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49 Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas

49 Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas

A grey bedroom is a modern and stylish choice that will transform your space and create an elegant finish. As a classy neutral color, the most popular grey bedrooms generally feature a light shade on the walls with darker-colored bedding, furniture, curtains, blinds or area rugs for contrast. You may just want to paint the walls a light or medium color and then feature metal accents like a unique lamp or decorative mirror.

In my experience, grey is a versatile color that can complement and work well with white, black, blue, yellow, pink and gold, offering a combination to suit any style.

Whether you want a light and cozy feel or a dark and moody approach, the right grey-themed bedroom decor can offer a timeless and classy look for a beautiful aesthetic.

From rustic to modern, check out these gorgeous grey bedroom ideas to inspire your imagination and elevate your personal space.

Amazing Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Gray and Black Bedroom Decor For Couples

Gray and Black Bedroom Decor For Couples

An all-gray bedroom can feel a little flat, but pairing the space with oppositional colors like black and white may add an interesting graphic element to the room. Since gray is a mix of black and white, a color scheme with black, gray, and white will feel incredibly cohesive. With such a neutral look, you can always add some visual intrigue with contrasting shades.

Minimalist Grey and Light Brown Bedroom

Minimalist Grey and Light Brown Bedroom

Gray and light brown shades are popular neutral colors that can elevate your bedroom. Tan and beige are relaxing brown hues that will draw you in with warmth, while the contrasting gray offers some cool and modern sensibility. This color combination creates a tantalizing room with an effortless design.

Simple Gray and White Bedroom Decor

Simple Gray and White Bedroom Decor

When you stick to an understated color scheme like gray and white, it’s important to include different textures in your space to make it feel more layered and inviting. In this serene bedroom, the visible wood grain in the nightstand and bench brings in visual texture. Meanwhile, the nubby gray rug introduces a satisfying tactile texture.

Elegant Grey Master Decor with Textured Elements

Elegant Grey Master Decor with Textured Elements

People who use a simple, monochromatic color scheme have a lot of room to play with textures and materials. This chic gray bedroom has lots of plush elements like the trellis print carpet and the tufted, upholstered bed. These lush and luxurious decor pieces contrast beautifully against harder-edged pieces like acrylic bed benches and a stone pedestal. The metallic nightstands and ornate crystal chandelier further elevate the space.

Beautiful and Luxurious Dark Grey Bedroom Decor

Beautiful and Luxurious Dark Grey Bedroom Decor

If you have a spacious master bedroom, a feature wall is a great way to orient and anchor the design. Creating a geometric design out of pieces of wood trim brings a ton of dimensionality to this space. This feature wall is painted a deep, charcoal gray which gives the room a polished, elevated vibe.

Gorgeous and Relaxing Grey Master Bedroom

Gorgeous and Relaxing Grey Master Bedroom

Using high-end finishes in your bedroom can make you feel like you’re away at a vacation retreat without even leaving your house. This elegant yet understated grasscloth wallpaper has a subtle sophistication that makes the room feel incredibly expensive. Upscale features like a grid beam ceiling and crystal pendant light further enhance the effect. This bedroom is an excellent example of 360-degree interior design.

Cute Aesthetic Grey Bedroom

Cute Aesthetic Grey Bedroom

While pale gray is a popular color for a bedroom, dark graphite gray can have a striking effect on an aesthetic space. Metal accents, including a brass sputnik chandelier, give this room a modern edge, but pale gray accents in the rug and bedding keep the room feeling as cozy as it is contemporary.

Aesthetic Grey and Pink Bedroom Decor

Aesthetic Grey and Pink Bedroom Decor

While gray is a neutral color, a sedate gray with cool undertones can easily skew more masculine. Choosing a warmer gray and pairing it with a pale pink gives it a softer, more feminine feel. Mirrored nightstands, sheer white curtains, and plush tufted ottomans add to the over-the-top femme flair of this bedroom.

Modern and Cozy Grey Bedroom

Modern and Cozy Grey Bedroom

A modern grey bedroom can feel inviting and accessible with the right interior design approach. Details like ornate crown molding and decorative wall trim give the room historic flair, but sleek midcentury modern furnishings bring the overall design to a more contemporary place.

