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67 Amazing Farmhouse Decor Ideas

67 Amazing Farmhouse Decor Ideas

For timeless rustic charm, farmhouse decor is a popular look that can create a warm and welcoming space with personality. Defined by a rural aesthetic, the most popular farmhouse-style designs generally feature natural materials such as exposed wood and brick, textured surfaces and neutral colors, blending simplicity and function with modern comfort for a cozy feel.

From shiplap walls to barn-style doors and textured finishes, these stylish farmhouse decor ideas are simple, elegant and balanced, taking your home to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for chic and modern designs or prefer a vintage approach, there are several different ways to design a beautiful and rustic farmhouse home depending on your style.

Check out these amazing farmhouse decor ideas to inspire your aesthetic.

Lovely Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Dreamy Farmhouse Style Guest Room

Farmhouse Living Room Design and Decor

Bring the outdoors inside for a guest room with style. Incorporate a vintage farmhouse window into a headboard setup, and bring in shutters with character and patina as well as potted plants in metal buckets for decor. A vintage “No Vacancy” sign adds whimsy. If you like these types of signs in your home, then extend the idea to your kitchen wall decor.

Trendy Farmhouse Kitchen with a Twist

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen and Interior Design

By marrying together country kitchen touches (a skirted sink, hardwood floors, scrolled wooden shelves) with more modern elements (black powdered metal light fixture cages, subway tiles), you can create a charming kitchen that’s both classic and contemporary.

Small Farmhouse Designs with A Beautiful Style

Small Farmhouse Interior Living Room Design

With a little creativity, a small apartment can rock farmhouse design. Offset cream-colored walls and pale rugs with warm tones from wooden furniture. Use accessories with a variety of textures, like a large wicker basket with a soft cable knit blanket, prints of fern leaves, and a wire basket holding vintage decorations and trinkets.

Vintage Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Vintage Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you like country chic, be bold and blend styles. A spindle chair with wooden beads on its arms is a fun nod to French country bergere chairs: pair with more current American-style rustic decor like metal-edged pendant lamps and a sliding barn door for an eclectic style.

Vintage Decorating Ideas

Classic Vintage Farmhouse Wall Decorating Ideas

Accessories are a crucial part of any decorating initiative. Setting up a vignette with elements of farmhouse chic gives visitors a great focal point. Combine strong visual references like a vintage window frame, antique decorative molding, mason jars and powder-coated lanterns with fresh foliage like handfuls of wildflowers and a wreath of simple greenery.

Luxury Country Bathroom with Sliding Doors

Luxury Country Farmhouse Bathroom with Sliding Doors

The building materials and fixtures for this master suite are both unabashedly rustic and incredibly high-end. The pale walls and linens, raw wood, and hewn stone create a space that is natural and airy. Sliding barn room doors grant privacy to this spa-like bathroom. Glass cabinet doors in the bathroom add to the upscale feel. Plus, this design offers storage solutions that are perfect for a happy couple.

Modern Farm Style Decor in Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Living Room Ideas

Country chic can actually be tongue in cheek. Using a trough in the place where you’d usually have a coffee table is inspired. For a witty touch, try filling the trough with round and vaguely egg-shaped objects adjacent to a throw pillow that reads “Our Nest”.

Cute Country Home Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cute Country Home Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Shabby chic, industrial, and classic and clean are just some of the ways you can interpret rustic design. You can also mix and match elements. A master bedroom can incorporate traditionally feminine elements like floral upholstery and mirrored cabinet doors with more traditionally masculine elements like a large metal wall clock and curtains with geometric lines.

Look to Nature for Rustic Accent Inspiration

Farmhouse Interior Wall Planter

Don’t have the budget to do a full farmhouse decor makeover? Begin with incorporating simple accent pieces. A galvanized steel bucket makes a great planter to top your mantelpiece, and you can DIY a fun plant wall installation with wooden shelves mounted against painted plywood slats.

Decor with Wood

Rustic Farmhouse Decor with Wood

Wood is a natural element that almost always looks strong. Rough-hewn wood tends to be more rustic-looking, and you can easily incorporate it into your home through furnishings and floating wall shelves. To keep things from looking too dark, bring in other contrasting materials, like glass and metal decorative elements.

