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65 Cool Teenage Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

65 Cool Teenage Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

A teen boy’s bedroom is his personal sanctuary and should be a reflection of his personality and inspirations in life. A modern, stylish and functional room suitable for a growing teenage boy can ensure his personal space supports his mental health, education, comfort, social life and sleep.

From furniture and colors to bedding, these cool teen boy room ideas will transform his space and complement his style. But there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designs.

When decorating a boy’s bedroom, investing in multi-functional furniture, trendy wall art and simple decorative elements can be an affordable and charming choice. To make a statement in a small space, consider corner upholstered and loft beds, a rustic design with wood paneling, classic black and white framed pictures, creative storage solutions or sleek fixtures for a unique touch.

In some cases, you can build his room around a theme, like music, sports or Star Wars. If he wants to paint the walls, choosing a neutral color like blue, white, grey or maroon can create a soothing aesthetic that will complement most pieces.

With limitless options, we think you’ll want to involve them in the design process and use it as a teaching moment.

For a fun and amazing look, check out these awesome teenage boys bedroom decor ideas to inspire your space.

Teenage Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cool Teen Boy’s Room with Accent Wall and Masculine Bedding

Teen Boys Room

An accent wall will elevate any space, regardless of how basic or small it looks. In this case, the blue paint and wooden panels go great with the nautical theme.

Awesome and Fun Decorative Designs

Awesome Boy’s Bedroom Ideas with Fun Decorative Designs

If your son wants the space to have a more masculine vibe, keep the color scheme neutral. Opt for dark shades of black, grey, and blue and materials like wood and metal. The constellation wall will be a hit.

Classy Room with Framed Posters

Cool Teenage Boys Room Decor Design Ideas

Gone are the days of posters hanging clumsily on the wall. Instead, frame his art and help him put together a gallery wall that will impress visitors. Storage tip: the space under the bed can be a tremendous asset.

Cool Black and White Bedroom

Cool Black and White Teenage Boy Bedroom

If your teen appreciates a more rustic vibe, wood is your best friend. Make sure the bedding matches the rest of the décor – it will make the space look more put-together.

Modern Tween Boy’s Bedroom with Lounging Area

Modern Tween Boy’s Bedroom with Lounging Area

Incorporating a couch into your teen boy’s room is a smart move, as it will allow him to entertain friends in style. Here, the sleeping area is visually separated from the lounging area, instantly giving a cosmopolitan feel.

Athletic Decor

Athletic Boys Room Ideas

If your child has a lot of stuff, figure out creative ways to help him store it. A headboard that doubles as a shelving unit, a bed that offers storage space underneath, and functional football bedding all make for fun decorative stuff.

Elegant Bedroom with Modern Bed and Desk

Elegant Bedroom with Modern Bed and Desk

When investing in multi-functional furniture, this desk with an incorporated shelving unit is a perfect example. As for painting your kid’s initials on the wall, that’s just fun and awesome.

Playful Décor For Music Lovers

Teen Boy Room Decor Ideas

Fuel your child’s passion by making it an integral part of his living space. For instance, everything about this room makes you want to pick up a guitar and start jamming. Add in the cool bed and bedding, the ladder shelves, and simple yet stylish wall art, and you have the makings of an awesome bedroom. Many of the same concepts can be applied to teen girls; you’ll just have to adjust the color schemes.

Industrial Bedroom with Suspended Bed

Industrial Teen Boy Room Decor with Awesome Bed

Take your boy’s room to the next level with a statement piece, like this eye-grabbing suspended bed against a brick wall. He’ll become the envy of his friend group in no time.

Cute Designs For Active Kids

Cute Boys Room Ideas

If your kid is a passionate athlete, he’ll feel right at home in this stylish space. Using sports equipment as décor is ingenious, while the “Play Ball” wall sign perfectly completes the look.

Eclectic Pieces

Cool Room Ideas For Teenage Guys

If you have a budget to give your kid’s room a makeover, you’ll want to remember that little things can make a big difference. Edgy wall art, throw pillows with humorous messages and plushy area rugs are just some of the cool things that can take any space from basic to chic with minimal investment.

Sports-Themed Bedrooms For Athletic Teenage Kids

Simple Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Boys Who Love Sports

Keep furniture to a minimum, but also encourage him to display some of the possessions he’s most proud of, like these basketball or football jerseys. Besides instantly grabbing the eye, they add subtle pops of color.

