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What Colors Go With Maroon?

What Colors Go With Maroon?

Maroon is a dark brownish-red color that can add warmth, passion and energy to a space. When it comes to home decor, several beautiful colors pair well with maroon to create a cohesive and stylish look. As a deep rich shade, these combinations can help you design a modern, comfortable and powerful room.

Choosing a complementary color to go with maroon will allow you to create some natural contrast and transform your space with style. For a light touch, you may consider a classic pairing with black, white, gray or brown.

From purple to green, check out the best colors that go with maroon to find beautiful combinations that will inspire your decor.

Beautiful Colors That Go Well with Maroon


Black Goes With Maroon

Black is a moody and mysterious color that is ideal for people who aren’t afraid to inject a little drama into their decor. Maroon and black pair well since both colors are strong enough to stand up to one another without getting overshadowed.

It can be intimidating to incorporate two dark colors into a single space, but some rooms are made for this color palette. These hues work especially well in a home theater or media room that is intended to be used in the dark.

Black Pairs Well with Maroon

Paint the walls matte black and look for maroon leather reclining furniture for a high-end theater experience at home. If there are windows in the space, frame them with velvet maroon blackout curtains that block out the light and help set the mood.

To finish the space, look for plush wall-to-wall carpeting with a black and maroon geometric print. It will feel soft and sumptuous under your feet while taking your design to a new level. Most importantly, it will enhance the sound quality of your home theater audio system.


White Goes with Maroon

White is a classic color that looks crisp and clean when combined with any other color. It looks particularly sharp against colors like maroon which have a high degree of saturation because there is such a pronounced contrast between the two hues.

Incorporating an intense color is a great way to create visual interest in an otherwise bland space. An all-white laundry room may look neat and orderly, but it can also feel a little boring. Installing maroon and white floor tiles with a Mediterranean-influenced print adds instant pizzazz to a once utilitarian room.

White Pairs Well with Maroon

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, paint the cabinetry in the same shade of maroon found in the tiles. This will give the room a cosmopolitan feel that might make laundry seem like a little less of a chore.


Gray Goes with Maroon

Gray is a stylish and sophisticated color that feels enduring and on-trend all at once. Interior designers often rely on neutral colors when decorating home, because these muted hues are so versatile. While many neutral colors like beige, taupe, and tan have an earthier undertone, gray has a fresh and modern edge that resonates with many people.

Gray Pairs Well with Maroon

When not styled properly, gray can feel a little stark and dreary. Using gray alongside a warm color like maroon can make it feel more accessible. If you have a basic bachelor bedroom that features gray, use maroon to add a little color without losing any masculine appeal. Bed sheets with a high-thread count will immediately make an industrial metal bed frame feel more inviting and intriguing.


Teal Goes with Maroon

Teal is a bold and beguiling color that is perfect for people who like to stand out in a crowd. The color teal is a blend of green and blue and is similar to colors like aqua and turquoise. While those shades are lighter, teal is a deeper, more saturated hue with a jewel-tone quality.

Teal is extremely well-suited to the maximalist style of home decor which is all about celebrating excess. In a maximalist living room, a cacophony of colors and textures and patterns collide to create a wholly unique space.

Teal Pairs Well with Maroon

To achieve this look, add interest and dimension to a wall by painting walls a deep teal, then dimension with decorative wall trim in the same hue arranged in a chevron pattern. Layer in luxe elements like a maroon velvet sectional sofa and a contemporary Oriental rug in various shades of blue, pink, and red.

Pattern mixing is a hallmark of maximalism, so feel free to add teal throw pillows with a graphic maroon floral print. Finish the space with a statement light fixture like a multicolored glass chandelier.


Brown Goes with Maroon

Brown is an earthy and engaging color that sets a warm and welcoming tone when used in interior design. Brown and maroon are a natural match, creating a stylish color combination for the right home.

In the French language, there are several different words for the color brown, including the term “marron”, which is where we get the English variation. The color maroon is a deep crimson hue with rich brown undertones. Since their overlap makes them feel extremely cohesive, brown and maroon look incredible together, offering a stylish and popular combination.

Brown Pairs Well with Maroon

A brown and maroon color scheme works beautifully in Craftsman-style homes. Since red and its variations can stimulate the appetite, maroon is a great choice for the dining room. Pair a William Morris-inspired Arts and Crafts wallpaper with plenty of maroon with brown wainscoting for a traditional feel. Complete the look with a simple, handcrafted wood dining room set and a hand-knotted wool rug.


