chair That Turns Into A Bed

Sofa beds are a stylish and affordable choice for multifunctional furniture to sleep on, but these designs may not work in every space. If you live in a small space like a studio apartment, a sleeper chair can be a functional option to suit your needs. When shopping around, armchairs that can fold out into a narrower twin-sized bed can help you maximize every inch of your floor plan.

Buy A Futon


For centuries, futons have been known as a traditional style of bedding throughout Japan. In the 1980s, Western-style futons became popular in North America, particularly among college students and young adults. A Western futon is typically comprised of a thick but somewhat pliable cushion resting on top of a wooden frame. The back of the wooden frame can be positioned upright, so the futon functions as a sort of couch, or can be laid flat to operate as a bed.

With time, that shape has evolved. Now, you’re more likely to find futons with slim, lightweight metal frames. Because futons are typically much smaller than traditional sofa beds, they’re another great option for people with smaller living spaces.

Create A Cozy Space With Stylish Curtains

Create A Cozy Space With Stylish Curtains

If you intend to have overnight guests in your living room regularly, nice curtains are a stylish decorative item that can create a cozy feel. Blackout drapes will prevent your guests from being woken up by the sun while also providing some privacy from any nosy neighbors. Velvet drapes have a luxe look, but also create a cozy environment.

Shop For A Daybed

Shop For A Daybed

Furniture pieces like pullout couches and Western-style futons are designed primarily to be seating options but have the flexibility to convert into a sleeping space. Daybeds are the opposite. Daybeds, on the other hand, are beds that can be used as auxiliary seating.

The seating area of a daybed is a typical mattress, usually queen-sized, nestled into a frame. This frame could be wood, metal, or upholstered, and has some back and side support in the manner of a sofa. The mattress is typically made up with sheets and a coverlet, and can be heaped with pillows that are both decorative and functional. When guests are ready to sleep, they can simply rearrange the pillows and slide right under the covers.

Feature A Storage Coffee Table

Feature A Storage Coffee Table

When dividing a living room into a bedroom, storage is a design element that becomes a priority. Without dressers and closet space, guests will have to live out of their suitcases, which can make the room feel cramped and messy. When picking out furniture like end tables and coffee tables, look for substantial pieces that are equipped with large drawers. This is a clever and discreet place for guests to store at least some of their personal items and necessities.

Invest In An Ottoman with Storage

Ottoman with Storage

Ottomans may be smaller than sofas, but they can be just as multifunctional. Not only is an ottoman a great place to prop up your feet, but it can also serve as an additional seating option and as a storage vessel. Many upholstered ottomans feature a hidden storage compartment in the seat. By lifting up the lid, you have the perfect place to store sheets, pillows, and bedding for your couch or futon. Your guests can even stash clothes or pajamas in there if there’s a little extra room.

Consider A Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift-Top Coffee Table

For homeowners with more traditional décor styles, a massive wooden coffee table with large drawers and ornate handles will fit in perfectly. If you tend to gravitate towards modern or contemporary designs, a lift-top coffee table may be a better fit in your living room. In a lift-top coffee table, a flat tabletop piece is mounted on some kind of opening mechanism, most typically a hydraulic, pneumatic, or spring system.

The top can be lifted straight up, sideways, or on a swivel, revealing hidden storage underneath. When the top is in an upright position, it can also pull double duty as a desktop. A lift-top coffee table might also contain additional flat-front drawers, giving the piece a sleek and streamlined feel.

Pick Up A Trundle


Between pullout sofas, sleeper sectionals, futons, and daybeds, there is no shortage of multipurpose furniture that can be used for both seating and sleeping. Trundle beds are arguably the most well-designed example of convertible furniture. A trundle bed is a compact bed frame and mattress that is designed to be stored underneath a more traditional bed.

Typically topped with a twin-sized mattress, the trundle frame slides out easily in the manner of a drawer being opened. Many sofas and daybeds are also equipped with trundles, creating yet another bonus sleeping area so you can host multiple guests at once.

Go Minimal with A Luxury Air Mattress

Go Minimal with A Luxury Air Mattress

If the living room furniture you already own isn’t convertible, there’s no need to replace it just to accommodate overnight guests. Instead, you can invest in a luxury air mattress. These are not the flimsy pool rafts you used to take on camping trips as a kid. A luxury air mattress will have features like a built-in pump for easy inflation and a coil design that mimics the feel of a traditional mattress. When they’re not in use, they can be deflated, packed up, and tucked out of the way in a closet.

Accessorize with Comfortable Pillows, Cushions and Rugs

Accessorize with Comfortable Pillows, Cushions and Rugs

A bedroom isn’t restful just because it contains a bed. The decor also contributes to creating a soothing and relaxing environment. If you anticipate your living room will be used frequently by overnight guests, use textiles to give that environment a more tranquil feel. Plush carpets and thick-pile rugs will feel warm and welcoming under bare feet, while thick, overstuffed pillows can help guests to recline in style. Drape cashmere or faux fur throw blankets over furniture to further soften your space.

In A Studio, Split The Living Room With A Bookshelf

Split The Living Room With A Bookshelf

When dividing a living room into a bedroom for a studio apartment, a stylish bookshelf is a practical and decorative furniture choice that can help separate these spaces. Portable room dividers can quickly transform a living room into a cozy sleeping area. You can also use more functional pieces of furniture to create a similar effect in a studio apartment.

Place a large bookshelf or etagere perpendicular to the wall to section off your sleeping area from your seating area. Then adorn the shelves with decorative items like vases, sculptures, and plants. Stay away from shelving units made from solid wood and opt for one with a metal frame instead. You won’t get as much privacy, but you also won’t interrupt the flow of light throughout the space.

Try A Loft Bed

Loft Bed

When decorating small spaces, it’s not always enough to get creative with furniture placement. Sometimes you have to utilize vertical space in addition to floor space. Installing a lofted bed is a great way to provide for your guests without sacrificing any of your square footage. Install a foldable ladder so guests can climb up at bedtime, or create built-in cabinetry that doubles as a staircase.

Create A Divide With A Wardrobe Rack

Create A Divide With A Wardrobe Rack

We know that a double-sided bookcase is ideal for dividing a studio apartment into distinct areas. This effect can also be achieved with a wardrobe rack. This solution is ideal for an apartment with limited closet space because it gives you another venue for displaying your clothes. A powder-coated black metal wardrobe rack will give your studio apartment a stylish industrial feel.

Build A Temporary Half Wall

Build A Temporary Half Wall

If you know you’ll be living in your home for at least a few years, movable pieces like room dividers, wardrobe racks, and bookcases may feel temporary. Building a half wall is more of a commitment, but it will help your home feel more finished. Also known as a pony wall, a half wall only extends about halfway up to the ceiling. This means you can section off multiple areas within your living room without interrupting the sight line or blocking any natural light that comes in through the windows.