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65 Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

65 Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your front yard can be a simple and affordable way to enhance your curb appeal and add value to your home. From small and simple to bold, these gorgeous front yard landscaping ideas are modern, functional and budget-friendly options that will transform your home and create a great first impression.

If you want an inviting look, growing the perfect plants, designing a beautiful garden and shaping the flow with grass and pathways can make all the difference. Matching the design to the front of your house can also ensure you complement the style and highlight architectural features. While an attractive yard can be expensive, these creative and low-maintenance designs will suit any aesthetic, size and layout.

For inspiration, check out these amazing landscaping ideas for your front yard to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Landscaping Ideas For The Front of the House

Colorful Flower Bed To Wow Your Neighbors

Colorful Garden Flower Bed For Your Front Yard Landscape

Mixing evergreen plants with colorful ones is an easy way to make your front yard stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but the plants can serve a double purpose, acting as a stylish privacy fence. As long as your climate allows, go for wow-worthy outdoor plants like hydrangeas, peonies, or gerbera daisies.

Rustic Landscaping Designs For Small Flower Beds

Rustic Front Landscaping Designs

When designing your flower beds, consider adding accent details to give them a more rustic feel. This old vase makes the space look considerably more charming. You can paint the vase in a brighter color or plant flowers inside, so they spill out in an explosion of color combinations. The large rocks and beautiful flowers give this front lawn a stunning finish.

High Rise Flower Bed Made of Stone and White Flowers

Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For A Large Front Yard

If you want to keep things simple, consider decorating your front garden with a single, but impressive flower bed. This is a great idea for small outdoor spaces, allowing you to keep the lawn tidy while also enjoying a visual treat. A high rise flower bed around a tree will never go out of style.

Simple Evergreen Plants

Low-Maintenance Simple Front Yard Landscape with Evergreen Plants

Keep your front yard as low-maintenance as possible by making the most of evergreens. They are a traditional choice for a reason – they look good all year, don’t require a lot of attention, and enable you to turn your space into a restful area with minimal effort. Popular small evergreen shrubs include China Girl Holly, Creeping Mahonia, and Green Mound Boxwood.

Pretty Floral Border with Window Boxes

Pretty Floral Border with Window Boxes Makes For A Nice Front yard Landscaping Garden Idea

A fashionable way to make the front of your house look more attractive is to add a colorful flower border that complements the home. Consider installing some cheerful window boxes as well and you’ll instantly elevate your entryway. As for edges, use simple pave stones in a color similar to the windows for a pleasant effect.

Amazing Water Feature For A Gorgeous Flower Garden

Cool Front Yard Ideas - Beautiful Front Yard Garden Designs

A water feature will not only make your outdoor space look more thought-out and posh, but will also keep your plants watered with minimal effort. Consider adding some rocks into the mix for a more natural look.

Colorful Lush Garden Design Ideas For A Great View

Lush Colorful Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas

Flower beds bursting with a variety of textures and colors are not only gorgeous to look at, but instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. For most landscapes, asymmetrical arrangements works best to create a dynamic setting, but feel free to design your flower bed based on your own preferences. As we’ve already mentioned, adding some evergreens is a wise choice.

Create A Private Sanctuary Featuring A Water Fountain

Simple Front Yard Fountain with Wood Chair and Beautiful Flowers

A small water fountain can turn your front lawn into a relaxing haven – perfect to unwind alone with a great book or entertain guests if the situation calls for it. Planting some colorful flowers around the water feature makes it instantly pop, while the old-school benches give the whole arrangement a vintage look.

Playful Evergreen Shrubs For Simple Landscape Project

Playful Evergreen Shrubs For Simple Yard Landscaping Ideas

Just because you want your landscaping in the front of your house to be as easy as possible doesn’t mean that you have to forgo color. There are plenty of colorful evergreen shrubs to choose from so that you can enjoy a playful outdoor space year-round. Choices include Rhododendron, Japanese Andromeda, Lavender, and Winter Creeper, to name a few.

Small Front Yard Landscaping That Dresses Up the Entryway with Colorful Plants

Small Front Yard Landscaping That Dresses Up the Entryway with Colorful Plants

Improving your home’s curb appeal can be as easy as designing generous flower beds that embrace your entryway. As you can see, a small front yard can really make an impact. Use some statement hanging planters on your porch as well to make the space look even more inviting.

Colorful Flower Gardens Are Truly Uplifting

Cute Front Yard Garden Ideas

Your front yard doesn’t have to feature spectacular water features or fancy marble statues to catch the eye. A colorful and tidy flower bed that lines hour house more than does the trick. Make sure you offer your plants some much-needed TLC on a regular basis to keep them from spreading to your lawn and create a messy look.

