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85 Stylish Entry Table Decor Ideas

85 Stylish Entry Table Decor Ideas

An entry table is generally a decorative piece of furniture that can make a great first impression at the entrance of your home. Also known as an entrance, console or foyer table, these versatile pieces can also be a practical way to organize, declutter and decorate your entryway.

If you want to spruce up your home, these entry table decor ideas are stylish choices that will elevate this small space and make your guests feel welcome. The most popular decorations for an entryway table are often cute artwork, elegant accessories, a charming mirror, low-maintenance plants and other finishing touches like books, candles, lamps and trays.

You can take the minimalist route with a basic table that fits your aesthetic goals or invest in a sturdy foyer table with drawers for storage. While this small area is often meant to be somewhat functional rather than glam, making an effort to dress it up can pay off.

Whether you prefer a simple and chic look or a luxurious modern approach, decorating an entrance table will always be appreciated by family and guests.

For inspiration, here are the best entry table decor ideas that will suit your home and transform this space for an inviting vibe.

Entryway Table Decor Ideas

Cute Cottage Console

Cute Cottage Console

This entry table makes a vibrant design statement with visually-appealing decor. Bright patterned wallpapers are very trendy right now, but they run the risk of feeling dated. Limiting a bold, graphic wallpaper to a small space like an entryway lets you try out this trend without making a massive commitment. This floral wallpaper is bright and vibrant, so the homeowners went simpler with furnishings like a rustic wood entry table.

Dark and Edgy Vibe

Dark and Edgy Vibe

This entryway table decor is a modern and stylish choice that features a unique wall mirror and elegant accessories for an elevated look. The geometric pattern of this textured black and white wallpaper has a major art deco vibe that sets the tone for the rest of the space. The sleek black table has gold accents that also feel very art-deco in nature. Gold wall sconces and tabletop decor give this moody space just the right glam.

Elegant Round Glass Table with Metal Legs

Elegant Round Glass Table with Metal Legs

The layout of the staircase in this home leaves a block of space that seems unusable. Places like this are great for staging unconventional entry tables. Here, a round table fits neatly into a space that would otherwise be wasted. Because the table has shiny chrome legs and a glass tabletop, it doesn’t distract attention away from the traditional wainscoting on the walls.

Embrace Natural Elements

Embrace Natural Elements

While filled with decor in neutral colors, this entryway is still surprisingly rich and appealing to look at. Natural materials like a rough-hewn wood table, stoneware vase, and vintage woven basket fill this space with inviting textures. A large abstract art piece makes the humble materials feel a little more elevated and sophisticated.

Fall Entryway Table Decorations

Fall Entryway Table Decorations

For many people, entry tables are nothing more than a practical place to keep your wallet and your keys. For others, they provide an auxiliary space for expressing creativity. If you’re the kind of person who likes to decorate your home for different seasons or holidays, an entry table is a perfect place for showcasing seasonal decor.

Luxury Wooden Table with Stylish Pieces

Luxury Wooden Table with Stylish Pieces

A unique wood entrance table can be a gorgeous choice that elevates your space and welcomes your guests with a statement piece. Because tables can be such practical furniture, we often forget that they can also be pieces of art. This sculptural entry table makes a huge stylistic statement on its own, and eclectic decor like a colorful graphic art print gives it even more of an impact.

Metal Entrance Table with Chic Items

Metal Entrance Table with Chic Items

A small and simple table is suitable for narrow entryways in homes and can add a personal touch. Some people shy away from modern interior design because it feels cold and sterile. The increasing popularity of the organic modern style of design blends modern minimalism with the beauty of nature, creating a much warmer environment. This entry table has a modern metal entry table, but organic touches like a botanical print and a vase of cherry blossoms make the space feel instantly inviting.

Old School Console Table

Old School Console Table

If your aesthetic tends to be vintage or retro, a modern entry table will feel out of place with the rest of your decor. Skip the furniture stores and go vintage shopping to find a piece that is right for your home and style. With its angled, tapered legs, the console table has a major midcentury modern appeal.

