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63 Stunning Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

63 Stunning Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

The doorless shower is a popular bathroom trend that looks cool and modern while offering several benefits. Also known as a walk-in shower, showers without doors are stylish, functional and low-maintenance, making this luxury feature a welcome addition to any bathroom. If you are struggling to remodel a limited space, a small doorless walk-in shower can create an open and airy feel for a more spacious look.

Whether you want an elegant look without a curtain or prefer to have no glass doors in your bathroom, these designs will redefine and transform your shower.

Some homeowners may need a curbless shower with no door that has been designed for maximum accessibility, while others might prefer a half wall without glass for a beautiful and luxurious vibe.

Check out these stunning doorless walk-in shower ideas to inspire your bathroom makeover. From small spaces to modern styles, these beautiful and luxurious showers without doors will transform your bathroom into an elegant, tranquil and open-design oasis.

Amazing Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

Beautiful Modern Bathroom

Beautiful Modern Bathroom with Doorless Shower

A floating vanity paired with bright white floor and shower tiles give this contemporary bathroom a light and airy feel. A low-profile glass panel next to the shower head helps keep water from splashing out of the shower, without compromising the doorless look. The frameless mirror cleverly echos the glass partition. The hexagon floor tiles and rectangular wall tiles are finished with black grout, which helps add texture to this otherwise minimalist space.

Feminine Shower with No Door or Glass

Feminine Shower with No Door or Glass

With its gray quartz wall and floor tiles, glossy angular sink, and spotlight-style lighting, this feminine bathroom  with a shower that has no door or glass offers a beautiful design. The simple addition of a vase of pink peonies adds feminine flair and a touch of warmth.

Marvelous Marble Shower

Marvelous Marble Shower

Floor-to-ceiling Carrara marble walls elevate this chic shower. The built-in bench is a luxurious add-on while the recessed wall niche offers the perfect place to store bath and body products. The gleaming silver chrome shower head and faucets play well with the grey veining that runs throughout the crisp white marble. Because the faucets are set so deep into the shower, no door is necessary.

A (Wet) Room with A View

Stylish Showers Without Doors

The reflective glass windows in this upscale urban restroom allow residents to enjoy a scenic city view without sacrificing their privacy. Because a half-wall serves as the only barrier for this walk-in shower, it’s important to waterproof the floors throughout the space. Water-resistant granite lends a polished yet practical feel to this transitional space.

Make The Most Out of Your Space

Walk-In Shower Without Doors

This pocket-sized powder room has plenty of style despite its limited square footage. When decorating a small room, it’s best to stick to a limited color palette like boldly contrasting black and white to avoid making the space feel too busy. A metal and glass partition wall helps this cozy room feel more spacious while adding an intriguing industrial element to the design.

Room For Two

Doorless Shower

When you have a large bathroom, it’s tempting to fully enclose some parts of it to establish more discrete spaces. Using a partition wall is a clever way to create a visual distinction between spaces without interrupting the flow of the room. In this space, a centered partition wall fulfills multiple purposes. First, it serves as a home base for dual pedestal sinks. Second, it creates an interesting focal point. Finally, it provides privacy for the massive double shower tucked just behind it.

Revamp Your Bathroom

White Doorless Walk In Shower

This bathroom with a walk-in shower has a charming retro feel thanks to old-fashioned touches like vintage black hexagonal floor tiles and an antique pedestal sink while the industrial-inspired upgrades give the space a fresh and modern perspective. The state-of-the-art brushed metal shower panel boasts a luxurious rainfall showerhead, while a steel and glass divider helps the room feel airier.

Contemporary Shower without Doors in Master Bathroom

Modern Walk In Shower

If you have limited space in your en suite, it’s probably best to opt for a traditional combination stub and shower, where all the components are together in one convenient unit. If you have a little space to play around, you might consider placing a freestanding tub inside of a shower stall. In this upscale alcove, one person can relax and enjoy the view from the substantial soaking tub, while their partner rinses off in the shower.