Navy Goes with Maroon

Navy is a chic and timeless color that gives homes an elegant and elevated feel. Shades of blue are excellent for home offices, as this color is known to reduce stress and improve concentration. Navy blue has a polished and professional look that makes it an appropriate backdrop for a Zoom call.

Navy Pairs Well with Maroon

Using warm coolers like maroon can mellow out cool tones like navy and make them feel more approachable. Look for a large piece of art like a metal poster with an abstract mountain landscape featuring maroon, gold, and various shades of blue, and hang it up on navy walls. Then find a maroon boho area rug with a faded geometric print. Elements like these add a pop of color and make the space feel more lived-in.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green Pairs Well with Maroon

Seafoam green is a calm yet captivating color that creates a soothing atmosphere without feeling too subdued. Though its name may make you think of coastal cottage decor, this minty hue is right at home in a shabby chic color palette which usually consists of pastel blues and greens coupled with petal pinks and creamy whites.

Shabby chic interior design tends to feel light, bright, and airy, but will sometimes feature darker elements to ground it a little. A shabby chic living room might feature eggshell walls, walnut ceiling beams, and a seafoam area rug with a maroon floral motif. You can also incorporate subtle touches of that reddish brown hue through distressed seafoam green chalk-painted furniture with hints of cherry wood peeking through.


Orange Goes with Maroon

Orange is a vibrant and vivacious color that’s always guaranteed to grab attention. This flashy and flamboyant hue doesn’t work in every style of interior design, but it is a classic component of the midcentury modern color scheme. In midcentury modern decor, bright colors like orange and yellow are toned down by earthier hues like ochre, brown, and maroon.

Orange Pairs Well with Maroon

As an archetypal element of midcentury modern design, freestanding conical fireplaces were typically wrapped with brightly colored porcelain. Anchor a sitting room with a vintage maroon fireplace in that iconic silhouette surrounded by orange-tufted upholstered furniture with sleek, tapered legs. Accent the look with other pieces of era-appropriate decor like a teak credenza and a colorful atomic wall clock.


Yellow Pairs with Maroon

Yellow is a sunny and scintillating color that infuses your home with a cheerful vibe. With the right styling, yellow can look surprisingly stylish. When misused, some vivid colors like yellow can create a lurid look.

You’ll want to base your color palette on a yellow shade that offers tone and depth. Turmeric, a spice commonly used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian cuisine is well-known for its distinctive orange-gold hue. Take inspiration from the color and the region by incorporating the hue into a Moroccan-influenced bedroom.

Yellow Pairs with Maroon

Try painting your walls turmeric using a color wash technique that gives them an aged patina, then fill your room with ornate tapestry-like textiles with a maroon base. Coppery lanterns with punched metal shades will cast intricate patterns across your space when the sun goes down.


Tan Goes Well with Maroon

Tan is an ageless and attractive color that is enticing to people in search of a warm neutral tone for their home. Because tan is a mixture of brown and white, it looks great with maroon which also has brown undertones. Tan and maroon are both warm and earthy colors that feel right at home in a cozy, rustic genre of home decor like the Southwestern interior design style.

The Southwestern decorating style draws inspiration from the desert landscape when it comes to both colors and materials. Tan is suggestive of desert sand, while maroon is reminiscent of a brilliant Southwest sunset. If you want to embody this style, start by adding subtle texture to your walls to evoke the adobe architecture that dominates the Southwest and paint them tan.

Tan Pairs Well with Maroon

Fill the space with natural materials like weathered wood beams, leather chairs, and a linen couch. Look for textiles like area rugs and throw pillows with tribal-inspired geometric designs that are unique to this geographic area.


Green Goes with Maroon

Green is a refreshing and revitalizing color that brings the outside indoors thanks to its connection to nature. Versatile and beautiful, green is a complementary color for maroon. Contrasting colors are often used together in interior design to create a sense of balance that is visually appealing to the eye and brain. Maroon and green look harmonious and pleasing together in home decor, offering a popular combination that generally works well.

Green Pairs Well with Maroon

Because maroon is a richly saturated hue, it goes well with darker shades of green like forest or emerald that have enough intensity to hold up. To design a bedroom that is both soothing and sophisticated, pair matte hunter green walls with maroon botanical print bedding.


Taupe Goes Well with Maroon

Taupe is a tasteful and understated color that is a perennial favorite in home decor. People often use the words tan and taupe interchangeably, but taupe is a mixture of brown and gray that is noticeably darker than tan.

