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63 Stunning Black Accent Wall Ideas

63 Stunning Black Accent Wall Ideas

When it comes to decorating ideas, the black accent wall is a bold, classy and popular choice that offers contrast for a whimsical touch, creating a modern and effortlessly chic look that can elevate any space. If you want to transform any room, painting your accent wall with black paint can be an easy way to make a statement with a daring design element.

Some homeowners may want a matte black wall in their living room that contrasts the light-colored furniture and absorbs the natural light for a dramatic finish, while others might prefer a charcoal paint color in the bedroom for a trendy look.

Generally, a black and white feature wall will maximize the contrast and drama for a stunning aesthetic. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’ll need to pick a shade that complements the design without making the space feel small.

Check out these beautiful black accent wall ideas to inspire your search for the perfect vibe.

Stylish Black Accent Walls

Boho Room with Black Accent Wall

Boho Room with Black Accent Wall

In interior design, boho style features elements like organic materials, a mixture of patterns and a light, earthy color palette. This bedroom contains several classic boho characteristics including a woven rattan light fixture, linen bedding and potted plants, but the look feels fresh and modern thanks to a black chevron feature wall. Hints of black in the overdyed area rug help the room feel more cohesive. A white room with a black accent wall will generally offer maximum results since these paint colors will balance each other.

Eclectic Ebony

Stylish Living Room with Black Accent Wall

It can be difficult to differentiate one space from another in homes with open floor plans. A bold black accent wall helps delineate a seating area that feels distinct when compared to the white-tiled walls in the kitchen. The high-contrast color palette gives this room an edgy feel, while global geometric prints and whimsical decor items add character to the space. The wood flooring also highlights the black and white color scheme throughout, complementing the style for a beautiful finish.

Cute Dining Room

Dining Room with Black Accent Wall

When you move into a new home, you may have to contend with puzzling design features like a square cutout in the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s often best to highlight these features instead of hiding them. The cutout is framed by wood trim painted a bright white that stands out against the black matte wall. The addition of an abstract geometric pattern in the same white that frames the cutout creates an intriguing graphic element. This black and white accent wall takes this room to the next level with visual interest and creativity.

Stay on The Grid

Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

Adding panel molding to walls is a great way to add visual interest to a space. In this boho-inspired bedroom, panel molding is arranged in a series of squares to create a grid pattern. Painting both the wall and paneling in the same shade of onyx helps this room feel cool and elevated. The sharp black horizontal stripes on the bedding tie in perfectly to the sharp, clean lines of the paneled wall.

Textured Black Accent Wall in Bedroom

Gorgeous Black Accent Wall in Bedroom

This bedroom has a limited color palette and streamlined furnishings, but it still feels rich and layered thanks to its use of shapes. The rectangular window is framed by panel molding arranged in rectangles and L-shapes. That same panel molding is laid out in squares extending across the remaining part of the black accent wall. Meanwhile, the mango wood nightstand and headboard boast a more subtle brass geometric inlay.

Tantalizing Tones and Textures

Black Accent Wall in Apartment

Although many people avoid black decor because they worry it will feel too stark, when paired with the right furnishings and finishes, a room with a largely dark color scheme can feel incredibly inviting. Sisal grasscloth wallpaper can introduce texture into your design in an understated way. This organic wallpaper has a silvery sheen which helps it blend in seamlessly with the dove-gray walls and charcoal velvet curtains. The contemporary walnut dining table and coordinating buffet are finished with a warm stain, which helps this room feel cozier and more welcoming.

Opulent Office Space

Home Office with Black Accent Wall

Thoughtfully chosen decor helps this home office space feel polished and professional. The black feature wall is the perfect backdrop for an eclectic array of photography and abstract art. A large potted plant, sleek brown leather chair, and live edge wooden desk with brushed chrome legs introduce elements of warmth and keep the room from feeling too austere.

Heightened Home Decor

Home Decor with Black Accent Wall

Rooms with vaulted ceilings and ample natural light have a bright and airy quality, making them the ideal place to experiment with darker colors. This raven-hued wall creates a focal point that draws the eye to the back of the room, which helps the space feel more elongated. Unique decor pieces like a tufted pink velvet ottoman, animal print throw pillows, and brass candelabra with black taper candles give this space a moody maximalist flair.

Enhance Existing Features

Bathroom with Black Accent Wall

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to installing tile. Some people think the grout should match the color of the tiles, while other people prefer to choose a color that is several shades lighter or darker. This bathroom falls into the latter category, as the white tile has been finished with black grout. Painting this accent wall helps accentuate the contrast between the tile and grout that lines the walls.