Reclaimed Wooden Entry Table with Mirror

Reclaimed Wooden Entry Table with Mirror

This reclaimed wood table has a rustic elegance, but it borders on feeling too bulky for the entryway. If you’re concerned that your foyer is too crowded, consider hanging up an oversized mirror above it. Mirrors can make a space feel double the size thanks to their reflective qualities.

Simple Boho Table

Simple Boho Table

This versatile entry table would be right at home in multiple design styles. Choosing the right decor for the table will ensure that it truly fits in with your style. Intricately woven baskets, a vase of pampas grass, and a large monstera leaf infuse this entryway with boho charm.

Simple Entrance Table with Plants and Gold Trim Mirror

Simple Entrance Table with Plants and Gold Trim Mirror

This entrance is filled with simple yet elegant pieces, from the streamlined black console table to the gold-rimmed mirror. On their own, these two pieces might feel a little stark, but they are softened up by decor choices like stoneware vases and a sheepskin stool with gold legs.

Sleek and Chic Entry Table

Sleek and Chic Entry Table

This entryway is anchored by the simple geometric shapes of the rectangular entry table and round wall mirror. Because the silhouettes are so plain and architectural, you can go a little over-the-top with tabletop decor. A riotous and colorful array of dried flowers give this understated entry some pizzazz.

Add Interest To Your Entry with Colorful Decor

Entry with Colorful Decor

Bright white paint and sand-hued wood floors give this coastal energy a bright and airy feel. While the whitewashed entry table blends in well with the surroundings, it also doesn’t give the eye a place to land. Adding darker decor like a navy blue bowl and stoneware vase overflowing with greenery creates a much-needed focal point.

Use Smaller-Scale Furniture To Mimic A Foyer

Smaller-Scale Furniture To Mimic A Foyer

If you live in an apartment or small home, you likely don’t have a true entryway. That doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of a formal entrance. Look for a narrow and shallow table like this one that will still allow plenty of room for visitors to come in, then decorate it with some simple artwork and plants. Hanging a mirror above the table can also trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger.

Utilize Contrasting Colors

Entry Table Decor with Mirror

If you’re going to the trouble of setting up an entry table, chances are you want people to see and appreciate the vignette you’ve created. Choosing a table that contrasts with your decor will give it some punch. This matte black entry table jumps out against the crisp white walls and raw wood floors. Adding touches of white and neutral tones to the tabletop decor ensures that the entry feels cohesive with the rest of the space.

Create A New Entryway By Building A Wall

Built-In Entryway Table with Wall

Open floorplans have been in vogue for decades because they make a home feel airy, but they often lack a dedicated entryway. If you need a place by your front door to store coats and shoes, consider constructing a partial wall. This wall panel only goes up about ¾ of the way to the ceiling, allowing the natural light to filter through the space interrupted. Wall pegs and a bench with baskets tucked underneath provide storage options and hide any unsightly clutter you might otherwise see from the living room.

Make A Statement with Bold Artwork

Entrance Table with Bold Artwork

If you own a large and dramatic piece of artwork, an entryway is a great place to keep it. Not only will it make a big impression on guests, but you’ll also be able to enjoy it every time you come home. This black and white painting has a lot of texture and details, so the decor on the entry table below it is more minimalist. This way it won’t detract attention from the real star of the show.

Turn Your Entry Console Into A Gallery Table

Beautiful Entry Console

Entry tables can showcase a variety of decor, including books, floral arrangements, and figurines. Your console can also be a great place to keep artwork. Instead of hanging art above an entry table, place a few pieces on top of the table and lean them against the wall. You can even overlap them, placing smaller pieces in front of bigger ones. This technique for displaying artwork can make a table feel more casual and less fussy.

Table Decor That Fits Your Space

Stylish Table Decor That Fits Your Space

This entryway has an unusual shape that could feel awkward if not decorated with care. While one wall is truncated, the other extends into the rest of the house. Placing a long console table on the lengthier wall helps create a visual transition from the entryway into the living space, an effect that is amplified by the long jute runner rug on the floor. Placing a bench and mirror on the shorter wall helps the space feel more finished and intentional.

Think Vertically

Modern Metal Console Table

This entry is on the smaller side, but it feels much bigger thanks to the use of vertical space. The narrow entry table has shelving underneath, so you can add more decor without making the tabletop feel cluttered. Potted floor plants bring additional decor to the space without taking up any unnecessary table space.