Fun Small Bedroom

Cool Small Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Guys

Narrow shelves are displayed on each side of the bed double as nightstands, providing space-saving storage.

Classy Colors

Awesome Tween Boy Rooms For Classy Kids

If you’re looking for a design trend that will still look cool 10 years from now, you can’t go wrong with grey. The elegant shade will always be a winner thanks to its versatility.

Creative Design with Good Bedding and Boy Colors

Creative Teen Bedroom with Good Bedding and Boy Colors

You don’t have to go as far as painting a constellation wall to appease your young astronomy enthusiast. Star-shaped pillows, a wall sticker that fits the theme, and some astronomy-related posters can be enough.

College Inspiration For Small Rooms

Best Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Guys with Small Rooms

Is your kid dreaming of getting into a certain college? Encourage him by decorating his space with all sorts of college paraphernalia like banners, tapestries, or posters. You can also purchase bedding in the school’s colors. Good motivational decor can stimulate hard work and help get your teen boy into the best colleges.

Swanky Red and White

Swanky Boy’s Bedroom in Red and White

Start by investing in sleek furniture that incorporates his favorite color and you’re halfway there. Natural light, functional shelving, a functional desk, comfortable rug, and chic bedding can make any bedroom look luxurious and modern.

Modern and Stylish Decorative Elements

Modern Stylish Boys Bedroom Decor

Let’s say your kid likes to run to the mountains every chance he gets. Make sure his room looks welcoming when he gets back. Think rustic furniture, flannel bedding, and enough space to display souvenirs from his travels.

Skateboarding Fans

Creative Boys Room Design For Skateboarding Fans

If he likes snowboarding and skateboarding, shop around for something similar to this awesome chandelier and win yourself some major cool points. You can always get your hands dirty and create something similar with a fun DIY project.

Design A Fun Room

Fun Boys Room Design Ideas

Teenage boys are generally very active, so give your little one the opportunity to burn some energy in his space with a private jungle gym. Besides looking fun, it’s also a flashy item.

Chic Black and White Scheme with Fun Wall and Bed

Chic Black and White Scheme with Fun Wall and Bed

The black and white combo is a classic, making it a great pick for any space. If you’re considering it, incorporate fun décor pieces to avoid it looking too serious.

Brighten Up A Dark Room with Plants

Brighten Up A Dark Room with Plants

When it comes to boy’s room colors, dark paint ideas are extremely popular. Think everything from dark blue to grey to black. However, avoid a gloomy look by softening the edges of the dark space by adding a plant here and there.

Décor For Artsy Musicians

Modern and Stylish Teen Boy Room Decor for Artsy Musicians

If your teenage boy is in a band, he likely wants his space to cater to his biggest passion. Help him out by purchasing a massive shelving unit that he can use to display anything from instruments to his vinyl collection. Similarly, much of the same decor can be used to design a manly men’s bedroom in a trendy apartment.

Practical Bunk Beds

Practical Boys Room Idea with Bunk Beds

When your boys have to share a bedroom, bunk beds remain a practical and space-saving solution. Dress them up with fancy throw pillows and lavish bedding.

DIY Rustic Shelves

DIY Teen Room Designs with Rustic Shelves

Using crates as shelving is an inexpensive and original way to create more storage space. Make sure you treat the wood accordingly to avoid any issues in the look run.

Comfortable Room Design For Brothers

Room Decor Ideas For Brothers

Blue is a relaxing shade, which makes it a great pick for a boy. Bonus tip: if your teens always take each other’s stuff, label their things to avoid potential screaming matches.

Creative Design For Artistic Guys

Creative Room Décor Ideas for Artistic Teen Guys

If your kid is into drawing, encourage him with a chalkboard wall. A cozy nook where he can retire with a sketch pad is also recommended, preferably next to the window, so he can enjoy tons of natural light.

Small Bedroom Concepts

Boy’s Small Bedroom Designs

If you don’t have much space, then a built-in sleeping loft is an excellent idea for a small bedroom. You can add a desk or storage below.

Dapper Look with Classy Desktop and Bed

Dapper Teen Boy’s Room with Classy Desktop and Bed

Teens have gotten more sophisticated these days, so it’s natural for them to want a more grown-up, eclectic space. Help out your guy with stylish furniture and plush bedding. The comic book wall art ensures a youthful vibe.

Chalkboard Wall

Boy’s Bedroom Idea with Chalkboard Wall Decor

Here’s another great example of how to style a room with a chalkboard wall. Placing the bed right next to it ensures that your teen can be extra-comfy while doodling.

