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67 Charming Bedroom Ideas For Couples

67 Charming Bedroom Ideas For Couples

A cute, cozy and functional bedroom is a smart choice for any couple who values their relationship. The master bedroom is a personal space that must have a clean layout, stylish furniture, a welcoming color scheme, neutral bedding and cool accessories, offering a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary for couples after a long day.

Whether you’re husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or life partners, these stylish and practical bedroom decorating ideas will make all the difference in creating the perfect balanced vibe.

Some married couples may want a charming and romantic bedroom that maintains the spark in their relationship, while others may prefer a modern room with simple decor and trendy fixtures for a classy look. For small apartment bedrooms, you’ll need to maximize space and style with low-profile furniture, proper placement, bright colors and natural light.

Check out these amazing bedroom ideas for couples to inspire your decor and find an approach that addresses both of your needs.

Amazing Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples

Sit Back and Relax

Cute Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples

When it comes to cute decor, there are many romantic bedroom ideas that are stylish and functional for married couples. People are often drawn to historic homes that are packed with charming details like wainscoted walls. Bedrooms in older homes can often feel cramped in comparison to more modern construction.

If your home features two adjacent rooms that are smaller in scale, consider taking down the dividing wall between them to create a larger single room. This spacious suite has ample enough square footage to house a separate sitting area. Here, overstuffed armchairs are the perfect place to curl up and enjoy morning coffee with your partner.

Stylish Master Bedroom

Modern Couple Bedroom

For a chic and trendy look, transitional decor can provide the perfect couple’s bedroom, offering a space that’s suited for a husband and wife. If you have different preferences when it comes to interior design, transitional designs can be a great compromise. Transitional interior styles blend elements from traditional and modern design in a single space.

The contemporary bed and bench in this space are composed of clean straight lines, while an antique bolero armchair boasts contrasting curves. Meanwhile, the modern iron and glass garden door is softened by its arched top.

Beautiful His and Hers Bedroom

Beautiful His and Hers Bedroom

While many couples prefer the convenience of purchasing complete bedroom sets, others feel that perfectly-matched furniture makes their home feel too much like a showroom. This farmhouse-inspired room has a charming, eclectic vibe courtesy of its intentionally mismatched decor. There are two different antique nightstands on either side of the bed. Each one is topped with different vintage wooden lamps with mismatched shades. The result is a room that feels warm and welcoming.

Balancing Act

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Modern farmhouse decor has become one of the most popular interior design styles in recent years. Versatile and stylish, the modern farmhouse style is particularly prevalent in bedrooms because it strikes a fairly even balance between feminine and masculine characteristics.

The ornate hand-turned walnut legs on the matching accent chairs have a more feminine flair, while the heavy wrought iron chandelier and curtains skew in a more masculine direction. A woven area rug with navy blue pinstripes mirrors the white shiplap feature wall.

Black and White Boho Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Decor For Married Couples

This blissful bedroom is overflowing with classic details of boho decor including warm wooden nightstands, lush greenery, and patterned natural textiles. Boho interior design tends to stick to an earthier palette, but a black feature wall gives this room a more moody masculine twist. That bold color choice helps the orangey undertones in the wood stain pop even more. Layered area rugs and board and batten wall paneling bring more texture into the space.

Embrace Different Eras

Stylish Couples Bedroom Decor

Tudor homes are readily identifiable both inside and out thanks to steeply pitched gabled roofs and corresponding dramatically high ceilings. Heavy walls, small leaded windows, and dark wood paneling can make the rooms in a Tudor home feel dim and dreary, but thoughtful updates have totally transformed this bright and breezy bedroom.

Natural light pours in through the modern round top double glass doors and amplifies the airy effect created by the white walls and ceiling. Honeyed cedar beams complement the contemporary white oak bed, while the seating area is anchored by a vintage midcentury sofa. An understated color palette helps the room feel incredibly cohesive despite the eclectic mashup of furniture and architecture from various time periods.

Tone It Down

Traditional Bedroom For Couples

Aesthetics aren’t the only aspect to consider when decorating a room – functionality is equally important. A vibrant color like red may be exciting to look at but many people find it so stimulating that it can interfere with sleep. Colors like brown and gray are well-suited for bedrooms because they’re more peaceful and soothing than bolder hues.

