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21 Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House

21 Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House

As the entryway to your home, the front door must be a stylish and functional color that makes a good first impression. If you’re looking to make a change, these charming and inviting front door colors for a red brick house will create curb appeal and elevate your exterior.

The most practical and complementary door color is a shade that goes well with your trim, shutters and brick for a welcoming and chic look. With a red brick exterior, these classy front doors will help you transform your home by adding character and style.

Some homeowners might want contrasting colors like dark green or blue-gray that complement the red brick for visual interest. For a more natural choice, you may choose a neutral paint like black, white or dark gray that pairs beautifully with other architectural elements.

Check out the best colors to paint the front door of your red brick house to inspire your choice. From black to blue, these charming front door colors will look fantastic with red brick to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Beautiful Front Door Colors For Red Brick Homes


Navy Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Navy is an elegant and enduring color that is known for giving homes a chic and sophisticated look. As a cool color, navy provides a lovely counterbalance to the warmer undertones found in red bricks. A navy front door can be an elegant choice for a traditional red brick home.

In a traditional-style home, details and characteristics from multiple historic architectural styles are married together with more contemporary components of home design. Since navy can feel classic or modern depending on the context, it’s a perfect fit for the timeless style of traditional architecture.

Navy Front Door For Red Brick House

If your home has shutters, painting them the same navy hue as your front door will lend the facade a sense of continuity. You’ll want to paint any remaining trim white so that the navy elements pop in comparison.


White Front Door For Red Brick House

White is a vibrant and versatile color that can work with any style of architecture. This bright and airy neutral has a clean and crisp quality that contrasts beautifully against the muddy earthiness of red bricks.

The color white was very popular during the Greek Revival movement that defined American and European architecture in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Greek Revival style was heavily influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture and featured elements like an elaborate front entrance framed by columns and pilasters.

White Front Door Color For Red Brick House

While Greek Revival homes were typically white, there are examples of red brick homes with this signature style. Painting the front door white to match the columns and trim will enhance any embellishment. White is also a classic front door color for a beautiful ranch-style home.


Gray Front Door For Red Brick House

Gray is a smart and stylish hue that is also an eminently functional choice as an exterior paint color. Like white, gray is a lighter-colored neutral color that can pair well with a red brick house. While a white front door can start to look dirty or scuffed over time, a gray door can camouflage any grime or damage that accumulates over time much more easily.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, Bungalow style homes began to pop up in suburban neighborhoods across America. These one-story houses often featured architectural elements like dormer windows, a front or back porch, and a gently sloping roof.

Gray Front Door Color For Red Brick House

These homes were most often constructed out of unpainted natural materials including red brick, which was complemented by trim colors in organic colors like natural gray, moss green, or bone white. A gray front door on a Bungalow strikes just the right balance between practicality and authenticity to the era.


Yellow Front Door For Red Brick House

Yellow is a cheerful and lively color that can add personality and flair to a home’s exterior. This primary color comes in a vast array of shades and tones, from pale and buttery to bold and bright.

When choosing a shade of yellow for your front door, it can be helpful to consider your home’s architecture in addition to your personal color preferences. A midcentury modern home will be best served by a more saturated yellow like mustard or ochre.

Yellow Front Door Color For Red Brick House

In a more stately and symmetrical Georgian home, you might opt for a creamy Colonial hue. Regardless of their intensity, yellows with beige or brown undertones will typically work best with red brick homes.

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange Front Door For Red Brick House

Burnt orange is a striking color option for a front door that will draw attention to your home by creating a playful and energetic look. Falling somewhere between orange and brown on the color spectrum, burnt orange has a cozy autumnal vibe. This rich and rusty color is more muted than a true orange which makes it feel more appealing and accessible to homeowners.

Darker colors were all the rage in the latter part of the 19th century, beginning around the 1870s. At that time, American architecture was dominated by homes in the Queen Anne style, which is arguably the quintessential Victorian silhouette. Queen Anne buildings were eclectic and highly decorative, showcasing embellishments like gingerbread trim, hand-carved latticework, and elaborate wood spindlework.