Shabby Chic Entry Table with Rustic Touch

Entry Table Decor with Rustic Touch

A rough-looking blue entryway table adds a healthy dose of personality to an otherwise basic space. The drawers provide plenty of storage – but if you need something extra, a wooden crate will do the trick. A version of shabby chic, this adorable piece will do wonders for your front door and hallway.

Modern Foyer Table

Modern Entry Table Ideas

Looking for elegance over practicality? A simple table with an interesting design should fit your needs. You can always add extra storage via strategically placed baskets.

Simple Small Entryway For An Industrial Look

Simple Small Entryway Table Ideas For An Industrial Look

If you don’t have a lot of square feet to play with, go for a slim foyer table that doesn’t take up too much space. In this case, the metal legs go great with the leather bench, giving the reception area an industrial vibe.

Trendy Wooden Hallway Entrance Table

Trendy Wooden Hallway Entrance Table

Wood gives the impression of warmth, making it a great pick for hallways. A wooden entry table goes great with some greenery, so add a couple of plants to spruce it up. Here, that gorgeous lamp perfectly completes the look.

Minimal Foyer Table Décor

Minimal Foyer Table Décor

Clutter can cause unnecessary stress, so it’s best to keep it away from your greeting area. An elegant painting and a flower bouquet are enough to ensure a welcoming atmosphere.

Repurposed Desk To Save Cash

Small Entrance Table Decor As A Repurposed Desk

Don’t feel like investing in a new piece of furniture for the foyer? Repurpose an old desk from your study. With the right accessories, no one will notice the difference.

Pastoral Hallway with Wooden Front Door Table

Pastoral Hallway with Wooden Front Door Table

A sturdy and eye-catching foyer table looks best when paired with rustic décor pieces like wicker baskets and old-school lamps. The green garland is a nice finishing touch.

White Entry Table with Cool Storage For The Reception Area

White Entry Table with Cool Storage For The Reception Area

While baskets and boxes are popular storage options, feel free to go the extra mile and come up with more inventive solutions. Case in point: the vintage luggage adds a classy flair to the space.

Farmhouse Console Table Decor with Lush Plants and Baskets

Farmhouse Console Table Decor with Lush Plants and Baskets

Nothing grabs the eye quite as effectively as a lush plant. Dress up your entryway with some accent bouquets and you’re farmhouse decor is golden.

Easy DIY Table with Cool Wall Art For Small Foyer

Easy DIY Table with Cool Wall Art For Small Foyer

Adding an oversized print above a skinny foyer table is a surefire way to give the space a bit of an edge. This is the first thing you’ll see upon entering your home, so feel free to pick a print with a positive message for good vibes.

Cute Front Entry Table For A Stylish Hallway

Cute Front Entry Table For A Stylish Hallway

The gorgeous design of this wooden table begs for you to embrace symmetry when decorating. The result is a stunning foyer.

Small Entryway Table with Carved Greeting

Small Entryway Table with Carved Greeting

A fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your entry area is to pick charming décor items. This carved ‘Hello’ sign, for example, is perfect for the foyer.

Small Table with Large Decorations

Small Table with Large Decorations

You’d think that small accessories are the way to go when decorating a slim foyer table. That’s not always the case. Here, the oversized pieces create a nice contrast.

Black Entry Table with Pops of Color

Black Entry Table with Pops of Color

A black table can bring a touch of sophistication to your foyer, but it can also make the space look gloomy or too dark. To avoid this common issue, add some pops of color into the mix – like these delightful blue vases.

Simple Wood Foyer Table Decor with Earthy Tones

Simple Wood Foyer Table Decor with Earthy Tones

If you’re all about the outdoors, bring some nature into your foyer with earthy tones. A wooden table coupled with some lush greenery will ensure a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

Dark Wood with Mirror and Plants For A Luxury Feel

Dark Wood with Mirror and Plants For A Luxury Feel

Hanging a mirror above your entryway is a quick and practical way to decorate your reception area. If the mirror frame complements the table, even better!