Sticking with a limited neutral color scheme allows you to play with shapes and patterns. Here, sharper-edged furnishings like rectangular walnut nightstands and tricolor chevron Roman shades are softened by a curved footboard and circular pendant light.

Compromise on Color

Beautiful Bedroom Decor Ideas

It’s not uncommon for couples to disagree on the ideal colors for a bedroom. Not only does a gender-neutral tone like taupe appeal to men and women, but it’s also versatile enough to work with various styles of interior design. The dark brown painted borders around the windows and at the top and bottom of each wall help make the neutral shade more impactful. These borders also complement the squared black metal frames on the rustic industrial bed and matching bench.

Blast From The Past

Midcentury Modern Bedroom

The midcentury modern style of interior design is unique in that it is instantly identifiable but still feels timeless. Midcentury modern architecture and decor are characterized by their use of clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a mixture of organic and manmade materials. This casually cool bedroom features several pieces of iconic midcentury modern decor including graphic and colorful throw pillows, brushed brass pendant lights, and furniture with tapered legs.

Stylishly Sparse

Simple Bedroom For Couples

A minimalist design style offers a simple approach to decorating a bedroom, creating a “less is more” look. Minimalist decor prioritizes form and function, meaning everything in a room must serve a purpose. This bedroom boasts a carefully curated collection of furniture, including a low-profile bed, a sleek and streamlined lounge chair, and a pair of nightstands with copper wire bases. The greenery visible through the glass sliding door looks especially lush and vibrant in comparison to the decidedly unfussy decor.

Elegant and Enticing Room

Classy Ideas For Couples Bedroom

Luxe furniture and decor items like a four-poster bed, tiered tray ceiling and antiqued brass chandelier elevate this sophisticated suite. Despite its upscale finishes, this bedroom still feels cozy and inviting. The creamy color palette is warm and welcoming, while the plush roll arm sofa and overstuffed tufted armchair offer the perfect blend of comfortable and classy. The copper hue of the hammered cauldron coffee table pairs nicely with the ivory upholstered furniture.

Affordable Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Nice Couples Bedrooms

Boho decor is on-trend for people of all ages, but its relaxed aesthetic is especially appealing to younger couples. This style of decor is also very accessible to people with a limited budget as long as they don’t mind putting in a little legwork and visiting secondhand shops in search of decor.

Mismatched furniture might seem out of place in most design styles, but the combination of a singular nightstand and repurposed stool feels very deliberate here. Woven objects like a wicker planter and macramé wall hanging add touches of texture to this cool and casual bedroom.

Work With Unconventional Features

Trendy Bedroom Design For Married Couples

Designing a space can be challenging when you have to work with unusual elements like these two off-center square windows. The addition of wood strips arranged in a grid pattern makes these off-kilter additions feel more like an intentional design feature. Using high contrast colors is a simple way to add visual interest to a space. Here, the white tufted headboard stands out against the backdrop of the matte black feature wall. A gray tasseled area rug and matching chaise bridge the gap between black and white.

Creamy and Dreamy

Modern Boho Bedroom

There’s a common misconception that a monochromatic color scheme is restricted to one specific shade. While monochromatic decor is built around a singular hue, it should include various shades, tints, and tones of your chosen color. If every decorative element in this space was an exact match to the bright white paint on the walls and vaulted ceiling, the room would feel stark and sterile. Layering in various shades like alabaster, eggshell, and vanilla gives the space a homier vibe. Even the rustic beams are made of white oak.

Poster Perfect

Romantic Couples Bedroom

If you’re longing for a romantic fabric-draped canopy bed but your partner would prefer a simpler and more streamlined frame, this four-poster bed could be the ideal compromise. The structured silhouette of the bed has a dramatic flair, but the sharp angular corners feel crisp and contemporary.

Decorative touches like a beaded chandelier and a vase filled with feathery pampas grass imbue this bedroom with a sense of whimsy that balances out the more severe lines of the bed frame and its matching minimalist metal nightstands.

Blend Your Belongings

Sleek Room Decor For Married Couples

When couples first begin to cohabitate, it’s not unusual for conflicts to arise when it comes to decorating their newly-combined abode. Instead of picking one distinct design style to emulate, consider commingling your favorite items in a single space so that both parties are satisfied.

