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67 Stylish Front Porch Planter Ideas

67 Stylish Front Porch Planter Ideas

Plants and flowers in containers can be a simple way to create a beautiful and welcoming front porch area. From decorating your front door with flower pots to installing large planters on your porch, these ideas can make a great first impression.

If you have your home’s curb appeal nailed down with a fresh coat of paint and the perfect landscaping, coming up with front door decorations may be an afterthought. While quick and easy, something as simple as a colorful flower pot or tall planter can give your space a great finish.

Check out these beautiful front porch planter and flower pot ideas to inspire your entryway.

How To Decorate Your Front Porch with Plants and Flowers

There are several different modern and affordable ways to decorate your front door with plants and flowers depending on your personal style. You can express yourself through your floral choices along with the pots and planters you choose to display them in. Some creativity can turn old milk cans and fruit baskets into the cutest containers.

You can put out simple clay pots for an easy approach, rustic planters for a country look or creative tiered arrangements for a fun DIY project. You can even match your entryway with the flower beds and edging in your yard.

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal, these colorful and stylish ideas for front door planters and potted flowers will create a warm welcome and take your entryway to the next level.

Attractive Front Porch Planter and Flower Pot Ideas

Front Porch Flower Pots Into A Bench

Front Porch Flower Pots

There’s something charming about sitting on your front porch in the evening and enjoying the breeze. A cedar bench with built-in planters is a fresh and modern take on a classic country porch swing.

DIY Tiered Flower Pots For The Handy Gardener

Cool DIY Flower Pot Ideas

Build a rustic tiered flower pot arrangement with three shelves, a piece of reclaimed wood, a hammer, and some nails. Add a small white pot to each shelf for a pop of color.

Creative Arrangements

Creative Cute Front Door Flower Pot Ideas

A vintage chair makes a great seat to display bold and vibrant blooms in whimsical style. You can also create house numbers by painting your address on potted impatiens.

Repurpose Vintage Pieces Into Metal Plant Containers

Cool Front Porch Flower Pots

A large outdoor plant vase is a great way to gather greenery for a simple floral arrangement. Rusted metal milk cans with lots of patina and character make for unique, rustic designs.

Metal Flower Boxes Anchor Fall Plants

Front Door Metal Planters

Autumn is all about bright colors. Oil-rubbed mum planters are an excellent contrast against a vibrant floral color palette. They also provide great bases for arrangements of cheerful seasonal gourds.

Pair A Wood Mum Basket With A Stool For Retro Charm

Best Flower Pot Designs For Your Front Door

Wood mum baskets made from repurposed fruit containers make great planters. Mix different shapes of baskets and different colored blooms to add more texture. Place them on vintage painted stools of varying heights.

Add A Pop of Color with Tiered Pots

Best Plant Pot Ideas

Turn tiered clay pot flower arrangements into a welcome planter with a hand-painted message of greeting. Tiers add lots of visual interest: paint them a bright color like turquoise for added pizzazz.

Tall Wooden Front Porch Planters

Front Door Flower Planter Ideas

Custom wood planters lend an upscale feel, especially when adorned with a hand-carved monogram. Paint them a crisp, bright white to give contrast to brightly-colored blossoms. The look is effortless and chic.

Pair Front Porch Pots with Primary Colors

Beautiful Front Porch Bench with Flower Pot Ideas

Paint a simple wooden bench a bright sunny yellow and adorn it with blue and white flower pots. Combine the style with color-coordinated throw pillows to create a cozy and cheerful front porch hangout.

Large Porch Planter

Front Door Planter Ideas

The elongated silhouette of tall planters draws the eye upward to a natural stop at a concentrated burst of greenery and blooms bursting from the top.

Mix Different Types of Flower Pots Outside Front Door

Front Porch Flowers

If you’re into eclectic design, use mismatched pots in different colors and sizes. Complete the look with a wild assortment of multicolored petunias, impatiens, and gloxinias in each pot.

Classy Simple Porch Plants

Simple Front Porch Plants

If your preferred style trends towards elegant and unfussy, consider opting for small trees instead of flowers. A triangular topiary combines geometric angles with greenery for a fresh, contemporary look.

Gorgeous Flower Pot Arrangements For Your Porch

Front Porch Flower Pot Arrangements

A large clay pot glazed in a shade that blends into the colors of the home’s exterior paint is an excellent base for a riotous assortment of petunias in varying shades of pink. Good front porch flower pot arrangements often offer a mix of simple and easy with classy and modern.