Simple White Bedroom

Fun Guys Bedroom Idea with White Decor

While a white bedroom can seem counter-intuitive, it makes sense when you’re dealing with a small space. Dark colors tend to make spaces appear even smaller, so brighten it up with a light color scheme.

Rustic Concepts

Trendy Room Décor with Rustic Concepts

Earthy tones give any room a relaxing, outdoorsy vibe. Add some funky accessories into the mix for a touch of whimsy and an accent wall for a bit of an edge.

Wood Paneling

Amazing Boy Bedroom Idea with Wood Paneling

Wood paneling can be an excellent choice for a teenager’s bedroom, as it provides texture and is easy to install and maintain. Additional wood furnishings will make the space look cohesive and picturesque.

Fun Tween Bunk Beds

Fun Tween Bunk Beds

A great way to provide your teen with both a sleeping and lounging area is by suspending the bed. You can transform the space below into an entertaining area.

Fashionable Backlit Bookshelf

Fashionable Boy Bedroom Décor with Backlit Bookshelf

Most teenage boys like to collect memorabilia. Whether it’s action figures, sports collectibles, video games, or toy cars, a backlit bookshelf will enable him to display his collection in style. For an organized room, always make sure to invest in toy storage and shelving.

Bright Locker, Manly Bed Set, and Unique Wall

Cool Teenage Guys Room Ideas Bright Locker, Manly Bed Set, and Unique Wall

A locker painted in a bright color is a unique piece and will definitely stand out. Pair it with a unique headboard and the space will look even more eclectic. Plus, the masculine bedding, cool wall art, and sleek signage can contribute to a trendy style.

Trophy Display

Teenage Guy's Room with Trophy Display

If your kid is a winner, show him how proud you are by putting together a trophy display. It will also serve as motivation for him moving forward.

Star Wars-Themed Room with Massive Mural

Star Wars-Themed Boys Room with Massive Mural

This Star Wars bedroom would be a hit for any Luke Skywalker wannabe out there. Science fiction fan or not, a massive mural of his favorite pop culture heroes can be a charming addition.

Older Boy Designs For Music Fans

Trendy Teen Room Designs for Music Fans

Help your teenager showcase his love for music via posters, wall stickers, and stylish CD displays. The bands he likes might change as the years go by, but his enthusiasm for music will likely be forever.

Graphic Accent Wall and Unique Colors

Boy’s Room with Graphic Accent Wall and Unique Colors

If you like accent walls, take things to the next level by creating a bold and playful graphic wall.

Colorful Playful Vibe

Colorful Teen Bedroom with a Playful Vibe

Is your kid a big fan of color? If that’s the case, a bright and colorful bedroom will be right up his alley. The quirky shelving unit above the bed is a great statement piece.

Adventurous Traveler Rooms

Teenage Bedroom Decor Idea for the Adventurous Traveler

An oversized map is a spectacular addition to any space, especially if you’re decorating the room of a teen whose biggest passion is travel. You can purchase all sorts of world map wallpapers online – they’re pretty affordable and fairly easy to hang.

Cool Stuff For Teenage Guys Rooms

Cool Stuff For Teenage Guys Rooms

In this variation of the design above, the world map wallpaper matches the neutral tone. Using suitcases as décor pieces is also a neat idea for travel-inspired spaces.

Mini-Fridge and Gallery Wall

Teen Boy’s Room with Mini-fridge and Gallery Wall

Easy accessories that will make any teen’s room come across as cooler: a mini-fridge, a guitar hanging on the wall, an interesting lighting fixture and a gallery wall. Kudos if you incorporate all four.

Surfing-Themed Room with Dazzling Wall Art

Surfing-Themed Boy’s Room Idea with Dazzling Mural

Creativity is key when designing a teenager’s bedroom. For example, this surfing-themed space would look considerably less impressive without that spectacular wall mural.

Chill Country-Inspired Bedroom

Chill Country-Inspired Teenage Bedroom

When using earthy tones, add complementing accessories like antlers and vintage lamps. He’ll feel like he’s in a mountain cabin in no time.

Sleek Bedroom with Modern Furnishings

Sleek Boy’s Bedroom Idea with Modern Furnishings

This bedroom looks less like a teenager’s bedroom and more like a cool bachelor pad. We bet your boy won’t mind returning to a similar space when he comes home from college.

