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30 Best Faucet Brands For Your Bathroom and Kitchen

30 Best Faucet Brands For Your Bathroom and Kitchen

The best faucets are reliable, easy to use and well-engineered fixtures that will enhance your kitchen and bathroom. If you’re shopping around, some of the best-known and most trusted faucet brands are Moen, Pfister, Kraus, Kohler, Delta, American Standard and Anzzi.

These popular choices have earned a reputation for making high-quality plumbing fixtures that maximize performance and durability. While some may be expensive, master plumbers prefer these manufacturers due to their build, selection and general availability.

From American to European names, check out our complete list of the best faucet brands on the market to inspire your search.

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Brands


Delta Faucet

Delta is one of the most popular brand names in plumbing fixtures, known for making some of the best bathroom and kitchen faucets thanks to their blend of timeless style and technological innovation. As one of the largest American companies on this list, Delta offers a wide range of faucets in various design styles and finishes.

Delta also offers unique features, like the ability to turn on a faucet by tapping it with your elbow. Their top-rated designs are great for both water conservation and sanitation purposes. These cool faucets even offer customizable voice-activated technology to enable features like measuring out a precise amount of water. Affordable Delta faucets start at less than $100, while the company’s advanced smart faucet products are priced for high-end consumers.


Kohler Faucet

Kohler was founded in 1873, but it wasn’t until they acquired the Sterling Faucet Co. in 1984 that the company began to expand its bathroom product lines to include toilets, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. Today, Kohler makes many of the best-rated bathroom and kitchen faucets for consumers.

From kitchen to bathroom to shower faucets, Kohler offers a vast selection of products, including different designs and styles to suit any home. These faucets are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and price points, so there truly is something for everyone.


Moen Faucet

Moen is a high-quality faucet brand known around the world for well-made bathroom and plumbing fixtures. In 1937, a young man named Al Moen scalded his hands while using an old two-handle faucet. While most people would brush off that annoyance, Moen used it as inspiration to invent a single-handle faucet that would change the plumbing world forever. By 1947, he was manufacturing that initial single-handle faucet design.

Today Moen makes a vast assortment of faucets for both kitchen and bathroom. While this company still offers single-handle options, they have also created their own unique take on two-handle faucets. Moen is a premium faucet maker with mid to high range products.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay Faucet

Glacier Bay is one of the house brands for the retail home improvement chain store Home Depot. Many of Glacier Bay’s faucets are based on outdated designs from the Delta faucet company. When some delta patents expired, Glacier Bay took advantage of that and manufactured their own less expensive versions. If you like the Delta look but at a lower price point, this may be the brand for you.

American Standard

American Standard Faucet

American Standard really gives a lot of thought to the way people use their faucets. Their kitchen faucets boast several special features, including built-in water filtration and hands-free functionality. One faucet can even be programmed to autofill pots with set amounts of water.

Their bathroom faucets are similarly thoughtful, with tarnish-resistant finishes and water-saving features. American Standard faucets can be pricey, but the quality makes them worth the investment.


Toto Faucet

Based in Japan, Toto has become one of the premier faucet manufacturers on a global scale. Their overall aesthetic tends towards modern and transitional styles thanks to their sleek, curved lines. They combine this forward-thinking design style with technological advancements like motion-activated sensors and splash-reduction features. Toto faucets are top-of-the-line when it comes to style and functionality, and the price does reflect that.


Pfister Faucet

Pfister faucets have a traditional look, but the classic style belies the company’s quality and popularity. These kitchen faucets are incredibly versatile and easy to install, and the long pull-down head allows you to fill large pots or other vessels with ease. They also offer a pot-filler function that is incredibly functional. Their bathroom faucets are similarly practical, with features like thermostatic capability.


Kraus Faucet

Kraus is another company that focuses heavily on functionality, but they don’t miss out on style. They offer commercial-grade kitchen faucets that still have a chic, contemporary flair. Their bathroom faucet line shows a lot of diversity, with more traditional basin taps alongside modern waterfall faucets among many other styles. Best of all, Kraus faucets come in at a very accessible price point compared to many other faucet brands.


