When it comes to designing a kitchen, a coffee station is a must-have element that can elevate your space. A home coffee station should be an attractive and functional area that allows you to enjoy your warm morning beverage while helping organize all your coffee-making accessories. Whether you want a simple classic look or a chic contemporary style, there are several coffee station designs to consider.

Some people will want a small station that will fit on a kitchen countertop for a simple and clean look, while others may prefer a nice bar or hutch with cabinet space and shelving to create a designated area in their home.

With so many different choices, it can be a challenge choosing the perfect decor. To inspire you, we’ve compiled this guide on the best coffee station ideas. From modern designs to rustic styles, explore these popular home coffee station decor options to find a practical and cute setup.

Home Coffee Station Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Coffee Area on Counter

Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas

If you have a small area of counter space that is not large enough to use for food preparation, consider converting it into a convenient coffee nook. Use a tray to organize cute containers for cream, sugar, and spoons. You can repurpose a cake stand and place it on the tray to create a whimsical second level for storage.

DIY Coffee Bar Cart

DIY Coffee Bar Cart

A stylish cart with some shelves is one of the easiest ways to make a DIY coffee station, creating the perfect space for your machine and accessories. You can create a bespoke cart by mounting castor wheels onto an unused shelving unit. Place an electric pod-style coffee maker on the top shelf, alongside creamers and sweeteners. The second shelf can house extra mugs and spoons. Reserve the bottom shelf for decorative objects or alternative beverages. The addition of the wheels makes this DIY cart easy to move around.

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Coffee Bar

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Coffee Bar

Some people may want to create a coffee station on a sideboard in their dining room area that can double as a storage solution for household items. You’ll be able to decorate the space with cloth napkins or the heirloom family silverware that only comes out on special occasions. This rustic industrial-style sideboard pulls double duty as a modern coffee bar. Vintage baskets, potted plants, and weathered signs add farmhouse flair to this charming vignette.

Well-Organized Modern Farmhouse Coffee Stand

Organized Modern Farmhouse Coffee Stand

Designer Rae Dunn has become extremely popular for her line of labeled mugs and vessels. Some containers feature words like “coffee” and “tea” so you know what’s inside. Others feature warm, welcoming words like “gather”. They are a staple in modern farmhouse decor. Stage these decorative objects on a rustic, whitewashed shelf and incorporate repurposed pieces like a vintage wood-framed window.

Rustic Kitchen Coffee Station

Rustic Kitchen Coffee Station

This chic coffee nook evokes the cafe thanks to the inclusion of a stylish wood-framed chalkboard. Wall-mounted shelves provide additional storage space for mugs, jars of beans, French presses, and pour-over carafes. A low-profile countertop houses a more traditional coffeepot as well as a cake stand featuring homemade muffins.

Hidden Pantry Coffee Nook

Coffee Center

Even if you prefer to keep your home uncluttered, you can still set up a comprehensive coffee area. Build a little niche into the back of a walk-in pantry. Use building materials that contrast with the rest of the pantry to create a visually-defined space. A built-in wall cabinet can be the perfect place to stage your espresso machine, while additional accessories can be placed on the shelves.

Stylish Coffee Bar

Stylish Coffee Bar

Furniture items like dressers and buffets can serve as a great base for a station. Incorporating other components like wall-mounted shelves can make a home coffee bar feel more cohesive and complete. As a bonus, these shelves can also be used for storage and decor items. Use a wall decal to further delineate the space.

Multipurpose Coffee Niche

Multipurpose Coffee Niche

Many modern homes contain convenient nooks that can be used in a multitude of ways. Some people might turn an area like this into a small home office or as a place to stage decor. A white subway tile backsplash and wall-mounted wood shelves give this space a fresh farmhouse feel.

Luxury Coffee Cart

Luxury Coffee Cart

Art deco-inspired carts with mirrored trays and gleaming metallic frames are very on-trend right now. While they are generally used as bar carts to store spirits for cocktail parties, they can also be repurposed into chic coffee stands. If your taste tends to be more upscale, these are an elegant storage option.

Coordinated Coffee Corner

Chic Coffee Station Decor

An awkward unused corner turns into a clever coffee stand with the right accessories. The narrow gray ash wooden table coordinates perfectly with the floating wall shelves above it, giving the space a cohesive feel. A wall-mounted cup rack helps maximize the space and frees up room on the tabletop.