Scandinavian-Influenced Spa

Modern Bathroom Doorless Shower

If you’d like to transform your restroom into a restful retreat, look to the Scandinavian style of interior design for inspiration. Scandinavian interior decor draws inspiration from nature, which is evident here in elements like the honey wood new teak vanity, and potted monstera plant. Even natural light becomes a decorative feature in Scandinavian-style spaces. A minimalist clear glass divider helps play up the daylight that streams in through the window.

Accessibility Is Key

Beautiful Shower With No Door

Walk-in showers are an excellent option for people who have limited mobility. While this shower entrance falls short of the 60-inch requirement necessary to accommodate a wheelchair, it does have 36 inches of clearance so users can easily transfer from a wheelchair to a waterproof shower bench. The wide wall-mounted sink also has ample space under it for accessibility purposes.

Beautiful Curbless Shower Bathroom

Beautiful Curbless Shower Bathroom

A pane of frosted glass on top of a marble-wrapped pony wall lends privacy to this curbless shower while still allowing natural light to filter through. The deep gray veining in the large rectangular marble tiles continues in the smaller hexagonal floor tiles. Glossy navy blue subway tile helps the shower feel more distinct and separate while providing a vibrant pop of color.

Rustic Refinement

Rustic Bathroom with Doorless Walk In Shower

Rough-hewn natural stone walls add tons of texture and character to this rustic shower. Stacked stone ledger panels give an intricate three-dimensional quality to a space, but are surprisingly simple to install. Because natural stone isn’t sealed and finished the way traditional tile is, proper installation is important. Use antimicrobial cement board, a waterproofing sheet and polymer-modified thinset to prevent mold and mildew.

Calm and Contemporary

Stunning Shower with No Door

This sophisticated sanctuary features multiple modern elements, including charcoal-colored slate tiles, a geometric globe pendant light, and a sleek soaking tub. The gray tones in the laminate ash wood-style flooring complement the more contemporary features while tying in the lovely view visible through the large picture window.

Boxed Out

Large Doorless Walk-In Shower Bathroom

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the bathroom of this modern cabin with sunshine. The shower itself is enclosed on three sides with buttery ceramic tiles that also encompass the floors and ceiling. Glass partitions provide a sense of separation without interrupting the natural light that flows throughout the space, which is further augmented by the addition of a narrow window niche in the tiled room. A large ring-shaped inset light fixture softens the edges of this otherwise angular space.

Lavish and Luxurious Lavatory

Glass Partition Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

Carrara marble is a frequent fixture in residential restrooms, but this sumptuous spa-like space takes it up several notches with its use of Calacatta marble. While Carrara marble has an elegant look, its prevalence keeps it at a relatively affordable price point. Calacatta marble, on the other hand, is incredibly rare and extravagant. The gold chrome light fixtures and accessories in this palatial room contrast beautifully against the smoky gray veining that’s evident throughout the floor and wall tiling.

Flip The Script

Black and White Doorless Walk-In Shower

This predominantly black-and-white bathroom gains lots of visual interest courtesy of some subtle but smart styling choices. The white rectangular subway tiles on the wall are finished with black grout, while the black hexagonal floor tiles feature white grout. The contrasting shapes and colors are further enhanced by patterned boho-style bath towels. A potted plant and warm-hued teak countertop introduce touches of nature to the space and break up the more graphic elements.

Industrious Interiors

Corrugated Metal Bathroom Design

In the early 2000s, many urban areas were facing housing shortages. As a solution, people began converting old factories into open-plan loft-style living spaces. These spaces often preserved original architectural details like large windows, exposed pipes, and brick walls, all of which became hallmarks of the industrial interior design style. Industrial design has become so popular, that people now incorporate elements of it into new construction. The corrugated metal panels lining this shower demonstrate the enduring popularity of this design aesthetic.

Embody European Elegance

Bathroom with Doorless Shower and Bench

While modern American architecture often allots abundant square footage to bathrooms, this space often comes at a premium in older homes. If you have a compact bathroom, take inspiration from European urban areas, where even small spaces have superb style. White subway tiles and decorative vinyl flooring give this space a French country feel. The black metal and glass panel and rubbed bronze shower head introduce a more modern component.