Several statement pieces come together in this offbeat bedroom, including modern gold chrome floor lamps with domed shades, a retro sputnik chandelier, and a hexagonal accent table crafted from patinated copper.

Home Decor For Quirky Couples

Fashionable Bedroom Designs

With eclectic designs, couples can pull together pieces from various eras and styles to create one-of-a-kind spaces. While contrasting colors and clashing patterns are hallmarks of eclectic design, there should be some common threads that connect dissimilar decorative elements.

The gold-dipped acrylic legs on the minimalist upholstered bench provide a point of commonality between the ornate gilt Hollywood regency wall mirror and the modern geometric chandelier. Meanwhile, the hues in the distressed patterned rug tie together the black satin finish walls and white tufted bed.

The Suite Life

Cute Master Bedroom Designs

While many homeowners prefer to have a door separating the bedroom and bathroom in the primary suite, others find that leaving the door off gives the space a better sense of flow. If you’re in the latter group, it’s important to make sure that the design elements in both rooms are well-matched.

In this space, the beige and white patterned shower tile coordinates beautifully with the woven wall hanging behind the bed, as well as the wicker art installation on the adjoining wall.

Classic Master Bedroom

Large Master Bedroom Decor For Couples

Interesting architectural details and upscale finishes elevate this sumptuous sleeping chamber. A massive arched doorway with ornamental wainscoting would make a strong style statement all on its own, but an accompanying central fireplace with a Carrara marble surround takes it to the next level. Because the fireplace is double-sided, you can enjoy the flickering flames in the plush bed or the adjacent sitting area.

Let Existing Features Inspire Your Decor

Simple Master Bedroom

This historic 1920s home contains beautiful period details, including a black marble fireplace mantle and original hardwood floors laid in a herringbone pattern. While the herringbone pattern can be traced back as far as the Roman Empire, it is particularly prevalent in chic chateaus throughout Europe. That international influence is enhanced by furniture like a tapered four-poster bed, antique desk, and distressed Victorian-inspired area rug.

Here Comes The Sun

Bright Room Decor

When decorating spaces that couples will share, it’s important to select a color palette that will appeal to both parties. If you’re looking for a gender-neutral color that still packs a punch, yellow is a great option. In this cheerful space, a marigold-colored linen duvet cover plays well with other objects like a gold picture frame and bamboo pendant light. Live plants and a woven runner rug in various shades of brown help tone down the brighter colors and make the space feel earthy.

Things Are Looking Up

Chic Bedroom

When people are decorating their homes, ceilings are often something of an afterthought but this often overlooked area can make or break the design of a room. Coffered ceilings give this bedroom a refined atmosphere that is augmented by high-end furnishings including a tufted headboard, modern light fixture, and mirrored console table. Navy blue bedding and a matching accent wall add a distinguished aura to this space.

Nautical and Nice

Traditional Bedroom Theme

The classic color combination of white and navy blue lends a maritime vibe to this New England home. The white bedding and curtains adorned with navy stripes draw inspiration from a crisp sailor suit, while the rustic wood nightstands and gold wall sconces evoke the feel of a ship. This bedroom is further elevated by pieces like a hand-tufted wool rug and a crystal-studded drum chandelier.

Rural Revamp

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor For Couples

This modern farmhouse bedroom offers a beautiful and stylish design that couples can easily emulate. Shiplap walls are a decor staple but aren’t always practical to install. Putting up peel-and-stick wallpaper that is printed to look like whitewashed planks of wood is a cost-effective way to replicate the look of shiplap without the commitment. Round out your design with other charming pieces, like a white slipcovered loveseat, chunky knit throw, and metal headboard with decorative finials.

A Room With A View

Gorgeous Bedroom For Married Couples

When your home is surrounded by natural beauty, it’s wise to take advantage of the view. In this room, a massive picture window wall offers an unobstructed look at majestic mountain peaks. A well-curated collection of stylish furniture and decor ensures that the bedroom itself is as beautiful as the landscape it overlooks. This luxurious lodge mixes rustic features like a sliding barn door and faux fur chairs with upmarket pieces like a modern sputnik chandelier to create a one-of-a-kind space.