Decorating with Signs, Plants, Clock, Baskets and Pillows

Decorating with Signs, Plants, Clock, Baskets and Pillows

The easiest way to make sure that your décor pieces go well together is to invest in objects in similar shades. Here’s, there’s a woodsy theme going on, which fits nicely with the foyer table.

Cabinet-Style Table with Plenty of Storage

Cabinet-Style Table with Plenty of Storage

While open space is great, sometimes the need for storage trumps aesthetic whims. That doesn’t mean that your foyer needs to look any less stylish. This tastefully decorated area fits all sorts of odds and ends while also being visually pleasing.

White Decor with Contrasting Greenery

White Decor with Contrasting Greenery

The all-white design trend is still going strong, so there’s no wonder that white entry tables are in popular demand. Make the space look cozier by adding some greenery.

Unique Console Decor

Console Table Entryway Decor

When dressing up your reception area, don’t just reach out for predictable pieces like lamps, plants, and family photos. Vintage books, for instance, make for excellent décor.

Family Mementos

Chic Entrance Table Ideas with Family Mementos

Mementos are a great addition to your foyer – they will make you feel warm and cozy inside right as you step into the front door. Think photos, vacation souvenirs, pillows, baskets, pictures, or knick-knacks with sentimental value.

Go For A Reception Area with A Theme

Small Foyer Table with Chair

Feel like getting creative? Pick a theme for your entryway and stick to it when decorating. For instance, animal art is especially eye-grabbing, but you can choose decorations that relate to your passions, hobbies, and interests.

Glass Table Decor

Glass Entry Table

A mirrored table adds depths and texture to any space. Plus, it’s a statement piece on its own, so you don’t need a lot of foyer décor to make it stand out.

Luxurious Foyer Table and Mirror with Elegant Finish

Luxurious Foyer Table and Mirror with Elegant Finish

Speaking of mirrored tables, this one has a lavish feel to it. Pair it with an oversized mirror and a few glass accessories and you’ve got yourself a stunning welcoming area that’s bound to impress.

Colorful Foyer Table Decor with Vase and Baskets

Colorful Foyer Table Decor with Vase and Baskets

One of the best spots to place statement artwork in a home is in the foyer. It immediately catches the attention of anyone who walks through the front door. In this case, the art complements the hallway nicely.

Minimalist Modern Front Door Table to Keep Decor Simple

Minimalist Modern Front Door Table to Keep Decor Simple

A simple, modern entry table paired with an oversized mirror with no frame will give the area a posh vibe with minimum effort.

Small Front Door Table For A Cool Design

Small Front Door Table For A Cool Design

Taking advantage of seasonal décor is a great way to keep your front door looking fresh all year round. In this case, these pieces go great for Fall and Halloween.

Modern Blue Color with Mirror and Simple Decor

Modern Blue Entryway Table with Mirror and Simple Decor

A quick way to dress up an old piece of furniture is to add a new coat of paint. Make it a statement color and you’ve got yourself an eye-grabbing table without breaking the bank.

Basic Entry Table with Metallic Finish

Basic Reclaimed Wood Entry Table Idea with Metallic Finish

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. This design may be basic, but the material offers it a luxurious feel.

Rustic Foyer Table with Large Accessories

Rustic Foyer Table with Large Accessories

This wooden entry table would go especially well in a cabin or vacation home. If you’re more of a city person, pair it with the right accessories and you’ll create a rustic little corner right in the middle of the urban jungle.

Whimsical White Foyer Table with Welcome Chalkboard Sign

Whimsical White Foyer Table with Welcome Chalkboard Sign

A chalkboard is a fun addition to any home. You can write a welcoming sign or engage your creativity and come up with some doodles for a touch of whimsy.

Cute Narrow Entry Table with Chairs

Narrow Entry Table with Small Chairs

In small spaces, multi-purpose furniture can be a godsend. In this case, the cute table comes with matching chairs so that it can double as an entertaining area for one-on-one chats.

Classy Black Décor

Small Black Hallway Table Decor

An interesting way to decorate your entry table is to keep pieces confined to the middle area. It will make your table appear longer and create the illusion of space.

