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Our Editorial Standards

Our mission at is to inspire you to find the best decor and design ideas to suit your living space. To achieve this, we publish photos and descriptions detailing interior design styles, aesthetics, decorative elements, furniture and brands. For trending and popular decor ideas, we sometimes partner with professional interior designers who offer insights into the industry based on their experience and expertise.

Our Promise

  • We do not accept payment or any form of consideration for our recommendations, including decorative items, products, people or companies.
  • We are committed to providing stylish, functional and up-to-date photos.
  • We aim to always provide helpful information, tips and advice.

Our Editorial Principles and Ethics

All content on Design Ideas Guide is created and published with these principles and ethics in mind.

Inclusive. We embrace diversity and personal freedom of expression. We provide inspiring and helpful content, photos and videos for all races, ages and genders.

Accurate. Authority and expertise are essential to us and should be to all publications. Having information that is accurate and helpful can only be provided by people with real-world experience and/or proper licensing/accreditation. For this reason, our team members are respected professionals in the field who are honest and forthcoming when sharing tips, advice and style ideas.

Trustworthy. We are dedicated to earning your trust by consistently providing clear and easy-to-read content by experts supplemented by modern photos.

Current. We focus on serving you photos and written content that are relevant to modern decor trends and needs. We regularly review all previously published content and update outdated information and photos.

Clear. We want our written content to be concise and easy to understand for everyone.

Helpful. We strive for our website to be helpful for anyone decorating, renovating or remodeling their space. We welcome feedback at any time so please let us know how we can improve by sending us a message via our contact form.

Independent. We do not accept financial compensation for coverage or exposure. We abide by FTC disclosure guidelines.

Product Recommendations. We only recommend high-quality products that we believe will be helpful. We do not discriminate against products based on price. Our recommendations come from our writers, editors and collaborative partners who have extensive knowledge and experience with the products. We do not receive any financial compensation for including a product in our reviews. Sometimes, a product company will contact us and ask us to review their product. If we do, we only recommend it if it passes our standards.

How We Source Content

We work with respected and well-known experts who consistently offer accurate information and original content about current trends. Specifically, we reach out to these industry professionals and develop relationships.

Our Writers and Editors

Our writers and editors have extensive and on-going expertise in the industry. From personal experience to comprehensive research, our team continues to build its knowledge and authority. Each writer and team member has a short bio on the website that discusses their background, credentials, education and experience. If you’re curious, learn more about Ana and Kate.

Editorial Corrections

For editorial corrections or clarifications, please notify us using our contact form.


All advertisements on our website are provided by an advertising agency. This company provides programmatic and direct ad buys on our behalf and without our review. We believe the company does a great job partnering with companies to display the most relevant and high-quality advertisements on our website. Advertisers do not influence any publishing decisions we make.


We believe in open access to accurate and relevant information for everyone in the world. We do not believe in paywalls. Our operating expenses include hosting, domain registration, writers, editors, software and professional services. To cover these costs, we serve display advertisements on our website.