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63 Amazing Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

63 Amazing Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

The aesthetic bedroom is a fashionable decor trend that involves creating a cute and cozy look to make a statement. Stylish aesthetic rooms generally feature modern boho-style designs with charming furniture, cool lights, hanging vines, beautiful colors, green plants and fun decorative pieces.

Popular on TikTok and Instagram, these pretty bedrooms include many personal touches such as photo walls, tapestries and chic bedding for a fun, comfortable and cozy living space.

From large to small, these trendy designs will show off your personality and transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary. For an effortlessly chic finish, create a simple look with minimal stuff and natural decor. If you want to stand out, build a colorful space with LED lights, a full-length mirror, plush rugs and a luxury bed.

Before shopping around, check out some of the most stunning aesthetic bedroom ideas to inspire your decor and spark your creativity.

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Feature Fairy Lights

Aesthetic Bedroom with Fairy Lights

When creating modern aesthetic flair, functional and trendy lighting is a popular choice that can revamp and enhance your bedroom’s decor. The right lighting can help you set the perfect mood. Fairy lights provide a warm, ambient light that brings an ethereal vibe into the bedroom. There are many ways to incorporate this decorative element into your design.

Cute Aesthetic Room Lights

Wrap individual strands of fairy lights around your bed frame, or install a cascade of curtain lights for a dramatic focal point. These delicate lights can help you create a dreamy ambiance that’s chic and cozy.

Hang Vines

Aesthetic Bedroom with Vines

Plants are a simple and trendy way to incorporate a pop of color in your bedroom design. Some people like to fill their rooms with air-purifying greenery like spider plants or pothos, while others prefer using imitation greenery to minimize upkeep.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Vines and Lights

Faux hanging vines are a great way to add some verdant vibrancy to your decor, especially when paired with curtain lights. You can also incorporate live plants to create more layers and textures. Potted English ivy is hardy and easy to care for and will look cohesive with fake hanging vines.

Choose The Right Colors

Aesthetic Bedroom Colors

The color palette for an aesthetic style bedroom should complement your décor and introduce personality that will inspire and uplift you. You can expect to find many cool and stylish color schemes in warm and muted neutral tones, taking your interior design to the next level.

Aesthetic Room Color Scheme

Walls might be painted a sage green, a salmon pink, or a terracotta orange. Fundamentally, you can choose any color that will play well off of any plant-themed decor. All-white walls or a floral accent wall could also work to create the perfect look.

Purple Aesthetic Bedroom

You’ll want to take into account the size and shape of your bedroom as well as any natural light that comes in when selecting your colors.

Get A Full-Length Mirror

Aesthetic Bedroom Mirror

Aesthetic bedrooms often highlight elements like natural light to play with the dimension and mood of a room. Full-length mirrors can be posed opposite a window to point light in new directions and make a space seem bigger.

Full Length Mirror in Aesthetic Bedroom

For a more casual look, just prop a simple wood-framed mirror against the wall. Use a long mirror with an intricate metal frame for a more moody and dramatic take on aesthetic décor.

Invest In Wall Art

Aesthetic Room with Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best ways to put your own unique stamp on a space. When you pick out larger items like furniture and rugs, you may be restricted to certain styles depending on your budget, but wall art is available at a variety of price points.

Aesthetic Bedroom Wall Art Decor

Spend a little time researching, and you’ll be surprised by the one-of-a-kind pieces by independent artisans that are well within your price range.

Aesthetic Bedroom Wall Art Decor Ideas

Because layering and texture are essential elements in aesthetic design, mixing and matching different styles of wall art is a great strategy. Using a combination of items like paintings, tapestries, and decorative shelves helps you achieve a more eclectic feel.

Leverage Natural Light

Aesthetic Bedroom with Natural Light

Natural light can play an essential role in building a beautiful aesthetic room. If your bedroom features a window, you’ll want to make the most out of the natural light by opening up your blinds and positioning decorations that can be highlighted by the lighting.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Natural Lighting

Faux wood vertical blinds will bisect the light as it comes in through the window, creating interesting patterns. A rich stain on the wood blinds will also make the light seem warmer. You can also find many natural elements incorporated in accents throughout the room, like wood furniture and macrame hanging planters.

