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63 Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

63 Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you want to design and decorate a fun unique room, you may want to seriously consider a bohemian bedroom. Whether you want to call it boho or bohemian, this chic style is full of different colors, patterns, textures, themes, and decorations that are used to create an artistic aesthetic. From modern and trendy to rustic and vintage, bohemian room decor can add character, personality, and whimsical charm for a small space or master bedroom. For inspiration when designing your room to look mystical, colorful and cute, here are the best bohemian bedroom ideas.

Best Bohemian Bedroom Décor Ideas

Bohemian bedrooms have become popular for showcasing interesting natural, vintage, and cultural pieces. These rooms are eclectic, allowing for variation in your decor ideas. Most boho style rooms contain earthy tones while bold and bright accent colors draw in focus.

After all, modern bohemian decor is all about mixing and matching concepts. Chic accents offset woven materials. Vintage pieces and indoor plants are often found scattered throughout to establish a warm and cozy room. Nevertheless, there are ways for wall paint colors, bedding, furniture, textured rugs, and decorations to complement each other within a boho-themed bedroom.

Browse through these artistic yet beautiful rooms to learn how to transform your bedroom with boho design.

Pallet Board Bed Frame

Bohemian Bedroom with Pallet Board Bed Frame

Turning pallet boards into a bed frame is an easy DIY and gives the room a bohemian vibe. The warm tones of the wood go together nicely with the pink of the windowsill and the red on the walls.

Wooden Wall Decor

Bohemian Master Bedroom

The plants and wall decorations give this room a bohemian vibe while the vibrant bedspread is the focal point against the jewel-toned walls. The wood hanging from the ceiling forms a backdrop for which the plants and lights can hang from.

Bohemian Textures

Bohemian Style Bedroom

This natural look is highlighted with rustic wood panels on the wall and a frayed blanket splayed on the bed. These textures partner well with leafy plants and contrast against the two black nightstands.

Pretty Bohemian Room Color Schemes

Small Boho Bedroom

From the books to the blue color on one wall, this eclectic room makes a bold statement. Add bohemian embellishments through hints of metallic and gold to pull everything together.

Tribal Prints

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

The throw blanket and rug add pops of color amidst the white walls. Keeping the rest simple allows for the tribal prints to take front stage and become the main talking piece of the room.

Unique Bohemian Bedroom with A Twist

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

A written print above the bed is a strong focal point and adds a personal statement piece. The brick walls work well as a backdrop for the pink flowers and seafoam green trunk.

Inviting Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Designs

Add a rug to create a cozy atmosphere. Pair it with natural, warm colors for an inviting tone. Keep the color scheme simple to let the bold colors play off the more muted tones.

Use Plants To Make A Statement

Bohemian Room

The forest green mixed with the turquoise contrasts nicely against the white walls. Adding in the headboard made of plants and thick hanging vines makes this room bohemian all the way through.

Creative Design

Boho Bedroom Ideas

This orange bedspread pairs nicely with the red curtains and green plants hanging above the bed. The black walls are a great background to let the bold colors stand out without making it seem disorganized.

Boho Plants

Bohemian Room Plant Decor Ideas

The color palette is kept simple to allow for the plant theme to take front and center through the cacti hangings on the wall and the palm plant in the corner. Subtle hints of blush are scattered throughout as a complementary hue.

Boho Wall Decor

Boho Wall Decor

Bohemian bedrooms are the perfect place to showcase recent travels. The gold accents tie in bright fuchsia pink and tangy orange in creating a vibrant, bohemian space while capturing the Middle Eastern culture.

Simple Decor Ideas

Simple Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

The side lamps showcase the golden threads found in the comforter and pillows while casting a warm glow. These accents complement nicely with the patterned woven room rug in adding touches of bohemian décor.

Mix and Match Patterns

Bohemian Bedroom Mix and Match Patterns

This room has a lot of layers with the use of multiple colorful patterns on the wall, bedspread, and throw pillows. Cultural elements are added in with numerous cups on the bookshelf and dangling chandelier.

Dark Accent Wall

Refined Chic Boho Chic Bedroom Designs

The navy-blue wall elongates the room to make it appear bigger and draw attention to the wood bed frame and white bedspread. The added turquoise seat and patterned rug add in movement.

Ceiling Swing

Boho Bedroom with Ceiling Swing

This woven swing is the perfect looking spot for someone to glance around this bohemian room. The orange tones offset the woven fabrics and play well with the plants to create a cohesive look.

Tropical Boho Style

Tropical Boho Style

This chic room ties in effortlessly the dramatic tropical scenes by using bright flowered patterns. The tropical theme is kept from being overbearing with a trendy white bed frame and nightstand.

White Wonderland

White Bohemian Bedroom Decor

This all-white room sets a base for the smaller details. The pallet board bed frame, dream catchers, and woven wall hangings create interest and capture true bohemian essence.

