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67 Beautiful Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

67 Beautiful Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

The bedroom sitting area is a functional space that should be stylish, comfortable and practical. A sitting area can offer a versatile and soothing place to relax after a long day, giving your room an upscale and modern feel with a warm vibe. A master bedroom with a sitting area must have cozy furniture, a clean layout and cute accent pieces for a beautiful and welcoming look.

Whether you want a separate space to lounge or just need a sofa in front of your bed, these incredible seating areas for your master bedroom will spark your creativity and offer some awesome ideas.

Some people may want a chic dedicated sitting room in the master bedroom for reading and relaxing, while others might prefer a small lounge area in a large room with a couch and coffee table to create a personal sanctuary. For a small bedroom, the design should feature a low-profile chair, sofa, bench or table combination that allows you to maximize space and style.

Check out these amazing bedroom sitting area ideas to inspire your decor.

Impressive Bedroom Sitting Area Designs

Stylish Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

Stylish Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

If you and your partner have differing tastes in decor, it’s important to find a middle ground that appeals to both parties. In this master suite, masculine features like a steel frame bed and industrial light fixture are softened by the textured poufs and boho-inspired pillows in the seating area. A consistent color palette of black and white unifies these two disparate styles.

Beautiful Modern Bedroom with Large Lounge Area

Beautiful Modern Bedroom with Large Sitting Space

This extravagant bedroom boasts not one but two sitting areas. In the indoor seating area, a round glass coffee table is complemented by the curved seat cushion and bolster arm pillows adorning the white linen loveseat.

Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors reveal a separate outdoor seating area on a covered patio. A textured stacked stone accent wall has a natural feel that helps the outdoor patio feel more connected with the indoor living space.

Small Bedroom Sitting Area Furniture

Small Bedroom with Sitting Area

If your bedroom is long and narrow, a seating area can help you maximize your usable square footage. The minimalist style of the gray tufted accent chairs with gold-plated frames keeps the room from feeling too cluttered.

A square four-poster bed and boxy nightstands echo the shapes of the chairs, helping the space feel more unified. These furniture choices enhance architectural details like a rectangular tray ceiling.

Cute Bedroom and Small Coffee Area

Cute Bedroom with Small Sitting Area

Rooms with slanted ceilings can be difficult to decorate because the unusual angle disrupts the inherent symmetry of the space. In this cozy boho bedroom, a low-profile bed is centered at the end where the ceiling is lowest.

At the opposite end, oversized armchairs are positioned where the ceiling reaches its highest point. This layout is ideal, because the ceiling is lower where people are more likely to be lying down, and higher where they’ll be seated upright.

Open Up

Large Bedroom with Sitting Area

Spacious bedroom suites are highly sought after in the modern era, but that wasn’t always the case. In older homes, it’s not unusual to discover several smaller, more awkwardly-shaped spaces. Opening up walls between two adjacent rooms can help your space feel more up-to-date. A large cased doorway leads into a small sitting area where you can enjoy your morning coffee or unwind before bed.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Lounge Area

Bedroom Lounge Area

While the average master bedroom measures 14 by 16 feet, an elongated floorplan gives this space a more noticeably rectangular shape, but thoughtful staging keeps the layout proportional. The California king bed is paired with other rectangular furniture, including an upholstered bench, herringbone dresser, and armless chaise chairs. Even the artwork and hanging mirrors are rectangular. Since the furniture and decor mimic the shape, the overall effect is balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Make Your Move

Bedroom with Couches

Setting up a bedroom sitting area can sometimes feel like a big commitment. In living rooms, there tend to be a finite number of ways you can arrange your furniture, but there’s a lot more flexibility when creating smaller seating arrangements.

Swivel gliders are a favored option because they are so versatile, allowing you to move back and forth as well as rotate to face in multiple directions.

Silver Sophistication

Open Bedroom with Couch

Grayscale goes glam in this ritzy room. Design elements like mirrored nightstands, steel-colored satin curtains, and a pewter ceiling fan have a luxe look that is further elevated by the gray leather cabriole sofa. Riveted arms give this classic style of couch a modern and edgy feel, and help tie in the chic tufted headboard.