Elegant Grey and Brown Master Bedroom

Elegant Grey and Brown Master Bedroom

If you have furniture in warm tones like tan and brown, you might worry that gray walls won’t be a good fit. Look for shades of gray with warm, yellow undertones and you may be pleasantly surprised by how well it ties in with your existing decor. This textured wallpaper incorporates shades of beige alongside warm gray for an even more seamless effect.

Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Gray is often thought of as a mature and sophisticated color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. This black and gray bedroom felt a little serious, but bold and bright pops of yellow give the space some much-needed youthful exuberance.

Eclectic Grey and Black Bedroom

Eclectic Grey and Black Bedroom

Maximalist interior design is very trendy right now, but some people are a little gun-shy about committing to the saturated jewel tones intrinsic to the style. A grayscale room is a great way to play with eclectic decor without pushing your boundaries too far. Look for playful pieces like black and white botanical-print wallpaper, or an overdyed gray rug with subtle pink and purple undertones.

Understated Gray and White Bedroom with Black Accents

Understated Gray and White Bedroom with Black Accents

While bright white walls and ceilings give this room an airy quality, when you look a little closer, the space is packed with incredible design details, from the black marble fireplace to the herringbone wood floors. Because the room is so large and the color palette is so crisp, the room can sustain quirky boho-inspired decor, from the pom-pom curtains to the large potted plants.

Modern Grey Bedroom

Modern Light and Dark Grey Bedroom Ideas

For a style that is sure to please both masculine and feminine characteristics look no further than medium grey walls, black furniture and metal accents. Placing mirrors in back of lamps and across from windows helps reflect light and adds an airiness to the room.

Beautiful Light Grey Bedroom with White Accents

Beautiful Light Grey Bedroom Ideas with White Accents

To achieve this look start with medium grey walls. Next, incorporate a lighter shade bed with a classic tufted headboard and anchor the bed with a farm style bench. A tall flower arrangement allows the eye to look up and make the room appear taller than it is.

Minimalist Grey Bedroom Design

Grey Bedroom Ideas - Minimalist Grey Bedroom Design with Dark Grey Wall

Steal this minimalist Scandinavian inspired design by painting just one accent wall a neutral grey. Add life to the room with green plants and finish with a bright colored lounge chair that will stand out against the grey and white tones to make the room more fun.

Masculine Men’s Grey Bedroom

Grey Bedroom - Masculine Bedroom Shines with Natural Grey Concrete Walls

Exposed light grey concrete walls are left untouched in this bedroom and serve as a decorative textured element all on their own. Warm light brown wood furniture and a soft grey couch balance the room from feeling too sterile. The result is a cool, masculine bedroom.

Cool Decor Concept with Awesome Lighting

Cool Grey Bedroom

No headboard required in this artsy grey and white bedroom. Instead the bed is anchored by a two-toned backdrop of whitewashed shiplap boards below and a dark grey wall above. A large black and white abstract picture is hung in the middle to pull the entire room together.

Soft and Warm Modern Decor

Soft and Warm Modern Grey Bedroom Decor

Dark muted purple, pink and light grey-colored bedding make up this modern styled bedroom. A simple framed bird soaring through the sky is placed above the headboard along with unique vases to convey a modern aesthetic with clean lines. A patterned pouf cushion placed at the end of the bed is the perfect spot to put on your morning slippers.

Grey Decor with European Styling

Grey Bedroom Decor with European Styling

This bedroom shows off how you can use grey decor to achieve an elevated Italian-inspired bedroom look. A wall divider placed behind the headboard provides more visual interest than a painted wall or headboard alone could achieve. Add grey bedding and an area rug to tie the whole room together.

Country Chic Design Concept

Country Chic Grey Bedroom

For a true mix of sophistication as well as laid back country style start with formal classic pieces such as this grey and white rug and then add in rustic pieces like the curved nightstand. A whimsical flower-patterned duvet provides a hint of country flowers.

Contrasting Dark and Light Grey Bedroom

Dark and Light Grey Bedroom Design

This modern European bedroom style keeps it interesting with a playful graphic pillow and pictures hung off center from the bed. To keep the room from looking too busy, only use three colors so the space feels united. Add built in armoires instead of dressers and paint them the same color as the walls, a bluish grey to achieve true European style.

Luxury Grey Color Ideas

Luxury Grey Master Bedroom

Take a hint from luxurious hotels and steal this style for home relaxation. Satin curtains, large mirrors, and a silver chandelier provide elevated style to this hotel worthy bedroom. Adding a small space to sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee before taking on the day is a plus.