Boho Style Accent Details

Boho Style Accent Details

This intricately detailed headboard goes together nicely with the patterned throw blanket and colorful pillows. It is the focal point of the room and adds character and cultural interest.

Textured Decor

Bohemian Room Decor

The throw pillows on the bed add dimension and color to the room while the headboard and hide throw blanket add softer elements. The fern and other plants add into the earthy tones.

Framing The Room

Modern Boho Bedroom

This bedroom has a clear focal point as the bed is positioned between the darker gray wall color and underneath the woven tapestry. The metallic chandelier adds dimension and plays off the colors in the plants.

Keep It Natural

Boho Bedroom Styles

The wooden staircase and white canopy frame the bed while woven baskets add a creative flair. This room kept it simple by leaving the pop of color for the rug.

White and Grey Bedroom Decor

White and Grey Bedroom Decor

Since all the items in this bohemian room are in shades of white, an emphasis is placed on the textures and styles in the accents. This can be found in the feathers in one corner and woven baskets in the other.

Bohemian Rainforest Décor

Colorful Bohemian Bedroom Decor

The rainforest theme is carried out throughout the space from the elephant accent above the bed to the hanging vines acting as a canopy. Color is added by the parrots and other tropical birds.

Southwest Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian Style Room

The muted terracotta brown walls resemble an adobe hut. Plants, detailed circle mirror, and the carved wooden piece above the bed add in more texture and variety for an earthy vibe.

Add Creative Window Coverings

Simple Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

The curtains are tied at the ends to set the relaxed, bohemian mood. The resulting room gives off a wispy and calming vibe that allows natural light to highlight the pops of color found in the throw blanket.

Use Tassels

Blue and White Bohemian Bedroom Design

This bohemian room uses a tasseled chandelier to spice things up and draw your eyes to it. It perfectly matches the chic half circle mirror hanging above the bed and adds just enough character to make it feel homey.

Whimsical Bedroom

All White Boho Bedroom Decor

Canopies are a great way to establish an airy feel to a room and this one does just that with a light fabric. The all-white theme aids in keeping the dream-like state.

Pom-Pom Power

Chic Boho Bedroom Styles

The bold and bright pops of color give movement to this room from the pom-pom pillow on the bed to the string of them hanging from the bed frame and plant holder.

Small Boho Bedroom

Best Small Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas With Plants

Great things often come in small packages. Make a small corner space more inviting by using a light fabric as a makeshift canopy. Add in a dangling plant with rope to open the room up and make it seem bigger.

White Boho Bedding

White Boho Bedding

The white bedding makes way for the elephant pillow and tapestry to become the focal point in this room. These two pieces are so intricately detailed and provide texture and color.

Chic Headboard

Cool Chic Boho Bedroom Headboard

The wooden décor expertly matches the headboard in creating a base pallet for which the detailing can be highlighted. This technique creates variance and movement as one looks around the room.

Go All Natural With Your Room

Boho Room Ideas

Hanging ceiling and wall fixtures add dimension in any room. This large wooden piece blends in with the beige walls in allowing for the plants to stand out and bring attention to the natural accents.

Add Little Details

Cute Boho Style Ideas

A woven wall hanging is perfect to add a little detail and texture into a bohemian room. This one is elegant and does not take attention away from the colorful bedspread.

Simple and Trendy

Trendy Peach Boho Room Ideas

By placing the bed directly on the floor, it becomes easier to crawl in after a long day. The cozy atmosphere is highlighted by the poofy comforter and tasseled wall hanging.

Nautical Themed Boho Bedroom

Boho Themed Bedroom Concepts

Bamboo rods hold together a lightweight canopy and tie in the rustic wooden piece above the bed. This room gives off the perfect airy feeling with its repurposed furniture and white tones.

Comfortable Bedroom Space

Dark Color Boho Bedroom Decor

Placing two beds together at a point forms a hangout corner, which can be converted to a sleeping area for the night. The two hanging tapestries resemble a tent-like condition.

Pull The Eyes Up

Bohemian Bedroom Wall Hangings and Decor

Hanging tassels near the top of the ceiling draw the eye upward without populating the rest of the room and making it messy. Bohemian décor is woven through with the black and white tapestry and patterned bedspread.

Use Bamboo

Black and White Boho Bedroom

The natural tones of the side table mix in well with the tassels above the bed and the beige pillows. Green tones of the comforter and plants add more variety to give the space a cohesive look.

Contemporary Boho Décor

Modern Boho Bedding Decor

The tasseled bedspread adds just the right about of detail to offset the detailed bed frame, woven lampshade, and colorful rug. The tufted fabric brings a lot of texture into this fashionable room.

Use Natural Light

Boho Bedroom Furniture

The natural light streaming in through the windows accentuates clean lines while providing a suitable atmosphere for the plants at the front of the bed. Bright light can often make a décor packed room appear cleaner because the room seems bigger than it is.