Rustic Decor with Basket and Pots

Rustic Flower Pot Ideas For The Front Door

Reclaimed farmhouse decor is a major trend in interior and exterior design. Vintage metal buckets and wooden crates make for a unique look, and add multi-dimensional textures to your front porch.

Tall Black and Blue Plant Pot Decor

Classy Tall Black Planter with Blue Flowers

Forget matching pots, and create a one-of-a-kind vignette with a wicker planter, clay pot, and repurposed lantern. Fill them with color-complimentary blooms like periwinkles and purple pansies. Eclectic can be elegant!

Floral Wicker Baskets

Flower Pot Ideas For Patio with Bench

Outdoor wicker flower pots can hold fresh or dried purple asters and lilac, as well as pine cones garlands of pink pepper berries, and dried Spanish moss.

Front Door Decorations For Fall

Front Door Flower Pot Decorations For Fall

Take advantage of autumn’s last burst of floral fireworks by gathering an assortment of foliage like mums and purple sage, and letting them explode from the top of a coppery metal flower pot.

Evergreen Plant Arrangements For The Front of Your House

Best Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas For Front of House

Make your front door area merry around the holidays by placing small evergreen trees on top of large metal plant containers. It’s dramatic, draws the eye to your wreath, and is extra festive!

Outside Coastal Chic Style

Classy Flower Pot Ideas For The Front Porch

Older southern homes often have elegant features like molding and wood doors with glass panels. Distressed concrete planters filled with tropical foliage complement this classic look.

Bring Your Whole Family Together with Minions

Front Door Planter Arrangements

If there is one thing toddlers and grandparents can agree on, it’s that minions are cool. Plan a family project of these DIY minion decorations crafted from brightly painted pots.

Take Potted Trees For The Front Porch To The Next Level

Cute Front Porch Planter Ideas

Get two identical wood planters in a tapered rectangular prism shape. Plant small round bushes inside to create a contrasting geometric shape and achieve rustic elegance with a few simple steps.

Metal Flower Boxes Add Character and Shine

Metal Flower Pots on Patio

Sturdy metal pots can be found in thrift stores or salvage shops. Their sleek lines and shine beg to be softened by the elegant simplicity of lush fern fronds dotted with white petunias.

Cool Blue Flower Pots Add Eclectic Charm At The Front Door

Ideas For Large Flower Pots at Front Door

If you’re bold enough to paint your door an unusual and eye-catching color, don’t be afraid to add even more color and character! Fill large two-toned planters filled with an eruption of lilacs.

Create A Beautiful Front Porch with Limited Space

Front Door Flower Arrangement Ideas with Bench and Planter

Adorn a small, hand-painted wooden bench with outdoor-friendly cushions and make a pot decoration by hanging a pallet on the wall and affixing flower pots. These few simple pieces turn your porch into a cozy haven.

Modern Farmhouse with Simple Plant Decorations

Cute Large Planters and Flowers For Spring Front Porch

Farmhouses aren’t ramshackle red barns you see on children’s shows. They can be contemporary with shiny black painted doors. Modern tree pots with bold blossoms provide excellent contrast to the heavier metallic elements.

Cool Pots Provide Bold Contrast

Beautiful Front Door Flowers with Concrete Planters

Concrete planters really come to life when filled with bright spring potted flowers like tulips, violas, and snapdragons. It’s poetic proof that beauty can flourish where you least expect it.

Reinventing The Milk Can Container Planter

Milk Can Plant Container Ideas on Front Porch

Paint your house number on a reclaimed vintage metal milk container. Add a more traditional design next to it for a pop of color.

Tall Planters That Make A Statement

Tall Planters For Front Door

If a staircase leads to your front door, be sure to bring a planter to the foot of the stairs. Tall vases with hardy, sun-loving plants like succulents and greenery fare well.

Hanging Basket with Colorful Flowers

Hanging Basket Flower Pot at the Front Door

A half-cylinder wicker basket flower pot evokes a cornucopia, and when mounted on a wall gives an elevated sconce-like appearance. Fill it with an assortment of cascading vines and brightly-hued blossoms.

Happy Spring Flower Arrangements For Your Home

Beautiful Porch Flower Pots

For a beautiful arrangement of flowers and plants at your front porch, get coppery pots overflowing with an assortment of pinks, yellows, oranges, and other cute colors.

Transform Unused Porch Furniture Into A Planter Box-Bench Combo

Simple Front Door Planter Ideas

As patio furniture has become more comfortable, small and splintery benches can fall by the wayside. Don’t discard them outright: a vintage bench makes for a creative seat for a long planter full of vibrant red pelargonium.