Add Appeal with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Charming Bedroom and Black Accent Wall

People love to put their own stamp on their personal spaces, but that can be tricky if you’re renting your home. If you don’t want to risk your security deposit by painting your walls, peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent compromise. A matte black wallpaper accent wall adds a little edge to the basic white walls in this bedroom, and it is easily removable when it’s time to move out.

Think Outside The Box

Stylish Black Accent Wall

This home office features a built-in bookcase that spans the length of an entire wall. Painting the shelving unit back helps it make a much bigger style statement. If the built-in would have been painted the same white as the walls, its visual impact would have been lost. Going with a more dramatic color choice allows the unique decor to shine.

Amp Up Your Artwork

Apartment Living Room with Black Accent Wall

If you have a piece of art that really speaks to you, an accent wall is an excellent way to bring it out. In this room, a black and white canvas featuring a crow perched on a thorny branch pops against an onyx feature wall with a satin finish. The end table, rug and dining room chairs all have touches of black, adding a sense of continuity throughout the space.

Rustic and Regal

Boho Rustic Bedroom with Black Wall

If you’re decorating on a budget, shopping secondhand is a great way to stretch every dollar. This boho-inspired bedroom features charming vintage details including a bamboo window shade, macrame plant hanger, and nightstands made from reclaimed wood. The black accent wall enhances the warm wood tones in the space, while gold wall sconces add a touch of glamour.

Farmhouse Flip

Gorgeous Living Rooms with Black Walls

Shiplap walls are a staple in farmhouse design. Typically, shiplap is installed vertically and painted bright to give homes a bright and airy feel. You can see that traditional installation here running around the perimeter of the house. While the partition wall behind the couch could have received the same treatment, the shiplap is instead painted black and installed vertically, instantly modernizing the space.

Find Your Balance

Edgy Black Walls in Bedroom

Black and white is a classic color combination, but it can run the risk of feeling too stark. Incorporating wood into your decor can balance out. Incorporating wood tones into your space is a simple way to strike a balance between two highly contrasting colors. In this room, the earthiness of the dark wood accents provides a counterpoint to the graphic print of the area rug.

Go Big and Go Home

Master Bedroom with Beautiful Black Accent Wall

When decorating large spaces, you have the opportunity to flex your creativity. In this room, a vast wall gets a major style upgrade thanks to the addition of panel molding arranged in an intricate pattern of interlocking hexagons and rectangles. Those shapes are mirrored throughout the room in various pieces of furniture, including matching nightstands, an upholstered ottoman, and, and a modern lamp on the dresser. Even the hand-knotted rug features a subtle geometric pattern.

Upscale Update

Modern Black Accent Wall

While this fireplace with surrounding built-ins is undeniably well-crafted, it could easily feel a little dated. Painting the whole unit in a matte sable shade instantly makes it look more modern and high-end. The round mirror mounted above the fireplace softens the angular cutouts in the overmantel, while warm wood tones help the space feel more inviting.

Classy Living Room with Black Accent Wall

Classy Living Room with Black Accent Wall

This elegant living room comes with luxurious decor that is further amplified by natural light against a black accent wall. The dark paint and gold light fixtures contrast the light-colored furniture and natural light beaming into the room. The decor and styling take this living space to the next level, combining comfort and warmth with a classy look.

Lean Into The Light

Classy Living Room and Black Accent Wall

The walls in this cozy living room are lined with large rectangular windows which flood the space with sunlight throughout the day. While you should typically stay away from dark hues in small spaces, the vaulted ceiling and abundant natural light in this room are able to sustain a more dramatic color choice. White trim and neutral furniture keep this black feature wall from overwhelming the space.

Refine Your Recessed Wall

Classic Black Accent Wall

This compact studio apartment features a recessed wall that stretches from one end of the room to the other. Painting only the back wall of this niche adds some character to this space which is otherwise lacking in architectural details. The artwork centered above the slope-armed loveseat helps delineate the sitting area from the adjacent bed.

Picture Perfect

Elegant Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

There are many different types of wall molding, but picture frame molding is arguably the most timeless. Picture frame molding simply describes wall molding that resembles the shape of a picture frame. It is also considered a wonderful way to showcase your favorite artwork in an elevated way. The molding on this two-toned black wall features intricate details that are further enhanced by the baroque style armchairs and opulent chandelier.

Supersize Your Style

Aesthetic Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

When decorating a large bedroom with high ceilings, it’s important to select furniture that is appropriately scaled to the size of the room. A raised bed, massive mirror, and oversized oil painting all work together to fill up this spacious suite. Painting the walls a darker color can also help substantial rooms feel more well-proportioned.