Easy Landscaping with Mulch

Easy Front Yard Landscaping With Mulch

Adding some mulch to your flower bed is an affordable way to create some much needed texture to your front yard. Red mulch works particularly great with green plants, creating an appealing contrast. Plus, that rock and vase arrangement is definitely a fresh and creative addition to any landscaping decor!

Stunning Flower Wheelbarrow

Stunning Flower Wheelbarrow to Liven Your Front Yard Garden

A quick way to breathe new life into your garden is to repurpose an old wheelbarrow for an effective landscaping accent piece. Use colorful hanging plants for maximum impact. Petunia, Geranium, Fuschia – the world is your oyster. Lining the space below with pebbles or any other type of material is an easy way to help the wagon look more elegant.

Easy Landscape Designs For Tiny Front Yards

Easy Landscaping Idea for Tiny Front Yards

If you have a small amount of space in your front lawn, maximize it by creating a dedicated plant area lined by a small fence. The best plants for the front of your house include evergreens with colorful flowers. You can also use big planters to line the entryway for a posh look.

Nice Picket Fence with Colorful Flowers For A Trendy Look

Nice Picket Fence with Colorful Flowers for a Trendy Front Yard Garden

Your fence doesn’t have to be boring. Simply plant the fence line with a variety of colorful flowers and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time. Roses may be high-maintenance, but they create a stunning effect. You can opt for long-blooming varieties to enjoy the view for multiple seasons. As for the rest, consider repeating two or three flowers in sequence to make things easier for yourself.

Succulents Are Great Plants For Your Garden

Stones and Succulents Go Great in Any Front Yard Landscaping Garden Ideas

If you love succulents, design a gorgeous outdoor display by using your favorite plants. While this works great in warm climates, there are succulents that can survive freezing temperatures as well, like Sempervivums and Stonecrop Sedums. These plants are low-maintenance, but keep in mind that they will require watering, especially during high temperatures.

Creative Landscaping Ideas For A Large Front Yard

Creative Landscaping Ideas For A Large Front Yard

If you have a big front yard, experiment with different types of plants and arrangements to make the space better suited to your tastes. While a rose archway, huge flower beds and a weeping willow would look cramped in a tiny space, they add color and personality to a bigger yard. Not to mention the fact that bold arrangements have the tendency to turn heads.

Simple Designs For Gardening Beginners

Simple Front Yard Landscape for Gardening Beginners

If you don’t have a lot of experience with landscaping or don’t feel like taking on a huge DIY process, keep things simple by creating a basic flower bed that lines your house. Add some mulch and plant a few easy-to-care-for flowers or bushes and you’re good to go.

Clean Landscape That Lines The Walkway

Clean Front Yard Landscape That Lines The Walkway

If you’re lucky to have a big front yard that features an elegant paved walkway, showcase it in all its glory by planting colorful shrubbery along the way. If you’re afraid of overdoing it, keep the colorful plants to one side only. Make sure to add some outdoor solar lamps as well so that the space looks cozy at night.

Brighten Up a Wall with Climbing Flowers and Plants

Flower Landscaping Ideas

Planting vines is a great way to decorate an otherwise boring wall or even hide one that has seen better days. Use a couple of trellises for a more elegant effect. Some fast-growing flowering vines include Bougainvillea, Trumpet Vine, Wisteria, and Star Jasmine.

Creative and Gorgeous Front Flower Garden

Best Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Your outdoor space should make you feel comfortable and happy, so ignore any rules that say otherwise. If you love gardening, make the most of your outdoor space by planting all the flowers you want – just make sure you leave a walkway for potential visitors to be able reach you. As long as you keep the flower beds tidy and the space brings you joy, there’s no such thing ‘too much.’

Classy Garden with Bright Yellow and Blue Flowers

Classy Front Yard Garden with Bright Yellow and Blue Flowers

Blue and yellow flowers work great together – especially when the blue ones perfectly match the color of your house! You can add in different-colored flowers every now and then to break the monotony. Either way, your house will definitely pop if you choose this color combo.

Tidy Lawn Highlights Your Flower Beds

Tidy Lawn Highlights Your Flower Beds - Front Yard Garden Designs

Whether you choose to add one flower bed or dozens, a clean and tidy lawn will ensure they stand out. If you’re not interested in using lawn edging, you can clean up the edges with a string trimmer after mowing. It can be a tad time-consuming, but it’s necessary in order to keep your outdoor space in check.