Trendy Times Two

Midcentury Boho Bedroom

This midcentury boho bedroom proves that some decor styles can fuse beautifully. The tapered legs on the low-profile upholstered bed are classic midcentury modern, as are the dual nightstands. Meanwhile, woven rattan wall art, patterned pillows, and plenty of greenery capture the laid-back boho vibe.

Platinum Perfection

Couples Bedroom Design

A matched set of premium furniture takes this room from regular to ritzy. The bed frame, nightstand and dual dressers have a brushed silver finish that is accentuated by nickel drawer pulls and mirrored glass hardware. The upholstered velvet headboard even has a subtle sheen. While the reddish stain on the wood floors is an unusual choice against the silver furniture, the high-gloss finish makes the room feel more cohesive.

Easy and Breezy

Simple White Master Bedroom For Couples

One of the biggest setbacks in home renovation is discovering that a wall is load-bearing. Taking a full wall down to a half wall and adding columns can help you open up your space without risking structural integrity. Here, the half wall serves as a divider separating the sleeping area from the adjacent sitting room, while the open upper wall offers an uninterrupted ocean view.

Select Statement Pieces

Charming Room Decor

If your bedroom is essentially a blank canvas, don’t be afraid to take risks when choosing furniture and decor. There are only a few pieces of furniture and decor in this room, especially when you take square footage into account, but each one makes a big impact. The variegated colors in the jute rug stand out against the unfinished white oak flooring and pick up the deeper hues in the dramatic acacia console table. Abstract art and a galaxy chandelier work together to modernize the space.

Supersize Your Style

Stunning Room Design

When decorating large rooms, people often think that the best solution is to fill up the space with more furniture and decor. Unfortunately, that can make the room feel cluttered and distracting which is not ideal for a bedroom. Instead of bringing in multiple items, consider choosing a few large-scale pieces to take up more room without creating a mess. Bright white paint makes the already high ceiling in this room feel even loftier, but an oversized light fixture and enormous gilt floor mirror create a sense of balance.

Meet In The Middle

Black and White Bedroom For Couples

A black and white bedroom is undeniably chic, but the high-contrast color combination may feel too stark in a primary bedroom. In this space, graphic pops of black and white are softened by various shades of gray. Features like bench seating and textured wallpaper have a pale gray hue, while items like an upholstered chair and knit throw boast a deeper, smoky tone. Touches of gold in the light fixture and drawer pulls add a touch of glam to the otherwise neutral color palette.

Neutral Colored Bedroom

Neutral Bedroom

Beige is a soothing color, which makes it incredibly appealing for bedroom decor. While some people find the color to be a little on the bland side, the beige paint on these shiplap walls has a slight peachy undertone that makes them feel more vibrant and lively. The burnished bronze light fixtures, mint nightstands, and olive green bedframe make the walls feel even warmer.

Line It Up

Chic His and Her Room

Shiplap walls are traditionally composed of wood planks that have been arranged horizontally. Many people don’t realize that shiplap can also be installed vertically. Not only do vertical shiplap walls have a more modern edge, but they can also make a room with a low ceiling feel much taller. In this room, a large throw rug with a line motif provides a sense of continuity with the pinstripe effect on the walls.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Gorgeous Bedroom Designs For Couples

A peel-and-stick wall mural with black and white printed trees is the most obvious reference to nature in this serene and soothing bedroom. The use of organic materials like leather, cotton, and wood subtly reinforces the theme. Even the abstract light fixture resembles a weathervane. The greenery visible through the large windows looks even more verdant and vibrant in comparison to the more muted color scheme.

Real Deal Teal

Fun Bedroom Decor For Modern Couples

Couples often shy away from using dark colors in their bedrooms out of fear that the room may feel cramped and dim. Painting a single feature wall is a great way to include a bold color without overwhelming the space. This room is large and flooded with natural light, so it can sustain a richer hue like this deep teal. Teal is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, so the warm undertones in the reclaimed wood furniture set help the feature wall pop even more.