Aesthetic Room Lighting

Exposure to natural light also comes with many health benefits, helping the body produce Vitamin D as well as improving a person’s psychological well-being.

Buy Trendy Cushions and Pillows

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cushions and Pillows

Decorative pillows are the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom because they can provide a pop of color and bring in new and exciting tactile elements. Look for cushions with three-dimensional features, like a geographic shag design, tassels or faux fur.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cool Pillows

Feel free to look for pillows in richer, more saturated colors that complement the warm neutral walls. Be sure to amass pillows in various shapes and sizes, including oversized floor pillows, to create more dimension.

Decorate with Bohemian Tapestry

Aesthetic Bedroom with Tapestry

From bedding and pillows to rugs and drapes, you’ll be able to play with fun fabrics in a variety of elements, but you can also introduce textiles into your wall decor. Hang decorative tapestries on the wall alongside more traditional art to create unexpected visual depth.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Bohemian Tapestry

Tapestries can be graphic and geometric or more realistic. If you’re going for a cottagecore aesthetic, a black mushroom tapestry would be the perfect piece to highlight.

Cool Tapestry

Tapestries can also be used to make interesting vignettes. If you have a four-poster bed, consider hanging tapestries from the top rails on each side to make the grownup version of a blanket fort. You can also incorporate fairy lights to truly set a mood.

Sleep On Stylish Bedding

Aesthetic Bedroom with Stylish Bedding

The right textiles can add a lot of style to your aesthetic bedroom. There are plenty of versatile bedding choices you can make that still fit into this design style. You can choose satin sheets in a sage green to play against warm neutral walls or choose a botanical print bedding to complement hanging pants.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Comfortable Bedding

If you prefer the cleaner lines of geometric boho aesthetic, you can choose bedding with a bold graphic print. Complete the look with a pile of mismatched decorative pillows to round out your cozy space.

Put Up Dalmatian Wallpaper

Aesthetic Bedroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a budget-friendly and cute way to decorate your walls by adding colors, patterns and textures. From cozy dorm rooms to edgy Instagram-worthy teenage bedrooms, many designers feature animal print and patterned wallpaper to fashion a cool accent wall.

Cute Aesthetic Bedroom Wallpaper

Decorative pieces like a jewel-toned leopard-spotted throw blanket or a faux zebra rug would be right at home in this style of design. If you want to push the envelope, you can opt for a less-conventional animal print element. Dalmatian print wallpaper is very on-trend right now and adds an interesting dimension.

Aesthetic Bedroom Dalmatian Wallpaper

Stick to using an accent like this on just one wall, so it doesn’t overwhelm the room or pull focus. You can also carry this theme throughout the room by adding other chic touches, like gold plaster dog figurines.

Use LED Lights

Aesthetic Room with LED Lights

Fairy lights are a great way to introduce warm, ambient lighting. LED lights can also help you create a distinct mood. When you install remote control-operated color-changing LED string lights around the perimeter of your room, you can focus attention on fashionable areas and play with lighting to produce a unique look.

Aesthetic Bedroom with LED Lights

LED technology can also be used to invoke a retro aesthetic. LED neon signs are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional neon lighting, and they bring in an old-school graphic design element that packs a surprising punch.

Incorporate Plants

Aesthetic Bedroom with Plants

These days, it feels like no room is complete without some plant decor. That holds especially true when it comes to the aesthetic style. Live plants bring a sense of life and vitality to any space while creating incredible visual texture and adding a pop of color.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Green Plants

Plants can also bring a sense of dimension. Hanging plants draw the eye upward and add height to a room, while a large potted plant can help anchor the space. If you don’t have a green thumb, get low-maintenance succulent plants or embrace faux greenery!