Baseball-Theme Room Decor

Baseball Bedroom Decor for Guys

If your son loves playing or watching baseball, a themed bedroom would definitely feel like a dream come true. Placing the desk at the bottom of the bed is a clever space-saving solution.

Woodsy Bedroom with Neutral Colors

Woodsy Teen Bedroom with Neutral Colors

As we’ve already mentioned, wood can go great in a teenager’s room, especially when used in moderation. In this case, the furniture contrasts nicely with the white brick wall.

Sports Room For Hardcore Basketball Fans

Boys Sports Room for Hardcore Basketball Fans

If your kid is a dedicated basketball player, a trendy sports theme is a wise choice. In this case, incorporating actual balls into the design is absolutely genius.

Cozy Design with Rustic Undertones

Cozy Boy’s Bedroom Idea with Rustic Undertones

Everything in this room helps create a relaxing atmosphere, from the horse art to the white brick wall and the rough furniture. It’s a masculine, yet cheerful space, perfect for an outdoorsy teen.

Simple Black Furniture

Simple Teen Room with Black Furniture

An easy way to upgrade any room is to paint the furniture. Here, a basic brown bed and cabinet would have come across as boring. Painting the pieces black makes them stand out.

Contemporary Look with Sleeping Nook

Contemporary Boy’s Bedroom with Sleeping Nook

This sumptuous room fits any modern teen’s dream, from the sleeping nook to the amazing accent wall. The black/orange contrast is dazzling.

Fun Room Accessories

Fun Room Accessories

Regardless of how basic a teen’s bedroom may look, you can always elevate it with the right accessories. In this case, the pennants and dinosaur figurine are enough to infuse some personality into the space.

Luxury Room with Black and Grey Colors

Luxury Teenage Guy's Room with Black and Grey Colors

A grey bedroom will never go out of style. However, if you’re looking to brighten things up, small pops of red or orange can go a long way towards making the space look more inviting.

Neon Signs and Grey Wood Paneling

Teen Room Decor with Neon Signs and Grey Wood Paneling

Neon signs might make you think of shady bars or dingy man caves, but they can be a great addition to a bedroom. Especially when paired with funky wall art.

Go Chic, Artistic and Awesome

Chic Teenage Guys Bedroom with Awesome Artistic Decorations

The chalkboard walls, eye-grabbing frames, and yellow tones really make this room pop. If your kid wants a more grown-up space, this is a stylish way to go.

Small Room with Corner Bed and Built-In Storage Space

Bedroom Decor For Teenage Guys with Small Rooms - Bed with Built-In Storage Space

When it comes to storage, you can always shop around for furniture that comes with built-in cabinets or drawers. Or, you can take the DIY route and build your own. In this case, the mattress placed on top of the cabinet makes for a great reading nook.

Furniture with Interesting Lighting Fixtures

Teen Boy Bedroom Furniture

Sometimes, a single accent piece is enough to make a space stand out. Think of an interesting lighting fixture, a bold piece of furniture, or a daring area rug.

Rough Wall Shelves

Room Décor for Teenage Guys with Rough Wall Shelves

While there are plenty of shelving units available on the market, you can build one yourself as a fun project and paint it to match your kid’s interests. Consider involving your son in the process for some quality bonding time.

Homey Bedroom with Upscale Bed Frame

Homey Teen’s Bedroom with Cool Bed Frame

Natural materials make any space cozier. Here, the fur throw matches the bed frame perfectly, while the rest of the rustic accents tie the room together in spectacular fashion.

Easy Idea with Hidden Storage

Modern Easy Teenage Room Designs

Having wardrobe storage behind curtains can maximize its versatility, not to mention ensure that your kid’s messiness is hidden away when friends come to visit. Just make sure that you pick a curtain that fits in with the rest of the room.

Breezy Blue Accents

Breezy Tween Bedroom with Blue Accents

Adding a touch of blue to an otherwise neutral space is a surefire way to make it more inviting. Side note: any bedroom will look spacious if the clutter is hidden away. Purchase storage boxes and bins to help your kid stay organized.

Awesome Stuff For Teenage Guys Room

Cool Stuff For Teenage Guys Room

If your son has a passion for vintage items, an old-school bookcase can provide unique storage space for knick-knacks while also giving the room a cool retro vibe.

Modern Furniture with Ample Storage

Decorate Boys Room - Little Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas

Custom furniture can get expensive, but it ensures that your son’s room looks gorgeous and has plenty of storage space. When possible, go with drawers – they’re easier to organize.