White Plants For A Relaxing Landscape

Lush Plants for a Relaxing Front Yard

Plants with large, lush leaves instantly give your home a more relaxed feel, without sacrificing glamour. Consider layering them to add height and depth to your garden, especially if you’re working with a small space. To fill in a garden space quickly, plant them a little closer together than you might otherwise, but remember that this will mean spending more time maintaining your garden in the longer run.

Chic Garden Ornaments

Chic Garden Ornaments to Elevate Your Front Yard Decor

Water features are all the rage, and this modern and stylish arrangement doesn’t disappoint. You can match it with some huge planters for consistency and plant a colorful bed of flower all around for an even more appealing look. This front yard is all about symmetry and balance. If you’re into that, you’ll need to put more time into landscaping, but we bet the end result it will be worth all the extra effort.

Beautiful Garden Landscaping with Tulips

Beautiful Garden Landscaping with Tulips

Tulips are remarkable flowers – colorful and elegant, they can spruce up any front yard. Lining up your walkway with tulips ensures a gorgeous view for anyone who passes by. Tulip season runs from the end of March until mid-May, so many sure to plant some evergreens as well so that your front yard looks appealing year-round.

Cool Yard Planters

Get Creative with Front Yard Planters

When it comes to planters, use your creativity to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas. For instance, spruce up a hollowed log or stump and use it as an eye-catching planter. It’s a natural and cost-effective alternative to plastic or metal containers, giving your front yard a more natural look.

Rocks As Rustic Lawn Edges Paired with Colorful Garden Flowers

Use Rocks as Rustic Lawn Edges Paired with Colorful Garden Flowers

Separating your lawn from your flower beds doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. A high raise flower bed looks great lined up with untidy rocks, ensuring a rustic look. The more colorful the flowers, the greater the contrast with the stone. You can even use this type of flower bed to replace a fence – it gives you a bit of privacy without obscuring the view.

Use Landscaping To Highlight Your Front Porch

Use Landscaping to Highlight Your Front Porch

Brightening up the area right next to your porch is a quick and easy way to draw attention to your house. Play with paving stones, water, and small clusters of flowers for a gorgeous effect. Keep the colors balanced for a more polished look and consider adding hanging planters into the mix for a pop of color.

Simple Garden Designs

Simple Front Yard Design Looks Clean and Modern

When it comes to front yard landscaping, you can play with the placement and design of your flower beds and add garden accessories into the mix for a more exotic look. However, keeping things simple doesn’t automatically mean you can’t become the envy of the neighborhood. As long as you choose your plants carefully so that the colors best complement your house, you can create a stunning design with minimal effort.

Modern Luxury Front Yard Landscaping

Modern Front Yard Landscape

The neutral tones of this modern home are perfectly complemented by the desert-style landscaping. Notice how the plants soften the harsh lines of the stairs while perfectly matching the aesthetic of the space. You can install some subtle lights for an even more dazzling effect.

Planters and Shrubs For Edging

Shrubs for Edging and Planters Look Good in Front of the House

A quick and easy way to spruce up the front of your home is to add some planters into the mix. If your lawn area is limited, planters add a much-needed pop of color. You can group them together to keep things tidy or space them out for a more casual look.

Classy Built-In Flower Beds

Cool Front of House Landscaping with Built-In Flower Beds

While this design is more expensive and time-consuming, you have to admit that it gives the space a slick look. If you’re thinking of something similar, use evergreens in the beds to keep the neutral look in check and add some fun garden accessories to spice it up. The two symmetrical planters that line the entryway are especially dashing.

Use Solar Lamps

Use Solar Lamps to Showcase Your Front Yard

Lining up your pathway with flowers is a great idea, but you might want to remember to add some garden lamps into the mix as well. They make for a comfier nighttime atmosphere, not to mention the fact that they allow you to enjoy your beautiful garden during dark hours as well. Solar lamps are convenient and fairly inexpensive.

Elevate A Tree Stump By Adding A Pop of Color

Elevate a Tree Stump by Adding a Pop of Color

Tree stumps are difficult to remove, so repurpose them by create a hollow in the stump and turning it into a stunning natural planter. This concept is perfect if you’re going for a rustic look. As an added bonus, the tree stump will provide some much-needed nutrients for your flowers.

Sleek Design

Sleek Front Yard Landscape with Great-Looking Design

If you’re not one for messiness, this simple idea will surely appeal to you. You can keep the front yard paved and design a single accent flower bed to add some greenery in a tidy manner. It’s both easy to maintain and ensures that your outdoor space will have a well-kept look.

