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The Best Bedroom Colors For Men

The Best Bedroom Colors For Men

When creating a masculine space, finding the right bedroom colors for men can be a tricky process. The perfect paint colors can transform your room into a cozy, comfortable and soothing space while maintaining a manly feel. Whether you’re buying new furniture or painting your walls, there are several great room colors for guys to consider.

Some men will want a blue bedroom with white accents for a stylish modern look, while others may prefer a brown and gray color combination for a rugged, rustic style. With so many color schemes, it can be a challenge choosing the right decor.

Check out the best bedroom colors for men to inspire your decor. From blue to gray paint, these masculine room color ideas will elevate your space and create a cool and trendy look for guys.

Masculine Men’s Bedroom Paint Colors


Blue Bedroom For Men

Blue is a versatile color that can be masculine and stylish for men’s bedrooms. As one of the most popular choices, blue offers a range of cool tones that project a sense of serenity and tranquility in a room.

With so many different shades of blue to consider, most men should paint their room a color that truly speaks to them. If you’re feeling bold, you can choose a deep jewel-toned navy blue.

Blue Men's Bedroom Colors

For a small bedroom that requires lighter colors to open the space, you’ll want to try a softer shade like medium cadet blue with gray and green undertones. A beautiful blue color scheme will also allow you to feature different other colors as accents to spruce up your room.

Stylish Blue Bedroom Color For Men

If you’re looking to take your home décor to the next level, a blue-themed bedroom for men can be the perfect choice for a peaceful and manly look.


Brown Bedroom For Men

Brown is a classic color for guys who want a darker and manly color scheme in their bedroom. When you want a warm earthiness, brown paint can be an excellent choice for a calming and comforting effect.

Brown Men's Bedroom

To create a cozy room with depth, you might start by layering in multiple shades of brown. A rich, chocolate brown accent wall creates a striking focal point, especially when a bed is centered against it. Use light complementary brown hues like caramel and russet on the remaining walls as well as in your bedding and other textiles.

Brown Bedroom Color For Men

You can complete the look with solid wooden furniture. Durable wood like mahogany and walnut have a classic, masculine feel that can elevate your space.


Gray Men's Bedroom

Gray is simultaneously a trendy and timeless bedroom color, offering a neutral option that works with all types of design styles and decor. Grey paint can provide the basis for many different color schemes, allowing you to combine shades with blue, black, white, burgundy and dark green to design a beautiful bedroom.

Gray Bedroom Color For Men

Neutral tones are also a common choice with interior designers who are looking for decor that offers widespread appeal. A gray bedroom tends to stand apart from other styles because the color comes in so many diverse and distinct shades.

Grey Men's Bedroom Color Scheme

A rustic masculine bedroom might feature weathered, gray-washed planks of wood on the walls. A sleek chrome light fixture can add a silver shine to a modern master suite. As a visually-appealing compromise between white and black, gray is an elegant paint color you’ll want to strongly consider for your bedroom.


White Bedroom For Men

White is a simple and classic paint color for a guy’s room and provides a timeless look that will brighten any space. While often used as a contrast color in design, white can also stand confidently on its own when creating an airy and open area.

Many people find that they sleep better in simple and uncluttered bedrooms. White has an ease and elegance to it that makes it ideally suited for a more streamlined sleeping space.

White Bedroom Color For Guys

If your bedroom is small or without natural light, you can create the illusion of space by painting the walls in a crisp, bright shade of white. White may also be the right paint color for a larger room with windows since the ample natural light will create an airy effect.

White Men's Bedroom Paint Colors

A monochromatic white bedroom can run the risk of feeling a little institutional, but you can add warmth by selecting wooden furniture in blonde or maple finishes. Look for low-profile mid-century modern furniture with clean lines that won’t compete with the color scheme.

White Bedroom Color For Men

For a budget-friendly approach, consider an off-white paint color that will give your bedroom character and style. Emphasize your bedding, furniture and accessories by choosing darker-colored products that complement your walls.