Let Your Light Shine

Small Sitting Area in Master Bedroom

This elegant contemporary suite feels approachable and accessible thanks to lush layers of textiles and patterns. Graphic touches like a medallion rug and coffered ceiling command attention, but are softened by the more understated shapes in the tone-on-tone bedding.

The sunlight that streams through the large picture window is integral in highlighting the monochromatic pearlescent damask wallpaper. The backless settee bench provides seating without compromising the natural light.

Raise Your Benchmark

Timeless Sitting Space in Front of Bed

In addition to providing storage and seating, benches are a fairly common element in bedroom decor because they can help your space feel more stylish and put-together. In this French-inspired room, the common bed end bench has received an upgrade in the form of an armless loveseat.

The raised back and plush pillows are more comfortable to relax into than a traditional bench, and it helps create a visual distinction between the sleeping and seating areas.

Dedicated Sitting Area in Large Master Bedroom

Beautiful Master Bedroom with Modern Sitting Area

For a large master bedroom, you can create a stylish sitting area with a table, couch and elegant decor. This modern space offers comfort and warmth, while the rug establishes the boundaries of this lounge. The curve sofa and complementary furniture take the room to the next level.

Harmony In The Home

Bedroom with Sofa and Sitting Area

When creating a seating area in the bedroom, it’s quite common for people to create separate sleeping and lounging areas in the same space. This design takes a more unified approach by staging furniture throughout the space. One side features an overstuffed two-seat sofa, while the other side is home to two velvet barrel accent chairs. The space is anchored by a centrally-located bed with a built-in headboard and matching bench.

Keep It Cozy

Traditional Bedroom with Elegant Sitting Area

Vintage-inspired decor and a warm color palette help this bedroom feel comfy and inviting. Traditional furnishings like a roll arm sofa and tufted armchair could seem formal and stuffy, but they feel more accessible when paired with an intentionally distressed patterned rug.

Metallic accents like a brass chandelier and a copper cauldron coffee table with a hammered top could come across as fussy, but their matte finishes make them more approachable.

Leverage Your Layout

Simple bedroom with Basic Sitting Space

People with smaller bedrooms often choose not to have a sitting area because they don’t want the space to feel crowded. With a little creativity, you may find that the option is well within your reach. The alcove created by the bay window is just large enough to hold an upholstered armchair and ottoman without blocking access to the left side of the bed. The bed end bench has a minimalist metal frame which minimizes its visual impact.

Double Trouble

Large Modern Bedroom with Cool Lounge Area

Clever architectural details help two adjoining rooms become one cohesive space in this contemporary home. Because the dividing wall between the bedroom and adjacent lounge was load-bearing, it couldn’t be completely removed. Creating two large cased doorways helped to make the space feel more open.

The dual-sided fireplace can be enjoyed throughout the space, which adds to the sense of continuity. Using matching area rugs in each space further ties the design together.

Living Large

Chic Bedroom with Separate Sitting Area

When staging an oversized room, it’s crucial to scale your furniture to fit the space. The California king bed is flanked by two extra-wide nightstands with faceted geometric accents along the front. The space is divided by a custom oversized beige velvet sofa.

The rectangular silhouette of the sofa echoes the midcentury vibe of the nightstands. The iron and glass transitional chandelier is centered in the room, helping the two distinct areas feel more connected.

Elegant Master Bedroom with Chic Separate Sitting Area

Elegant Master Bedroom with Chic Separate Sitting Area

Thoughtful furniture selection and artful staging give this elegant suite a sense of unity. The kidney-shaped chaise lounge is the linchpin of the design because it’s so multifaceted. Sitting upright in the lounge chair puts you face-to-face with the armchair while stretching out on the lounge faces you towards the bed. This setup ensures that conversation can flow as easily as the furnishings do.

Common Ground

Simple Bedroom Seating

When it comes to selecting furniture, you’ll want to find sets that are coordinated and complementary instead of matching different pieces. While using a matched bedroom furniture set is simple, it runs the risk of making your home feel like a showroom.