Themed Bedroom with Conversational Accents

Grey-Themed Bedroom With Conversational Accents

Grey walls are the perfect neutral base to start off with when trying to achieve a high design look. Next find a show stopping light fixture such as this modern circular metal chandelier and hang above the bed. Instead of painting an accent wall, hang a collection of framed art in unison such as this series of nine pictures to give the room more visual interest.

Bright Bedroom with Patterned Walls

Bright Bedroom with Light Grey Patterned Walls

Grey does not always mean boring, especially in this bedroom design where the walls steal the show. While the design may look intimidating at first glance, this is something that can anyone can DIY at home. Gold elements in the form of lamps and curtain rods give this bedroom a classy touch.

Grey and White Bedroom Decor

Grey and White Bedroom Decor

Not your grandmother’s bedroom. This bedroom design enjoys the contrast of white curtains and bedding to a dark grey seated chest and headboard. Despite the room being carpeted, an area rug with a cream and white design adds character to the room. Mix both gold and silver metals to fully embrace this eclectic style.

Light Grey with Clean Lines and Soft Elements

Light Grey Bedroom with Clean Lines and Soft Elements

For a look straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog that you can achieve at home start with light grey walls. Next add a large textured rug with hints of color, specifically blue and white. Throw pillows atop the bed give it a soft playful vibe.

Small Bedroom Ideas

Small Grey Bedroom Ideas

While this bedroom may be small, it has big design personality. The walls are painted in two tones, with dark grey on the bottom and a light shade on the top and ceiling. Add white molding between the two paint tones to add a fun style element that is not often found in bedrooms. Top this bedroom design off by adding a crystal light fixture above the bed for a pop of glam.

Feminine Bedroom with Playful Decor

Feminine Grey Bedroom with Playful Decor

This room screams of feminine style. Start with a grey accent wall and keep it streamlined with a white bed frame, white curtains and a white nightstand. Textured throw blankets in faux fur, grey and pink add the perfect amount of visual interest to this room so it appears anything but boring.

Gorgeous White, Light and Dark Grey Master Bedroom

Gorgeous White, Light and Dark Grey Master Bedroom

A dark grey bed stands out among the white walls and flooring. A large area rug is used to warm up the space and works well with the bedding to tie in the black and white furniture elements which encapsulate most of the room.

Cozy Dark and Light Grey Bedroom with Purple Accents

Cozy Dark and Light Grey Bedroom with Purple Accents

Dark grey walls set the stage for this cozy small bedroom with high ceilings. A mix of black and white furniture is perfectly balanced to give the room a cohesive feel. Add a flair of color with decorative pillows and a throw blanket to make the room pop.

Glamorous Grey and Black Bedroom

Glamorous Grey and Black Bedroom

Achieve this glamorous bedroom look by painting the top half of the walls grey and adding white wainscoting to the bottom half. Next opt for dark grey accents in the form of curtain rods, nightstands and bed skirts. Add personality to the room by adding black and white family photos to the wall.

Light Bedding and Dark Bedroom Walls

Light Grey Bedding and Dark Grey Bedroom Walls

A medium grey paint is the perfect backdrop to this happy bedroom style. Next notice the gold tray on the nightstand, gold mirror above the headboard as well as the gold embellished lamps on either side of the bed. Metal accents such as this help reflect light in the room giving it a happy and inviting feel.

Blue and Grey Bedroom

Blue and Grey Bedroom

Grey and blue are perfect compliments to each other. Neither one outshines the other, instead both work in harmony to create a serene aesthetic. A medium tufted headboard and light gray walls work well with the blue patterned comforter. Notice the detail in the metal buttoning no the headboard matches the silver mirror and basket under the nightstand. Details such as this help bring all elements of the room together.

Bold Yellow Accent Decorations

Bold Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorations

Grey walls, white curtains and a pop of yellow throw pillows give this room a gorgeous curated look. The use of a yellow wreath on the bedroom door is a good example of a design piece that works just as well indoors as it does on a front door. The area rug with a rich white pattern give a sophisticated look to the room.