Black Men's Bedroom

Black is a striking bedroom color that is guaranteed to make a strong stylistic statement. Painting with black can create an authoritative and powerful feeling, offering an undeniably masculine bedroom. Men who sleep best in total darkness may find an all-black color scheme particularly restful.

Black Bedroom Color For Guys

People often shy away from using dark colors in small rooms because it can make a space feel even more compact. If you have a smaller bedroom, you can still pull off this distinct look by using a soft black with cool undertones. For larger bedrooms, try going with a warm, inky black hue for a bold look.


Red Bedroom For Men

Red is an unconventional color for a bedroom, making it the perfect option for a man who isn’t afraid to stand out. Darker reds are warm and vibrant colors that can be used to craft a comfortable and cozy space. While it also has an energizing and invigorating effect, a bright red color scheme may create a room that is too stimulating for some men to fall asleep.

Masculine Red Bedroom Color For Men

Less is often more when it comes to interior design and that holds especially true when working with the color red. Because it is such an eye-catching hue, it tends to work better as an accent color instead of a base. Pairing dark red with a contrasting color like white brings balance to your bedroom.


Green Bedroom For Men

Green is a serene and soothing color for a men’s bedroom and offers an earthy groundedness that many guys find appealing. The color green can easily add diversity to your decor as it comes in many different shades.

Masculine Green Bedroom For Guys

Deep and dark green paint colors can provide the perfect foundation for a moody, masculine bedroom. Emerald and hunter green paint are both excellent options for the wall. Classic wooden furniture will make a green room seem more traditional, while sleek metal furnishings will have a more modern effect.


Charcoal Men's Bedroom

Charcoal is a cool bedroom paint color for guys who love the drama of black but aren’t quite ready to commit. As one of the darkest shades of gray, charcoal is technically a neutral color that still packs a punch. With so many different shades, there are several different ways to feature this unique color into your design.

Charcoal Bedroom For Men

To create a masculine bedroom that feels interesting and elevated, you’ll want to include a variety of textures and finishes into your décor. Gunmetal gray bedding with a subtle sheen will contrast beautifully against a plush headboard upholstered in charcoal velvet. Industrial style lighting made from reclaimed iron pipes is another cool way to incorporate this stylish shade.

Neutral Colors

Neutral Bedroom Colors For Guys

Neutral colors are always popular in bedroom decor because of their incredible versatility. Great for men’s and women’s bedrooms, neutral hues can have a calming and airy effect while pairing well with various styles of interior design.

Neutral Men's Bedroom

While a neutral color palette may seem to limit your choices, neutrals are surprisingly flexible. You can use gray to anchor a chic, modern bedroom or blend browns and tans to create a warm and welcoming feel. Black and white are also considered neutral and can add some graphic interest to any space.

Masculine Bedroom Colors For Guys

Bedroom Color Schemes

Blue and White

Blue and White Bedroom For Men

A blue and white bedroom can be a classic look for a men’s bedroom and the result all depends on how you style the space. From traditional to contemporary designs, the crisp contrast between bright white and navy blue can be simple yet striking in a modern room, especially when partnered with gleaming brass light fixtures.

Blue and White Bedroom Color For Guys

For a softer take on this sophisticated color scheme, use off-white to create a more subtle contrast than bright white. Buttery cream shades play well with the warm undertones in indigo blue. A dark blue and white bedroom color scheme is well-suited for a cozy, transitional space.

Gray and White

Gray and White Men's Bedroom

A gray and white bedroom is one of the most popular options for guys who want a masculine and stylish space. While these paint colors may seem like an unassuming combination, this pairing of neutral shades can be unexpectedly adaptable.

Gray and White Bedroom For Men

Pair deep gray walls with streamlined white furniture for a smart and stylish space that’s both modern and manly. Featuring texture into your decor is also a great way to make the most of a muted color palette. An accent wall made out of gray washed reclaimed wood is a great way to add rustic character to an otherwise understated room.