Create A Photo Wall

Aesthetic Bedroom with Photo Wall

Photo walls look great in bedrooms and creating a collage can be an easy and affordable way to decorate your space. Photographs are one of the most important decorative elements that you can include in your home. Even the most well-designed room doesn’t feel complete without special, unique touches like personal photos.

Aesthetic Bedroom Decor with Photo Gallery

Photo walls can make a great visual focal point in a space, especially when printed on retro-style photo paper that resembles the iconic Polaroid silhouette. You can also stage interesting vignettes by mixing and matching different aesthetic elements. Combining a photo wall with fairy lights is a clever way to bring trends together.

Place Planters

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Planters

Live and faux plants alike are integral elements in aesthetic decor. Planters provide another opportunity for you to layer new and fresh decorative touches into your design. Macrame planters are practical pieces that offer an iconic example of boho style.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Planters

Clay and terracotta pots glazed in warm neutral colors are more subtle and striking planter options. Pick out planters in multiple styles to create visual interest and flair.

Add Bed Canopy

Aesthetic Bedroom Decor with Bed Canopy

Four-poster beds are a perfect choice for any stylish bedroom, providing an excellent framework for certain decorative elements. You can drape a canopy made of white netting across the top, so it cascades down the sides in a dreamy, ethereal manner.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Princess Bed Canopy

If you want to amp up the drama, wrap strands of fairy lights and faux ivy around the bed frame as well, and let it flow down alongside the canopy. Bringing plants, textiles, and mood lighting together in one spot is the embodiment of aesthetic bedroom design.

Hang A Handwoven Macrame

Aesthetic Bedroom with Macrame

Macrame is a form of textile work that is constructed by knotting ropes together in decorative patterns. While it initially rose to popularity in the 1970s, it’s been having a major resurgence in recent years. Macrame hanging planters are one way to bring this textile into your design.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Macrame Over Bed

You can also track down vintage or modern repro macrame wall hangings to incorporate into your decor. These ornamental wall hangings can add subtle texture and a touch of history and character to your bedroom.

Make A Pallet Bed

Aesthetic Room with Pallet Bed

If you have a small room, a pallet bed may be a better option than a four-poster bed. In the modern era, pallet beds are frames made out of old wooden shipping pallets. These minimalist designs sit low to the ground, which sets a casual and cozy mood.

Cute Aesthetic Bedroom with Pallet Bed

While you can paint the pallets before putting a mattress on them, most people tend to leave them raw for a more natural look.

Build Collages

Aesthetic Bedroom with Collage Art on Wall

Aesthetic design is all about drawing inspiration from the world around you and cultivating deeply personal spaces. If you’re the crafty type, you can easily incorporate collages into your room design. Over time, you can continue to add pictures to these living photo wall exhibits and document your life experiences.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Collage

You can also use magazines as a resource to find collage-worthy photos. Stick to image-heavy publications, like travel or fashion magazines. Look for images that are inspiring, aspirational or just beautiful. Then mount the pages on the wall to create a one-of-a-kind art installation.

Design Cool Shelves

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cool Shelves

Shelving is an important design element because it serves as a place for decorative items. Depending on your style, there are too many ways you can incorporate shelving into your bedroom. For a more understated look, try floating wood shelves with a live edge and warm stain.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Shelving

You can pick out a stairstep-style bookcase to display books, plants, and knickknacks for a more boho style. For a more modern look, you’ll want to put up floating geometric shelves.

Place A Plush Rug

Aesthetic Bedroom with Rugs

Since an aesthetic style generally goes hand-in-hand with maximalism, you may consider an assortment of plush rugs all over your room. Layering rugs is one of the hallmarks of aesthetic decor and it’s a great way to bring in multiple colors, patterns, and textures.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Layered Rugs

Start with a patterned rug in warm neutral tones. Then lay another carpet with contrasting design features on top of it. If you’re bold about mixing patterns, you can try a faux animal print rug. Black and white zebra stripes would provide excellent contrast.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Chic Rugs

For a softer look and feel, try a monochromatic plush throw rug that picks up one of the colors in the primary rug.