Eclectic Home Coffee Station

Eclectic Home Coffee Station

If you love browsing vintage stores and flea markets, be on the lookout for items you can use to create a custom coffee stand. An antique buffet provides the perfect platform for a coffee maker and a rotating mug tree. Place a chalkboard inside of a painted antique frame and write “Coffee Bar” to clearly define the space. Use antique wooden shelves to display vintage teacups and planters made from upcycled canisters.

Repurposed Coffee Hutch

Repurposed Coffee Hutch

A hutch can be turned into a stylish coffee bar and decorated with cute items to create a cozy space. This stand-alone DIY coffee hutch is perfect if you live in an apartment or other space that you can’t modify. Pick up a secondhand wooden hutch and paint it to give your space a pop of color. Evoke the feel of a shop by lining the inset with peel and stick wallpaper patterned to look like faux wood paneling. DIY homeowners can install stylish industrial lighting to finish the look.

Shabby Chic Parisian-Inspired Café At Home

Vintage Coffee Bar

This coffee corner has a distinctly European flair thanks to its assortment of carefully-curated decor items. The standing shelf features scalloped edges, evoking a French Provincial feel. Meanwhile, the vintage-inspired jars and the silver-plated two-level rotating tray have a Regency-era style. A framed vintage print rounds out the look.

Cute Kitchen Coffee Corner

Kitchen Coffee Corner

A small nook at the far end of the kitchen is the perfect place to set up a coffee station. Use the countertop for larger objects, including an espresso machine and jars of creamer and biscotti. Open shelving provides additional storage space for coffee beans and kitchen implements. A powder-coated wall-mounted light fixture illuminates the space and helps it feel more defined.

Simple Counter Decor

Counter Decor

An under-counter wine fridge framed by additional storage cabinets creates a stretch of countertop that can be used as a flex space. If you don’t need to reserve that area for food prep, it makes a great coffee bar. Utilize the ample space to stage a pod-style coffee maker, an electric kettle, a mug, tree, and cute decorative canisters.

Cozy and Colorful Coffee Area

Cozy and Colorful Coffee Area

A bold pop of color adds a fun and vibrant feel to an otherwise monochromatic space. A repainted vintage sideboard provides a nice contrast against white-painted brick walls and low-profile wall shelves. Color-blocked mugs and brightly-patterned antique storage containers add more character and fun.

Sleek and Classy Station

Classy Coffee Station

Custom black cabinets with matte gold drawer pulls create a bold focal point in this otherwise bright white space. Simple floating shelves in a natural wood tone draw the eye upward without competing with the cabinetry. The size of this stand allows it to pull double duty as a coffee station at one end and a dry bar at the other.

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee and Tea Stand

Cute Coffee Station Decor

A multi-level console table serves as the foundation for this DIY coffee stand. While the lower table shelves already provide storage for accessories, wall-mounted shelves make the nook feel more defined. Because the storage space is so ample, there’s plenty of room to display decorative objects like vases of dried flowers.

Decorate with Contrasting Accessories

Clean Coffee Station Decor

White shiplap walls and white wooden cabinets make this small space feel more airy and spacious, while black accessories provide bold contrast. Decorative elements like black mugs and wire baskets tie into the powder-coated metal drawer pulls. A large black tray serves as a great place to organize flavored syrups and cups.

Breakfast Bar with Coffee Corner

Simple Coffee Area in Upscale Kitchen

A long countertop is the perfect place to stage a station and a complete breakfast buffet. You can lay out fresh-squeezed juice, a large bowl of fruit, and flaky breakfast pastries. At the far end, you can design a small coffee corner with an espresso machine and demitasse cups.

Wall-Mounted Coffee Mug Organizer

Coffee Mug Organizer

If your coffee cup collection is too large to contain inside of a cabinet, this massive rack for mugs is a great alternative storage option. Use this wall-mounted display as a backdrop and center a small table underneath it. This three-drawer chest provides a stylish home for a coffee maker, creamers, and sweeteners.

Affordable DIY Coffee Bar

DIY Coffee Bar on A Budget

Mounting open shelves above a small table is a simple way to create an at-home coffee nook, but it’s the clever chalkboard paint that helps this area pop. The glossy black rectangle pops against the pale blue walls and provides a backdrop for whimsical chalk artwork. Metallic accents like hammered copper canisters and a vintage tea kettle add an interesting textural element.

Rustic Coffee Stand

Rustic Coffee Stand

The hairpin legs and warm wood tones of this shelving unit introduce elements of mid-century modern decor to this plain white wall. Coffee accessories are interspersed with a wicker storage basket and potted plants which can help the vignette feel more cozy and lived-in.