Master Bathroom with Marble Walk-In Shower

Master Bathroom with Marble Walk-In Shower

Although this enormous enameled steel soaking tub would dominate the design in any other bathroom, this contemporary space is balanced out by the vast walk-in shower. The high windows allow light to come in without compromising privacy. The light also serves to highlight the variegation in the pale blue ceramic wall tiles. Clear glass doors give this room a sense of continuity.

Complementary Colors

Classic Bathroom with No Door Shower

When designing any room, it’s important to pay attention to how well certain colors coordinate with one another. The stain on this oversized floating teak double vanity has warm red and orange undertones. If you look at a color wheel, seafoam green is directly opposite reddish-orange hues. Pairing these two opposing shades gives these seafoam glass shower tiles a lively, earthy quality.

Chic Doorless Shower

Chic Doorless Shower

This chic bathroom comes with a doorless shower and is packed with textured neutral tones, from the taupe and grey streaks in the porcelain tiles to the visible wood grain in the cool walnut vanity. Adding a few bold black details punches up the decor. Dual black metal framed mirrors mimic the glass divider separating the curbless shower from the rest of the space, while modern black pendant lights and powder-coated faucets complete the look.

The Shape of Water

Open Walk In Shower without Doors

While the shower may seem like the last place in the house where people should install wallpaper, some companies have begun manufacturing peel and stick wallpaper that is waterproof and shower-safe. Here, a patterned wallpaper adds an intriguing geometric feature to this hip, contemporary room.

Think Big

Masculine Walk In Shower without Doors

If a spacious shower feels like a luxury, then this bathroom is downright extravagant. Installing a drain into the floor transforms this entire bathroom into a roomy bathroom. Built-in wall shelving provides a convenient spot to store toiletries, while oversized frosted glass windows illuminate the space while providing plenty of privacy.

Create Your Path

Grey Doorless Walk In Shower

This pebbled floor in this narrow walk-in shower evokes a meandering forest path. The mosaic wall that divides the shower from the rest of the bathroom features an inset niche with glass shelving, so you have prolific storage space without cluttering up the already diminutive space. Using neutral shades like gray and taupe is a great way to help a cozy corner like this feel larger.

White on White

Gorgeous Doorless Walk In Shower

A mostly-white color scheme helps this sizable space feel light and airy. The large-scale subway tile in the corner shower adds some subtle texture to the space, while the leaning floor mirror has a casual bohemian vibe. Lush potted plants tie in the greenery that’s visible through the square windows.

Take A Shine To Design

Large Walk In Shower without Doors

The glossy glaze on these gray bath and shower tiles gives a high-end feel to an otherwise low-key room. A chrome geometric pendant light continues the gleam theme while incorporating a bit of modern industrial flair. Small wood accents in the shower mat and bathtub tray help the space feel a little homier.

Modern Bungalow Bathroom

Modern Large Walk In Shower without Doors For Large Bathroom

While the color palette in this midcentury modern bungalow bathroom is understated, a variety of patterns and textures create a lot of visual interest. Tiny square vintage wall tiles have a bit of a checkerboard feel. That shape is continued on a larger scale in the frosted glass grid wall. The rest of the space is also filled with geometric shapes, from the paned window to the slatted wood floor and the sliver of brick wall.

Exotic Elegance

Refreshing Curbless Shower without Doors

This pattern marble bathroom offers a sleek modern space with extraordinary style. Turkish Olympic Grey marble is notable for its graphic stripes that almost feel like a grayscale zebra pattern. Understated features like black natural stone tile and an oval soaking tub help this stunning feature stand out even more.

Shield Your Shower

Classy Walk In Shower without Doors

With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the bathroom in this high-end high rise feels a little overexposed. A freestanding shower wrapped in tile that looks like black brick creates a distinct, shielded area for rinsing off. The shower is positioned in such a way that it also provides privacy for the sizable soaking tub.