Install A Swing Chair

Aesthetic Bedroom with Swing Chair

Alternative seating is a nice feature to include in a bedroom, but space is often at a premium. A swing chair provides a clever solution. These boho chairs, which are often made from natural materials like rattan, can be suspended from the ceiling, which means they have a minimal footprint.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Swing Chair

These unconventional seating solutions have a lot of character and provide the perfect setting to curl up with a book. For extra decorative flair, wrap the ropes suspending your swing chair with faux vines or fairy lights and accent it with a colorful throw pillow.

Create A Faux Brick Accent Wall

Aesthetic Room with Faux Brick Accent Wall

If you live in an older home, you might be lucky enough to have a textured accent wall made of stone or wood. Details like these are a great way to add visual interest to a space. Even if your home lacks these unique features, you can still capture their character.

Cute Aesthetic Bedroom with Faux Brick Accent Wall

One great way to do that is to create a faux brick accent wall. You can easily achieve this look by installing peel and stick wallpaper. If you want to go the extra mile, you can find three-dimensional wall stickers shaped like bricks that add a textured feel.

Fashion A Cozy Nook

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cozy Nook

Aesthetic bedrooms serve as cozy retreats where you can relax and unwind. If you have the space for it, a cozy nook is an ideal decorative feature in this design style. You might set this up in a decorative wall niche, on a window seat, or even just in the corner of your room.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Cozy Nook

If you keep your clothes in a dresser instead of hanging them up, a closet is also a great place to create a nook – just remove the closet doors and decorate your new bonus space!

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cool Nook

There are tons of ways to differentiate a nook from the rest of the room. If you build your nook in a closet or a recessed wall niche, peel and stick botanical wallpaper is a great way to delineate the space and design a natural element.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Fashionable Nook

A nook is another good place to introduce new textiles. Large floor pillows and soft blankets amp up the cozy comfort in your space.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Headboard Decor

With aesthetic bedroom decor, furniture is an important part of crafting the right look and every piece must contribute to the cohesive style. While practical and functional, headboards can be decorative and many designs would be right at home in a trendy room.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Headboard For Bed

If your aesthetic is more minimalist, you can incorporate a wall-mounted rattan headboard to incorporate texture more subtly. A wooden headboard with shelving gives you the perfect place to display potted plants and other home decor items.

Accessorize A Cute Desk

Aesthetic Bedroom with Cute Desk

Whether you work from home or just need a good place to study, building a functional home office with a desk and chair is crucial to your productivity. When designing a workspace, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to create a bedroom office space.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Work Space

If you have a cozy nook or corner, you can place a cute desk in your room. A natural wood desk is a great option that fits the look. Make sure to explore decorative pieces that tie your workspace seamlessly into your bedroom.

Expose Your Wardrobe

Aesthetic Bedroom with Exposed Wardrobe

If you want to transform your closet space, you can experiment with a stylish clothing rack in your room. A simple, painted rack in the corner of your room lets you put your fashionable clothing items on display as part of your decor.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Chic Exposed Wardrobe

Exposing your wardrobe by using a freestanding rack also embodies the casual, accessible aspects of aesthetic decor.

Get Inspired By Boho Style

Boho Style Aesthetic Bedroom

There’s considerable overlap between aesthetic and boho design styles since both rely on creating comfortable, visually-appealing spaces featuring an eclectic assortment of decor.

Bohemian Aesthetic Bedroom

Certain hallmarks of boho design are right at home in an aesthetic bedroom. This includes items like plants, fairy lights, tapestries, macrame, and plenty of textiles. Combining these elements leads to a richly layered environment.

Invest In Vintage Pieces

Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom

While it’s perfectly feasible to decorate your bedroom with only new decor, adding vintage items is a great way to bring warmth and character to the space. Look to the 1960s and 1970s for inspiration. Elements like rattan peacock chairs and woven wall hangings can help you incorporate vintage pieces in a way that enhances your bedroom.