This bed end bench and armless accent chairs share similar textiles and techniques. Although the bench features biscuit tufting and a blocky wooden frame, the chairs showcase diamond tufting and clear acrylic feet. These pieces feel unified yet are not an identical match.

Inviting Industrial

Trendy Industrial Bedroom with Couch

Industrial interior design is defined by minimalist aesthetics and sparse furnishings. As such, you might expect a bedroom seating area to feel superfluous in an industrial-inspired space. Functionality is also prioritized in industrial design, so if you feel like seating is a necessary component, you’ll want to accommodate this element.

Industrial interior decor typically incorporates natural rustic materials, so elements like a black leather sofa with metal legs and a rope-wrapped ottoman embody the industrial spirit.

Use Rugs To Define Your Space

Bedroom with Sitting Area Rug

When you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it can be challenging to differentiate the seating area from the sleeping area. In this midcentury modern bedroom, area rugs are used to delineate the space and create a cozy reading nook. When layering rugs on top of one another, look for pieces with varied patterns and textures to create contrast.

Dreamy Daybed

Sitting Area with Daybed

If your home is on the small side, you may not have any square footage to spare for a separate guest bedroom. Selecting multifunctional furniture can help you make the most of your space. A rattan daybed with a leaf motif serves as a charming sofa in this nature-inspired boho living room. The olive-green velvet seat cushion doubles as a soft yet supportive sleeping surface.

Rustic and Refined

Rustic and Refined Bedroom with Sitting Area

Pairing natural finishes with upscale furnishings is the perfect way to add class to cabin living. Details like the rough-hewn stone fireplace facade and solid wood ceiling beam feel grounded and traditional in contrast to the elegant gray velvet armchairs. A crystal chandelier encased in an open metal sphere bridges the gap between the contrasting styles.

Curves Ahead

Neutral Bedroom with Chairs

With its neutral color palette, antique-inspired furnishings and natural materials, it would be easy to assume that this is a farmhouse-style bedroom. There are a few key differences that distinguish the decor in this space as definitively French country.

While farmhouse furniture tends to have a clean and straight silhouette, French country decor heavily features curved lines. Those curves are evident here in the riveted footboard, as well as the whitewashed wingback cane chairs.

Relaxing Sitting Area in Beautiful Master Bedroom

Relaxing Sitting Area in Beautiful Master Bedroom

This gorgeous bedroom comes with an elegant rustic sitting area that overlooks the countryside. With a small bar, simple coffee table and classy chairs, this amazing lounge offers the perfect space to rest and relax after a long day. The color scheme and consist wood materials throughout create a natural flow.

Coastal Comfort

Coastal Bedroom with Couch

If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, your decor shouldn’t compete with the spectacular oceanfront view. A color palette consisting of bright white, sky blue, and sandy neutrals draws inspiration from the sparkling sapphire sea visible through the glass French doors. The chairs in the outdoor seating area feature a low back so you can enjoy the view from any vantage point, inside or out.

Mixed Metals

Balanced Master Bedroom with Couch and Table

Subtle color differences can be surprisingly impactful when designing a multipurpose space. This room sticks to a mostly monochromatic color palette that leans heavily on taupe. While the sleeping area incorporates touches of silver in the wall art and quilted satin coverlet, the seating area features touches of gold in the coffee table legs and candelabra. This small but significant change in color truly defines each space.

Make An Entrance

Luxury Bedroom with Lounge Area

Sleeping and seating areas often share a single space. This room serves as a foyer that leads into a master suite. The hand-forged iron divider helps create a visual distinction between the spaces without closing off any of the view. The custom chairs and bench in the sitting area are beautifully matched to the dramatic four-poster bed.

Play with Patterns

Couch in Bedroom

When you stick to a limited color palette, incorporating different textures is a great way to create visual interest. White-on-white grid-shaped wainscoting adds a dimensional element to the accent wall. That effect is echoed by the raised floral face on the matching nightstands.

The intricate loops in the striking cast resin pendant light have a woven effect. Even the textiles have texture, courtesy of button tufting on the upholstered headboard and padded bed end bench.