Large Galvanized Decor For Chic Feel

Fall Front Porch Flower Decorations

People often get pretty thematically creative at hunting lodges: floral arrangements might include baskets of pine cones, and chunks of pine foliage alongside a wooden duck. Upgrade this traditional style with a little edge by incorporating metal planters.

Low-Maintenance Easy Pots on Porch Stairs

Low-Maintenance, Easy Flower Pots on Front Porch Stairs

If you live in the South or other warm, humid climates, you need hardy plants that can hold up against the heat. Pots filled with colorful caladium leaves and paper-thin bougainvillea blooms stand up beautifully.

Bring Your Vacation Home With You

Luxury Flower Pot Ideas with Floor Mat on Front Porch

If you can’t get Paris off your mind, bring a small part of it home with you. Flank a French-themed doormat with two Parisian blue clay pots filled with neatly arranged blooms that would fit right in at Versailles.

Front of House Hanging Baskets Provide Strong Focal Points

Front Porch Decor

Nestle a wood bench against an iron handrail and drape it with linens and pillows. Mix small white plant pots with medium-sized wicker pots, and a gorgeous hanging basket dripping with ivy, and you’ll complete your cozy front porch hideaway.

Step Up Your Curb Appeal with Small Round Pots

Pretty Front Door Potted Plants

Small and uneven stone steps can be dangerous to visitors with poor eyesight or mobility. Help delineate them by adorning steps along each side with small round pots in all different colors. It’s beautiful and functional!

Classy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Pots

Classy Plants For Front Door Entrance

If you live on a stonescape, a dream garden might feel impossible. But you can get that foliage you crave with the help of beautiful large black outdoor pots, which are an elegant vessel for bright, bold blooms.

Entrance Way Plants Highlight Front Doors and Porch Sitting Areas

Best Front Door Flower Pots with Cool Porch Sitting Area

A sizable front porch can become a bonus room! Outdoor-friendly furniture in sky blue and cheerful orange can be paired with hanging baskets and potted ferns to create a bright and breezy space.

Unique Flower Boxes Make For Great Front Yard Landscaping

Creative Front Door Stairs Flower Planters

A curved outdoor staircase gets some extra appeal with cylindrical wooden parts with open sides revealing a profusion of red and orange blossoms. This configuration really pops against a sprawling carpet of blue flowers.

Think Outside The Box With Unique Pots

Unique Front Door Flower Decor Ideas

Upcycle a pair of last season’s rain boots into playful planters. The vivid colors of the rain boots blend well with handfuls of blooms, and their waterproof nature makes them perfect as outdoor vases.

Cute Flower Pot Decor Ideas

Front Porch Plants and Flowers with Unique Decorations

Using unpredictable boxes like vintage tin hangers and distressed wood planters is a great way to layer charm into your display. Finish it off with a chalkboard listing of your particular blossoms on display!

Pot Planters For Handy Gardeners

Spring Front Door Flower Pot Decor Ideas

Cut down tall barrels and mount them on metal legs to create one-of-a-kind planters. Add layers to the visual by placing them alongside shorter planters full of seasonal foliage.

Vintage Metal Basket Boxes

Vintage Metal Porch Planter Decor

While you might not want to carry around rusty metal baskets, you can use them for flower pots. Nestle a solid metal planter inside the basket for a cool metal-on-metal feel.

Go For Sweet Simplicity

Cute Flower Pot Ideas For Front Door

Sometimes simple is best. Flowers for small pots should be sweet and dainty. Use a tiered arrangement with a single white candle in glass on top and sweet white blossoms below.

Bring Clay Pot Decor To Life

Simple DIY Front Porch Flower Decor Ideas

When you choose to plant brilliant, bold flowers in shades of fuschia and violet and yellow, the effect can be lost in a neutral terracotta pot. Glaze clay pots with a bright turquoise to make them pop.

Fall Into Autumn With Seasonally-Appropriate Decor

Luxury Tall Planters For Front Porch

Amplify your fall-forward decor with gorgeous, shiny black planters. They provide a nice point of contrast for the typical orange, bronze, red and gold shades associated with autumn.

Simple Wood Planter Decorations

Simple Wood Planter Decorations For Patio

Not all of us are blessed with the ability to make plants thrive. Pot crafts to the rescue! Just nestle some faux succulents into simple wood boxes. It’s chic style without the stress.

Cool Plants For Front Door Planters and White Flower Wreath

Cool Plants For Front Door Planters

If your style is modern and trendy, you can still have decorative foliage that suits your taste. A wreath adorned with magnolias is elegant and sweet, while outdoor plant pot sets can feature geometric trees.