Something Old, Something New

Stylish Bathroom with Doorless Shower

In the transitional style of interior design, traditional and modern elements come together to create a one-of-a-kind space. Many historic details have been preserved in this beautiful Victorian home, from the intricate window molding to the hexagonal porcelain floor tiles to the crystal flush mount light fixture. These period-appropriate motifs are paired with more modern elements like a chic contemporary double vanity and an oversized walk-in shower.

Leverage Your Layout

Luxury Walk In Shower with No Door

The understated design in this gorgeous getaway only serves to highlight the stunning mountain vistas visible through the full-sized windows. Taupe ceramic tiles with a faux woodgrain effect line the floors, shower wall, and bathtub for a neutral nature-inspired feel. Staging the vanity against the shower maximizes the square footage, while the transparent glass panel divider at the top preserves the appealing view.

Intimate Industrial

Elegant Walk In Shower without Doors

While industrial design tends to be found in open, lofty rooms, it also translates well into smaller spaces. While traditional red brick walls would be too dark in this compact space, patinaed marble subway tiles offer an upscale alternative to the look. Meanwhile, the ribbed glass shower divider serves as a lighter, brighter take on the corrugated metal you would typically see in industrial decor.

Labyrinthine Lavatory

Beautiful Doorless Walk In Shower

A series of dividing walls help to carve out distinct spaces in the mazelike master bath. The gray half wall that serves as a backdrop for the elegantly curved acrylic bathtub also delineates the boundaries of a roomy curbless shower. Running a mirrored strip along the perimeter of this boundary wall helps open up the space and keep the room from feeling overly segmented.

Enhance Your Half Bath

Walk In Shower with No Door

Upgrading a half bath is a great way to add value to your home. While this petite powder room isn’t quite large enough to install a bathtub, it easily becomes a three-quarter bath with the addition of a shower. Leaving the doors off and extending it from wall to wall makes this narrow shower feel more substantial in size.

Bargain Bathroom Redo

Classic Bathroom and Shower with No Door

With thoughtful design choices, you can beautify your bathroom even on a budget. Simple decisions like placing horizontal white tiles on one wall and vertical black tiles on the adjoining wall can make a surprisingly big impact. A midcentury modern buffet with tightly woven caning on the front has been upcycled into a stylish bathroom vanity.

Bath Matte

Doorless Walk-In Shower with Black Wall

Miniature matte black wall tiles give this restroom a moody, masculine feel. With such a remarkable focal point, the rest of the design is necessarily low-key. The slim ledge that provides a perch for toiletries perfectly matches the boxy white bathtub. Mounting the faucets and showerhead directly on the wall and leaving the shower unenclosed maximizes the modern feel of the striking tile work.

Peaceful Pass-Through

Bold Doorless Walk In Shower

This harmonious haven draws inspiration from Japanese architecture in pursuit of creating a Zen-like atmosphere. The walk-through shower becomes a restful refuge when you stand under the trickling waterfall showerhead. Enjoy the greenery visible through the wood-framed windows, or close the shoji sliders if you’d rather preserve your privacy.

Restroom Refresh

Fresh Walk In Shower with No Doors

Beige-hued terracotta tiles with coordinating mosaic insets run the risk of feeling drab and dated. Taking an enclosed shower stall down to half walls, then finishing the top with transparent glass panels gives old-fashioned finishes a fresh feel. Potted plants and a vase full of vibrant flowers add pops of color to the space.

Grayscale and Glam

Beautiful Half Wall Shower with No Door

Gray veined Cararra marble lends this washroom an air of slick sophistication. While it would make sense to install all-white cabinetry in a smaller space, this large shower offers ample room and the black double vanity and matching towel cabinet serve to anchor the space.

Minimal Bathroom and Doorless Shower

White Bathroom and Showers without Doors

With its minimalist decor this sleek, streamlined bathroom has a science fiction flair to it. The space is largely comprised of clean, crisp lines, from the floating white acrylic bathtub to the fully transparent shower. While the room has a dearth of natural light, recessed lighting and a backlit mirror keep the space feeling bright and fresh.