Complement Your Colors

Mix and Match Colors and Textures In Your Bedroom

Perfectly-coordinated patterns are undeniably stylish, but they can also make a room feel overly designed. Mixing multiple textiles is a great way to make your home feel more casual and accessible. While blue and brown may seem like an unusual combination, these complementary colors play beautifully off of one another. Because the hues are so well-matched, the gingham bedspread and tobacco stripe armchair feel cohesive instead of clashing.

Go Off The Straight and Narrow

Seating Space in Bedroom

Pinstripe wallpaper and vertically-installed white oak plank flooring give this room a long and lean look. Arranging the seating area to be parallel to the bed could have made this space feel boxy and closed off. Positioning it at an angle gives a more organic feel, which is rounded out by a delicate gold maple leaf chandelier and bronze ginkgo flower wall art.

The More The Merrier

Large Master Bedroom with Amazing Sitting Lounge

People who have children know that it’s not unusual for the master bedroom to become a place where the whole family congregates. It’s always nice to ensure that you have ample seating to accommodate your family.

The couch and two oversized armchairs provide space where the kids can get comfy. Plump pillows and a soft throw provide extra comfort and style.

Find Your Niche

Modern Luxury Bedroom with Couch

While large bedrooms are a sought-after luxury, they can sometimes lack intimacy. In this masculine master suite, a custom-built wraparound headboard creates a cozy nook for sleeping. Premium finishes like blue leather, herringbone hardwood floors, and a crystal wave chandelier give the overall space upscale appeal.

High-End and Homey

Classic Master Bedroom with Stylish Large Sitting Space

Aesthetics are always a consideration when selecting bedroom decor, but comfort should always be the top priority. A padded headboard built directly into the wall ensures you’ll be comfortable in the low-profile bed whether you’re sitting up or lying down. Two overstuffed ottomans and a cushy couch packed with pillows provide plenty of additional seating options.

Old World Opulence

Unique Bedroom with Dedicated Sitting Space

When your home features unusual architectural details, furniture choice is crucial. This ornate four-poster bed eschews a canopy, which would feel too claustrophobic under the sloped ceiling. Two large armchairs are perfectly centered so that they are framed beautifully by the arched doorway. Dual hanging pendant lights and coordinated wall sconces further enhance the symmetry of the sitting room.

A Fresh Take on Feminine

Simple Bedroom with Couch

Frilly and flowery decor is generally synonymous with femininity. This chic room offers a more modern take on feminine style. The rose quartz shade of the velvet chaise is a more n neutral take on pink, while rivet detailing adds a hint of edginess to the upholstered headboard. The statement chandelier constructed from brass and capiz shell evokes a floral feel without being too on the nose.

Cozy Coastal

Cozy Coastal Bedroom with Sofa

Accent chairs in a bedroom can sometimes come across as a bit of an afterthought, but that’s not the case here. The generously-sized club chairs are as decadent as the extra-thick plush mattress topper on the queen-sized bed. A mellow color scheme consisting of sky blues and buttery yellows amps up the snug, homey vibes.

Forward Thinking

Nice Bedroom with Sitting Area For Couple

If your bedroom is on the small side, it can be tricky to find space for a sitting area. That problem is solved here by placing a compact leather sofa snugly against the foot of the bed. Because the curvy tufted headboard is significantly higher than the back of the couch, it creates the illusion of height which is augmented by narrow twin-wall mirrors. Chrome and sheepskin benches can serve as ottomans, additional seating, or even a coffee table, which helps to make the most out of this space.

Less Is More

Simple Bedroom Design with Beautiful Sitting Area

Bedrooms should be soothing and serene spots that provide a restful respite from the bustling world outside. Natural materials and a limited color palette transform this home into a harmonious haven. A white ceiling could have felt stark and sterile here, but the white ash wood finish infuses the space with warmth.

The semi-sheer linen roman window shades provide privacy while allowing ample natural light during the day. At night, an oversized basketweave pendant light illuminates this simple but chic suite.