Light Grey and White Bedroom Design

Light Grey and White Bedroom Design

The French are known as stylish people, but when it comes to interior design that also rings true. Steal this grey bedroom style by painting the walls and built-in wardrobe. Next add a French banquet sofa and an accent pillow. The pop of color is pulled from the one painting on the wall.

Classy Grey, Black and White Bedroom

Classy Grey, Black and White Bedroom

A light grey carpet is complimented with beige walls, light brown nightstands, black framed mirrors and printed photographs of the Eiffel tower which all work seamlessly well together. This sophisticated room sticks to a limited color scheme, but still gives visual interest with its textured carpet and fun striped headboard.

Pink, Purple and Grey Bedroom Decor

Pink, Purple and Grey Bedroom Decor

Dark grey walls cover the entire room to create a cozy atmosphere in this small room. A crystal chandelier in the middle of the space provides romantic ambiance and works nicely against the soft throw blankets, candles and pink accessories. The narrow shelving allows for the right amount of space to show off pretty artwork.

High-End Scheme

High-End Light and Grey Bedroom Scheme

Neutral grey is found at every turn in this luxurious bedroom. From the headboard to the seating area, curtains and coffee table, this color scheme is trendy. A vase of flowers brings life to the room and mirrored nightstands make the space feel more open.

Clean Lines and Floral Elements

Grey Bedroom with Clean Lines and Floral Elements

Dark wide plank wood floors are a splendid foundation for this light grey bedroom design. The room feels wider that it actually is because of its striped walls that entice the eye to look side to side. Fun floral and succulent throw pillows give the room added appeal and personality.

Inviting Decor with Peach Highlights

Inviting White and Grey Bedroom with Peach Highlights

Peach and grey work well together to create a calm and warm atmosphere. The two-toned curtains allow for more light to filter through the pastel peach portion of the curtain. Add a light white quilt to give the space a welcomed feel.

Beautiful Design with Natural Elements

Beautiful Grey-Themed Bedroom Design with Natural Elements

A light wood accent wall provides a rustic touch to this charming bedroom retreat. The chandelier with mirrored details adds a bright glamorous detail, while a purple comforter and matching pillows add a luxurious element. After all, purple is the color of royalty.

Manly Modern Grey and Dark Brown Bedroom

Manly Modern Dark Brown and Grey Bedroom

A grey wood paneled accent wall goes modern when paired with an earthy brown headboard and duvet cover. A simple, yet comfortable accent chair and sleek side table provide the perfect space to read a book while sipping tea.

Black Furniture

Dark Grey Room with Black Furniture

The trick to pulling off this look is to go for black furniture pieces with a shiny finish instead of a matte finish. This allows light to reflect off the furniture and keeps the room bright instead of falling flat. The grey walls and carpet are the perfect neutral to compliment this two-toned room. Keep the light fixture simple, as the black furniture provides enough of a wow factor.

Classic Bedroom with A Pop of Color

Classic Grey Bedroom with A Pop of Color

Medium grey-toned walls set the perfect backdrop to this classic bedroom style. Add a punch of color with decorative throw pillows. As the seasons change swap the pillows out to give the room a completely different feel.

Chic Modern Room with Feminine Touch

Chic Modern Grey Bedroom with Feminine Touch

This grey bedroom exudes a cool and sophisticated mod interior. The purple lounge chair situated near the bright window provides a serene space to relax. Wallpaper serves as an accent wall behind the king size bed to give the room some visual interest.

Natural Light and Beautiful Light Tones

Pale Grey Bedroom with Natural Light and Beautiful Light Tones

This room feels as if you are entering a serene spa. The large window provides lots of natural light to the space while the grey toned walls, bedding and flooring offer a soothing feel. Floor to ceiling mirrors on either side of the room allow light to bounce around the room giving an open feel. Have fun with lighting and dare to have two different types of fixtures.

Contemporary Wall with White Highlights

Contemporary Grey Wall with White Highlights

Who needs a headboard when you can have a bold accent wall instead? This is an easy way to incorporate the grey bedroom trend into your bedroom. Tie the room together with grey bedding and a throw rug. To keep the room from looking dull add some white throw pillows and potted plant.

Bold Design Inspiration

Bold Grey Bedroom Design Inspiration

Achieve a designer-inspired bedroom look with a statement piece of abstract artwork in grey, white and black tones. Keep the color scheme consistent by placing a large area rug, accent chair, and colored accent wall.