Blue and White Planters Give A Crisp and Cool Vibe

Blue and White Flowers in Front of Porch

Some people think planters and pots should come in neutral colors, but painting them to match your flowers can give your outdoor space an exciting look. A white pot with abstract stripes sporting blue blossoms is a breath of fresh air.

Add Succulents To Your Front Door

Tall Porch Planters

Succulents are having a moment right now. Use tall outdoor planters and create a kind of cascade of succulents. Choosing earthy brown and greens adds a twist to the trend.

Simple Colorful Flowers For Your Stairs

Beautiful Flower Pot Ideas For Your Front Stairs

Matching pots and flowers on staircases are popular because they’re elegant, but they can seem staid. Instead, select sturdy clay plots in different colors and fill them with an assortment of bright and hardy blooms to add character.

Paint and Name Your Planter

Front Patio Planters Ideas

A monogram is almost always a symbol of elegance and elegance, and that goes for your garden as well. Hand-painted monogrammed flower pots in customized patterns make a huge statement.

Luxurious Elegance

Classy Front Porch Plants

Elegance doesn’t have to be minimalist. Large outdoor planter ideas have their place. Use symmetry, to go beyond the traditional one pot on either side. Stagger the heights and bring color in lower to create a luxurious layout.

Front of House Hanging Baskets with A Twist

Pretty Hanging Flower Pots

Camouflage your basket by growing trailing foliage like deep violet and pale purple pansies. Hang near the eves, and the basket will hide the foliage for a beautiful finish.

DIY Tiered Flower Arrangements Help Gardeners on A Budget

Cute DIY Tiered Flower Pot Ideas For Front Door

When you’re on a budget and don’t have the money to spend on fancy flower pots, learn to build and design your own! Get inexpensive clay pots from a gardening center, and paint them with complementary colors and patterns. You can even paint your address on the pots or planters!

Modern Planter Ideas For Elegant Design

Modern Front Door Planter Ideas

Make your heavy wood door a little less intimidating by featuring white flower pots that can lighten and brighten a dismal entryway, especially when paired with a white bench.

Clay Pot with Cool Decorations

Tiered Flower Pot Decor For Front Door

This type of decor can transform into a magical wonderland with little decorations that make it look like tiny gnomes are tending to the blooms. It’s a great project to get kids into gardening.

DIY Tiered Flower Pots Make A Charming Gift

Pretty Flower Pots For Home Entryway

If you have friends who have just moved into their first home, a DIY tiered arrangement that says “Home Sweet Home” is a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Beautiful Planters Make For Bold Styling

Large Metal Flower Planter Decor Ideas

It’s fun to choose gorgeous, vibrant flowers and greenery for your home. It’s even better when you arrange these blooms in a chic, square, beautifully finished planter.

Rustic Designs Give A Country Charm

Decorating Front Porch Planter Design Ideas

Architectural salvage stores often have antique tin buckets with logos, patina, and lots of flair. Use them to keep loose ferns on the front porch for a carelessly stylish look.

Decorate Your Garden with Pots

Colorful Flowers at Front Door

Everyone has a different philosophy on how to decorate your garden. One philosophy is to incorporate as many bright and vibrant flowers as possible. Remember to make sure each plant is sustainable in your area!

Classic Color Combos

Porch Flower Pots

Some color combinations are classic for a reason. Kids and adults alike gravitate towards pink and purple, making them ideal to go in plant pots outside the front door.

Large Plant Pots By The Entrance

Large Flower Plant Pots by the Front of the House

A large plant pot can hold a multitude of wonder. Don’t think that a sizable pot can only support one kind of flower. Layer in tons of greenery for a fresh look.

Elegant Porch Planters

Elegant Porch Planters

Tall planters for the front porch can truly elevate your entryway. Bold blooms on the bottom support a slender, twisty tree growing up and through.

Entryway Planters Set The Tone For Your Home

Pretty Front Porch Flower Pot Ideas and Planter Decor

Make a statement at your front door with planters and pots that are practically overflowing with lush, vibrant blooms. Colorful flowers and beautiful plants make an amazing first impression.

Wooden Pot with Yellow and Red

Wooden Flower Pot Arrangement For Front Door

DIY projects don’t have to be tacky: reclaimed barn wood makes for an elegant and simple flower pot, even filled to the brim with bright petunias.

Welcome Planter

Front Porch Flower Pot with Candles and Welcome Sign

Ultimately, put together design ideas for the front porch that work for you. Add lanterns, eclectic pots, a cacophony of flowers, or whatever makes you happy.