Grey House with Big Rocks and Cute Flower Beds

Grey House with Big Rocks and Cute Flower Beds

Using stones as lawn edges is a practical and trendy idea. If said stones match the color of your house, even better. To keep things interesting and break the monotony, add some colorful flowers into the mix. Neighbors will envy your aesthetic for years to come.

Rugged Landscape For A Natural Look

Rugged Front Yard Landscape for a Natural Look

Earthy tones make for a cozy atmosphere, so ensure that your front yard looks as raw as possible. Simply use evergreens and rocks to achieve that unrefined yet classy look. You’ll feel like you’re in the wild in no time.

A Barrel Makes For A Simple Yet Cool Planter

A Barrel Makes for a Simple Yet Cool Planter

If you have an old barrel lying around, consider repurposing it as a planter. It’s rustic and innovative, so there’s little chance there will be another one like yours for miles. Plant some colorful flowers and add a garden lamp as a fun and practical accessory.

Consider Unique Garden Decor

Unique Garden Landscaping Ideas

Once your yard design is complete, take things to the next level with eclectic accessories. A wooden wagon wheel can make your landscape look rustic and stylish. You can paint it for a pop of color.

Bold Front Yard Plants

Use a Single Type of Plant for Consistency in Your Front Yard Design

While some like to decorate with all sorts of flowers, using only one type of plant can make your outdoor space look tidy and upscale. Add some rocks and evergreens for some diversity, but keep them to a minimum. Simple solutions can often be the most effective.

Flower Beds Instead of Picket Fences

Flower Beds Instead of Picket Fences

Instead of installing a white picket fence to line up your front yard, create gorgeous flower beds with rugged river stones and eye-catching greenery. If you have a back yard where you can retire for privacy, this is a fun design that won’t break the bank and will boost your curb appeal instantly.

Go Big with A Garden Lamppost

Go Big with a Garden Lamppost

Garden lighting doesn’t have to be subtle. If you’re keen to go big, a lamppost will definitely draw the eye. Add it to a stunning flower bed so that your yard dazzles at night as well. The lamppost gives the whole space a vintage vibe, especially when it matches the rest of your outdoor furniture.

Perfect Natural Fence

Perfect Front Yard Landscape with Natural Fence

Using a living fence to line up the pathway to your front door is a classy and elegant choice. To balance things out, you can always play around with the colors in the rest of your yard. A purple flower bed can be a gorgeous touch.

Minimal Landscape with Colorful Shrubs

Minimal Front Yard Landscape with Colorful Shrubs

If you’re not particularly into gardening but still looking to spruce up your landscape, use a handful of colorful shrubs to line your pathway. It’s a minimal, clean look that will elevate your space without any hassle. You can add some garden accessories every now and then as well.

Snazzy Rustic Water Feature

Snazzy Front Yard Design with Rustic Water Feature

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a fancy water feature, brainstorm a personalized design you can put together yourself. This one-of-a-kind DIY water fountain is sure to draw the eye, and all you need are a few things you definitely have around the house, like an old teapot and a barrel.

Simple Flower Garden and Landscape Decor

Classy Front Yard with Simple Flower Garden and Landscape Decor

If your house is eye-catching enough there’s no need to overdo it on the front yard as well. A simple, stylish flower bed installed in the entryway should be more than enough to add a pop of color and make the space even more inviting.

Play with Texture To Create A Cozy Space

Play with Texture to Create a Cozy Space

If you have some time on your hands, consider taking on a more complex project. You can play with different types of textures to add more flair to your outdoor space – you can use paving stones, rocks, mulch, potted plants. In short, whatever strikes your fancy. Some cute outdoor furniture is a welcome addition as well.

Colorful Garden Accessories Ensure A Playful Look

Colorful Garden Accessories Ensure a Playful Look

Plants and shrubs aren’t the only things that make a beautiful garden. Choosing the right accessories can instantly take your lawn from plain to dashing. Popular options include gnomes, lanterns, garden markers, small statues and figurines. There’s plenty of choice on the market, so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the best ornaments for your stylish front yard.

Amazing Flower Bed Decor

Amazing Flower Bed in the Front of the House

Lining up your entryway with flowers is a sure way to keep all eyes on your house, so make the flower bed as colorful and appealing as possible. Mix colors and don’t aim for perfection – a flower bed consisting of plants of different shapes and heights is much more intriguing. You’ll have people inquiring about your flowers in no time.

Use A Fancy Planter As A Centerpiece

Use a Fancy Planter as a Centerpiece

When you have little front yard space to play with, you have to make the most of it. This gorgeous planter is an effective and elegant centerpiece, especially thanks to the eye-catching circular design.