Contemporary Farmhouse Interior Design Tips

Modern Country Farmhouse Interior Design Decor Tips

Do you love rustic style, but your spouse is more into contemporary design? The two styles blend together more seamlessly than you might think. Pair stainless steel appliances and stone countertops with farmhouse style cabinets and a stove hood made from reclaimed wood panels. Pendant lights over the kitchen counter provide a nice bridge between decor styles.

Rustic Cottage Style Homes with Comfort

White Farmhouse Decor

French provincial style definitely falls under rustic design, closer to the comfortable shabby chic end of the spectrum. The decorative pillows here, meant to look like sackcloth, specifically reference Provence (the birthplace of French provincial style).

Beautiful Country Style Home Interior Design

Beautiful Country Style Home Interior Design

The pale blue and beige of a cottage style home aren’t a great backdrop for orange and black Halloween decorations: white gourds make for festive decorations that still blend in perfectly with their shabby chic surroundings.

Rustic Wooden Wall Decor and Finishes

Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Wall Decor and Finishes

Decorating with wood furniture is one way to bring rustic style into farmhouse decor. But for decor that really pops, you must truly transform your space. Cover an accent wall with panels of reclaimed wood stained in various shades for an utterly bespoke living room that doesn’t break the bank.

Decorate With What You Know

Country Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Want a simple but fun way to incorporate the farm into your farmhouse decor? Use fresh produce in your decor. Forget about the traditional fruit bowl and go for something unusual, like green gourds and a large white garlic wreath.

Old Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Simple Farmhouse Interior Design

Many people who move into historical farmhouses like to preserve the original character. Fixer Upper fans in particular obsess over shiplap. If you just like the look of shiplap but don’t prioritize the authenticity, reclaimed wooden boards painted white can achieve the style you like on budget.

Wintry White Interior

Chic Modern Farmhouse Style Interior Design Ideas

Turn a corner in your home into a rustic winter getaway. Drape an antique blanket ladder with soft furry throws, and decorate with a frost-tipped dried wooden wreath. A decorative lamp won’t bring much warmth, but you can wrap it with holly for an extra festive touch.

Turn Utility Into Fashion

Cute Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

Why settle for a store-bought coffee table when you could upcycle a completely unique piece? Mount a custom table top to a large metal antique milk tin. Even if the metal is painted and flaking, the patina adds to the character.

Small Cottage Hallway Ideas

Best Rustic Farmhouse Style Home Interior Design

Even a small space can have a big impact with the right decorative touches. Visit antique stores for items that are stylish but useful. A hallway bench makes a great place for kids to take off shoes after school, and vintage metal boxes underneath are perfect storage vessels for shoes and backpacks.

Mix and Match Your Wooden Interior Design Ideas

Small Farmhouse Living Room Interior Design

Avoid over-designing a space by getting creative with mix and matching your wood tones. All-matching wood makes a space feel showroom perfect, and not especially rustic. Using wood furniture and accents in various shades and textures of wood lends more authenticity.

Update Your Country Style

Country Cottage Style Decor

You may think farmhouse decor has to be full of quilts and wallpaper in cheerful colors. But black and white decor is a cool modern twist. Paint furniture white with black drawer pulls, cover pillows in material with large black and white checks, and hang up black and white inspirational sayings, and you’ve got a fresh take on farmhouse chic.

Brighten Up Your Space By Using White On White

Beautiful Farmhouse Interior Design Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse interiors don’t have to be dim and dark: a white interior is an airy and fresh modern re-imagining. A sunroom with plenty of light is great when furniture is painted or upholstered all in white.

It’s All in the Accents

Old Farmhouse Style Living Room Decor for Couches, Pillows, Walls

If you’re not ready to go full farmhouse, begin by incorporating small touches. Swap out your regular sofa pillows for ones with farm sackcloth vibes, and decorate with framed panels of chicken wire, vintage ladders, and wire-wrapped wooden wreaths. Most of these decorations are cheap and can be purchased at craft stores, so they’re great for design novices to get their feet wet.

Simple Modern Rustic Ideas

Simple Modern Rustic Farmhouse Ideas

Sometimes a gorgeous view of an old red barn is all you need to achieve that farmhouse feel. Keep the rest of the furnishings simple with white upholstery, plush pillows, and distressed furniture and enjoy the view!

Modernize Old Architecture

Modern Country Home Designs

If you live in an old farmhouse but rustic design isn’t your speed, don’t worry: you can preserve and honor that vintage aesthetic in a way that resonates with your life. Line an original mantel with wildflowers, but keep your geometrically-patterned curtains and rugs. Meld the two together and create your own style!