On The Up and Up

Simple Doorless Walk In Shower

This simple steam shower has an elevated elegance thanks to its unconventional tile layout. While narrow rectangular ceramic tiles are typically arranged horizontally, here they have been installed vertically. This configuration helps pull the eye upwards and elongates the space. A wall niche provides a convenient place to display toiletries without sacrificing any style.

Masculine Doorless Shower

Showers without Curtains

Chocolate brown swirls add an earthy element to textured black floor and wall tiles in this dramatically decorated attic bathroom. The whitewashed wood planks on the slanted ceiling help lighten up the space, as do the blonde wood floating vanity and matching mirror. If you prefer a closed shower to an open one, the curved shower rod allows you to cordon off the space.

Open Shower without Walls

Shower without Walls

While it’s common for homeowners to enclose a porch to establish an alternate living room space, this walled-off patio has been used to create a bathroom. A natural stone wall has been constructed around a concrete slab for a rough and rustic indoor-outdoor shower area. The corrugated metal siding on the outside of the house becomes an interesting detail in the sink and storage areas of this low-key lavatory. The glass-paneled roof allows plenty of natural light to come in, preserving the natural vibe of the space.

Beachy Keen

Beautiful Walk In Shower with Glass and No Door

A pale blue and white color scheme paired with high-end finishes gives this bathroom a classy coastal feel. White marble and quartz tiles have a hint of the sparkle you might see on white sand beaches, while a multicolored blue mosaic inset evokes the Caribbean sea. Even the trellis print on the turquoise upholstered bench seat would feel right at home on a chaise lounge at an upscale seaside resort.

Crisp Contrast

Black and White Doorless Walk In Shower Design

This minimalist steam shower is the picture of sophisticated simplicity. The subtle veining in the marble floor and wall tiles is picked up in the dove gray accent wall. The large rectangular tiles mimic the shape of the low-profile drawers on the white floating vanity. Select black accents in the shower partition and faucets introduce sharp and stylish decorative elements to the space.

Walk-In Washroom

Open Walk In Shower with No Glass or Doors

This spacious shower room has more than enough room for two people. Vintage black and white patterned floor tile and rose gold faucets and shower heads inject a bit of quirkiness into this gorgeous room. Meanwhile, chic white subway tile wraps around the walls and extends upwards to blanket the attention-grabbing barrel-vaulted ceiling.

Concrete Jungle

Charming Bathroom with Doorless Shower

Building materials like cement, metal, and glass give this room a modern sensibility while the wood-paneled walls have a natural vibe that ties in beautifully with the evergreen forest outside of the massive picture window. The sheer glass shower door blends seamlessly into this understated space.

Hidden Haven

Curbless Shower

For many people, the ability to kick back in a vintage clawfoot tub while enjoying an ocean view would be all they need out of a bathroom. This fashionable space goes the extra mile with an attractive shower alcove. The chevron patterned brick ceiling adds a bit of flair to the neutral tones in the space.

Very Vintage

Vintage Bathroom with Doorless Walk In Shower

This adorable retro room is full of charming vintage details, from the pedestal sink to the black polygonal shower tiles. Some contemporary additions have given the space a fresh new feel. Black powder-coated faucets, glass pendant lights, and an updated window put a contemporary spin on this old-fashioned design.

Graphic, Gold and Glam

Walk In Shower with Patterned Tiles

This ritzy restroom uses simple shapes and contrasting colors to create an opulent oasis. The white hexagonal tiles look clean and crisp in the shower, while black hexagonal tiles with gold grout have a more high-end appeal. Details like a round gold mirror and modern wall sconces enhance the premium feel.

Water and Wood

Doorless Walk In Shower with Wood Flooring

When you step into a shower, you typically don’t expect to see wood. When properly treated, wood can hold up surprisingly well in damp and humid environments. Pick a sturdy wood like teak and then apply multiple layers of sealant to provide protection. A wooden shower wall and floor and coordinating vanity give this space a cool, rustic energy.