Grohe Faucet

Grohe faucets are renowned for their style, but they have a lot of substance to them as well. They have a few variations on touchless kitchen faucets, including foot-controlled models. This kind of accessibility is virtually unparalleled. Their bathroom faucets are also incredibly innovative thanks to smart technology that lets you control water pressure and temperature with the press of a button.


Peerless Faucet

Peerless makes a variety of affordable faucets with different styles and designs. These faucets won’t have the innovative features of high-end brands, but they do offer a distinct look at an accessible price point. Durable and engineered to function without issues, consider the company’s plumbing and bathroom fixtures if you need budget-friendly options.


Rohl Faucet

The House of Rohl curates faucets from various high-end faucet makers from around the world. The result is a line of truly stunning faucets that balance craftsmanship, artistry, and cutting-edge technology. Rohl faucets tend to come in at the higher end of the price spectrum, but with their durability and timeless style, they’re worth it.

Danze by Gerber

Danze by Gerber Faucet

Many faucet brands lean on their elegance, but Danze by Gerber prefers to put the fun in functionality. Aesthetically, they often blend industrial and modern styles which makes them both unique and versatile. They also offer a lot of different finishes which is a great plus for consumers. Danze by Gerber balances style with budgetary concerns and gives you many opportunities to customize your decor.


Vigo Faucet

Vigo is a brand heavily favored by interior design professionals thanks to its Instagram-ready decorative plumbing fixtures. But this brand isn’t all about looks. They offer clever features like LED lights built into kitchen faucets to help illuminate dishes while you clean them. Vigo faucets are sleek and chic, but they deliver far more than just good looks.


Pegasus Faucet

Like Glacier Bay, Pegasus is a private label brand from Home Depot. While other Home Depot brands tend to offer diverse product styles, Pegasus faucets have a signature look to them. Both their kitchen and bathroom faucets come with an old-fashioned look reminiscent of fixtures you might have seen in the Victorian era. The ornate detailing on the faucets is complemented by rich finishes like polished brass, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Schön Makellos

Schon Makellos Faucet

Schön Makellos faucets are also well-known for their durability and design. The German phrase “Schön Makellos” translates in English to “already flawless”. Looking at the brand’s name, you could be forgiven for assuming that the Schön Makellos is a German company. While the company is headquartered in India, this company’s faucets have a distinctly European flair. Overall, their faucet line tends to be streamlined and modern-looking with a shiny stainless steel finish.


Hansgrohe Faucet

Hansgrohe faucets are thoroughly modern when it comes to both style and functionality. Designwise, you can expect to see minimalist lines and curves in shiny polished chrome. When it comes to features, you can expect faucets that have been designed to be ergonomically-friendly and efficient. Some of their faucets and shower heads can even be controlled by the touch of a button, which makes them accessible to customers with disabilities and/or mobility issues.


Symmons Faucet

Symmons has been crafting durable and thoughtful faucets for nearly 80 years. While many people know Symmons as a brand name in commercial plumbing, the company also offers a diverse selection of residential faucets and plumbing products. The brand has always emphasized both safety and innovation, so their faucets boast features like anti-scald pressure-balancing technology. Known for their brushed bronze finishes and gorgeous designs, these kitchen and bathroom fixtures will elevate any space.


Premier Faucet

Premier is another proprietary brand of Home Depot. This budget-friendly brand makes both bathroom and kitchen faucets in all kinds of design styles and finishes, in both one-handle and two-handle silhouettes. With their entire faucet line priced at $200 or less, you shouldn’t expect anything too fancy, but these serviceable products will give you all the basic functionality you need.

Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass Faucet

While Kingston Brass has only been in business since 1998, this brand has already established itself as a big name in plumbing. While this manufacturer does offer some handy features like pull-down kitchen faucets and pot fillers, Kingston is known for making aesthetically-pleasing products. Their various lines are inspired by everything from 21st-century artwork to Victorian-era plumbing, and the results are always visually striking.


Zurn Faucet

Zurn continues to lead the industry in coming up with innovative plumbing solutions to common problems. With elegant and timeless designs, Zurn has been on the cutting edge of plumbing throughout the last century, leading the way in areas like wastewater treatment and water safety. The company’s primary focus is on commercial and industrial plumbing that feature water-saving measures like touchless sensors without sacrificing style. Dedicated to making sleek and high-performance fixtures, this brand is worth looking into.