Burnt Orange Front Door Color For Red Brick House

When Queen Anne homes were at the peak of their popularity, it wasn’t uncommon for them to feature three or more colors. To replicate the look, dress up a red house with a burnt orange front door, olive green shingles, and maroon trim.


Blue Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Blue is a cool and calm color that will take your curb appeal to a new level. This soothing and serene shade is perennially popular as an exterior paint color, as it works well with a multitude of building materials. During the Victorian era, lighter shades of blue like cornflower and duck egg were in vogue as interior and exterior paint colors.

Blue Front Door For Red Brick House

While the Queen Anne might be the most iconic example of Victorian architecture, several distinct home styles had their moments during this era. Italianate architecture drew inspiration from medieval Italian farmhouses and villas, featuring details like tall narrow windows and overhanging eaves supported by sizable embellished brackets. To add historical character to a red brick Italianate house, paint the front door and shutters baby blue and use a bright white to highlight any remaining trim.


Red Front Door For Red Brick House

Red is a bold and brash color that is often used to create contrast and attract attention. This primary hue can look unexpectedly understated on a red brick house due to the similarity in their shades. Earthier shades like Barnwood or Moroccan red play well with the brown undertones found in red bricks.

A red front door can feel incredibly welcoming in a way that runs much deeper than the inherent warmth of the color. Red doors have played a significant role in history. In the Civil War era, the red door signified that a home was part of the Underground Railroad and was a safe place for enslaved people to seek refuge on the road to escape.

Red Front Door Color For Red Brick House

In the Colonial era, red doors were used to alert tired travelers that they were welcome to stop by for a meal and a place to sleep. Installing a red door onto a red brick Colonial house is a sweet and subtle way to pay homage to this tradition.


Black Front Door For Red Brick House

Black is a dark and dramatic color that can add elegance or edginess to a home for a modern feel. This timeless color is a popular choice for front doors, offering a strong and moody energy that many homeowners are attracted to.

Black Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Red brick can sometimes look rustic or old-fashioned, but adding a bit of black can instantly make it feel urban and updated. Adding a black front door and black steel windows can transform a dated red brick house into something infinitely more contemporary and cool.


Brown Front Door For Red Brick House

Brown is a solid and steadfast color that gives an earthy and grounded vibe. Like the color red, brown can be a great match with a red brick home because the brown undertones create a sense of continuity. Along with cream and white, brown plays a major role in the exterior color palette for Tudor-style homes.

Brown Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Tudor homes are typically constructed out of natural materials like stone, stucco, or red brick, and these neutral colors enhance the rustic feel of the house. It is rare to see a Tudor home that is fully made of red brick. Instead, you might see a red brick first story, and a white stone second story accented by brown trim. Painting the front door in the same brown as the trim pieces will give a Tudor-style home a more cohesive look.

Dark Green

Dark Green Front Door For Red Brick House

Dark green is a vibrant and verdant color that is evocative of shady forests and sprawling, hilly fields. This lush and fertile hue is well-suited to the Craftsman style of architecture, whose autumnal color palette is heavily influenced by nature.

The Craftsman architectural tradition arose in America in the early twentieth century as a response to the mass-produced ethos of the Victorian era. Craftsman style marked a return to custom, handmade building techniques that honored the beauty and simplicity of natural materials.

Dark Green Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Craftsman home exteriors often featured extensive woodworking, but it wasn’t unusual for them to be constructed from materials like brick or stone. Because green and red are contrasting colors, a dark green door is the perfect focal point on a red brick Craftsman-style home.


Pink Front Door For Red Brick House

Pink is a feisty and feminine color that can add plenty of pop and pizzazz to the exterior of a home. There’s a misconception that red and pink are inherently clashing colors, but the right shades can go together surprisingly well. A muted pink shade like rouge or mauve plays beautifully off of the brown undertones in red bricks.

Pink Front Door Color For Red Brick House

In the 1960s, residents of San Francisco began updating the drab, muted colors of their Victorian and Edwardian homes by painting them in bright pastel colors including light pink. Known as “Painted Ladies”, these homes have become notable in their own right. Painting a house pink from head to toe can be a commitment, but adding a pink door to a red brick Victorian house may offer a thoughtful way to give a nod to the iconic, colorful Painted Ladies.