Wide Open Spaces

Stylish Modern Bedroom

In primary suites, the bathrooms can typically be blocked away from the bedroom by simply closing a door. Here, the bedroom transitions seamlessly into the bathroom thanks to its unconventional floor plan. A partial wall separates the toilet and sink from the main sleeping area but the freestanding soaking tub is more centrally located. You can enjoy a bubble bath while admiring the cluster of glass orbs that comprise the bubble-inspired pendant light.

Farm Fresh

Shabby Chic Bedroom

At first glance, this farmhouse bedroom looks like a fairly typical example, but the cute and cozy cottage also incorporates elements of shabby chic decor. Farmhouse style tends to be simpler and less cluttered, while shabby chic uses a combination of new and antique pieces to create a layered look. Decorative objects like a simple blanket ladder and wall-mounted tin planter are classic farmhouse, while the vintage chair and ruffled bed skirt capture the romance of shabby chic.

Back In Black

Black Bedroom Design

With just a few strips of plywood and a can of paint, you can transform a bland builder-grade bedroom into a moody master suite. First, nail the strips of wood to the wall in a grid-shaped pattern for a faux board and batten effect. Next, paint over the walls and wood with a neutral true black paint. With leftover paint, you can even create your own piece of abstract art to hang above the bed.

Cozy Small Bedroom

Cozy Small Bedroom For Couples

Conventional wisdom typically dictates that “less is more” when decorating small spaces. This homey haven is an exception to the rule. There are several repeating motifs throughout the space. The wooden cutouts on the mirrored front dressers are smaller versions of the larger trellis print on the area rug, while the iron scrollwork on the table lamps carries through to the wall hanging above the bed. A neutral color palette keeps these patterns from overwhelming the space.

Balanced and Beautiful

Luxury Master Bedroom

With features like burnished mahogany flooring, an ornately-detailed tray ceiling, and a stunning crystal chandelier, this room could easily feel over-the-top but laid-back furniture and decor tone down the opulence and bring it back down to earth. Details like the plush area rug, buffalo check flannel bedding, and vintage club chair all work in concert to make the space feel more accessible and inviting.

Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Amazing Bedroom Decor For Married Couples

Coastal-inspired colors and midcentury modern accents come together to create a space that epitomizes California cool. Natural light pours in through the bay windows, illuminating brighter beachy elements like potted palms and a turquoise accent wall.

Meanwhile, midcentury modern era light fixtures like a dome lamp and branching crystal chandelier have a retro edge. The print on the vintage-inspired area rug is inspired by the iconic midcentury Nelson Ball Clock, while its teal color ties back into the more coastal decor pieces.

Chic C’est La Vie

Elegant Room Decor

This Parisian-inspired primary suite is the embodiment of European elegance. Architectural details like a tray ceiling, dual doorways, and rectangular wall molding feel structured and symmetrical. Those angular effects are softened by the curved silhouettes of the triple gourd lamps and the domed crystal chandelier. Floral throw pillows and a pinched pleat duvet cover complete the look and add a touch of romance.

Rustic and Refined

Refined Rustic French Country Bedroom

Because of its ubiquity, it’s easy to assume that farmhouse-style decor has been around forever. While well-established now, farmhouse design has been around for less than a decade. French country decor, on the other hand, has experienced surges of popularity off and on for over a century. At a glance, French country and farmhouse styles may seem indistinguishable.

While there are some overlapping characteristics, there are also key differences. Farmhouse style design is more casual and tends to feature clean and defined lines, while French country decor is a little more elevated and features more curved lines. The soft curves in the headboard and antique pendant lights give this room a distinctly French country feel.

Beachy Keen

Beachy Bedroom Design

This retro-inspired room has a sixties beach club vibe with a contemporary twist thanks to a clever combination of furnishings and finishes. Colors like beige, tan, and blue are commonly used in coastal decor. Here, those shades are muted, giving them a faded and old-fashioned feel.

While most of the furniture in this room has midcentury modern-style silhouettes, these pieces are really contemporary reproductions. Woven rattan (which is used throughout this space) is a hallmark of both the coastal and midcentury modern styles of design. Here, it is wrapped around the frame of the lounge chair as well as the handles on the nightstand.