Old-Fashion Rustic Front Door Decor

Rustic Front Entrance Table Decor

Here’s another idea of how to use seasonal décor to your advantage. This Christmas-ready look is perfect for the holidays since the décor fits the color theme and doesn’t look particularly out of place.

Cute Foyer Table Decor with Inspirational Quote

Cute Entry Table Decor Ideas

As we’ve already mentioned, chalkboard signs work wonders in the foyer. To always leave the house in a good mood, write down an inspirational message or quote.

Simple Chic Small Foyer Table and Mirror

Simple Chic Small Foyer Table and Mirror Ideas

If a single piece of art isn’t enough to brighten up your foyer, take things one step further and create a gallery wall. These minimal prints go great with the overall design of the space.

Dapper Front Door Table with Unique Design

Unique Entryway Tables with Creative Designs

An entry table with an interesting design will instantly elevate for the reception area. Shop around or hit yard sales and thrift stores for interesting pieces you might be able to restore.

Lavish Round Table For A Beautiful Foyer Area

Lavish Round Entry Table For A Beautiful Foyer Area

Your entrance table doesn’t have to hug the wall. If you have a luxury home with a large foyer area, a simple round entry table may be a classy fashionable addition to the space. This white foyer table looks best with flowers on top, an armchair nearby for comfort, and decorative wicker baskets to store umbrellas and canes.

Classy Minimal Style with Large Round Mirror

Foyer Entry Table with Large Round Mirror

Thanks to its posh design, this cabinet-style table doesn’t need a lot of décor to stand out. The oversized mirror, however, complements it beautifully.

Lovely Antique Design

Lovely Front Door Table with Antique Design

This elegant look will appeal to vintage lovers. If you go for something similar, make sure the accessories match the theme. A modern clock, for example, would look out of place here.

Contemporary Furniture in Neutral Colors

Contemporary Foyer Furniture Entry Table in Neutral Colors

This spacious entryway table comes with plenty of storage without sacrificing style. It fits right into this all-white foyer, which is brightened up by the colorful area rug.

Matching Table and Chair with Decorative Candles and Wall Art

Matching Entry Table and Chair Furniture with Decorative Candles and Wall Art

Pair a unique table design with color-coordinated chairs, and top it off with glass candle holders and colorful flowers. With so many decorating ideas for your entry hall, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend finding large pieces of furniture you love and fit the space, and then working down to smaller decorative items.

Colorful Foyer Decor with Small Red Table

Colorful Foyer Decor with Red Table, Blue Door, Yellow Frames, and Mirror

Tables come in many shapes and forms, so there’s plenty of choice for those looking for something bolder. A bright red piece, for instance, adds a playful vibe to any space.

Simple Wood with Drawers For Storage

Simple Wood Entry Table with Drawers for Storage

Here’s an entry table that perfectly balances style and functionality. The drawers allow you to hide away knick-knacks. As for the open space below, populate it with bins and baskets to keep messiness at bay.

Round Entry Table For An Opulent Foyer

Round Entry Table for an Opulent Foyer

If you’re going for the round table, why not match it to your front door for a dazzling effect? A luxurious chandelier will complete the decadent look.

Black Half Table with Matching Mirror and Planters

Black Half Table with Matching Mirror and Planters

Feel like a table alone isn’t enough? Go for an entryway set. These gorgeous planters are a thing of beauty. Also, notice how the photo frame and the mirror frame are a perfect match.

Extravagant Small Entrance Table with Window Frame

Extravagant Small Entrance Table with Window Frame

Instead of a mirror, place an intricate window frame on top of your entry table. It helps your décor pop without looking out of place.

Beautiful Front Entrance Hallway

Luxurious Entryway Table For A Beautiful Front Entrance Hallway

This modern and classy entry console table is the perfect way to spruce up your front door and hallway. If you have hardwood floors and chic contemporary interior design throughout your home, this light-colored, high-end furniture set with candles, baskets, and pillows is the ideal decor.

Adorable Bohemian Hall Table with Mirror and Simple Decorations

Adorable Bohemian Entry Hall Table with Mirror and Simple Decorating Ideas

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the way to go, especially when you have a tiny place to play with. A basic entry table paired with a plush area rug creates a cozy reception area.