Speakman Faucet

Established in 1869, Speakman is one of the oldest plumbing companies in the United States. Unique and stylish, the brand makes transitional kitchen and bathroom faucets that marry traditional and contemporary elements to create trendy fixtures.


Fresca Faucet

While many plumbing companies split their attention between kitchen and bathroom fixtures, Fresca limits its attention solely to bathroom accessories. They offer both one-handle and two-handle faucets in brushed nickel and shiny chrome finishes in a distinctive brutalist style.


Whitehaus Faucet

Whitehaus is primarily known for its unique decorative sinks made out of materials like copper or textured fireclay. So it comes as no surprise that their faucets are similarly bold in design. While they offer several different styles of faucets, they specialize in sweeping and dramatic bridge faucets. Finishes like antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze give Whitehause fixtures a rich old-fashioned look, but features like instant hot water dispensers are fresh and modern.


Fontaine Italia Faucet

Fontaine is one of three brands under the larger Italia Faucets umbrella. Italia bills itself as a manufacturer of luxury designer plumbing fixtures. The Fontaine brand exemplifies this commitment to beautiful, high-end faucet designs. Fontaine fixtures range from old-fashioned Victorian-inspired faucets to sleek modern designs. With a wide assortment of both shine and matte finishes, there are plenty of customizable options for the discerning consumer.

Water Creation

Water Creation Faucet

While the name Water Creation sounds futuristic and cutting-edge, the company’s bathroom and kitchen faucets draw their inspiration from days past. Bridge-style kitchen faucets and widespread bathroom faucets alike draw design inspiration from periods including the Victorian and art deco eras.


Anzzi Faucet

Anzzi is a high-end plumbing brand that offers a diverse assortment of faucets for both the kitchen and bathroom. The company’s mission is to bring luxury touches into residential spaces. Anzzi combines form and function in their extensive assortment of faucets. Whether you prefer understated modern or classically old-fashioned faucets, Anzzi has the style and quality you need. As a luxury brand, Anzzi faucets are expensive but worth the investment in your home.

Belle Foret

Belle Foret Faucet

Belle Foret is a company that makes beautiful bathroom and kitchen faucets that draw inspiration from organic shapes. For several years now, many homeowners have been gravitating towards streamlined, contemporary design elements. However, as the modern midcentury craze finally starts to phase out, consumers are gravitating towards more intricate designs. With a limited selection to choose from, these faucets are ideal for homeowners who want a distinct yet recognizable style.


Dyconn Faucet

While relatively new on the scene, Dyconn is a premium manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Their youth may contribute to their fresh approach to faucet manufacturing. Dyconn faucets combine minimalist and understated design with modern extras like pot fillers and reverse osmosis water filtration. The unfussy design of Dyconn faucets work in both contemporary and classic kitchens and bathrooms.


LaToscana Faucet

LaToscana faucets are known for combining upscale elegance with technological advancements. They sell an eclectic mix of bathroom faucets, from visually striking deck-mount faucets to sleek freestanding tub fillers. Stylish faucets get a high-tech boost thanks to features like temperature-controlling thermostatic valves.


Alfi Faucet

The Alfi brand seeks to balance function and luxury in every bathroom and kitchen faucet they sell. Their kitchen faucets pair traditional gooseneck design with practical elements like pull-down sprayers and retractable pot fillers. Meanwhile, their bathroom faucets push the boundaries of modern design with their unusual profiles.


Westbrass Faucet

Founded in 1935, Westbrass makes plumbing fixtures with elegant classic designs. Made with premium materials, the company’s kitchen faucets incorporate Victorian detailing but with modern twists like instant hot and instant cold water dispensers. Westbrass kitchen and bathroom faucets offer style and substance at an affordable price.

Popular Faucet Brands

The most popular faucet brands are trusted designer names such as Moen, Delta, Kraus, Grohe, Delta, Pfister, American Standard, Kohler and Glacier Bay. From affordable to luxury, these reputable companies are known for manufacturing high-quality fixtures that maximize functionality, design and style.