Some kitchen design trends have increased in popularity over the past few years. For starters, colorful cabinetry that introduces brighter or more jewel-toned colors into the space has been a popular choice. The other is two-toned cabinets, where the upper cabinets are painted a neutral color and the bottom cabinets are painted another color for a color-blocking effect.

Taupe Pairs Well with Maroon

Combining taupe upper cabinets and maroon lower cabinets is an excellent way to embrace these trends. Use a marble backsplash with dark gray veining to create an interesting transition between the two contrasting colors and add some visual texture to the space.


Pink Goes with Maroon

Pink is a pretty and playful color that adds an aura of beauty and femininity to a room. Many people think of pink as a childish color that belongs in a little girl’s bedroom, but when paired with a darker color like maroon this romantic hue can be surprisingly chic.

Bright and saturated colors like pink and red were a big part of the color palette in the art deco era of the 1920s and 1930s. The art deco style was characterized by geometric motifs and luxe finishes, both of which can be utilized to transform a powder room from ordinary to opulent.

Pink Pairs Well with Maroon

Look for ceramic tiles adorned with a pink and maroon fan pattern and use them to cover the walls. Then source a vintage-inspired console sink stand with a wall-mounted marble top and exposed chrome legs. Complete the look with a gold-framed antique mirror appropriate to the era.


Blue Goes with Maroon

Blue is a restful and relaxing color that carries with it an inherent sense of peace and tranquility. As primary colors, using red and blue together in their most basic form can result in a very simplistic or kitschy look. If you’re willing to play around with different shades, maroon can help create a more compelling color combination.

Blue Pairs Well with Maroon

When working with two contrasting hues, it’s best to pick one dominant color for the decor and use small pops of the alternate color to create a sense of polarity. A maroon tuxedo arm sofa adds a level of refinement to a sapphire blue room with white crown molding. Tie the disparate colors together with a blue Oriental rug with hints of maroon in the pattern.


Purple Goes with Maroon

Purple is a rich and ritzy color that has an elite and exclusive feel. People often avoid using dark and dramatic colors like purple in interior design because they worry that it will overwhelm a space. Ironically, these intense colors work especially well in small spaces like powder rooms as they create depth and make the room feel larger.

Purple Pairs Well with Maroon

Aubergine is a shade of purple that plays beautifully off of maroon as they both have brown undertones. Look for a distressed maroon and aubergine wallpaper textured to look like a faded exotic textile. Then bring in more of that weathered texture with a glass vessel bathroom sink with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.


Gold Goes with Maroon

Gold is a gleaming and glitzy color that is perfect for people looking for a touch of glamor in their homes. While silver is a metallic color with cool undertones, gold is similar to maroon in that they’re both warm. When used in conjunction with one another, maroon and gold can feel incredibly decadent and extravagant.

Gold Pairs Well with Maroon

To create a sumptuous and striking kitchen, start by sourcing high-gloss maroon cabinets that feature sleek rectangular cabinet pulls with a brushed gold finish. Find modern black kitchen appliances with similarly-shaped door handles. To round out the space, install gleaming glass subway tile with an antiqued gold patina.


Red Goes with Maroon

Red is a striking and stimulating color that, in the right circumstances, can stop people in their tracks. It’s often used in small doses in interior design as a way to add an element of color and contrast into an otherwise neutral space. Adventurous homeowners may go all in on a monochromatic red color scheme.

Red Pairs Well with Maroon

A monochromatic room offers an interior design that showcases one singular hue but incorporates multiple shades and tones of that color to create a layered and dimensional feel to the space. A monochromatic bedroom might feature a range of reds, including crimson, scarlet, ruby, and maroon.

Complementary Colors For Maroon

Maroon and green are complementary colors, with teal being the perfect contrasting shade on the color wheel. When creating a maroon-based color scheme, complementary shades work to produce the strongest contrast, allowing these opposites to come alive and accentuate your decor.

Complementary Colors For Maroon

What Color Goes Best with Maroon?

The most popular colors that go with maroon are green, blue, white, black, purple, brown, gold, dusty rose and gray. These stylish maroon color combinations will pair well to create a beautiful palette for your home decor. From your bedroom to living room, you’ll want to match maroon with a color that complements its energy and allows both shades to really pop. For smaller rooms with limited light, try using this dark shade as an accent color for a hint of visual interest.