Drawers and Baskets For Great Storage

Entry Table with Drawers and Baskets for Great Storage

If your entrance table has open storage space built-in, dress it up with baskets. It will make it look more put-together.

Small Narrow Foyer Entryway Table and Mirror with Metallic Colors

Small Narrow Foyer Entryway Table and Mirror with Metallic Colors

A small table can dazzle if it comes with an eye-catching design, like here. Hang a mirror with an interesting frame above and you don’t even need additional décor pieces.

Long Design For A Grand Foyer

Luxury Long Entryway Table For A Grand Foyer

This stunning example would look crammed in a small apartment. In a spacious hallway with a high ceiling though, it fits right in.

Luxury Vases

Foyer Table Décor with Luxury Vases

Vases make for great décor pieces, even without holding any plants. If they sport an interesting design, don’t tuck them away when they’re not in use.

Polished White Top with Lamps and Unique Wall Decoration

Polished White Top Table with Lamps and Unique Wall Decoration

Vanity tables aren’t solely for the bedroom. They can look gorgeous in the hallway, especially when they come with comfy seats.

Long Narrow DIY Homemade Console Table with Accent Lights

Long Narrow DIY Homemade Entryway Console Table with Accent Lights

An easy way to make this part of your home pop is to decorate it with accent accessories, like these creative lamps. This works incredibly well in narrow spaces.

Matching Front Door Furniture

Matching Entryway Tables for a Classy Entrance

If one entry table isn’t enough and your entrance area is large, you can incorporate two tables of similar styles. As long as they match, they’ll make the space look tidy and welcoming.

Tall Black and White Table and Mirror

Long Narrow Entry Console Table with Mirror on Wall

Besides looking chic, a black and white entry table will never go out of style. For accessories, you can stick to the b/w combo or incorporate some neutrals for an extra dose of warmth.

Modern Style For Small Spaces

Modern Entry Table for Small Spaces

A tiny home entry table may not provide a lot of storage, but it will elevate your foyer. Sometimes all you need is a simple flat tabletop that you can put a few pictures and leave your keys and wallet on. Kudos if it comes in an interesting shape that sparks intrigue.

Black with Colorful Décor and Unique Shape

Black Entry Table with Colorful Décor and Unique Shape

A quick way to balance out a dark entryway is to populate it with colorful trinkets and decorations. Books and ornate boxes look particularly dashing in the reception area.

Small Farmhouse Foyer Table with A Rough Finish

Small Farmhouse Foyer Table with a Rough Finish

A neutral color scheme works wonders in small spaces, and this hallway is no exception. Notice how the rough finish of the entryway table gives it a rustic look.

Narrow Wooden DIY Entry Table

DIY Narrow Wooden Entryway Table

Feel like getting your hands dirty? An entrance table can make for a wonderful DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials online to get you inspired, or you can use your creativity and come up with a unique design.

Simple Design For a Clean Look

Simple Entryway Wall Table Design For a Clean Look

A petite entryway table can look just as glam as an oversized one, especially when paired with an elegant framed mirror. This simple yet functional wall entrance table is attached comes with drawers and a mix of light and dark wood colors. In fact, by the looks of it, it could be a DIY project.

Glass Table with Unique Wall Mirror, White Linen Cloth, and Chic Decorating Ideas

Glass Foyer Table with a Unique Wall Mirror, White Linen Cloth, and Several Chic Decorating Ideas

Glass decor will always give your hallway a classy look. The best part about this style is that there’s plenty of storage space available underneath.

Cool Decor For Travel Enthusiast

Cool Front Entrance Table Decor For Travel Enthusiast

If you’re a passionate traveler, this design should be right up your alley. It may even make coming back from holiday less depressing.

Beautiful Hallway with Luxury Foyer Table and Chairs

Beautiful Entryway with Luxury Foyer Table and Chairs

Adding some comfortable armchairs on each side of your foyer table makes your hallway double as a seating area. Practical and chic for a gorgeous interior design that complements any luxury home.

Simple Ways To Decorate A Foyer Table

Decorating Console Table in Entryway

A posh way to add personality to an all-white hallway is with accessories. This stylish entrance table complements the space beautifully for a gorgeous finish.