Farmhouse Style for the Whole Family

Cute Country Farmhouse Style Decorations

Sometimes people consider farmhouse or shabby chic to be too, for lack of a better word, feminine. But there are ways to blend more overtly feminine decor in a way that appeals to everyone. Traditionally masculine elements like a heavy leather sofa and bleached animal antlers are softened by a metal vase of flowers and a pillow that reads a sweet message like “Our Nest”.

Let There Be Lighting

Cool Vintage Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures For Interior Design Ideas

Farmhouse decor benefits from soft, warm lighting. If you’re handy, you can DIY a gorgeous light fixture from reclaimed wood, mason jars, and Edison bulbs. Drape the top of the fixture with greenery to add a more magical natural element to your mason jar pendant lights.

Chalk One Up For Rustic Decor

Modern Farmhouse Wall Decorations and Design Ideas

It feels like a farmhouse look isn’t complete without a wall hanging featuring an inspirational quote. For a neat and personal twist on the trend, hang up a chalkboard (in a rustic frame of course) and write your own motivational mantras.

Tell a Story Through Pictures

Pretty Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Farmhouses often have a nostalgic feel to them: how better than to express that by incorporating tons of family photos into the decor? Printing them in black and white and framing with varying types of wood adds to the rustic sentimentality.

Where the Sea Meets the Shore

Farmhouse Living Room Style Interior Decor

Rustic home interior designs aren’t just limited to farmhouse decor: rustic style also translates well into nautical based decor. Marine paintings, fishnet, dried starfish and little rustic sailboats make great mantelpiece decor, and touches of navy blue and compass points on the decorative pillows continue the theme.

Achieve Rustic Chic by Decorating with Old Trunks

Modern Luxury Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Vintage trunks have kind of a timeless elegance to them, making them fit in perfectly with a shabby chic decor that incorporates mirrors, vintage desks, and comfy throws. They’re also very useful: they make great coffee tables, and you can use them to store anything from board games to extra blankets.

Original DIY Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Cute Original DIY Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Even if you don’t live anywhere near farmland, you can still add rustic coziness to your home See if your local coffee house gets deliveries in wooden crates and use them to make a DIY table perfect for sipping your favorite brew.

Upscale Rustic Interior Design Within Reach

Farmhouse Entryway Table Decorating Ideas

One of the great things about farmhouse design is that it’s hard to go too over-the-top. A neutral color palette of beige, cream, and gray allows you to layer in all kinds of interesting visual textures through containers, vintage glass jars, and three-dimensional wall hangings. A vintage window also makes a unique and visually interesting room divider.

Modern Ceilings That Elevate Rustic Decor

Beautiful Farmhouse Interior Design with Ceiling Ideas

A vaulted ceiling is a fantastic architectural element in a modern, barn-inspired home. It allows you to decorate with massive statement pieces, like sliding barn doors, large paintings, and cool metal light fixtures.

Relax in Style in an Elegant Farmhouse Interior

Rustic Home Interior Design For Living Room

With the right touches, a farmhouse can be downright romantic. Update an old brick fireplace with some white paint, and install grand, over-the-top crown molding. Bring in natural elements by filling a vintage tin trough with voluminous cotton blossoms and other greenery.

Farm-Fresh Kitchen Design

Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas

Kitchens can be somewhat utilitarian, especially for families. But you can upgrade your kitchen with a few decorative elements. A vintage bread box and display of fresh potted herbs are both practical and beautiful. A bakery sign adds some whimsy while a simple wooden chandelier adds a touch of elegance.

Gorgeous Country Living Room with White Decor

Gorgeous Country Farmhouse Living Room with White Decor

You can transform your home on the cheap with house decor from architectural salvage shops. Make your own signs by picking up a few pieces of scrap wood and using stencils to paint on word like “Farmhouse” or “Vintage”. Add a few other changes like new pillow shams and wire baskets for decor, and you’ve had an instant style change!

Small Farmhouse Touches For Versatile, Flexible Design

Small Farmhouse Touches For Cute Finish

Always wanted a farmhouse kitchen, but not sure you’re ready to pull the trigger? Install a metal bar on a kitchen island and decorate it with country-style accents like wicker baskets full of roses. Before long, you’ll be ready for that apron sink!