Beautiful Boho Coffee Cart

Beautiful Boho Coffee Cart

Wood is a popular element in bohemian design and it is heavily featured in this rustic room. The textured, rough-hewn wall boasts vintage wood slats with a deep, warm stain. Meanwhile, the rolling coffee cart is made from reclaimed copper pipes and unfinished blonde wood. Large hanging and potted plants bring in additional natural elements and provide a pop of color.

Countertop Setup with Cabinet Storage

Countertop Coffee Setup with Cabinet Storage

Installing pull-out drawers in lower cabinets is a great way to keep items organized and easily accessible. Designate an area of your countertop to keep your coffee maker, and dedicate the cabinet below it to mugs, carafes, and beans. When your bar isn’t in use, the drawers are neatly hidden behind the cabinet doors.

Bedroom Breakfast Bar

Bedroom Breakfast Bar

If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning without a cup of coffee, you can turn your dresser into an en-suite station. A pod-style coffee maker is a convenient, mess-free option, while a decorative tray can neatly corral mugs and sweeteners. You can use nonperishable nondairy creamers, or keep a mini-fridge in your room to store milk or cream.

Stylish Coffee Station Cabinet and Shelves

Stylish Coffee Station Cabinet

A weathered antique wood table gets new life as a coffee stand with a coat of blue paint and the addition of decorative drawer pulls. A crisp rectangle of peel and stick chalkboard wallpaper helps to further delineate the space. A wall-mounted mug rack and open shelving provide additional storage options.

Fun Farmhouse Coffee Stand with Shelving

Farmhouse Coffee Stand

Farmhouse decor often features natural, earthy colors. An old dresser finds new life as a coffee stand with the addition of sage green paint. While the floating shelves above it are made from unfinished blonde wood, the green theme continues upwards thanks to the addition of potted plants. Vintage-style bakery signs complete the look.

Textured Antique Bar Area

Antique Coffee Bar

This vintage wooden cabinet has lots of character thanks to its intentionally-distressed crackle finish. Neutral decorative elements such as labeled canisters complement the coffee bar without competing stylistically. The sleek wooden shelves provide the perfect platform for subtly textured planters and other trinkets.

Decorative Coffee Area

Decorative Coffee Area

You don’t need to invest in new furniture to create a stylish coffee bar. With the right ornamentation, even a simple table and single shelf can be transformed into a cute and cozy cafe area. A large lettered sign and a collection of vintage knick-knacks add character to this understated setup.

Cute Stand For A Small Space

Cute Coffee Stand For A Small Space

Proper organization is an essential factor when designing a small coffee station. Chunky walnut floating shelves hold an array of wire baskets and chic canisters so that every accessory has its own home. A DIY wall-mounted mug holder provides easy access to cups without cluttering the limited table space.

Elegant Built-In Alcove

Elegant Built-In Coffee Alcove

This home features a small kitchen niche that is perfectly suited for a small coffee bar. While objects like a machine and kettle can rest on the countertop, smaller items like sweeteners and stirrers can be neatly stashed away in the drawers and cabinets. A mug tree and decorative sign help add personality to this otherwise understated space.

Creative Coffee Area Next To Staircase

Creative Coffee Station Next To Staircase

Some homes with a staircase have an awkward area of wall space that can be used to design a station. These spaces are largely unusable due to size and can be the perfect location for a cute bar. A rolling kitchen cart is highly portable, and also contains ample hidden storage. Dress the area up with additional ornamentation like clever wall signs.

Clever Coffee Corner

Adorable Coffee Bar

If you have a stylish piece of furniture that doesn’t fit with the rest of your decor, consider using it as the basis for your at-home coffee area. An antique cabinet that’s too short to be a console table and too long to be an end table is put to good use in this space. The glass-front doors reveal glimpses of fashionable decor items.

Kitchen-Adjacent Coffee Stand

Kitchen-Adjacent Coffee Stand

If you have an open floor plan, it can be difficult to stage furniture cohesively. A coffee bar can serve as an elegant transition space between a kitchen and living area. A console table serves as a spacious base for the maker and mugs, while open shelving houses decorative vessels and pitchers.

Upcycled Coffee Bar

Upcycled Coffee Bar

An antique sideboard gets a facelift courtesy of some distressed chalk paint. The painting technique preserves the unique details of the piece like the Eastlake-inspired engravings and the vintage drawer pulls. During the holidays, you can also stage your coffee bar with seasonal decor for a festive feel.