Reinterpret Traditional Details

Marble Walk In Shower Bathroom

Wainscoting is a common element in historic homes. Typically speaking, wainscoting is a type of wood paneling that extends halfway up the walls. Typically, this kind of detail is found in dining or living spaces where it serves to protect walls against scuff marks for chairs. Here, marble wainscoting provides a unique decorative detail.

Dazzling and Dreamy

Dreamy Showers without Doors

Bright white paint and ample natural light give this master suite a luminous glow. Earthier elements like wood ceiling beams and a jute rug help make the space feel a little more grounded. Creamy ceramic tiles and speckled quartz slabs incorporate subtle texture into the space.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Large Bathroom with Doorless Walk In Shower

The people who designed this luxury log cabin knew that the peaceful forest scenery was a major selling point. Wall-to-wall glass windows offer a stunning view of the tranquil surroundings. Natural elements like wood-paneled ceilings and floors and large stone columns marry the gorgeous design with the exquisite environment outside.

Small Bathroom Decor

Small Walk In Doorless Shower

This sleek bathroom uses a few minimalist finishes to make a big statement. The three-dimensional wall panels in the shower add a futuristic feel to this otherwise simply decorated space. Elements like the wall-mounted toilet and floating concrete vanity have crisp and clean lines, which help the intriguing walls have even more impact.

Decor To Make Your Pulse Race

Creative Bathroom with Walk In Shower

A piece of marble this striking deserves to be the focal point of a space. The spiky veining on the floor and walls are a major conversation starter. A transparent glass divider and narrow rectangular windows allow the marble to take center stage in this premium bathroom.

Attractive Accessibility

Doorless Shower with Bench and Beautiful Tiles

Walk-in showers are good for more than just decoration – they also serve a functional purpose. This spacious shower is large enough for a waterproof wheelchair to roll into. For people who are mobility-challenged but not full-time wheelchair users, A shower bench and grab bar also improve the accessibility of the space.

Upscale and Urbane

High End Doorless Shower

If you live in a city, you may have limited square footage in your bathroom. But you don’t have to compromise on the features you’d like to include. Converting this bathroom into a wet room enabled the owners to have both a bathtub and a shower in a limited space. A high window helps illuminate the rough-hewn gray stone walls.

Dark and Dramatic

Dark Walk In Shower with No Door

Black tiles with a suede finish give this moody masculine bathroom a refined and regal feel. A copper showerhead and faucets and backlit mirror augment the upscale vibe. Even the wall-mounted toilet fits seamlessly into the design. Concrete flooring lightens up the space a little and adds a rough and rugged touch.

Get Right

Large Glass Walk-In Shower with No Door and Mosaic Tile

This roomy restroom is cool from any angle. The corner vanity creates capacious counter space while still leaving plenty of room to maneuver. The L-shaped counter is mimicked by two intersecting glass panels that surround the hand-painted mosaic and pebble flooring in the substantial shower area.

Master Bath with Rainfall Walk In Shower and Tub

Master Bath with Large Rainfall Shower and Japanese-Style Tub

This contemporary bathroom has crisp and clean corners everywhere you look. Everything from the wall tiles to the glass panels to the windows to the artwork to the molding meets up in sharp right angles. There are other features that soften up the space, including a bowl-shaped bathtub and gauzy curtains. These touches give the room more of a relaxed vibe.

Casual Doorless Walk In Shower with No Glass

Casual Modern Bathroom and Shower with No Door or Glass

A coastal vanity and palm-printed wallpaper give this bathroom a tropical vibe while the more modern finishes like marble subway tiles and chrome faucets have a casual feel. Leaving the door off of the walk-in shower makes it feel a little more spacious.

Rustic Industrial Bathroom

Simple and Rugged Doorless Walk In Shower Decor

If you are drawn to multiple design styles, mixing and matching elements of each can give your room its own distinct style. The repurposed buffet serves as a vanity and the weathered finish offers a stylish rustic vibe. While the chalk-painted candle holders adorning the countertop are cute and rugged, the black metal light fixture and faucet are industrial all the way.