Old Farmhouse Wall Shelving For Good Organization

Old Farmhouse Wall Shelving For Good Organization

You can embrace farmhouse style while using things like a galvanized steel dish rack, containers for kitchen tools, and pots of herbs. Why hide everything in a cabinet when it can be so beautifully displayed?

Cool Decor Inspiration

Cool Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

You don’t have to go over the top with your farmhouse style. Little things like framed botanical prints and wicker baskets give you that farmhouse flair. Even with a neutral couch and coffee table, these small touches bring a little piece of farm into your home.

Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Cute Rustic Home Interior Design Ideas

White mugs and bowls with inspirational words are on trend. Incorporate yours into your decor by displaying them with some dried flowers on a rustic farmhouse-inspired three tier tray, and have a whole new focal point in your kitchen.

Home Sweet Home Wall Decoration Ideas For Rustic Farmhouse

Home Sweet Home Wall Decoration Ideas For Rustic Farmhouse

Want to welcome guests to your home? A huge sign on the hallway entrance table should do the trick! Accent with a pitcher of blooms, a vintage lantern, and a pastel flower garland. It’s a bit of an eclectic hodgepodge, but decor is often improvisational that way.

Save Space By Bringing Your Kitchen and Living Room Together

Modern Country Style Home

An open plan that places the living room and kitchen close together lends itself well to farmhouse-style decor. The kitchen and living room both tend to be central gathering places in the home, and country homes are all about heart. Plaid pillows, barn doors, and powder-coated metal light fixtures bring the vibe to life.

Gorgeous Cabin Decor with a Modern Twist

Gorgeous Farmhouse Cabin Decor with a Twist

One thing that’s often missing is a sense of whimsy. Incorporating a mix of textiles and adding pops of color can make the farmhouse come to life. Black and white botanical print pillow shams, bright blooms and copious greenery, and tons of geometric shapes give guests plenty of eye candy to take in.

Design Organization

Farmhouse Entry Hallway Designs and Wall Decor Ideas

You can embrace eclectic farmhouse style without giving up on staying organized. Rustic boards with metal hooks are the perfect place to keep jackets, umbrellas, and reusable totes, while vintage wooden boxes mounted to the wall can help you organize your paperwork in a way that’s still cute and fun.

Feminine Concepts

Amazing Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

Some people automatically associate rustic style with more traditionally masculine characteristics. But rustic style isn’t just rough-hewn wood and large rusting metal. Shabby chic is a rustic style that’s delicate and sometimes even borderline bohemian.

When Rustic Goes Glam

Rustic Farmhouse Room Decor Ideas

Traditionally rustic elements can go full-on glam with a little ingenuity. Create a 3D geometric design on a wall by gluing baseboards into a diamond pattern, and take a vintage metal crib and paint it gold: you’ll breathe new life into old pieces.

Less is More in this Rustic Kitchen Remodel

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

People often gravitate towards high-end kitchen finishes, but there’s something ineffably beautiful about embracing the basics. A brick focal wall and wood-wrapped stove hood look even more stunning against simple white cabinets.

Black and White Chic

Black and White Farmhouse Decor

There’s nothing basic about this black and white dining room. A framed botanical print and boxes of fresh herbs affixed to the walls add gorgeous pops of green that take a simple concept and turn it into something magical.

Foyer with Creative Repurposed Doors and Windows

Farmhouse Foyer with Creative Repurposed Doors and Windows

Salvage shops are a great place to find intriguing pieces of history. Flip through the doors, windows and art to discover decorative items that speak to you. Then display them on your entry wall for a one-of-a-kind art installation your family and friends will love!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Cute Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Bring elements of French provincial into your own interpretation of farmhouse elegance. Powder blue accents are a perfect way to encapsulate that iconic style alongside striped upholstery, a floral rug, and various other vintage accents.

Creative Colorful Style Decor

Colorful Creative Farmhouse Style Decor

Farm life is about being improvisational and making the most out of what you have. Taking scraps and transforming them into something useful and even beautiful – like a table made from wooden crates and a vintage shutter – is the essence of country living.

Old Country Style Hallway with Rustic Wall Art

Old Country Style Interior Design

Turn even an unexpected space into a cozy nook. A small wall closing in a staircase can become a great place to hang up an eclectic collection of vintage decor, while an antique bench makes for a snug sitting place.