Start Small

Black Accent Wall Decor

Black accent walls can be intimidating if you’re used to decorating with more muted and neutral colors. If you’re afraid of committing to a deep inky shade, look towards the lighter end of the black spectrum. Because this granite hue reads closer to gray, it’s a good stepping stone to richer and more saturated shades.

Low-Key Luxury

Apartment Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

Industrial interior design started to rise in popularity in the early twentieth century, as abandoned factories began being converted into living spaces. Instead of covering up industrial features like exposed pipes, raw wood, and brick, people began highlighting them as an intentional design choice. The brick in this loft space was chipped and damaged, but a coat of white paint hides those flaws. Painting the adjacent wall black keeps that element of industrial edginess.

Debonair Dining

Classy Dining Room with Black Wall

When you move into a home with elaborate architectural details, you should level up your decor as well. In this dining room, an elegant tiered crystal chandelier draws the eye upwards to the ornamental tray ceiling. The sparkle of the chandelier complements the more understated sheen evident in the taupe velvet drapes. A dark walnut dining set would feel out of place in a solidly white room, but the obsidian accent wall makes them feel more cohesive.

Get Creative with Color

Bedroom with Black Wall

Farmhouse decor typically features a lighter and brighter color palette composed of shades of beige, gray, and white. A black accent wall is an unusual feature in farmhouse design, but in this bedroom, it complements the ebony stain on the sign, headboard, and wall sconces, which are all crafted from reclaimed wood. The black and white overdyed area rug bridges the gap between the more traditional white shiplap walls and the darker wood decor.

Raven Bathroom

Bathroom with Black Wall

According to conventional design wisdom, people should avoid using dark and dramatic colors in bathrooms. Under the right circumstances, deeper hues can make a bathroom feel chic and beautiful. The clear glass panels of the vast shower amplify the natural light in this bathroom, allowing you to make unconventional color choices. The black accent wall serves to highlight the iron framework of the industrial-inspired shower.

Modernize Your Master Suite

Modern Master Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

While farmhouse decor is incredibly popular, it’s not a style that appeals to everyone. The shiplap walls in this bedroom would lend themselves well to farmhouse style, but it feels more crisp and contemporary thanks to clever styling choices. Here, a linear chandelier is distinctly modern in style, as are the coordinating wall sconces. The matte gold chrome light fixtures pop against a coal-black accent wall.

Sophisticated Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style with Black Wall

From sleek minimalist furniture to natural wooden floors, this Berlin home embodies many of the hallmark characteristics of Scandinavian design, while the midcentury metal lamp and Nordic molecular light fixture introduce more modern elements. The black feature wall feels similarly fresh and contemporary, serving as the ideal backdrop for a collection of abstract art.

Family-Friendly Flair

Trendy Living Room with Black Wall

While the moody sophistication of black walls may seem suited to a luxury loft or a brooding bachelor pad, this design can also fit into a home with more family-style decor. This accent wall with white floating shelves provides a beautiful display for black and white family photos. A graphic throw pillow and bold striped blanket continue the color story.

Gorgeous Grayscale

Black Wall in Living Room

A low-profile horizontal fireplace gives this smart and stylish sitting room a modern edge. Instead of a traditional overmantel, an interclad louvered wall panel introduces texture to the space. Other than the black nested coffee tables, this room is a study in grays, from the semi-sheer linen curtains to the contemporary stone hearth, to the overdyed area rug.

Mix, Don’t Match

Stylish Living Room in Apartment with Black Wall

In this eclectic living room, a variety of design styles come together to create a truly unique space. A massive black and white abstract painting and rose gold cubist floor lamp both feel definitively modern, while armless leather side chairs with metal L-shaped frames have more of an industrial vibe. An assortment of globally inspired textiles counterbalance the more austere decor and make the space feel more welcoming.

Shiplap Chic

Chic Boho Bedroom with Black Wall

Traditional farmhouse decor gets a modern upgrade thanks to the matte black paint adorning a shiplap accent wall. While swag pendant lights tend to feel very modern, these have vintage charm courtesy of old-fashioned Edison bulbs. Because the geometric bedding has a boho vibe, it serves as a great transition between the dark feature wall and the lighter wood furnishings.

Find Your Niche

Minimal Bedroom with White and Black Color Scheme

Satiny-smooth peel-and-stick wallpaper adds a touch of drama to a bland and boxy space. Painting or wallpapering a wall niche is an easy way to amplify this architectural detail. The champagne-colored nightstands topped with crystal table lamps introduce a touch of elegance, while black throw pillows with a bold floral pattern add romance.