Colorful Basic Lawn Edges Let the Flowers Pop

Colorful Basic Lawn Edges Let the Flowers Pop

If you opt for lawn edges, you don’t have to make things too complicated for yourself. A spectacular edge may steal the eye, but a practical one works just as well if your flowers are dressy enough on their own. Simple plastic edging will both complement your lawn and allow your flowers to shine. Add some colored mulch into the mix and you’re golden.

Simple and Easy Evergreen Plants

Chic Front Yard Landscape Featuring Evergreens

If you only use evergreens for your flower beds, add some rocks every here and there for contrast. Or, use a couple of accessories to liven up the space. Either way, you won’t lose that natural look you’re after, but it will make the space more engaging.

Polished Garden Beds

Polished Front Yard Design with Garden Beds

Concrete planter beds are functional and posh. In other words, a practical choice if you’re looking to maintain a modern front yard. You can add a touch of color by planting colorful clusters of flowers around the planter beds for a more inviting look.

Circular Patterns For Passionate Gardeners

Exquisite Small Front Yard Landscape with Circular Patterns for Passionate Gardeners

With more time on your hands, a complex design like this one will surely make great use of your gardening skills. The best part is that, once you’re done, this garden design is very low-maintenance. Lavender, besides making a spectacular addition to borders and perennial gardens, requires minimal watering and pruning.

Spectacular Oasis For An Exotic Look

Spectacular Front Yard Oasis for an Exotic Look

Creating an exotic design will make you feel like you’re living in your very own, private oasis. Lush gardens can be harder to maintain, but the effect is stunning as long as you’re willing to experiment with colors and shapes.

Modern Landscape with Elegant Flower Beds

Luxurious Front Yard Landscape with Elegant Flower Bed

Hydrangeas are great for your front yard, giving a stylish look to any flower bed, regardless how basic. Plant them in the spring or fall in rich, porous soils and make sure they get plenty of water. Pruning is easy as well, so you don’t need advanced gardening skills to enjoy these spectacular plants.

Simple Flower Beds That Can Withstand Dry Climates

Simple Flower Beds That Can Withstand Dry Climates

Living in a harsher climate doesn’t mean you can’t design a gorgeous front yard. If you’re in a dry area, consider desert plants like cactus, agave, or aloe. You can mix them up with pebbles and larger rocks to create a beautiful landscape. Perennials are also a great pick – think African Lilies or Balloon Flowers (Platycodon Grandiflorus).

Low-Maintenance Small Yard Decor with Raised Flower Bed

Low-Maintenance Small Front Yard Decor with Raised Flower Bed

A raised flower bed lined with stones is a practical way to add some greenery to your front yard with minimal effort. Use evergreens to keep things simple and consider adding some planters to your porch for a pop of color.

Classic Landscape with Trimmed Shrubs and Nicely Cut Grass

Classic Front Yard Decor with Trimmed Shrubs and Nicely Cut Grass

If you’re not a flower person, shrubs can be a smart choice when it comes to decorating your front yard. There are plenty of options available, so feel free to play with plants of different sizes for a more natural look. They’re also low-maintenance – you won’t have to do much except from pruning them every now and then.

Line Up A Wall with Colorful Plants

Line Up a Wall With Colorful Plants

Another easy way to add some color without complicating your landscape design is to simply create a flower bed that perfectly lines up to a wall and populate it with a colorful plant. Hydrangeas are a great choice, but basically all types of flowers or plants can work.

Classic Landscaping For Beautiful Homes

Modern Front Yard

If you want to give your lawn a timeless look, mixing greenery is a wise way to keep things elegant. Neutral colors are all the rage nowadays, so forgoing the pops of color for an earthy look can make your outdoor space look more posh and relaxing.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Projects with Easy Plant Beds

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Projects with Easy Plant Beds

Accent plant beds are especially effective when designed around a tree, as they draw even more attention to the area. The colorful mulch helps you line up the area, offering a dazzling finish.

Lavish Landscape For Expert Gardeners

Lavish Front Yard Landscape for Expert Gardeners

Bring some grandeur to your front yard by designing lush and eye-catching flower beds that will make anyone passing your house turn their heads. Maintaining such an impressive garden can be time-consuming, but the rewards are infinite. Just look at this beauty!

Basic Yard Design with Coordinated Flower Beds

Basic Front Yard Design with Coordinated Flower Beds

To make your front yard appear tidier, consider repeating some of flowers in a regular pattern. Symmetry can be very appealing, so don’t lose sight of this when designing your ideal outdoor space. If you don’t want to repeat plants, repeat colors. It works just as well.