Clean and Simple Stand

Clean and Simple Coffee Stand

Use an open-sided shelving unit as the base for your coffee bar to create an airy, minimalist feel. If you need additional storage, use a sleek and unobtrusive floating shelf that matches the color of the wall. This simple station allows the upscale espresso machine to be the real star in this vignette.

Upscale Built-In Coffee Nook

Upscale Built-In Coffee Nook

A custom built-in wall niche elevates this already chic French Country kitchen. An intricately-carved tin awning frames a small but stylish inset. A distressed wooden wall shelf houses sweetly patterned mugs and teacups. A repurposed sign from a coffee shop helps to further define the space.

Convenient Home Laundry Café

Convenient Home Laundry Café

If you need a cup of coffee before you can even contemplate washing clothes, set up a space adjacent to your laundry area. This coffee bar makes use of a built-in countertop adjacent to a small laundry sink. A decorative metal sign helps this nook feel more welcoming and inviting.

High-End Masculine Coffee Bar

High-End Masculine Coffee Bar

A hunter green three-dimensional wall provides a compelling backdrop for this elegant coffee bar. The bracketed wall shelves tie in beautifully with the wooden countertop. Simple white espresso cups, glossy black canisters, and a gleaming chrome coffee machine play well against the geometric elements in the design.

Built-In Bookcase Coffee Bar

Bookcase Coffee Bar

Many modern homes feature built-in shelving units designed to hold books and other decorative baubles. They can also be repurposed into a convenient coffee bar. Use a taller bottom shelf to house larger items, like a sleek chrome espresso machine. Shorter upper shelves are perfect for smaller items like coffee mugs and a French press. Drawers provide additional hidden storage space.

Cute Kitchen Counter Station

Cute Countertop Coffee Station

You can create a cute coffee corner at the end of a long countertop, giving you a convenient and designated area for your morning ritual. A decorative vintage box serves as a platform for a maker and provides the perfect spot to stash creamers, spoons, and pods. Open shelving above the counter can be used to store mugs and other kitchen implements.

Small Countertop Coffee Station

Small Countertop Coffee Station

Glossy subway tile installed in a horizontal waterfall pattern gives this kitchen a crisp, contemporary look, especially when paired with sleek gray upper cabinets. These unassuming decorative finishes serve as the ideal backdrop for a high-end espresso machine and electric coffee grinder.

DIY Coffee Mug Display Wall

DIY Coffee Mug Display Wall

You can create a convenient home coffee station even if you’re working on a budget. Repurpose an unused dresser or table to serve as the base for the space. Then, install metal hooks into a plywood board and mount it above the table. Display your cute cup collection by hanging the handles from the hooks. Complete the look with a decorative sign.

Farmhouse-Inspired Coffee Niche

Farmhouse-Inspired Coffee Niche

The right decorative elements can transform an ordinary built-in into a stylish focal point. The back of this wall niche is paneled with reclaimed wood panels, while the panels in the cabinet doors below have been replaced with chicken wire. This nook is framed with a repurposed antique mantle to complete the rustic feel.

Custom Station on A Budget

Custom Coffee Station on A Budget

If you don’t want to spend money on built-in custom cabinetry, you can still get that bespoke feel with a little time investment. Shop around until you find a table that fits neatly into a designated nook. It will feel like it was designed expressly for that space. Center low-profile floating shelves above the table to draw the eyes upward.

Beverage and Coffee Stand

Beverage and Coffee Stand

If you like to entertain, consider setting up a beverage station in your living space. A small refrigerator is a great place to store wine, beer, or cream for your coffee. A console table can serve as a drink mixing station in the evening, and be set up as a breakfast bar in the morning. Large cabinets provide ample storage for this multifunctional space.

Kitchen Coffee Corner

Simple Kitchen Coffee Corner

This spacious kitchen has plenty of room for a coffee station without compromising counter space. A large espresso machine fits neatly under floating shelves which can hold beans and sweeteners. There’s also plenty of counter space for a more traditional coffee machine and a mug tree.

Trendy Seasonal Area

Trendy Seasonal Coffee Area

Certain coffee makers like high-end espresso machines need to be installed in the kitchen. Place these units at the end of the counter to create a designated coffee corner. Store accessories like stirrers and mugs out of sight in the cabinets below, and use the open shelving above to showcase seasonal decor throughout the year.

Built-In Coffee Bar with Storage

Stylish Home Kitchen Coffee Station

If you love to cook, you may need extra storage space for small appliances or special holiday china. This supplemental shelving unit is also a great place to install a bar. The countertop holds a pod-style coffee maker, along with jars for grounds and sugar. The open shelving above provides a spot to display decorative mugs.