Brown and Green

Brown and Green Bedroom For Men

Green and brown both have a warm earthy quality that makes them the perfect pairing for a nature-inspired color palette. A backdrop of matte forest green paint can bring out the grain in your wooden furniture. Your room will feel vibrant and verdant with the addition of live potted or hanging plants.

Red and Grey

Red and Grey Bedroom Colors For Men

Grey and red is a cool contrasting color combination that is is perfect for the man who’s not afraid to make a statement. Bright bursts of red pop brilliantly against a backdrop of deep charcoal gray. You’ll want to look for furniture with clean lines that won’t compete with your statement-making color scheme. Mid-century modern furnishings are an excellent option.

Black and White

Black and White Bedroom For Men

While black and white are technically neutral hues, the high contrast between the shades makes for a graphic and stylish combination. Color theory dictates that opposing hues on the color wheel are complementary, and the combination of black and white exemplifies this principle.

Popular Men’s Bedroom Design Styles


Contemporary Bedroom For Men

Contemporary is an interior design style that can be difficult to define since it is constantly evolving. By definition, contemporary means “of the moment” so the style will always reflect current popular trends.

As an interior style, contemporary design does have some defining characteristics involving clean and minimalist decor, resulting in subtle sophistication and simplicity.

Modern Bedroom Colors For Men

For furniture, look for low-profile pieces with clean lines. Decorative elements are used sparingly so the space remains uncluttered and open. Neutrals, black, and white are the primary colors used in contemporary design. You can use bold and bright accent colors to punch up your palette.


Rustic Men's Bedroom Colors

Rustic is a popular interior design style for men who want a stylish room that still looks casual and comfortable. Masculine rustic decor comes in a variety of styles, including coastal, cottage and Tuscan. The way textural elements are featured will set these bedrooms apart.

A rustic farmhouse bedroom might boast an accent wall of weathered wood planks, while a rustic Tuscan room is more likely to feature roughly-textured stucco walls.

Rustic Bedroom For Men

Your color palette will depend on which rustic route you take with your decor. Muted grays and blues are obvious choices for a charming coastal cottage. Warm hues like goldenrod and paprika are better-suited for Mediterranean rustic decor.


Luxury Bedroom For Men

Luxury interior style is more about evoking a feeling than it is about following a distinct design checklist. The ultimate goal of luxury design is to craft a bespoke, curated space that perfectly balances comfort and style. Luxury furniture and decor are defined by high-end materials and finishes.

Luxury Men's Bedroom

A luxurious masculine bedroom suite might feature elements like heavy velvet drapes and a burnished leather Chesterfield sofa. Even the bed will be adorned with high thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Combining opulent finishes and daring color choices can help you make the most out of luxury interior design. Vivid jewel tones like amethyst and sapphire feel even more sumptuous when offset by matte metallic accents.


Industrial Style Bedroom For Men

An industrial interior design involves architectural elements that become the cornerstone of the space. In recent years, there’s been a growing movement to convert old factories and industrial buildings into livable urban spaces. Industrial style designs are deliberately understated, resulting in masculine details like exposed pipes and ductwork.

Industrial Style Men's Bedroom

Dark neutrals like gray and black are a natural fit for industrial room designs. A muted monochromatic color palette allows features like exposed brick walls to stand out.

Art Deco

Art Deco Bedroom For Men

Art deco is an interior design style that first came into fashion in the 1920s and offers a strong decorative point of view that makes it relevant today. The glitz and glamour associated with the era are evident in the mirrored finishes and intricate detail work. This decor style still feels masculine thanks to its reliance on symmetrical geometric patterns.

Art Deco Men's Bedroom

An art deco color palette can include everything from bright yellows to blush pinks to saturated blues. For a more masculine twist, try a monochromatic black color palette with subtle metallic silver accents.