From Midcentury To Modern

Dining Area with Black Wall

When decorating your home, you shouldn’t feel obligated to select furniture and decor from the same era. Mixing pieces from different time periods can keep a room from feeling dated. These black ash wood chairs with knotted rope details draw inspiration from 1950s-era Danish design, while the sleek gold chandelier is more contemporary in style.

Tasteful Transitional

Transitional Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

In transitional interior design, traditional and contemporary decor come together to create a space that feels timeless. In this room, lighting elements like pronged table lamps and a gold and black pendant light with chrome accents are current and contemporary. Other elements like a curved upholstered headboard and black-on-black damask wallpaper have a more traditional feel.

Crossing The Line

Apartment Living Room with Black Wall

Clean and sharp lines throughout the decor give this modern condo a clean and sharp feel. Items like the low-profile sofa, nesting end tables, and sculptural floor lamp rely on simple right angles, while the geometric coffee table base and starburst throw rug add more detail. Pops of yellow liven up the simple black and gray wall art.

Boho Glam

Glam Boho Bedroom with Black Wall Design

Lustrous black wallpaper adds a touch of elegance to this boho bedroom. While the paper is matte, it also has a smooth, satiny sheen that gives it a luxe look. Because the finish on the wallpaper has an almost metallic feel, it’s a perfect complement to the brushed brass wall sconces and matching drawer pulls. Trailing tendrils of potted ivy round out the mysterious vibe.

Moody To The Max

Black on Black Living Room

While minimalist interior design has been an enduring trend, maximalism has been making a comeback in recent years. This style can be defined by requiring more of everything in a space. You can expect to see a mixture of patterns, abundant art and accessories with bright and saturated colors. With a predominantly black and brown color scheme, this living room offers a more masculine take on the maximalist trend.

Upscale Urban Boho

Upscale Urban Boho with Black Wall

Also known as modern bohemian decor, urban boho incorporates many of the traditional elements of bohemian decor while adding a dollop of elevated elegance. The hand-carved wooden headboard, nubby woolen pillows and upholstered geometric bench embody the classic boho style, while the black feature wall and sputnik chandelier are distinctly modern.

Coordinate Your Decor

Office with Black Wall

Using variations of the same pattern throughout a room can help the space feel more intentional. In this home office, a chevron area rug in shades of white, gray, and blue makes a compelling focal point. That chevron pattern is echoed in the three-dimensional charcoal feature wall. While the wall feels custom, this look can be easily replicated as a DIY project with materials from your local hardware store.

Hidden Layers

Couples Bedroom with Black Wall

When decorating with a limited color palette, you have the opportunity to play around with patterns that might feel too busy in a more colorful space. Black picture frame molding on this wall adds detail in an interesting yet understated way. The cream-colored area rug in this room also features striking yet subtle geometric patterns. Despite the intricate details, this space still feels relatively reserved.

Edgy Bedroom with Black Wall

Boho Bedroom with Black Wall

This stylish and edgy bedroom features a black and white color scheme to complement the textured wooden furniture. The accent wall contrasts the white headboard and bedding, while the small plants on the nightstands add a splash of color. Feminine and cute, this trendy room creates a comfortable and fashionable space.

Add Texture with Textiles

Cute Bedroom with Black Wall

People often shy away from using black and white in the bedrooms because they stress it won’t feel cozy and comfortable, but layers of lush textiles give this boho room a surprisingly sumptuous feel. The softness of the plush shag carpeting is also evident in the feathery juju hat wall decor. Instead of pure white bedding and curtains, use a creamier color to mellow out the contrast.

Reclaimed Wood, Reimagined

Game Room with Black Wall

While reclaimed wood can frequently be found in rustic, farmhouse-inspired homes, this ritzy recreation room demonstrates that it can also be adapted to more contemporary spaces. Wooden planks of varying lengths and widths have been stained ebony before being mounted on two adjacent walls so that they wrap around the corner. The staggered ends create an edgy graphic effect.

Find Your Focus

Feminine Bedroom with Black Wall

Bay windows add extra square footage and tons of natural light to this spacious suite. Painting the rear wall black helps anchor the space and gives the eye a place to hold in on. Dimensional wooden artwork has been whitewashed which mitigates the darker wall color and preserves the peaceful flow of the space.

Express Yourself

Bedroom Black Wall

Chalkboard paint can transform any clean, flat surface into a slight that you can write and draw on. If you’re the artistic type, apply rich black chalkboard paint to a feature wall and adorn it with empty picture frames. Each morning, you can use chalk to write new inspirational messages within the confines of the frame. For an extra touch of whimsy, draw a crystal chandelier.