Rustic Dining Room with Unique Furniture

Country Style Furniture and Dining Room

It doesn’t get much more rustic than having an animal head mounted in the dining room. A display of wooden ducks alongside vintage platters add to the hunting lodge vibe. You might want to avoid serving venison in this dining room though, unless you’re okay with the decor judging you.

A Rustic Reading Nook Retreat

Unique Old Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Love getting lost in a great book? Set up a comfy reading nook Place a plush chair by a window for plenty of natural light, and set up a serene scene with bouquets of wildflowers in tin vessels. Vintage books add a perfect decorative touch to the tableau even if you decide to read something a bit more modern.

Black and White Bathroom Decor For Small Space

Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Even a small bathroom can have a big visual impact. Patterned tiles are very in right now, and a graphic black and white motif provides a great focal point. Wood walls painted white and black wire baskets add to the vintage feel.

Modern Design with a Trendy Southern Touch

Latest Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

In certain parts of the south, you’re more likely to find plantation style homes than traditional Midwest-style farmhouses. The decor in a plantation-style home may look a little different with oversized furniture and more ornate accent pieces, but it is its own variation on farmhouse style nonetheless.

Classic Country Decor with Lavish Kitchen, Wall, Lighting Fixture, Table and Chairs

Country Farmhouse Style Interior Designs with Lavish Kitchen, Wall, Lighting Fixture, Table and Chairs

If you’re not afraid to make a bold statement, a custom lighting fixture made from a large tin sign and antique chandelier will make an amazing statement piece in your dining area. Then you might as well throw in another chandelier. You can never have too many chandeliers.

A Cozy Harvest Retreat

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room with Table Decorations and Wall Hangings

Every year, people around the world celebrate the harvest season and the bounty it brings. Enjoy your own harvest season in a bright and cheery living room. Incorporate produce into the decor, like a garlic wreath and gourds to honor the harvest.

Modern Family Farmhouse Interior

Modern Family Farmhouse Interior Ideas

Sometimes it seems like there’s two kinds of modern farmhouse style: sleek industrial rustic and country kitsch. But there is a happy medium. Pair comfortable furniture with a sliding barn door, a huge wooden coffee table with clean lines, and plenty of cute country accents in order to get the best of both worlds.

Accent Pieces Can Take Your Living Room from Drab to Fab

Cute Farm Home Interior Design Styles For Living Room with Wall Decor, Color Schemes, and Furniture

A sectional sofa and basic coffee table get a style upgrade with rustic wall decor. A vintage farm table with peeling paint serves as a console table and adds texture to the space.

Ceiling Ideas That Elevate Your Space

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is the only place in your house where you spend most of your time staring at the ceiling, so you may want to make it special and gorgeous. Wood plank ceilings add high elegance with a rustic twist.

Elegant Entertaining in an Upscale Kitchen

Beautiful Country Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Give your farmhouse kitchen a luxurious makeover by pairing vintage pieces with high-end finishes. Top an antique wooden kitchen island with quartz or marble, and wrap the stove hood in the same material. Add a focal wall with gorgeously patterned tiles: vaulted ceilings will make it pop even more.

Simple Clean Rustic Kitchen Design

Clean Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

Clare Booth Luce once wrote, “The height of sophistication is simplicity.” That is true of this kitchen. White cabinets, white walls and ceiling, exposed wood beams, and a matching trio of pendant lights are greater than the sum of their parts. Because the rest of the kitchen is so simple and classic, little touches like the countertops being different colors (white on the island, dark gray everywhere else) really stand out.

Upscale Details with Down Home Dining

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Looking at the rustic wood bar stools and leafy garland, it’s easy to forget that this is an upscale kitchen – just check out the marble inset and pot filler by the stove. It goes to show, with the right accessories, any space can emulate laid-back living.

Cute Rustic Kitchen Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Decor for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home: why not make it feel warm and inviting with authentic antique charm? A rustic wood kitchen island, wood-slat walls, vintage china cabinet, and whimsical touches like old-school kitchen scales give the room a well-loved feel.

Turn a Sun Room Into an Appealing Nook

Vintage Farmhouse Decor Old Trunk and Vintage Crib Turned Into Couch

An enclosed sun room can often get overlooked in the decorating process. Play to its strengths by painting the walls a buttery yellow, and bring in adorable antique furniture like a metal daybed, vintage steamer trunk, and painted secretary desk. You won’t find a cozier reading nook.