Glam Guest Suite

Small Sitting Area in Bedroom

When you enjoy hosting friends and family members in your home, you want to ensure that they have all the creature comforts they might need. Houseguests often enjoy having their own space they can retreat into, but a standard-size bedroom might feel cramped. This palatial guest room maximizes its square footage by creating a multi-use space. In addition to sleeping and sitting areas, it’s also home to a streamlined desk.

Modern Marvel

Luxury Bedroom with Lounge and Television

This minimalist suite ably demonstrates that a modern bedroom can still feel inviting and accessible. Steel-rimmed picture windows offer a view of lush green trees, adding warmth and color to the space. The shape of the sleek contemporary fireplace echoes the clean lines of the windows. Two swivel barrel chairs have a rounded silhouette which further softens the space.

Masculine Bedroom with Couch

Masculine Bedroom with Couch

Combining high and low decor in a single space is a wonderful way to inject it with individuality and soul. The character of the battered, deep-seated leather sofa is the perfect counterpoint to the elegance in the twin crystal chandeliers and Art Deco-style wallpaper. Two nightstands share the same faceted geometric faces, but one is black and one is silver. This intentional color discrepancy gives the room a bespoke feel.

Up In The Air

Gorgeous Bedroom with Sitting Area and Table

This easy, breezy bedroom suite demonstrates that a design can feel pleasant and peaceful while still making a bold visual statement. For every airy element like the lofty vaulted ceiling and white linen canopy drapes, there are more grounded aspects like the reclaimed wood beams and steel-framed bed. Textured accent pieces like bamboo roller shades, hand-carved gray-washed nightstands, and a jute rug lend a layered, laid-back feel to the space.

Roommate Resourcefulness

Small Sitting Area in Bedroom Space

When you share a home, common areas may sometimes be off-limits for entertaining. Creating a cute sitting area in your bedroom provides a casual alternative when common spaces are occupied.

For a small room, you can maximize the layout by placing a low-profile loveseat right next to a double bed. An ottoman can serve double duty as a nightstand with the addition of a wooden tray.

Create Consistency with Colors

Bedroom with Sitting Area Chairs

At times, a sitting area can feel disjointed from the sleeping area in a bedroom. Using the same colors in both spaces is a simple way to add cohesion. The two handsome brown leather chairs embody the tone and texture of the wood accent wall behind the bed. The base of the bed is wrapped in gray flannel which connects perfectly with the stone coffee table.

Live Large

Elegant Master Bedroom with Couch and Table

On occasion, there are times when it is necessary to convert a living room into an area where someone can sleep. This isn’t uncommon when a family member has limited mobility due to an illness or injury. Unfortunately, aesthetics are often an afterthought in these kinds of situations.

Instead of bringing in a temporary cot, be more intentional by setting up something like this mahogany four-poster bed. Then, restage your furniture so that it coexists with the sleeping space. A seating area like this can come in handy if a patient wants some company while convalescing.

Cute Bedroom with Simple Couch

Cute Bedroom with Simple Couch

With a feminine color scheme, this cute bedroom comes with an effortlessly chic couch and minimalist decor. The textured wood pieces complement the light-colored bedding and furniture to create an elevated look.

French doors offer easy access while curtains provides privacy. The decorative accent wall features a pattern that matches the colors throughout, resulting in a masterful master bedroom.

Secondhand Style

Classic Bedroom with White Couch

People don’t always have the luxury of being able to afford new bedroom furniture. Hunting through secondhand shops can net you some great bargains if you aren’t afraid to embrace your eclectic side. Look for pieces with some degree of commonality to tie your design together. Dark wood tones tie a thread through this space, from the antique bed frame to the feet on the small sofa and finally to the statement coffee table.

Gorgeous Bedroom with Sitting Area In Front of Fireplace and TV

Gorgeous Bedroom with Sitting Area In Front of Fireplace

Many people enjoy watching television before turning in for the night but worry that a large screen can disrupt the design of their bedroom. With modern technology, several manufacturers are making slim TVs that look like framed art when turned off. These options allow you to hide your electronics in plain sight on your mantel by disguising your electronics to look like an oil painting or nature photograph.