Sophisticated Safari Style

Classy Bedroom Decorating For Couples

Starting in the early 1600s, seafaring explorers from Spain and Portugal began to set off on adventures that would take them across the globe. Before long, they had established vast overseas empires that generated a lot of wealth. Inspired by their success, England began sending out explorers of their own that would go on to establish colonies throughout Asia, Africa, and the West Indies. The British colonial style of decor is a movement that rose out of that era.

British colonial decor marries more traditionally European design principles with aspects of African, Asian, and Caribbean styles. In this room, that dichotomy is represented by pieces like upholstered chairs with dark wooden frames, leopard print curtains, and mirrored end tables with an antique finish.

Soft and Sweet

Cute Bedroom Design

When choosing a bedroom color scheme, couples can rarely go wrong with neutrals. Not only do neutral hues appeal to a wide variety of people, but they also help your sleeping space seem soothing and serene. With its bright white walls and modern marble fireplace, this room could easily seem stark. White oak furniture and luxurious textiles warm and soften the space.

Curtain Call

Stunning Room

In interior design, there are both advantages and disadvantages to having a wall full of windows. Windows are an excellent source of natural light and may even reveal a spectacular view. The downsides are the lack of privacy and the possibility that you might be awakened by the sun when you want to sleep in. Wall-to-wall blackout curtains are the perfect solution to this conundrum. The curtains have the same effect as a three-dimensional feature wall, which adds visual interest to the space.

Ritzy and Regal

Luxurious Master Bedroom Decor

Architectural details like crown molding, a vaulted ceiling, and a soft segmented interior arch make this palatial primary suite feel grand and gorgeous. The alluring aesthetic is further enhanced by opulent furniture and home decor.

The champagne-colored velvet that wraps around the plushly padded headboard has a satiny sheen that makes it look extra luxe. That same subtle shimmer is also apparent in the sumptuous bedding as well as in the velvety robin’s egg blue armchairs.

Lavish Layers

Lavish Bedroom For Couples

Aesthetics aren’t the only factors to consider when decorating a bedroom. You want your space to feel as amazing as it looks. This space is filled with touchable textiles, from the thick high-pile carpet to the flannel Southwestern-inspired blanket and faux fur throw pillows. The channel tufted headboard has been wrapped in a rich velvety teal fabric. A cluster of wood and macramé wall hangings centered over the bed layer in some additional visual texture to the space.

Atomic Ageless

Timeless Bedroom

The city of Palm Springs in California was established in 1938, not long before the birth of the atomic era of interior design. This quirky Palm Springs bedroom draws plenty of period-appropriate inspiration. Sputnik chandeliers were named for the first satellite to orbit the earth. They are also probably the most instantly identifiable piece of decor from the Atomic Age design period. This gold chrome sputnik chandelier is complemented by the midcentury modern metal sculpture mounted over the bed.

International Inspiration

Bold Bedroom Decor

The island of Mykonos, a popular vacation destination off the coast of Greece, is known for its whitewashed stone buildings accented by bright pops of blue. The serene style of this bedroom will make you feel as though you’re on vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home. The blue and white color scheme evokes the iconic Greek isle style, while gold accents add a touch of glam.

Vintage Vineyard

Mediterranean Bedroom Decor

This monochromatic Mediterranean bedroom combines lived-in luxury with old-fashioned elegance. The Meranti wood nightstands and matching bench have a straight open grain that gives them a rustic quality. An antique landscape painting and hand-knotted floral vintage rug lend a lot of character to the space. Olive trees are frequently planted alongside grapes in vineyards throughout the Mediterranean. A faux potted olive tree pays homage to that tradition.

Black, White and Brown Color Scheme

Stylish Master Bedroom Colors

For many people, the appeal of the classic black and white color combination lies in the vast difference between the two high-contrast colors. The pairing of black and white is frequently used to create graphic patterns with a major visual impact. That can be seen here in the striped pillows and Southwestern-inspired throw rug.

If a solely black and white color scheme feels too stark for your bedroom, you can always incorporate a third color. Here, various shades of brown add a grounded, earthy quality to the space.

Wall Art

Modern Luxury Bedroom

It’s relatively simple to create a feature wall in your home using wallpaper or paint. This clean and contemporary bedroom takes feature walls to a whole new level. The bottom of the wall has been wrapped in polished stone tiles, while the top features vertical wood slats. The two finishes are divided by a quartz-backed wall niche that runs the length of the wall. Not only does this niche provide a visual separation, but it also serves as a shelf for additional decorative accents.