Beige Front Door For Red Brick House

Beige is an elegant neutral color that falls somewhere between gray and tan on the spectrum. Beige and brick red are excellent companion colors because of the brown tones they share. Beige has been a popular foundation color for interior design, but this timeless hue can also work as an exterior accent color. A beige door and matching shutters will give a red brick ranch house a classic feel, especially when coupled with white trim.


Purple Front Door For Red Brick House

Purple is a swanky and sumptuous color that lends a sense of luxury to a home. As neighbors on the color wheel, red and purple are a seamless color combination that makes a lot of sense visually. For centuries, purple dye was incredibly rare and expensive which meant that it was only accessible to the wealthiest individuals. As a result, purple can still have an elite and exclusive feel to it.

Purple Front Door Color For Red Brick House

As a bold and dramatic color, purple can look impressive on a more ornate style of home. Gothic Revival architecture takes inspiration from the medieval era, featuring details like large windows, steeply pitched roofs, and decorative gables. Brick Gothic is a style of Gothic architecture that originated in Europe and pairs Gothic elements with stone and brick facades. Adding an aubergine door and matching decorative trim to a red brick house is a fun callback to the Brick Gothic style.


Blue-Gray Front Door For Red Brick House

Blue-gray is a versatile and trendy color that results from combining blue and gray pigments. This light shade offers a chic look that will complement a brick house for a fresh and flattering color combination. When designing the perfect curb appeal, you can combine blue and gray in different ways to create the right style. While gray tends to be neutral, drab and safe, adding blue to the mix results in a playful and welcoming vibe.

Blue-Gray Front Door Color For Red Brick House

If you’re shopping for paint colors, Wedgewood blue is another well-known shade named for a particular hue found in classic English china. Wedgewood blue was popularized as an exterior paint color in the 18th century by the British neoclassical architect Robert Adam. The shade would go on to be closely affiliated with the Federal architectural style.

A blue-gray front door and corresponding trim can look stately and sophisticated on a brick home.

Sage Green

Sage Green Front Door For Red Brick House

Sage green is a combination of gray and green that gets its name from its resemblance to the color of dried sage leaves. This color is muted enough to function as a neutral shade despite being striking enough to make a visual impact.

Sage Green Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Soft and serene, sage green is a staple of cottage-style color palettes. When paired with white and pale blue, sage looks lovely as part of a coastal cottage scheme. When coupled with red brick, it has a distinctly country cottage vibe.


Teal Front Door For Red Brick House

Teal is a dark greenish-blue color that can be best described as a deeper, more saturated version of turquoise. You won’t see teal on many historically-accurate homes, as its first recorded usage was only as recent as the early 1900s. The name of the color is derived from the bright spray of bluish-green feathers on the head of the Eurasian teal duck.

Teal ultimately found its place as part of a midcentury modern color palette, where it provides a slightly cooler counterpoint to brighter colors like ochre and orange. A teal front door adds abundant curb appeal to a red brick midcentury home.


Maroon Front Door For Red Brick House

Maroon is a brownish-crimson hue that is essentially a deeper, more saturated version of the duskier brick red. The name comes from the word “marron”, which is one of the many words for “brown” in the French language. “Marron” is also the French word for chestnuts, which have a rich reddish-brown outer shell.

Maroon Front Door Color For Red Brick House

Because only a few pigments were readily available in Colonial times, people had a limited color palette of modest earth tones to choose from when painting their homes. Maroon was arguably the most striking color of the group. A maroon door looks chic and sophisticated on a red brick Colonial home, while still being true to the times.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

The paint colors that will always complement red brick include dark green, grayish-blue, dark blue, warm teal and muted yellow. Whether you want a bold or natural look, these classy colors go well with red brick to make a great first impression.

Popular Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House

The most popular front door colors for a red brick house are white, black, navy blue, tan, medium gray, teal, forest green, pastel yellow or bold burnt orange. These stylish front door paint colors will complement the red brick, creating a natural exterior design that will elevate your curb appeal. From light to dark, the best color combinations will help your door, trim, shutters and other architectural elements pop for visual interest.

Popular Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House