Subvert Expectations

Feminine Industrial Bedroom with Couch

Industrial interior design is often thought of as a more masculine style, thanks to its reliance on exposed architectural details like raw brick walls and exposed metal piping. This dreamy design offers a more feminine interpretation of this design trend.

The brick walls have been white-washed all the way to the ceiling and partially covered by intentionally-distressed drywall. Diaphanous curtain panels soften the edges of the metal canopy bed. The loose-fitting slipcover draped over the sofa rounds out the unstructured look.

Mirror, Mirror

Large Bedroom with Dedicated Lounge Area

While it looks like a large mirror, this cutout is a passthrough that connects a bedroom and seating area. This nifty optical illusion is possible due to the perfectly-aligned identical area rugs in each space that create an immediate sense of symmetry. The four-sided mirrored coffee table adds to the reflective effect.

Find Your Style

Bedroom Decor with Sitting Area

Some homeowners gravitate strongly towards one particular style of decor. Others prefer to select furniture and decor that appeals to them regardless of its design genre. This elegant yet eclectic suite boasts bits of decor from an array of styles.

Pieces like a caned headboard, distressed mango wood dresser, and embroidered rope floor pouf have a breezy boho vibe, while the teak wood armchairs and bed end bench are distinctly midcentury modern.

Elements like a faux cowhide rug and wooden chandelier bring in the rustic vibe. The shared color palette of neutrals and warm woods helps these disparate design elements feel connected.

Things Are Looking Up

Minimalist Bedroom with Couch

High ceilings can add value to your home, but they aren’t always easy to decorate. In a room like this, with a two-story ceiling, you need to design vertically as well as horizontally. Elongated mirrors and a grid gallery wall work together to draw the eye upwards in this space.

Next to the floor-to-ceiling window, acrylic shelves of different heights are arranged in a stair-step design so pieces like decorative statues appear to be floating towards the lofty ceiling.

Separation without Anxiety

Luxury Bedroom with Lounge Chairs

Some nights, you just want to snuggle up next to your partner after a long day. Other nights, getting some personal space is your top priority. These modular chaise lounges let you have the best of both worlds. You can curl up in separate chaises with a good book, or simply slide them together to create a nice little love nest.

A Soft Place To Land

Beautiful Bedroom with Comfortable Sitting Area

An airy color palette and cushy textiles transform this bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. The armchairs and matching couch feature wide backs and outwardly curved arms so you have space to lounge, and the tufted ottoman is the perfect spot to kick up your feet. You’ll also love the feeling of this super-soft shag rug between your toes when you slide out of bed each morning.

Alluring Attic

Alluring Bedroom with Couch In Front

This stylish attic bedroom proves that small spaces can have chic styling. The walls and vaulted ceiling are wrapped in white shiplap, which makes the compact space feel more capacious. A scaled-down bed end bench is in perfect proportion with the double bed. The bubbled resin cloud chandelier adds just a touch of whimsy without completely overtaking the space.

Mellow Modern

Stunning Bedroom with Couch and Sitting Area

Modern interior design never seems to go out of style. People often gravitate toward this trend because they find the symmetry clean lines and geometric shapes visually appealing. Others may find that the minimalist philosophy and lack of ornamentation in modern design leave them feeling cold.

This room looks at modern design from a different perspective. The hallmark shapes are evident in the angular contemporary corner fireplace and the hexagonal wall niche, but its creamy white color scheme with pops of salmon pink make it feel warm and welcoming.

Put The Class In Classic

Gorgeous Bedroom with Separate Sitting Area

Newly constructed houses often lack the intricate architectural details you can find in historic homes. Incorporating a decorative ornamental arch is a great way to capture that more classic feel. The Mediterranean-inspired archway creates a visual separation between the bedroom and a lounge/dressing area. Carefully curated decor including an antique table and pieces of fine art contributes to the cosmopolitan feel.