Lofty Ambitions

Classy Room Design

High ceilings can make a home feel grand and airy, but they can also pose a challenge when it’s time to decorate. Rise to the challenge by scaling up your decor. The windows in this room are higher than they would be in a standard home, so they required extra-long drapes. A lifted dresser and oversized bed feel proportional in conjunction with the color-blocked curtains.

Let There Be Light

Cute Couples Bedroom Decorations

Large built-ins and small windows mean that this room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, so it’s important to incorporate multiple additional light sources. The massive faceted light fixture in the center room provides ample ambient lighting. Meanwhile, matching swing arm wall sconces provide more targeted light for reading without cluttering up the minimalist nightstands.

Things Are Looking Up

Elegant Master Bedroom For Couples

More than any other room in your home, your bedroom is the place where you’re most likely to spend time staring up at the ceiling. You might as well give yourself something amazing to look at. Recessed ceilings are dictated by the layout of the room so they are typically square or rectangular in shape. This room features a dramatic bay window, so the recessed ceiling terminates in a pentagonal shape at that end instead.

Play With Patterns

Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas

A combination of patterns and textures gives this California casual bedroom tons of visual interest. The abstract wooden artwork hanging over the bed looks sharp and graphic next to the softer texture of the woven leather headboard. The dancing flora print on the adjacent wall picks up the cobalt hues in the Asian-inspired area rug. Blocky nightstands with visible wood grain are topped with hand-carved lamp bases.

Everything Lines Up

Unique Room Decor

This room is packed with interesting architectural elements, and the decor has been carefully selected to show them off to their best advantage. The Y-shape of the ceiling beams is echoed in the abstract linework pattern on the black and cream area rug. Meanwhile, the medium brown wood stain on the same ceiling beams is continued in the wall-mounted desk. Even the finishes on the sputnik chandelier tie in perfectly with the modern iron and glass door.

Architectural Enhancements

Classy Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Vaulted ceilings already make a strong visual impression, but this ceiling reaches new style heights. The vault has been lined with weathered, reclaimed wood that adds a vintage farmhouse flair to the space. This elevated look is complemented by an antique iron and crystal chandelier. Layers of textiles in variegated shades of taupe and tan make this room feel even more inviting.

Mission Possible

Contemporary Bedroom

Touches of bold black and crisp white add a modern feel to this 1930s-era Palm Springs space. The home features historic Spanish mission architectural elements, including ornate ironwork and arched doorways. The beveled floor mirror and riveted decorative headboard both pay homage to these classic details in a more contemporary fashion.

Double Feature

Small Bedroom Ideas For Couples

While you don’t need more than one feature wall in a room, you can get creative when you have style to spare. Decorative wall molding helps an understated gray wall feel more elegant and elevated, but this space was begging for some color. Painting the built-in shelving with a deep teal hue creates a secondary accent wall. A multi-tonal modern area rug provides continuity between the colors.

Reclaim Your Room

Beautiful Bedroom Decor For His and Her

New construction homes are great, but they can sometimes lack a little character. Creating a feature wall is a low-impact way to make your space feel more personal. Reclaimed barn wood adds a warm and weathered quality to bland, builder-grade finishes. A faux wooden beam and cozy armchairs give this bedroom more of a rustic, farmhouse vibe.

Coastal Cottage Comfort

Cottage Bedroom Decor

Natural materials and a soothing blue and white color scheme come together in this relaxing retreat. While the X-frame furniture is crafted out of mahogany, its white finish makes keeps this heavy wood from feeling too bulky. Peel-and-stick wallpaper resembling weathered off-white wood planks adds some texture to the space, while nature-inspired abstract prints incorporate some color. An antique pendant light provides a strong focal point.

Beautiful Bedroom For Husband and Wife

Amazing Married Couples Bedroom

This contemporary lodge does away with log walls in favor of abundant windows which provide a panoramic view of mountain vistas. Organic materials like rough-hewn stone walls and exposed wood beams help this space feel as naturally beautiful on the inside as it does outdoors. An antler chandelier gives a nod to traditional lodge decor but takes it in a new, more contemporary direction.