Unique Bed Frame

Unique Chic Boho Bed Frame

This bedroom has a very simple color palette and only uses two colors. The mustard yellow plays off the burnt orange while keeping most of the focus on the beautifully patterned bed.

Chic Duvet For Modern Bedding

Cute Bohemian Bed

This grey patterned bedspread matches the black and white photos on one wall and does not take away from the curtains framing the window.

Showcase Your Personal Flair

Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom with Bedding and Plants

The makeshift headboard adds in a personal touch to the room by showcasing numerous books and paintbrushes. This also doubles up as extra storage and yet still appears to be neat as all the pages are facing outward and only one color is seen.

Funky Boho Canopy

Funky Bohemian Bedroom Canopy

The colorful canopy made up of red, yellow, and pink hues frames the bed and gives the space a lot of visual stimulation. The bedspread has hints of color found in the canopy, tying the room in together.

Colorful Decor Ideas

Bohemian Style Ideas

Pops of color add to the character of this room including the chairs in the corner and blue and yellow print. Gold has been added to the walls halfway making the space feel smaller despite the tall ceilings.

Designate Areas with Accents

Pink Bohemian Bedroom with Furniture

A big rug distinguishes one area from another, especially in a large room. This bohemian rug makes a bold statement against the remaining neutral colors and marks the sleeping space.

Contrasting Colors

Red Accents and White Bohemian Theme Room

This white bedding adds just the right amount of coziness by the oversized plush comforter. A salt lamp illuminates this corner while playing off the reds in the tapestries, side table, and elephant throw pillow.

Tapestry Headboard

Bohemian Bedroom with Tapestry Headboard

Tapestries allow for a large space to be divided into smaller sections. Here, the bed is placed on the floor to create a keep the focus on the bold prints.

Rustic Influence

Rustic Bohemian Bedroom Styles

Use reclaimed wood to generate a bohemian vibe while coordinating the theme to the hanging print to tie in with the hide throw over the bed frame and the Moroccan pouf seats at the end of the bed.

Brick Background

Bohemian Room with Low Bed and Chic Bedding

Using a neutral color palette allows for the details in this bohemian room to pop. The palm plant in a corner plays off the pink throw blanket as they are set against white.

Use Light To Make Colors Pop

Colorful Boho Bedroom

Lots of natural light splay the vibrant fuchsia pink and turquoise against the white walls. Intricate details in the chandelier bring this eclectic room together and add in lots of cultural character.

A Vibrant Bedroom

Feminine Boho Style Bedrooms

Dark flooring can be used as a backdrop for vibrant colors to pop. The bright pink blanket over the bed and white area rug contrast boldly against the navy-blue carpeting and different textiles.

Simple Boho Style Decor

Simple Boho Style Colors

An all-white bedroom complements the light wood and leaves the statement piece to the duvet. Small accents like plants liven up and bring color to the room.

Maximize Small Spaces with Bohemian Design

Maximize Small Spaces with Bohemian Design

Although this porch is small it holds a lot of detail and character. Colorful throw pillows sit atop of woven furniture pieces as the red rug and tribal wall print bring the room together.

Cool Boho Vibes For Girl’s Bedroom

Cool Boho Style Vibes For Girl’s Bedroom

This eccentric girly room has hints of bohemian features. The black accent wall provides a natural background for the numerous amounts of chic furnishings. The wall décor can be easily replaced to grow up over time.

Natural Color Scheme

Classic Boho Colors

The golden chandelier plays off the intricate headboard and contrasts with the plants along the back wall while not coming across as being too overpowering since everything is tied together with a simple color palette.

Black Colored Design

Boho Bed

Ample amounts of natural light create a bright space despite the black walls. The white-clothed canopy and bedspread also aid in making the room feel spacious. Add in a mirror above the bed to reflect even more light.

Gallery Wall For Personal Style

Bohemian Style Bedroom Decorations

Use framed pictures to display many personal memories or meaningful artwork. Keep the prints and frames within a color theme to make it cohesive with the remaining décor in the room.

Holiday Decorating

Elegant Bohemian Bedroom Holiday Decorating

Although decorated for the holidays, this room has many bohemian décor accents including a pallet board bed frame and hanging plants. Fairy lights strung all around illuminate the many details, especially at night.

Metallic Detailing

Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

This metallic chandelier steals the show as it contrasts with other textures, such as the shaggy throw over at the end of the bed, the leather handbag and terracotta pots.

Cultural Roots

Adult Boho Style Design

The bold tapestry above the bed adds a focal point to the room and plays off the red in the comforter while displaying traditional Asian roots. Dark wood furniture sets give an older feel.

Creative Flair For Your Bedroom

Cute Bohemian Bedroom Lights and Swing

The white and grey create a contrast in which pieces juxtapose against each other and form a balance to form a cohesive look. The black metallic pieces pull out the white in the comforter and ceiling swing.