Bigger and Brighter

White Bedroom with Dedicating Lounge Space

If your home has high ceilings, it’s important to ensure that your windows are appropriately scaled to fit the space. This cathedral ceiling is substantially higher than a conventional ceiling, which is typically nine feet tall. The eight-foot-high picture windows look beautiful, adding a row of transom windows above the picture windows to balance out the height difference.

A Purpose For Everything

Beautiful Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

Something that distinguishes good design from great design is versatility. This sophisticated silver suite looks opulent but also boasts some surprisingly practical features. What looks like a single large tufted bench is actually two square ottomans placed side by side. They can serve as a bed end bench when desired, but they can also serve as footrests for the two armchairs by the window.

Room with A View

Master Bedroom with Beautiful Sitting Area Decor

Wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view that’s so beautiful you may want to stay in bed all day just to admire it. Luckily, this stylish seating area serves up another vantage point. The sofa and accent chairs are both low profile enough that they won’t impede the view from the bed.

A variety of woods are used throughout this suite, including ash, oak, and reclaimed barn wood. This use of natural materials threads continuity between the interior and exterior of the space.

Explore Your Softer Side

Large Moody Bedroom with Comfortable Sitting Area

There are countless ways to create a unique accent wall. Thickly padded copper-colored leather panels span an entire wall in this room, introducing texture and dimensionality into the design. This softness has, in turn, informed the rest of the decor.

Furniture pieces including pearlescent bronze nightstands and rose quartz and chrome vanity have rounded edges and subtle curves. Even the square window has been softened by the beautifully draped valances.

Bedroom with Sitting Area and Reading Nook

Bedroom with Sitting Area and Library

Some bedroom seating areas end up being more ornamental than useful, but this one serves a purpose. A well-worn brown leather Chesterfield sofa is the perfect spot to sit and read a book from the adjacent floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase. Quirky pieces of decor like brightly-patterned curtains and an authentic midcentury modern sputnik chandelier enhance the character of the space.

Life’s A Beach

Gorgeous Master Bedroom with Couch

Every day can feel like a getaway when your bedroom features french doors that open directly onto a poolside patio. Unexpected styling choices truly make this suite feel like a relaxed retro retreat. Elements like a peaked wood-wrapped ceiling, grasscloth feature wall, and bamboo roller shades come together to create a space that feels like a cabana at a five-star resort.

Masculine Sitting Area Decor

Masculine Sitting Area Decor

For a bachelor pad bedroom, you’ll want to invest in masculine decor for your sitting area. This simple and comfortable couch offers a stylish touch to dark wooden floors, a manly dress and moody wall art. The lighting and minimalist stand provide functionality, allowing you to read or work with a drink at night.

Light It Up

Luxury Masculine Bedroom with Couch and Sitting Area

People often shy away from using dark colors in their decor, because they worry it will make their bedroom feel cramped and cave-like. There are many ways to implement a dark color palette without dominating the design.

This sleek, masculine suite features plenty of darker hues, including inky black and rich chocolate brown. Those deep hues are balanced out by more neutral shades like taupe and pewter.

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in this room. Smaller light sources like evenly-spaced recessed ceiling lighting and modern wall sconces ensure that the lighting stays consistent throughout the space.

A silver suspension chandelier with cascading glass bubbles provides additional light, while also creating a powerful focal point.

Where Trendy Meets Traditional

Transitional Bedroom with Chairs For Sitting Area

Decorating your home with antique furniture can be a tricky proposition. It’s easy to go overboard and end up feeling like you’re living in an antique store. With some careful curation and a little restraint, you can bring traditional decor into the modern era.

This tastefully-appointed room features tufted heirloom chairs, an intricately carved antique table, an Oriental rug, and more. More modern elements like the marble fireplace facade ensure that it still feels fresh and timeless.

When In Doubt, Improvise

Creative Lounge Area in Large Master Bedroom

When it comes to interior design, there are countless rules and guidelines that you can adhere to, but a unique and challenging floor plan may force you to follow your instincts. This converted loft needed to serve as both a bedroom and living area, but its awkward floor plan and asymmetrical slanted ceilings posed a massive challenge. Reusing elements like tufted furniture and chandeliers throughout the space helped it feel a little more unified.