Light The Way

Modern Dining Room Area with Black Accent Wall

There are several standout statement pieces in this modern minimalist dining room, but the industrial pendant light is the most immediately striking. Durable iron pieces have been attached to create a right rectangular prism that encloses delicate gold and glass bulbs. The grid-shaped panel molding on the rear accent wall echoes the square shapes that cap each end of the prism. A black and white area rug showcases more intricate and delicate geometric linework.

Small Space Style

Small Room with Black Wall

Conventional wisdom dictates that it’s best to stay away from dark colors in small spaces because they can make a room feel too cramped. This cozy bedroom proves that some rules are meant to be broken. While this room doesn’t have a lot of square footage, the added height from the pyramid ceiling makes it feel larger than it actually is. Thanks to this added height, the obsidian feature wall doesn’t overtake the space.

Coastal Goes Contemporary

Contemporary Living Room with Black Wall

This oceanfront oasis offers an unconventional and updated version of beach house decor. Coastal interior decor generally features natural materials like jute, rattan and linen fabrics. Those are included here but in new and exciting ways. The deconstructed English roll-arm chair consists of linen and burlap upholstery on a distressed walnut frame that looks like it’s been aged in the salt air. The hooped linen chandelier serves as an abstract representation of a sail billowing in the breeze.

Level Up Your Library

Library with Black Accent Wall

If you have a bonus room in your home, converting it to a reading room is a relatively easy DIY project. In this home library, ebony floating shelves blend seamlessly into an accent wall in the same shade of black, which better showcases the books and decor. The whitewashed laminate flooring and Moroccan-inspired area rug both feature hints which tie in well with the wall.

Slick and Stylish

Slick Stylish Black Wall

Thoughtfully chosen decor and high-end finishes make the design in this masculine minimalist bedroom look deceptively complex. Thin white lines etch out geometric shapes which add visual interest to the black wall. The rectangular wall niche is lined with walnut wood that matches the low-profile nightstand. Gleaming gold light fixtures including wall sconces feel luxe and elevated in an otherwise understated space.

Boosted Boho

Elegant Boho Bedroom with Black Wall

This stylish space incorporates many traditional elements of boho decor, including macrame plant hangers, warm wood nightstands, and layered area rugs while the unexpected details give the normally down-to-earth style an upscale finish. A statement brass chandelier and matching sconces pop against a jet black accent wall.

Tile with Style

Black and White Bathroom

Black subway tile gives this modern bathroom a sleek and sophisticated look. Because the tile is variegated, it coordinates well with the gray marble flooring. If you’re worried about dark tile dominating your bathroom, there are ways to mitigate the effect. Here, the tile extends only three-quarters of the way up. When paired with a transparent glass shower, this design choice makes the room feel well-balanced.

Showcase Your Taste

Luxury Living Room with Black Wall

If you collect interesting artwork and decor, sticking to a simple color palette can allow these statement pieces to shine. The understated furniture in this black, gray and white room also provide an unobtrusive backdrop for more interesting pieces of decor. Because the room is lacking in distractions, pieces like an intricately carved wooden table and juju hat wall hanging instantly attract attention.

Effortless Elegance

Chic Bedroom and Black Wall

This black herringbone wall looks like the kind of custom piece you’d need to hire a professional to install, but it’s actually composed of peel-and-stick wall planks that you can easily place yourself. Decorative elements including a midcentury modern wall hanging and dual cigar pendant lights further enhance the design.

Picture This

Stunning Living Room with Black Wall

Decorative architectural details like picture frame molding and ornate crown molding often have a feminine feel. These details feel more modern and masculine with the application of matte paint that extends from the wall to the ceiling. Choosing a sofa with a low back showcases the detailed walls to their best advantage.

Let There Be Light

Classy Bedroom and Shiny Black Wall

When a room is filled with ample natural light, paler colors can make the space feel washed out. The black wallpaper provides a grounding element that balances the sunlight streaming through an adjacent window-filled wall. A gray upholstered bed serves as a middle ground in this predominantly black and white bedroom.

Shape It Up

Simple Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

It’s not uncommon to see panel molding applied to a wall in a grid-shaped pattern. That trend is reinvented here as a diamond-shaped wall pattern. A bronze and marble table lamp and gold cage lantern introduce even more geometric elements into the space, including circles, triangles, and parallelograms.

Go To The Edge

Simple Living Room with White Couch and Black Wall

Sharply angled chevron walls give this contemporary living room an edgy look, literally and figuratively. This effect is amplified by a cluster of triangular pendant lights and a spiky potted palm. The striking shapes are softened by the curvy lines in the agate slice-inspired area rug and the circular upholstered ottoman, creating a beautiful space.